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Friday, April 29th, 2016

>> It's "live! With kelly & michael." Today, recording artist and judge on "the voice," adam mcwilliams. Plus, star and writer of the new movie, "keanu," jordan mickey. And don't forget to log on to vote, play, and be part of today's show. All next on "live."

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>> And now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: We made it.

Kelly: Oh, hi. Oh, hi. Hi. Guys -- oh, hi! Hi! We made it. We made it. It's friday. Friday, april 29. Love you, baby. Hi, hi. 2016. Calm down. We got through it. It's the weekend.

Michael: Yes, it is.

Kelly: I love the weekend. Although they say that it's going to be cold and rainy here in the northeast.

Michael: 55 today. 55 -- maybe 60 tomorrow.

Kelly: Where did you hear that?

Michael: Tomorrow is 61. The rest of the times it's going to be in the 60's. I'm feeling 70's right now. That's where I need to be.

Kelly: I mean, first of all, the flowers and the blooms in central park are so off the chain right now, guys. If you're in from out of town and I suspect some of you are, you have to get there because it is so beautiful. And you can buy -- or not buy, I mean, you can just download -- you can listen to people tell you where -- there's an app that you can listen to people tell you when the puppet theater was built and where certain trees are and when they made the merry-go-round and all these little facts. You can take a walking tour of central park and it's free. Come on. In the city? There is nothing free. That's it. That's all we got.

Michael: Speaking of being in the park, anybody here a birdwatcher?

Kelly: Yeah. I love bird watching.


Michael: Hey, you don't have to fake it if you're not.

Gelman: I saw a seagull once.

Kelly: In the park, now they have the big photographers.

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Kelly: They used to watch the hawks and now they have a bucket you can make a donation and you can look into their lens although, you know, I'm not big into sharing my lens. I don't know.

Michael: Where does the money go? To the birds?

Kelly: I don't know. That's a good question.

Michael: There's a bird called a swanson's warbler. They have not seen this bird in the park the first time in more than a decade.

Kelly: Oh.

Michael: That bird right there. Wow. I'm not a birdwatcher. So I'm going I've seen that bird.

Michael: But the bird watchers are like this is a bird that makes you drop all of your plans. And then the guy said it's another bird watchers are losing their beep moment. He's excited about the birds.

Kelly: They're losing their beak.

Michael: Yeah. First time in a century that bird's been in the park. Everybody's lining up to check it out. And be nice to the birdie. That's it. That's all I got.

Kelly: Wow, that's fun. That's interesting.

Kelly: Speaking of birds, hey, speaking of birds, there's a great article in the paper and I want to get your take on it because I don't have a take on it but I want yours. So you've gotten divorced. And anybody here like gotten divorced? Anybody? Some people? You have. Ok. So they're saying now there's something called -- and they're not sure. The article is non-specific, but they're saying it's either the greatest plan ever or the dumbest plan ever. It's called bird nesting where instead of, you know how you separate and then you know, the children have to go between the parents, this is keeping the kids in the house and the parents rotating in and out of the house. To me, it sounds like a disaster . And it also sounds like something only rich people could do because how many homes -- I mean, how many -- then each parent has to have a separate -- that's three homes you're paying for, right?

Michael: We talked about me locking my bedroom doors yesterday?

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: If I'm sharing my house with my ex and she can get in with a key, I'm definitely locking the door. Wait, only thing you would have to share the other house if you would have to like -- I don't know. I couldn't do that. No, no, no. We might as well stayed married and just went through everything we're going through.

Kelly: Well, guess what this article says. A lot of people just stay in bad marriages because they can't figure out the situation. They literally are just staying together because they're like we can't afford to get divorced.

Michael: But I don't like that idea.

Kelly: No.

Michael: I look at it like this. If you're in a relationship with somebody, apparently, there's love in it at some point. Things changed. But if things changed, it's very important to be happy instead of being miserable together and be happy by yourself because your kids are going to pick up on whatever energy you're picking up.


Michael: So I'm not a fan of the bird nesting.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: But all the bird watchers out there are losing their beep.

Gelman: People at home are not into it either.

Michael: 89% say bad idea. And we agree with you.

Kelly: To me, I don't have a frame of reference but to me, it sounds like a terrible idea from my perspective.

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: Because I don't see how it would work.

Michael: I wouldn't be alive right now.

