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Friday, May 27th, 2016

>> It's "live with kelly." Today, actor, write, director and producer tyler perry. And lizzy caplan. And summer eats and treats as we wrap our "take charge of your food!" Week. And andy cohen returns for another day of co-hosting. All next inside "live's" beach house.

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>> And now here are kelly ripa and andy cohen.


Andy: Wow.

Kelly: Wow. You. You. You.

Andy: I know.

Kelly: We are giving you a standing ovation.

Andy: Yes. We should stand for you. Yeah.

Kelly: It is friday, may 27, 2016. Back today as my co-host andy cohen and welcome to the beach house, everybody.


Our audience today, for those of you at home, is made up entirely of service members from the u.s. Anywayy.


The u.s. Marine corps!


Andy: The u.s. Coast guard.


Kelly: That was respectable, guys. And members from the royal canadian navy are also here celebrating fleet week. Welcome.


Andy: Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service.

Kelly: Yes.


Well, the sacrifices that you all make on our behalf does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by us here, and --

>> I love you, kelly!

Kelly: I love you!

Andy: I think mark is going to come through that door.

Kelly: I want you to know at home, you guys are even more gorgeous than I had built it up in my mind. I had built it up in my mind and I am, like, it is even more -- andy was even more excited than I was.

Andy: It's true.

Kelly: So welcome to the show and thank you for coming. We really appreciate it.

Andy: And I'm really excited about your summer beach house. It is gorgeous.

Kelly: You match really well.

Andy: I know. I'm blending in maybe a little too much. Kelly is so fun at a beach house and we actually have a memorial day tradition which is I invite myself over to kelly's for lunch on today.

Kelly: Yes. And you bring the lunch.

Andy: I bring some fried checken and kelly cooks and we have a kickoff and that's our memorial day tradition.

Kelly: And you all are invited if you want to show up. That would be amazing.

Andy: Pool party! Absolutely. So have you seen this ice cream we have here to try?

Kelly: Is that it over there? What is that?

Andy: This is jet black ice cream. In the tradition of rainbow bagels, latte and grilled cheese sandwiches. This is coconut ash, a form of activated charcoal that most recently became a go-to depreent in everything from uses to toothpaste to cocktails.

Kelly: So this is good for us. This is healthy?

Gelman: Hope it doesn't stain your teeth.

Andy: I'm not a big coconut fan but --

Kelly: Your teeth are black. Are mine black?

Andy: A little bit. But it's ok. Because it's a healthy ice cream. So you know you guys are here until the day after memorial day, fleet week.


Andy: I don't know how they keep their uniforms so clean in new york city. It seems to be challenging.

Kelly: How do you manage that?

Andy: Dry cleaner and bleach he said. Actually, he said bleach, ma'am.

Kelly: I'm ma'am. Thank you. Thank you.

Andy: Do you like a ma'am? When someone serves you a ma'am? Do you like that?

Kelly: When it's a member of the military, I like it, because I understand when it's just like my son's friend, I'm, like, don't call me ma'am, because I'm too young to be a ma'am.


Kelly: You're, like, -- this entire row is my son's age. This whole row. So I am not too young to be -- I am perfectly ma'am age.

Andy: Yes.

Kelly: So this is really exciting. I think I might take the kids to see the big warships today. That would be exciting.


Which, let me ask you guys, where should I start?

Andy: Did you get that?

Kelly: I got it. Let me write that down.


So you know we are going to have the winners -- the winner of the spelling bee. Last night's spelling bee on our show on tuesday.

Andy: Ok. I'm obsessed.

Kelly: So I'm going to give you some words. But these are restaurant words, because I always go if it's a restaurant word, maybe it's a word I've seen before, like rose. Do you know how to spell pop --

Andy: P-a-p-p-e-r-a- --

Kelly: Yes!


Andy: G-n-o-c-c-I.

Kelly: You forgot the h. If it was cci, it would be pronounced chi.

Andy: Like lucci from yesterday.

Kelly: And --

Andy: S-o- m-m-e-l-I-e-r?


Andy: I'm a brain yak. I'm a brain yak. Have you seen this video that's going viral? It is -- I love any dog video. I love any dog video. Can we roll it? I think it's a dog on a scooter which is all I really need to know. I mean, can you handle it? How did they figure out that, that dog could do that?

Kelly: I mean, I can't get my dog to stop peeing on the floor when a stranger walks in. Like that's my dog's self-defense mechanism, and I'm, like, if I could get her to do that, it would be a miracle but this dog is operating a zoolter all by itself. So I know your birthday is almost coming up. So happy almost birthday.

