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Thursday, July 28th, 2016

>> It's "live with kelly." Today, jason bourne himself, matt damon. And from the film "suicide squad," jai courtney. We continue our dog days of summer week with solutions for your pet peeves. Also, a performance from the hot group, pentatonix. Plus actor jerry o'connell returns for another day of co-hosting, all next on "live."

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>> And now here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell.


Jerry: Whoo!

Kelly: Wow. How about that?

Jerry: Whoo!

Kelly: It's thursday, july 28, 2016. Back today is jerry o'connell.



Jerry: It is on like donkey kong. Whoo!

Kelly: I love a donkey kong reference.

Jerry: Oh, I got to say, last night, let me just get this out there. I had dinner with kelly and her son jookjook, and listen --

Kelly: We are a beautiful family.


Jerry: Kelly makes a lot of fun on her kids on this show. I just to want say --

Kelly: They don't know that.

Jerry: I want to say this for the record quickly. Your son is the most polite, most eloquent -- I mean, I --

Kelly: Thank you.

Jerry: You should write a book on parenting. My kids, I love my kids. I have two daughters. They're 6 years old. You know, I'm legally bound to them.

Kelly: We all are.

Jerry: But they can't string two words together. I love them, but I mean, your son, I was so impressed. I mean -- I want advice.

Jerry: I mean, I'm going to give you a round of applause.


Jerry: For being the best mother ever.

Kelly: Now, you'll see, it happens -- you're still -- I told you last night. You're still in it. You are still in it. 7 is still in it. There comes a time, right around 11, where they become -- and there's a book called "how to hug a porcupine," and it's about pre-teenagers, the teenage years, because they get prickly and become independent, and you try to hug them, and they're like a porcupine, get away from me. And the book really did help me sort of guide my kids through this transition from being, like, you know, crazy little kids, to kind, comba net I can people. Like, they are kind. The thing I like about my kids is they have empathy for other people, and that's why -- that's why I like them. It's patriot much all I got at this point.

Jerry: Listen, I want to say, I mean, I spent one evening with your son, joaquin, and I already like him more than I like any of my friends.


Jerry: I mean, he's my b.f.f. Now. I mean --

Kelly: By the way, he feels the same way about you. He keeps calling you mr. O'connell. I'm like, you have to stop calling him mr. O'connell. I can tell you, it's going to make him feel really bad.

Jerry: Oh, hello, I'm mr. O'connell here.

Kelly: Mr. O'connell is really -- he's a really kind fellow. W he was giving me good advice. And I was just laughing. I was laughing, because he thinks he's a grown-up. He spends a lot of time with grown-ups.

Jerry: I want to also say, it was so fun also. Joaquin is a wrestler. Am I allowed to talk about the video?

Kelly: Oh, sure, sure.

Jerry: Kill has these wrestling of her son wrestling. I don't know anything about wrestling. I don't know how they score it.

Kelly: Neither do we.

Jerry: The only wrestler I know is the rock and hulk hogan. But this is like real wrestling where they're actually going and say can you smell what I'm cooking!


Jerry: But your husband, mark, is on the video, and he's yelling at your son, inside! Inside!

Kelly: Inside!

Jerry: And its, oh, what does that mean, is that a wrestling term? Kelly went, I don't know, and nor does mark. He heard one of the fathers yelling it, so he just yells it. It's more funny.

Kelly: Ever since the people next to us yell, we yell the same thing, because it sounds like -- it sounds like sound advice. But usually we're giving the advice to the opposite parents, like the other kid's parents are screaming, so essentially, we're rooting on the other kid. We just don't know it.

Jerry: So funny.

Kelly: That's what you get if you come to my house for dinner, I boar with you wrestling videos.

Jerry: We have to do a new mani check here.

Kelly: Oh, yeah.

Jerry: Do you have a new mani this morning? Here we go.

Kelly: Here it is. Guys, oh, yeah.

Jerry: Do we call that a reverse french tip? What's happening sneer

Kelly: So here's what's happening. They told me -- so now I have almond -- this is an almond-shaped nail. My nails grow really fast, and so I have a hard time using my phone, so they gave me an almond shape on the side of my fingers to text with. How about that? And then they gave me the negative space at the cuticle, because I say my nails grow out so fast and you can tell that my manicure is gone almost in 24 hours, so they said, oh, you need negative space toward the cuticle. Is this boring?