Kelly: Although I am all about whatever traumatizes the kids the least. Here's the people that matter the most in these scenarios. The kids, they have nothing to do with any of it. It should be the least amount of trauma but a lot of marriages that go awry, two parents rotating in and out of the house could be very traumatic if they're not getting along.

Michael: And your kids adapt to it. And their kids deal with it. And when with your kids, you be a parent. And dealing with the other parent, they get the same thing. So I don't like that rotating thing in and out of the house.

Kelly: So you're not going to that?

Michael: Absolutely not.

Kelly: So just to clarify, you're not going to do that?

Michael: I'm not going to do it. Maybe I should. Her house is nicer than mine.


Kelly: Well, you live in new york city.

Michael: Oh, boy. Oh, that ain't a bad idea. Let me do that poll. Yes. Let's bird nest. And you remember they had this big thing about we almost had a record snowfall this year? And there's a big scandal over it? Well, they've got a crackerjack team of meteorologists. They've got rutgers university professors. Even a member of the federal aviation administration. They got together and crunched the numbers. They went through all the numbers and stuff and they found out that we did break the record.


Michael: It was a record snowstorm.

Kelly: So here's the question. Why were they trying to keep the record from us?

Michael: Well, it took three months and a 10-person snow team and they --


Kelly: It took me with my eyeballs looking outside.

Michael: Yeah. But the record was 26.9. And they went up to 27.5. They reconfigured it and figured it out and we broke the record. ♪ we are the champions ♪♪


Kelly: We're number one. It's good to be number one at something. It's good, yeah. And this is really sad to me. I don't know. It meant a lot to me growing up. I grew up in south jersey near philadelphia.

Kelly: Yes. Yes. Yes. You know the creator of the mr. Softy song died? I know. So in south jersey in philadelphia and in certain areas of -- ♪


[Mr. Softy tune]

Kelly: Boy, the timing is so great, guys.

Michael: And we had to stop it after that long or else we would have to pay the family.

Kelly: He was 94 years old. And my sister and I, I remember my sister and I, we wrote what we thought were lyrics to the mr. Softy song and these were our lyrics. ♪ the sadly sadly dinghy dingy dong ♪♪ now when you're 4, it seals like we are songwriters.

Kelly: We're going to be able to buy our own mr. Softy track.

Michael: We got a future.

Kelly: We didn't call it soft serve. We could call it custards with jimmys. So the first time I came to new york and I asked for a custard with jimmys, people looked at me like I had my head on screwed crooked. They thought I wanted a doughnut. They weren't sure what I wanted.

Michael: I remember the ice cream man. You know, the jingles? But like in germany --

Kelly: Yeah, what did you have in germany?

Michael: They had ice cream trucks but it wasn't like that.

Kelly: What song did they play?

Michael: I don't know. It was in german.

Kelly: What did you have, art?

Art: Same thing. Good humor.

Kelly: That's so ironic that the two of you had the good humor man.


Gelman: From the dark ages.

Kelly: We had the good humor man.


Kelly: We used to go see the good humor man.

Michael: It didn't rub off on us. And a lot of kids here in the audience yesterday and a lot of guys who worked here brought their kids because yesterday was national bring your kids to workday, I guess?

Kelly: It was?

Michael: Yeah, take your kids to workday. Well, maybe not national but somewhere. People are taking their kids to work.

Kelly: My kids didn't hear about that.

Michael: They said take your child to workday is a wonderful day at the office for everyone not responsible for a small child. So if your responsible t a lot of pressure. And in n.p.r. Radio, this kid apparently got in there and somehow, this kid's fingers just hit the right buttons at the right time and they went silent on the west coast for like a minute or so.


Michael: And now --

Kelly: This kid was like I wonder what this does.

Michael: Exactly. And they're not saying who did it but it's now national take your kids to the unemployment line day now.


Michael: Could you imagine your kids are the one that did that? And you're like jimmy! Jimmy's banned from the studio now. But like a minute is a long time too. It's a long time in tv and radio to sit there in silence.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, people don't even understand it. They have no idea. If we were to sit -- let's just sit here for 10 seconds in silence. Ready? Gelman, you count but with your fingers, not out loud. Go. Ok. We did it. We made it.

Michael: Wow.


Kelly: Uncomfortable. Uncomfortable.

Gelman: Just switch the channel.

Kelly: You think people switched?

Gelman: I did.

Kelly: What are you watching?