Andy: So my team at "watch what happens live," some people were going to be gone and anyway, last night with a cake. And I find the sonhday" a littl looked at the cake and fun? Can I smash this cake in my face? I am sure that you went through great bangs to desh it didn't go that, yes. I barely dented -- it didn't even mess up my face. Look. Was it a rubber cake?


Andy: It was so --

Kelly: That was a lot of --

Andy: I tried like three times. Wacha was licking my face.

Kelly: Wait wacha can't have cake, right? It's deadly. But these are amazing. I don't know if you ever -- they have these funny websites like cake disasters where they show you people's cakes that have gone awry. So this is what the people ordered and what they got. Here's air yell.

Andy: Did a 2-year-old make that? It's a contemporary art version.

Kelly: They tried. This one I love it, because there's a direction on this cake that I guess somehow got put on to the cake so it says nuts allergy happy birthday peter. Everybody knows it. Hey, this one is superbowel.

Andy: And with all due, what's happening here?

Kelly: Clearly it's a super bowel. Maybe someone was constipated. This person, I love this one. They wanted sprinkles on their cake.

Andy: I want sprinkles. I allow it.


I love this. I love those.

Kelly: I thought maybe I would get you a zany cake. Andy wants sprinkles.

Andy: So we have pictures here?

Kelly: Yes. There's so much stuff on this desk.

Andy: This is mine. This is like --

Kelly: Was it fabio?

Andy: Yes. Early 1990's. I was at cbs. I worked a vest. Sometimes with a shirt not under it.

Kelly: This is my first photo shoot from "all my children." And I just want to point out that people are, like, why did you do that to your hair and makeup? And I was, like, I didn't. This was professionally styled.

Andy: Look at the hair. The halo of hair.

Kelly: I think I just had a chubby face. You think I look ok?

Andy: You're beautiful, ma'am.


Speaking of "all my chdren" I should tell you I'm wearing the haley and mateo ring you gave me. This is great. Can you see that ther says hale. This is my tributeo tkelly.

Kelly: Like who knew they would even make those? How about that? So that's us back when we were -- this is 1990. So anyway, that was a big hit.

Andy: You look really cute, though. I love I. Do you look back on -- like forever if you were looking at a clip of you on "all my children," could you be able to watch it or cover your --

Kelly: I try never to watch myself. Especially me acting.

Andy: What about if "hope & faith" was on?

Kelly: Well, that, yes. So we got a big show today. Tyler perry is here!

Andy: Hey! And from the series, lizzy caplan. I love her. She is amazing.

Kelly: One of my favites. And it's time for spring skies travel trivi ♪ t ♪


Kelly: Yes! That was incredible. Bill from cleveland, ohio hero!


Andyhe rocd ! Are you on?

>> The u. S. Epatha merkerson baton.


Kelly: That was incredible.

Andy: That was really good. Very good. We are going to talk to tiffany from idaho. Hi tiffany.

>> Hey kelly and andy, hi.

Kelly: What's going on today?

>> Well, I'm at home with the kids. I have a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old and getting ready for the weekend.

Andy: What are you going to do for memorial day weekend?

>> My parents have a home in the country in idaho and my dad cooks there and they have a horse and trampoline.

Andy: Do you put the horse on the trampoline ever?

>> That could be a disaster.

Andy: Probably a bad idea.

Kelly: I would still try it.

>> Sure. This weekend.

Kelly: Send us a picture of that, please. Ok. We are going to spin the wheel and see what you're playing for. Ok?

>> Ok.

Kelly: Oh, here's a great prize. In miami. Seven days. Six nights. It includes a spa treatment per prirnede of golf for two and provided in part by and a prize valued at $8,200. You have 20 seconds and one guess. Good luck, tiffany.

Andy: Stephen amell appeared on the show earlier this week. What did he say was a nickname for the city of toronto?

>> It's called the --

>> Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights in miami. It's a tropical oasis that exemplifies a culture of authenticity, spirited service and enriching experiences. 36 holes of championship golf. Tennis. A wellness spa and fitness center. Fine dining and more. Your prize is valued at approximately $8,200. All right tiffany congratulations. Now, you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 gift card from world market. So please pick a number between one and 195.

>> I'll choose 36.


Kelly: All right!

Andy: This is my favorite day ever.

Kelly: Let's just let the show end now. This is the happiest we will ever be

Andy: It's true.

Kelly: Coloring up next, a big show with tyler perry. Stick around, everybody. Ac


Kelly: Welcome back, everybody. Monday's show the great mariah carey will be here.

Andy: That's going to be great. Also, we're going to check tout hottest toys this summer.