Kelly: Ok. And then they put stars -- I know.

Jerry: It's getting a little deep. I mean, I thought we'd just show the manicure.

Kelly: I mean, that's it. I texted a picture of it to my daughter, who was like, oh, my god, mom, that's so cool.

Jerry: Did it come with an emoji?

Kelly: No, no, she didn't emoji me last night. She didn't emoji me, but she refused to put me on the phone with her father. Just call his phone, my phone's practically dead, just call his phone. So I called his phone. She called when you were there.

Jerry: Right, right.

Kelly: So I call mark's phone, and I said, lola, he goes, why didn't you pick up the phone, I was calling you. I was on the phone with lola, I asked her to put you on the phone, and she wouldn't. He goes, are you kidding me? He goes, I'm three feet away from her.

Jerry: Right. Didn't want to waste the battery space, man.

Kelly: He was sitting next to her on the sofa and she wouldn't hand him the phone. Isn't that craze any

Jerry: Yeah.

Kelly: So, you know, like I said, you met joaquin, so we'll leave it at that.

Laftlafflet -- [laughter]

Jerry: Listen. Love it. Listen, pokemon go, everyone is playing it. Very exciting. There is a pokemon character right outside of this building, right under the plaque.

Kelly: Regis is a port hole. He's a hole.

Jerry: He's a poke-stop.

Kelly: I mean, no, a hole shows occupy your phone, and regis spins around in it. I still don't get it.

Jerry: You get poke balls.

Jerry: Regis' new name is pikachu. Everybody was naming their kids after "game of thrones," characters and all that stuff. Now kids are -- people are naming their children after pokemon characters.

Kelly: Already.

Jerry: Rosalia has risen over the past year. Onyx, another poke character, is up 2,000 spots. And evee just jumped.

Kelly: How many squrtles?

Jerry: I don't speak no pokemon. I don't know what's happening here.

Kelly: Ok, so I didn't understand it at first that it was on the phone. Michael is like, mom, you know, pokemon is a big thing again. And I'm like down -- I'm down in the basement trying to dig up his old pokemon cards, and I'm like, oh, good, I'm going to repurpose these things. He's like, what are you talking about? It's on the phone now.

Jerry: Yeah, right.

Kelly: But I'm looking for the cards, which I never understood then. Right? So I never understood the original thing.

Jerry: Listen, art moore and I, we used to only play with the cards. We were always trading the pokemon cards. Mr. Pikachu, that's what we call art right over there.

Kelly: So, did you know this? Were you here when -- no, you weren't here, when zachary quinnto was not here. So zach quinto was here.

Jerry: Spock in "star trek," great actor.

Kelly: Remember that dog we had on the show? We were doing a pet adopt-a-thon. He adopted that dog. He adopted the dog, yeah. So now he has that, yeah.

Jerry: Oh, that's good.


Kelly: Do we have a picture? Goal we never found it.

Kelly: Oh, it's a shame. We have a picture somewhere, but none of us can find it, because we're -- professional.

Jerry: All of our phone space is being taken up by pokemon go.

Kelly: Are you playing it?

Jerry: I am not, no. Listen, I just -- I don't even speak emoji yet. Like, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Kelly: You need to sit down with my daughter, and she'll tell you everything you need to know about everything.

Jerry: Ok, good, because when I do get emojis, I really am like that old man who's like, I don't understand, why -- why are you blowing a kiss with me with a heart? I don't understand.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. Ok. I'll tell you later. It's not for on the air. I just thought of something, and I was like, new york I can't say that out loud. Sometimes I forget this show goes beyond this room. No, it is -- I mean, if you do it long enough, you forget it's not just us, it's those out into the universe. And then people hear what you say. And they're like, you can't say that on tv!

Jerry: Right.

Kelly: Ok. Ice bucket challenge, did you participate in that? No, you didn't, right?

Jerry: I never did, no. I mean, terrible human being. I'm so sorry.

Kelly: Guess how much it raised. $115 million.

Jerry: That is great.