Michael: And this was cool though. You know they got those hoverboards you get on? And all that stuff which I don't have one. My kids, they didn't get one because they were catching on fire and I almost fell on one. So that was enough for me. But this guy made a hoverbike. He is famous for some homemade wolverine cars. He made a jet-powered bicycle. And this is his botherbike.

Kelly: What? That is actually hovering! That is some "star wars" stuff right there. Oh!

Michael: Now, he didn't say you could hover long. But there's no seat.

Kelly: You have to have an incredible core strength to keep that bike from tipping over.

Michael: There is no seat on it. It has no brakes. And it shows it. You can watch the video. A short burst. It took him -- it didn't take him long to build this thing. It took him three months but maybe only four or five weeks to put it together because he used some parts from ford to do all the work and he had to wait for those part over the course of three months.

Kelly: That's incredible. One day, our kids will be begging us for that for christmas.

Kelly: So we have collin to thank. Thank you, collin.

Michael: Yes, thank you. As long as it doesn't catch on fire and we can keep it in the garage, we're good. I like that. That's a cool invention. I like that.

Michael: And really quickly on the sports side of things, the mets are on like a nice six game -- they've been on a six-game run.

Michael: We had four mets players and their wives here yesterday. They were here yesterday. We must be good luck to those guys. They brought their wives. So I want to say good luck to those guys.

Kelly: Did you recognize them in the audience?

Michael: Yeah. I recognized them and I saw them after the show.

Kelly: Yeah, me too.


Michael: And then the owner of the hockey team, the islanders, schully's favorite team, they went down and beat tampa bay. They beat -- I -- I mean, no. They're 1-0 in the second round of the playoffs, ok? Yeah, tampa bay lightning, I want to say. But they have not been past the first round since 1993. 23 years later, they have made it to the second round and they're up 1-0 after being -- so, I got to shout out for our local teams. They're doing well.


Kelly: I don't know. This lady and I, we're looking at each other going I don't know. I don't know either.

Michael: It's good.

Kelly: It would be nice to come up with names of other teams not in new york. Good luck.

Michael: You got to throw in a little bit of everything. All the flavor here.

Kelly: Schully's very excited about that. Having a special weekend. She's not with us today. She's having her college reunion with a group of girlfriends, her like college roommates and a whole group and they're having a great time. So we want to wish them all the best. They're having so much fun right now.

Kelly: She was showing me a picture of her and her roommates in college. They look like they're going away to like fourth grade sleepaway camp. Did kids used to go to college younger than they do now I don't know. They look like they're a pack of like really young kids.

Michael: Yeah. Big hair. Big hair don't care. We have a big show today, everybody.


We sure do.

Kelly: Yeah, adam levine is here. What?


Michael: And from the new film, "keanu," jordan mickey is here as well.


-- Jordan peele is here as well.

I think I'm developing allergies. I've never had allergies but I'm like -- my eyes are --

Kelly: Oh, you should take -- get him one of those -- the pills that you get me that make me like cookie.


-- Kooky.


Michael: I'm not taking anything out of his pocket.

Kelly: Yes, the sudafed. They make crystal meth out of it. They do. No, they do. Have you ever seen "breaking bad"? Listen, I watch "breaking bad." And gelman has given me sudafed when I had --

Michael: Does it make you drowsy?

Kelly: No, it's the opposite of drowsy.

Gelman: No, they've changed the formula.

Michael: Are you a pharmacist?

Kelly: The crystal meth formula?

Gelman: Yeah, they have one that can be sold now without being sold --

Kelly: From watching "breaking bad," and I am an amateur chemist. I believe I can make crystal meth. I wouldn't do it. It's illegal and against everything I stand for. But it's nice to know that off skill set that most people don't have. Anyway, I digress.

Michael: All I said is I think I've developed allergies. Here we go. It's our "happy dance travel trivia."

Kelly: Yep. Yep. Oh, don't you -- don't you wiggle your fanny pack at me! From oklahoma city, oklahoma. That was incredible. Audience member: You liked it.

Kelly: Yeah, I liked every second of it.

Michael: Chase did a spin move and I thought that fanny pack tipped imoff balance. He almost went down. Good save.

Kelly: Let me ask you a question. What do you keep in there? Audience member: You want to see?

Kelly: No.

Michael: No. We're good.


Audience member: I have a pop-tart.