Kelly: And "empire's" jesse model let will be my co-host. Now, he is one of the biggest names in entertainment. Please welcome the multitalented tyler perry!


How are you?

Kelly: Great. How are you? One of my favorite people. What is this? Like summer cool?

Kelly: Our beach house. Because we have no budget to travel anywhere. So we just made a fake beach. Isn't that nice? I love it.

Andy: You just got an honorary degree at tusk eegy university.

Kelly: I would think -- oh, that's a great photo too. I would think putting together a commencement speech where you're inspiring the young people, the future, would be an undertaking that would even be difficult for tyler perry. How do you go about making your speech? I just thought about oprah and I talk to them about intention and living your best life. So I just did an oprah speech.

Andy: You jacked an oprah speech? No. I just wanted them to understand that life isn't always easy. But you just go out there and kick butt.

Andy: Obama's speech at howard university was amazing. Same weekend. Some competition, huh?

Andy: How is your son. He is a year and a half. He will be 2 in november

Kelly: What's he doing? Into everything. And he is tall. So he is trying to reach the door and turn locks.

Kelly: Speaking of tall. You came out and you seemed taller to me. Did you grow? No. Just got my heels on.

Andy: Now, I am obsessed with the fact that oprah is your son's godmother. How does that manifest itself. What does oprah do for her god son? The best gift was a basket about the size of this table and full of books. She gave him his own book club. I thought what a wonderful amazing gift to give my son all these amazing books but now he wants me to read every book in the pile.

Kelly: Does oprah ever sit and read to him? Because I would -- that would be a tv show I would watch. Oprah reads books to your children? Oh, my gosh.

Andy: How is that not on o yet? Or on bravo.

Kelly: We should all work on this after the show. So how does having a baby change your life? Well, listen, mom is fantastic with him so it allows me to continue to work and every cliche you hear about being a parent is true. I started with dogs to make sure I could take care of something living and worked my way up to a human being. Start off with a dog like you did. Make sure you feed the dog and show it love and it really has changed my life. When I look at him, I see everything -- I can give him everything I didn't have as a child.

Kelly: I like that you use the dog reference. Because a lot of people use the plant reanchesd I can't keep a plant alive. How can I keep a child alive? I don't know anybody who can keep a plant alive who is not a gardner. In new york.

Andy: And you have a massive compound going on in atlanta. You have not seen the new place.

Andy: What happened to the old place? I bought the army base.

Kelly: Can we move there? I love it. I would actually put in a real beach and sand for you.


And the fan.

Andy: By the way, it's flashback friday.

Kelly: I like the way you think.

Andy: We have a photo of you as a child. How old are you in this? That's one day old. Nobody has seen a picture of my son but his 1-day-old picture and that, same picture.

Kelly: Wow. You were so beautiful. Was.

Kelly: You look like a little girl which is why you look so good when you play madea. Madea is a really ugly woman.

Kelly: We have to take a break. And when we come back we are going to talk about "teenage mutant ninja turtles."

>> Oh, this is going to be good. Ha ha. Ahh!


Ashley: -- oh, my gosh.

Andy: That's you.

Kelly: That was a scene from "teenage mutant ninja turtles: Out of the shadows" two. I'm a brilliant, misunderstood mad scientist kind of guy

Andy: Like dr. Evil. This movie was so much fun, I thought I don't want to see this. I really enjoyed it and found myself laughing out loud many times, and this one's even better. I'm really excited about it.

Kelly: What's great is you will have a collection of films for your son to see. Yes. Because I'm worried about explaining ma depia -- madea to him. Just like I got a wig and glasses here? I got a wig and glasses here.

Andy: At what age will you show him that? 55. Every time he sees me on the magazine, he says, papa.

Kelly: You know what would be great? On career day when you could show up as madea. I can tell you right now that will never happen. That's a show for brao.

Kelly: Do you think your son will go into showbusiness? He likes soccer. And I'm letting him find his own way. Before he could walk he was kicking a ball all around the place so I guess -- his mom played in ethiopia.

Kelly: Thanks for coming to the beach today.

Andy: You're a little overdressed further beach. I should have put on some sunscreen.

Kelly: Don't forget to check out tyler perry in "teenage mutant ninja turtles: Out of the shadows" even the and --


Andy: We loved her in "pane girls," and you will be dazzled by her in the new film, "now you see me." -- "now you see me 2." Please welcome the amazing lizzy caplan.


Lizzy: Thank you.

Andy: Good to see you.

Lizzy: How are you? Lizzy caplan, everybody.


Andy: Who makes that dress? So it's pretty.