Kelly: They used the funds -- they used the funds to identify a gene that is linked to a.l.s. And could provide clues to understanding how to treat the ailment.


Kelly: I remember -- I remember when my nephew called mark and me out on the ice bucket challenge on instagram, and then we had to do it. And I was like, can't we just -- I was like, this isn't going to do anything. I don't understand how it works. But it does work, because we made a donation to a.l.s., which is not something that was on our forefront. At the time it wasn't in our thinking. And I think a lot of times, with certain diseases, unless you know someone specifically impacted by it in the moment, it can get off your radar. So this brought a lot of -- a lot of knowledge.

Jerry: Attention.

Kelly: Attention, yeah. So anyway, I have gelman -- let's see. My video or your video first?

Gelman: We have them both.

Kelly: Let's see gelman's video first. Gelman is good.

Jerry: Oh, I love this. Yes!

Kelly: Yeah. Whee! Gelman says whee!

Jerry: That was a good one. Gelman.


Jerry: That was a good one.

Kelly: In the words of essie ripa, my mother, you're lucky you didn't break your teeth.

Gelman: You wore the glasses.

Kelly: Yeah, that's painful. And then the kids, very happily, taught mark and me -- ok.


Kelly: Yeah.

Jerry: That was cold. Listen, that was chilly. When that ice bucket hit you, mark's nipples just like -- I mean, you saw them just shoot out.

Kevin: And I had a lot of shrinkage. So I challenge -- I challenge you, jerry, to an ice bucket challenge.

Jerry: We have a big show today.

Kelly: What?

Jerry: We have matt damon coming up and stuff. I know, I know. I'm in a suit. I just put my weave in. So why don't we do it tomorrow? We'll do it tomorrow on the air.

Kelly: Sorry. Sorry, audience. You're going to have to wait till tomorrow for all that jerry nudity.

Jerry: Right. And then tomorrow my nipples will go begun boing!

Kelly: But don't worry, you'll like it, because this heat wave is not letting go of the city. Heat wave is not letting go of the country. The heat wave is even not letting go of, like, the northern states. It is hot everywhere. It's 115 degrees in palm springs. Which I think is pretty typical for palm springs, I'm going to be honest. But the rest of the country is really, really suffering. This is the weather map. I know. That's not the weather map. That's new york. That's the weather map. Guys, it's all orange.

Jerry: That's it.

Kelly: It's all orange, brown. These are all fall colors, you know? That's when you know it's hot out there.

Jerry: That is -- that is intense. Hey, I got to show you, I told thaw we have matt damon coming today.


Jerry: I just want to say, you know, he's been doing a lot of these bourne movies. Everyone is very excited for this movie coming out. You know, if does he happen to pass the baton on to someone, I took the subway in this morning, and I just to want say I do bear a pretty good resemblance to him. Right there. There were people -- that took about five or six tries with the old selfie.

Kelly: It's really good, though.

Jerry: People were actually looking at me like -- what is jason bateman doing in front of that?

Jerry: Why is he doing that? That's really weird.


Kelly: It makes me laugh every time. Besides matt damon, also from the "suicide squad," jai courtney is here. Yes.

Jerry: And a performance -- you guys are going to love these guys -- a performance by music group pentatonix. They're amazing. Amazing. And dog days of summer week continues with andrea arden, who will solve some of the pet peeves you have about your dog.

Kelly: Yes, yes, I have a pet peeve, and we're going to fix t. We're going to fix my pet peeve about my dog. Are you ready?

Jerry: I'm ready.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, it's time for drive me wild travel trivia. ♪

Kelly: And do it. And get it, and get it. That's shelly from fort worth, texas! Good job.

Jerry: These dancers are so good. Is there an audition process that happens?

Kelly: Oh, you've never seen the audition process.

Jerry: No.

Kelly: Oh, you have to see it, because basically what happens is gelman wields his power with an iron fist. And then he has the audience vote, and then it doesn't matter, he picks who he wants anyway.


Kelly: Is that right? That's right.

Jerry: All right, let's say hello to margaret from la jolla, california.

Kelly: Margaret, hi.

Kelly: How you doing today?

Margaret: Oh, I'm doing really good. I love you guys together.