Kelly: Yeah? Audience member: My cell phone. My charger. My pecans.

Kelly: Yeah. Something dropped out on the floor. Audience member: My keys. My tickets.


Kelly: That's a lot of -- boy, that bag is as deep as it is useful.


Michael: All right, everybody. Let's say hello to susan from new york. Hello, susan.

Susan: Hi. How are you, michael? How are you, kelly?

Kelly: We're great today. What are you doing this weekend?

Susan: We were going to head into the city with the kids.

Kelly: You should come see us. We're here for about 40 more minutes.

Susan: I don't think we're going to make it.

Michael: I like your dance move.

Susan: Oh, thanks.

Michael: Hopefully, we can spin the wheel, you can answer this question. You can go on a nice trip somewhere, ok?


Kelly: Oh, the st. James's club in morgan bay, st. Lucia. Oh, my gosh, susan. Seven days and six nights in a one-bedroom ocean view suite. Holy -- holy you is this luxurious. It's all exclusive. This trip is provided in part by It's a prize valued at $8,300. Susan, good luck.

Susan: Thank you.

Michael: Here you go. On yesterday's show, we talked with kate hudson. On the set of what film that he directed did kate say she first met garry marshall?

Susan: She said she met him on " overboard."

L: Ou

>> Congratulations you and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the st. James's club, morgan bay. It is set on the 25 acres of colorful hillside gardens on the northern coast of st. Lucia. This all inclusive beachfront resort offers garden views, nightly entertainment, four restaurant pass and host of land and water activities including four freshwater pools, tennis, sailing, kayaking and more. Your prize is value at $8,300.


Kelly: Susan, congratulations.

Susan: Thank you!

Kelly: Enjoy it. Now you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 appliance package from cuisinart. So please pick a number between one and 235.

Susan: 20.

Kelly: 20.

Michael: Right there. All right, susan. Congratulations. Congratulations, young lady. Everybody, stay right there. When we come back, the super talented adam levine will be here.


>> Still ahead on "live" from the comedy team "key & peele," jordan peele. Next, adam levine.

Kelly: Welcome back, everybody. He's the grammy-winning front man of maroon 5. One of our favorite judges on "the voice" and he ain't so bad to look at either. Please welcome adam levine!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: What's up, brother? So good see you, man.

Kelly: Hey.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: You know, you're one of these guys, you have a reaction on our audience women and men alike. They jump up screaming. They rip off their shirts. It's really crazy.

Adam: Wow. Cool.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: So congratulations are in order. You're about to have a baby?

Adam: Yes.


Adam: Thank you. Yeah. Super pumped.

Kelly: Do you know what youring?

Adam: Having a girl.

Michael: Nothing like it. And how's the hottie feeling?

Adam: She's good, man. She's been eating a lot of weird food.

Kelly: Oh, yeah. What's her thing?

Adam: Watermelon. That's the thing in our house. So much watermelon.

Kelly: It's like folic acid?

Adam: Maybe she just really likes watermelon all of a sudden. Oh, it's delicious. I'm glad it's not pickles or some weird thing.

Kelly: Have you been watching videos and stuff like that to get ready, the diaper changing and all that?

Adam: No, we're just going to jump in to figure it all out.

Michael: So you're not nervous at all?

Adam: No, I'm really not. I'll probably be freaked out when I see the baby. But it's so much fun, you know. And she's been really lucky. She's been healthy and happy and a little tired but that's pretty much it.

Kelly: Jerry seinfeld has this great joke about any time who people go to a room and three people come out, it's a really big deal.

Michael: And your birthday was last month, man. Happy birthday to you, my brother.

Adam: I forgot how old I was for the first time.


Kelly: How old are you?

Adam: I'm 37.

Kelly: Oh.

Adam: See? It's like I'm 30 something and I don't really know anymore. I forgot straight off the other day. And we were in sao paulo. We were in brazil on tour and we had a nice denver it was super fun.

Kelly: I saw you in concert and it was incredible, probably the best concert I've ever seen. You're an amazing performer.


Kelly: But more than that, I really like the way you treat your fans. You are terrific to your fans.

Adam: Well, they're the -- I mean, listen, you realize when you've been doing it for as long as we have that your fans are the reason why you have a job.

Kelly: Yep. That's right.

Adam: It's true.

Kelly: Well, I was watching you and you are really special with your fans. And I really enjoyed that aspect almost as much as the concert.