Kelly: This is the best-looking our audience has ever been, and I feel the safest I ever have. It's true.

Andy: What are your memorial day plans?

Lizzy: It sneaks up on me every single year.

Kelly: Are you a barbecue girl or beach girl?

Lizzy: I'm a food fan but coming up with an outfit is not my thing.

Andy: You drew up in l.a. Is the beach something special to you or --

Lizzy: I was born in l.a. I never go surfing or -- I'm like the worst california girl ever.

Kelly: You will never be in the california tour girls thing.

Lizzy: And I'm upset.

Andy: Now let's take a look at your prom picture.

Kelly: There's a lot going on here.

Andy: Is the gentleman, he got a tuxedo pant flair to match your dress?

Lizzy: Yes. That's made of arrest astro turf. We designed these ridiculous outfits so the vest and bow tie and it'ses a astro turf. We were, like, the weird kids.

Kelly: Did you go to like a fashion institute?

Lizzy: No.

Kelly: Were you prom king and queen?

Lizzy: He was prom king. That weirdo was prom king and I was not --

Kelly: How can you have one and not the other?

Lizzy: That's what happens when you have matching outfits and you don't win, that's fun.

Andy: You had one line on

I said --

Lizzy: I said, I can't go to the prom with you. I said I would like to -- I think I rehearsed that in my trailer about 7,000 times.

Kelly: And it stuck.

Andy: Exactly.

Kelly: So I'm so excited "masters of sex" is coming back. What is this, fourth season?

Lizzy: Yes. We start shooting the fourth season.

Kelly: I love that show so much.


I'm obsessed with the costumes. The wardrobe is so good.

Lizzy: Yes. All the wardrobe people. I don't know how people dress like that every day yet I wish they still did dress like that every day.

Kelly: What's going on underneath there?

Lizzy: All kinds of stuff. You have to wear like a girdle and then like stockings that clip in and a long-line bra which is like a core seth every day. It's not the most comfortable but it gives you like that bang-bang! So it's worth it.

Kelly: I got to get the bang-bang thing.

Andy: You have it!


Kelly: To lizzy caplan more abo life as a magician.

>> Enter "live's" trivia.


Lizzy: So happy.

Kelly: We're back with lizzy caplan and I'm finding out that you're a "real housewives" fan.

Lizzy: It's embarrassingly how obsessed I am with it. And the new dallas, it's crazy. Everybody loves it.

Andy: And you're in "now you see me 2." Magicians?

Lizzy: Yes. The second one we are going to take down this big evil tech magnet using magic.

Kelly: And you're the fourth horseman.

Andy: Dave franco and mark rough lowe and --

Lizzy: Yes. It's not a terrible cast.

Kelly: Are they all your love interests?

Lizzy: Yes. I take them all down.

Kelly: So what's your special skill?

Lizzy: Her name is lula and she is a what they call a geek magician, so it's with nice and stuff.

Andy: Did you learn magic?

Lizzy: A fair amount, andy. Yes.

Kelly: So can you like pull a rabbit out of some place?

Lizzy: Well lula pulls a hat out of a rabbit, and it's disgusting.

Andy: That sounds very painful. We have a clip. In this scene lula is getting better aquainted with one of her new partners, dave franco.

>> It's not something I'm proud of. But every girl I get close to, I end up taking their trust. And then their wallet.

Lizzy: So you -- you take their wallets? Do you ever take their belts? Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think I was like those other girls? Oh, jack.


Andy: Oh, jack. I allow it.


Kelly: So the new show. I see that there's a deck of cards here.

Lizzy: Yes. I'm going to attempt to do a trick. But I said I'm good at magic. But that's not true. It takes many years to get food at magic. I have no idea really what I'm doing, but I want to give it a shot. We work with real magicians on this movie, so this one guy keith barry said don't do a trick if you can't guarantee that you can pull it off. I cannot guarantee that I can pull this off. But we're going to try it.

Kelly: It's a trick.

Lizzy: Right. So here's a deck of cards. But since you guys have a lot of celebrities come on. It's a blank deck of cards, but I've written different celebrities on it. So I'll say the first name and you phase to say the last name. Angelina

Kelly: Joe lee.

Lizzy: Lee hard ino,

Kelly: Decap rio.

Lizzy: Miley.

Kelly: Cyrus.

Lizzy: Bono --

Kelly: Happy new year. It's huen, isn't it? Staff, leap into action.

Lizzy: Nobody's moving. So now I need, will you help me?

Kelly: Yes.

Lizzy: So divide these into two pretty equal piles ok. Now, get rid of one. Just throw it over your shoulder. Now divide that into two.