Jerry: Thank you.

Kelly: Oh, thanks.

Margaret: Yeah, jerry should be your new co-host.


Kelly: Margaret, margaret, that's not up to us. It's up to gelman. He just lets us think it. All right, we're going to spin the wheel, see what you're playing for, ok? ♪

Kelly: Oh, here's a great prize, the four seasons resort in punta rivera in mexico. I stuck the landing, right? I said it right. I said everything right.

Jerry: You know, actually, -- I'm kidding.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, I have mispronounced these prizes constantly. Seven days, six nights in an oceanview casita.

Jerry: Casita! You have a spa treatment, and this trip provided in part by The value is $18,250.

>> Wow!

Kelly: Margaret, you have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck.

Jerry: All right. Gelman is going to get mad at me, but this is what I do. I'm sorry. I know we're in a rush, gelman, but I take my time so you can turn on the old computer, ok, margaret? That's how die it. I don't care. I like them to win.

Kelly: Yeah, we want them to win.

Jerry: Ok, so yesterday's show -- go to the computer, margaret -- on yesterday's show, "live," go to the website right now, what nationality of women did we say are the tallest in the world? What nationality of women did we say are the tallest in the world?

Margaret: Latvia?

Jerry: Yes!

>> Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy the four seasons, the four seasons resort is located on the northern tip of picturesque banderas bay. This beach resort is set on 400 acres and offers spacious casita-style guest rooms and suites, four restaurants, a serene spa, two world-class golf courses, and much more. Your prize is valued at approximately $18,250.

Jerry: Yes!

Kelly: Hey, margaret, congratulations. We're so excited.

Margaret: Oh, thank you.

Jerry: Pay up, gelman! Pay up! Yes!

Kelly: Now you get to make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who receives a $500 gift card from dine rewards. Please pick a number between one and 230.

Margaret: When I visited your show back in the 1990's, it was -- my seat was 119.

Kelly: 119.

Jerry: Yeah, baby!

Kelly: All right.

Kelly: Congratulations, margaret. We have a big show with matt damon.

>> Still ahead on "live" -- performance by pentatonix. We'll solve some of your common pet peeves you have about your dog. Exciting. He's an oscar winner, one of the biggest stars in the world, and he's here. Please welcome the nicest guy on the planet, matt damon.


Kelly: So theep see you.

Matt: Happy to see you guys. Hey, everybody.


Kelly: You are -- you are -- and I'm going to say this honestly -- you are the best liked guy in show business. What is the secret to that?


Kelly: Because you are a monster backstage.

Matt: Yeah, I think that's a pretty low bar. No, I don't know. I think, I don't know. I think ever since I got famous, I got too much credit for everything.

Kelly: Really?

Matt: Yeah, I think I'm pretty normal. I really do. I mean, in terms of like the way -- I don't think I'm any nicer than jerry.

Kelly: Jerry is exceptionally nice also.

Matt: He is a nice guy.

Jerry: Let me tell you something. You are way nicer than me. I mean, unbelievable. I don't make eye contact back there. I'm just like -- I keep to myself. Tell me, listen, I don't want to get weird here or make this awkward. You're wearing a tight-fitted shirt. In your incredible shape right now. Is that like -- I know this is getting awkward.

Matt: Not really, no, no.


Jerry: I'm getting awkward. We saw the movie. You have a shirtless fight scene. It's intense. That's not just like a gym membership, like a free one-month gym membership. You're not taking the spin class that I'm taking. Like, how does -- how does one get that?

Matt: You know what? I'm 45 now. And I will tell any --

Matt: I would tell any --

Jerry: Calm down, ladies. And some of the dudes.

Matt: To all the guys out there who are wondering, I will tell you right now, it's not worth it at all.


Matt: No, it's like a full-time job at our age to do that.

Kelly: You mean maintaining your body?

Matt: Yeah, I mean, it's just a lot of work, and dieting too. And I love to eat, you know, and I love going out to eat with my wife. And, you know, you can't eat anything.

Kelly: So did your wife -- when you were training for this film. This is what I'm curious about. When you were training and you couldn't have anything, you know, you're down to like -- what is it, chicken breast?

Matt: Basically.