Adam: Thank you very much.

Michael: You guys have any plans to put out any new music in maroon 5 if

Adam: We're working some stuff right now. It's stuff. "the voice" is happening and we're in out of the studio --

Michael: Babies are happening.

Adam: Babies and "voice." And I did this song for this new movie that I have to talk about because not enough people have seen it. It's called "sync street." It's so good I'm really passionate about it because it's a small movie and john carnie is in it on "beginning and end." And "once." I was super inspired. I wrote the song or parts of the song. And I'm just super -- please see this movie. It is so, so good.

Kelly: It's "sync street." It's so good. We're going to talk to you more about "the voice" and we're going to see a flashback of when adam was a baby himself. So stick around.

>> Still ahead on "live," jordan peele.

Michael: We are back with adam levine from "the voice" amongst other things. You are a big, big lakers fan.

Adam: Yep.

Michael: Did you go to kobe's last game?

Adam: I did go to kobe's last game. I sat down -- you know how lakers games are always like famous people sitting up in the front? Wiffs my wife who was very excited to see kobe. I'm seeing george lopez and arsenio hall and I looked over and I'm like 50. He's going to drop 50 points. And they're like yeah, right. And we were watching the game and missed a few shots at the beginning. And I'm like just wait for it. It's like 20, 30, 40, 50. And then I remember george looked at me and he's just like it's going to happen. I can't believe it. And then 50. And then 60 points. 60 points, kobe. Come on!


>> They won.

Kelly: Now, we just showed a picture. Was that from your vantage point, the photo we showed? Is that where your seat stpwhrs because you had great seats.

Adam: Yeah. Right there.

Michael: You're so close that you could trip the referee.

Adam: Yeah, I had some words. I get talkative sometimes.

Kelly: Have you ever been thrown out of a game?

Adam: I've had couple of warnings.

Because I don't do like the mean -- I don't get mean but they will take the ball inbounds. And I would be like really? Are you serious? And he looks back and he's like shut up. They don't care.

Kelly: Aggressively pass sicily aggressive. You also got a new tattoo? Is that right? Somebody said you got a new tattoo.

Michael: A big one.

Adam: Yeah.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. How did you forget that?

Adam: That hurts so bad.

Michael: How long did that take?

Adam: It was like six months of pain but it was worth it. I mean, I just really -- I kind of crazy. I've gone overboard with the tattoos. I love it.

Kelly: Does it have a meaning to you? There is some significance to it?

Adam: Here's the meaning behind tattoos. It's not an actual meaning, but it's like I want to get a huge tattoo on my back like what is my wife going to be cool with?

Kelly: Right.


Adam: I ran some things past her where we had some skulls and dark stuff and she's like no. And finally, I'm like she likes mermaids.


Adam: So I was like --

Kelly: That sounds like a title of a song.

Adam: Ok. I'll just -- she was down with that and then I threw a little skull in there. So I was like ok, I get the skull and I get the mermaid. Everybody's happy.

Kelly: Yeah, everybody wins.

Adam: Fascinating stuff.

Michael: And it's "flashback friday", man. And you brought us a flashback photo of yourself.

Adam: I did.

Michael: We got something. Watch this.

Kelly: Ah! Oh, my gosh.

Michael: Are you doing something? There's a hamper there.

Adam: Definitely not.

Kelly: You look like a little girl. You're so adorable.

Adam: Thank you very much.


Adam: I'm not going to lie. I was a horrible looking baby though. That was the best picture taken of me.

Adam: Yeah. I was a pretty ugly child. I had like male pattern baldness baby with like super dark hair and nothing would happen here.

Michael: A lot of people's babies flashed through my mind. And I'm like don't say their names.

Adam: They're going to be cute later. But in the beginning, you can be like all screwy.

Michael: Every baby's beautiful, when people say that, that's a lie.

Kelly: No. That's not true.


Adam: No. And I don't need like every angle of your baby. When they send pictures, and I'm like ok, enough.

Kelly: My doctors told me babies are so beautiful. And I said you say that to all babies shetch said no. Whenever there's a baby that looks odd, we're like what a baby! That's the code.

Adam: I got it.

Michael: When we come back, adam will give us the inside scoop on his fellow judges on "the voice." So don't go anywhere. We'll be right back with adam levine.

>> Monday on "live" from

Adam: I feel what you're singing. You give it all in a really heartfelt way. I think the sky is the limit for her.