Kelly: Ok. Oh, my gosh, I'm so nervous.

Lizzy: Ok. Any one. Throw it away. What do we have left? Like five or six. So touch the card that you want. This one. So this is very random, right?

Ok remember when I said I'm not really --

Kelly: Yes.

Lizzy: You picked lady --

Lizzy: Ok. This is not going great, but I have a backup plan if it didn't work the way you wanted.

Kelly: I'm sweating.

Lizzy: So what do you think the odds are if in this sealed envelope there's a picture of lady gaga.

Andy: He believes.

Lizzy: You were right to believe in me, because it is a picture of lady gaga as a baby.

Lizzy: You didn't really think that I could pull this off, right?

Kelly: Right.

Lizzy: Well, maybe you should have.


Andy: Lizzy caplan, everybody.

Kelly: I want to say something right now. This is the first time lady gaga has been on our show.

Andy: Is that true? "now you see me 2" opens nationwide on june 10th. Coming up, "take charge of your food!" Week continues with a burger recipe. So great to see you.


Kelly: Hey look, we are wrapping up our "take charge of your food!" Week with a delicious what? Here to show us is a true top chef,.

Andy: I was in the room when richard came and auditioned for "top plays." -- for "top chef." Chef blais: So it's beach time, so we're thinking about making with gloves on. There's a blend want you guys te mushrooms intohe beef. So it's kind of like 60%-70% beef to you can eath■t at throw it right into the to popui is not the name of a brazilian supermodel. A twist of pepper. And then we are going to paddy these up. So I'll grab one of these.

Andy: No joke you lost 60 pounds, right? Chef blais: I lost 60 or 70 pounds.

Kelly: How did you do that? Chef blais: I have met my wife and I chased my wife so then I started to run and will do a marathon in the fall but I basically work out, andy, so I can eat burgers. So I'm not sacrificing flavor.

Kelly: Everybody loves a burger.

Kelly: ♪ rosemary and sage! Chef blais: Then we are going to build our burgers. We have buns over here. If you want to go gluten-free. I live in southern california so you can use lettuce wratches too. We have a little bit of ketchup and a little soy in there and a little bit of that umami and if you want to we can put burgers right on top of these.

Kelly: ♪ rosemary and sage rosemary andtime ♪♪ chef blais: That's going to be in my head all day. This is onions cooked in mustard. F.t.w. Which I think means for the win.

Andy: It does! Chef blais: I'm glad that's what it means. And not something else.

Andy: So you just grilled those? Chef blais: Yes. I need another bun. Are you

Kelly: No, but I know gelman may I have a pickle as well. Chef blais: These are bread and butter pickles, so the uten-free one? I'm going to grab a three-way cheers?

Andy: To summer! "top chef kitchen".

>> If you want to know during "take charge of your food!" Week go to our website. ■3#d


Kelly: Hi, everybody. We have some people sent in their flashback photos for us to display on the air. Deborah from maryland. That's her and then now. She was 3 and now she is 30 in montego bay, that's her and her daughter on her wedding day.

Andy: Take a look at this. Care awilson and her son at 8 days old then there as a central michigan football player. Check it out.


And from youk lynn, ohio, preschool graduation to 26 and pregnant with my second child. Cute.

Kelly: This one is very special, because this guy's like a family member to us around here. This is from larry thompson from tithesville, florida. It's his son, scott a.k.a. Carrot top as a teenager and today.

Andy: Are you kitting me? Carrot top's dad is a viewer of the show?

Kelly: He should be. Carrot top is here --

Andy: Have you ever met carrot top's dad?

Kelly: No.

Andy: And his name a larry thompson? That's exciting.

Kelly: I want to thank our audience one more time. The u.s. Navy!

Andy: The u.s. Marine corps!

Kelly: The u.s. Coast guard!

Andy: The royal canadian navy!

Kelly: I want to thank you andy so much. On monday mariah carey will be here.

Andy: You also have jussie smollet.

Kelly: Yes. And have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Andy: Great, safe holiday.


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>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. That's a wonderful welcome and I don't need that applause but I want it. Have a seat. That's so nice of you, really. Seriously, I don't need it, but I want it. Thank you. You are here on a good day. My friend steve harvey is here.

[Cheers and applause]

I love him. I love him more than you will ever know. He's backstage getting his mustache groomed and head polished. It sounds like a joke, but, look, this is him.


Every day he has that happen to him. Every day. So steve and I are producing a show together called "little big shots." It's a wonderful show where little kids show off their big talents and I guess it's there in the name. Steve harvey's job is to host and talk to the little big shots and my job is

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