Kelly: Chicken breast every 15 minutes or something.

Matt: Right, like the rock is on that diet. Like that's insane. I couldn't -- down to the minute. That's impossible.

Jerry: I went to the drive-thru in like an hour.

Matt: But it is very strict. You know, vegetables and protein.

Kelly: But will your wife do that with you or does she stick to her normal plan?

Matt: No, she was super supportive. What I needed the most help with is when the kids would eat. When you know you're kidding their food, preparing that, it's like, that's brutal.

Kelly: But your kids is a little big to be cutting their food?

Matt: No, it's true, but plating the food, yeah.


Matt: Well, with my kids, I call it taxes. Daddy is giving you taxes. But I wasn't allowed to say taxes while I was getting ready.

Jerry: You have not unone, not two, not three, but four girls, ok?

Matt: Yeah.

Kelly: My gosh. So much -- so much estrogen in the house.

Matt: There's a lot, yeah.

Jerry: There a male pet? Is there --

Matt: Well, I put my foot down when we got a dog. The first dog we got was a male dog. And now we rescued a couple more dogs, and they're female dogs, so there's even more estrogen.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Jerry: It's six against two, I think.

Matt: Yeah, we're way out numbered.

Kelly: But I think it's so funny. I always talk about this. At 1kwri78y kimmel's wedding, the big talk the next day after the night before dinner, all of the women around the pool were saying, did you see matt damon holding the baby? And it was the conversation of the pool, matt damon holding the baby is probably, like, something all people should witness before they die. Because it's just the most nurturing --

Matt: But that was totally selfish, because that wasn't our baby.

Kelly: I know it wasn't your baby.

Matt: But it was one of those things where we were there, and our friends had this newborn, and we'd had our -- you know, we're not having any more kids, and we were never going to have a baby that small again, so once I started holding the baby, I couldn't -- I couldn't give him up.

Jerry: That's just nice guy trick. He travels to weddings with babies. We know your rouse here.


Kelly: When we come back, we're going to find out why he's in las vegas. Stick around.

>> Still ahead -- a performance by pentatonix.


>> You don't take down the corruption.

>> I'm not on your side.


Matt: I'm getting pummeled in that scene.

Kelly: I love matt during that clip. Matt starts voiceover-ing his own movie, "time for some karate."

Jerry: I have never so safe on this show in my life sitting right next to matt.

Matt: If somebody comes in, I am challenge them to a fake movie fight.

Jerry: I have a question for you. How quickly could you choke gelman out?

Matt: No, only -- yeah, no, no, we would have to -- only if it were a movie. This is completely nontranslatable skill.

Kelly: You mentioned you're 45 years old. And this is -- is this true? This is your 57th movie?

Matt: I guess so, yeah.

Kelly: Is that really true?

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: Do you ever make -- have you made a bad movie? I've never seen new bad movie where I've gone, well, matt damon's film was a waste of time.

Matt: I try to sweep those under the rug as quickly as I can. No, I -- but the only reason we get to do this job is because people go to the movies. And so I'm -- I'm really grateful, really grateful. I mean, to do this movie, like, to be back on the set with all these people that I've made these other movies with and I love and I trust, you know, it's just -- it's a privilege. So I mean, it's because of you guys.


Kelly: We heard --

Matt: It's true. If you guys stop going, like, if you picked an actor and just all decided to stop going to their movies, you would not -- like that actor would just be done.

Jerry: That's what happened to me.


Jerry: It was a joke. It was a joke.

Matt: By the way, I'm really sorry I started that boycott. I heard footsteps, and I was getting nervous.

Kelly: Wait. I heard you were almost ban from the las vegas. Why were you almost banned from las vegas? I didn't think that was possible.

Matt: Well, did you see what we did to las vegas? In this move snow

Jerry: You blew up -- I'm guessing close to 200 cars on the strip.

Matt: They told me it was at the end it was 170 cars.

Kelly: That's not c.g.I.?

Matt: No,, no that's all real, yeah.

Kelly: No going to s vegas strip, I was like, you guys don't -- there's no way they're going to let us -- I mean, in front. Bellagio, like we shot the end of "ocean's eleven" in there, it's this iconic spot, and that

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