>> Thank you.

Adam: The song is perfect for lace. So I think that he will his best performance. That's fantastic.


Michael: Yeah.

Adam: That was me.

Kelly: So where are we in the competition now? What part --

Adam: Live shows. Top 10. I don't know. Top 10?

Michael: Yes. It's the last 10. You have two of the remaining --

Adam: Yeah, I have two left. It now comes down to just fate kind of like getting behind people. There's really only so much you can do for everybody and people fall in love and that's what happens.

Kelly: Yeah. What's your advice that you give them when they go off on their own? Like what's the best advice that you can give them to survive in this business?

Adam: Usually, it's along the lines of, you know, it's going to be a lot of work all the time. This is not the end of any road. This is probably just the beginning. And kind of fight the system of the record business a little bit because you got to be vigilant about it. It's the wild west in our business now. And just keep going. Try not to get defeated and deflated about it. It's tough.

Michael: We love watch the dynamic between row and blake.

Kelly: Yeah.


Michael: Every time. But every time blake comes here, he throws some shots at you, some upper cut. Do you think you can win this year and beat blake? Because blake thinks that's not going to happen.

Adam: I like to think that I beat blake at like life.

Kelly: That's right. You're winning.

Adam: In general, he's losing on me.

Michael: You can grab the heart and pull it straight out.

Adam: Yeah. He's my favorite person to make fun of.

Kelly: Yeah.

Kelly: It's like your brothers.

Adam: When we started the show, we didn't really fight, you know. If we were to go back and watch it, we were much more cordial and we were friends. We were like instant friends and we kind of caught on to this thing like they love it when we fight.

Kelly: Yeah.

Adam: So it became this kind of thing where he can't hurt my feelings and I can't hurt his. And when you have that kind of trust with someone in a friendship, you can say literally anything on television. Right now, I can say that he's the dumbest worst human being on earth.

Adam: And it's funny to you guys.

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah.

Kelly: We'll wait for the rebuttal. We have a baby present for you.

Adam: Ooh!

Kelly: This one's really special because it's a limited-edition collector's item t-shirt.

Adam: Yeah! It looks so soft.

Kelly: It's so soft.

Michael: Hey, good luck with the baby. Congratulations, man, with the boy. Happy birthday. And make sure you check out "the voice" with adam levine, everybody.


Kelly: Hey, jordan peele will be here next. Stick around.

>> Tuesday on "live" from "elementary," lucy lui.

Kelly: He's one half of the amazing company we do, kei keevepl please welcome the -- "key & peele." Please welcome the adorable and very funny jordan peele!

[Cheers and applause]

Jordan: Hey! Hey! Hello.

Jordan: You got to shake it.

Kelly: Oh, my god. I love your face so much.

Jordan: I love you.

Michael: What's going on?

Jordan: I got that dice game.

Kelly: Yeah.

Jordan: Craps. We're shooting craps.

Kelly: And do it and do it and do it.

Jordan: And it's done.

Kelly: Hey, I just found out that you're engaged to chelsea perett.

Kelly: Yeah, from "brooklyn nine-nine."


Jordan: Well, not to break news on your show, we eloped.

Kelly: You did?

Jordan: Yes.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.



Jordan: So that's my bride.

Michael: Wow!

Jordan: We ran away. Don't tell my mother. No, she knows. But yeah.

Michael: Congratulations, man. That's awesome.

Jordan: Thank you. I'm the happiest man in the world.

Kelly: I am all about elopement. It works. Takes all the pressure away.

Jordan: It does. You don't invite anybody. You tell about it afterwards like I'm doing right now.

Kelly: How did your mother take the news?

Jordan: She's like I like to be there. And I'm like to yeah, well, we'll send you a picture. I love you.

Kelly: Right.

Michael: But how did you propose?

Jordan: It was actually at our family talent show where I was -- I was over with her family. My mother was there. Her mother was there. It was this thing -- we've done two years in a row now.

Kelly: How talented are your families? Really.

Jordan: Oh, yeah. It's "star search" up in my family. It's a lot of dancing. Last year, I did a rap where I roasted everybody. And I just -- I just obliterated the family. I went on. So I won that year. And this year, I did a little special thing. I played "imagine" by john lennon and did one of these sort of -- it looked like a comedy thing because I was raising -- this high integrity, raising cards writing about them with liberty and freedom and then it just -- it organically went into a proposal.

Michael: Oh, wow.

Jordan: It was good. You like it?

Michael: I'm about to she'd tear over here, man.

Jordan: All right.

Michael: Did you lose in doing that?

Jordan: I did. I did. I did start weeping a little bit, which, you know, you kind of want to be a man when you're proposing, get down on one knee, but no. I came up. I came up blubbering a little bit.

Michael: You and keegan-michael key have created so many funny characters. I love the football and basketball players when you recite those names. Which one is your favorite?

Jordan: Which one is my favorite? I like playing barry o.

Kelly: That's a good one.

Jordan: Barack obama. There he is.

Kelly: Looks good. The president has seen barry o.

Jordan: Yes. He's approved by the president himself. He doesn't mind the impression. It's kind of weird thinking barry o. Out of work. It's going to happen soon. What does out of work barry o. Look like? Not a lot to do.


Jordan: Just puttering around the house a little bit. Going to see "hamilton" again.


Jordan: That's the plot. "hamilton" fans?

Michael: We got to take a quick break. When we come back, we're going to find out why your spirit animals -- they're keanu reeves and george michael. That's very interesting to me. We'll be right back with jordan peele, everybody.

>> Monday on "live" performing her hit song, "lost boy," ruth b.

>> Look who is up from their nap. Hey.

>> Cute cat.

>> Oh, yeah, it's new jack right here, man. Hey, but look, before y'all go run off and do your little --

>> Where did you get him?


Michael: Oooh.

Jordan: Yeah. It gets real serious.

Kelly: Yeah, this is serious.

Jordan: When you're talking about my pet, it gets real serious.

Michael: And you play rail and that was keanu, the kitten, who was cat napped by thugs.

Jordan: Catnipped, if you will. The party of the movie is about the lengths you would go through to save your pet. And keanu is like -- obviously, he's the cutest kitten in the world. He's like the helen of troy in the movie. And method man's character, steals him. And keegan and I have to infiltrate the gang.

Kelly: Cheddar is the hid of the blips, right if

Jordan: Yes. It's a gang put together by the guys that got kicked out of thy the bloods and the crypts, the blips. They're not the brightest tools in the shed.

Kelly: So you've got keanu, the kitten. How many kittens play keanu and -- two-part question. Aren't you shocked at how well set animals are treated? Don't you want to be a set animal?

Jordan: In comparison, please. Can I have the three handlers?

Jordan: No, it's great. There were seven kittens that play keanu. Each one of them had a set of skills as liam hemsworth might say. -- liam neeson might say. If a cat is good at falling asleep, then that's the sleeping cat.

Jordan: It's funny because method man, of course, plays this gang leader. You don't want to mess with him but he also has this soft side. But he was very reluctant to hold the kitten but once the kitten -- because it was too couldn't once the kitten got in his arms, he was like the kitten whisperer. The thing would just fall asleep in his arms. Aww, that's just adorable. My, my, that's too cute.


Jordan: It was perfect. Perfect.

Michael: Now, keanu, is that -- "keanu," is that a tribute to keanu reeves if

Jordan: He's the hollywood cat.

Kelly: And I love the soundtrack of george michael songs because he's a genius.

Jordan: He's a genius jo he has that same duality that the movie has. He's kind of a bad boy but he's kind of very much not at the same time, you know. And so that's -- he's kind of the spirit animal of the movie, along with keanu, -- "keanu," along the kitten, keanu.

Michael: Congratulations, man. Funny dude. You got go check it out. It is aquino keevepblet it opens in theaters tonight, everybody. Get out and do yourself a favor and check out jordan peele.

Kelly: We'll be right back.

>> If you would like to know more about the anything you see on "live," visit

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Kelly: Hey, we're just showing some things from the "inbox" here. Sandy from new york. Here's a picture of me with my brother and sister with a dairy queen truck if concord, new york in 1960. Isn't that cute?

Michael: I love dairy queen. And nancy from indiana said no ice cream truck. We had youed and a cranked ice cream maker. That's cool. Big

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you so much. New we cantart. Have a seat. That was the highest it's ever gone. You were here for a world record.

[Cheers and applause]

Anyway, thanks for all that energy. Back at you, anybody. Who flew to get here? Anybody fly?

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you for making the trip. Boy, oh, boy. I have not flown commercial in a long time. The

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