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Friday, December 9th, 2016

Announcer: It's "live with kelly!" Today, from the new film "all we had," katie holmes. From "man with a plan," kevin nealon. And a country song from country star brett eldredge.

And how one picture can win you a prize over $10,000. Also, actress taraji P. Henson is kelly's cohost of the day. All next on "live!"

♪ And now, here are kelly ripa and taraji P. Henson!

[Cheering and applauding]

Kelly: Thank you!

Taraji: Thank you! Hi!

Kelly: Hi. Hi, hi. Guy's, who would you rather spend friday with than taraji P. Henson?

[Cheering and applauding]

Taraji: Hi.

Kelly: Hi. I love having you here.

Taraji: I love being here.

Kelly: Will never had you host before. I have said this a thousand times, we were in the same womb and at some point we got separated. We were raised separately, but when we met it was like forever.

Taraji: The first time I saw you on television, I must find her!

Kelly: I had the same exact reaction.

Taraji: Like yes!

Kelly: I remember you. How did we get separated?

Taraji: It's so wrong.

Kelly: Listen, you just escaped the chicago tundra, right? How did you get out of it in time?

Taraji: I don't know, I didn't plan it. Everybody kept texting me you are lucky you got out in advanced. It wasn't planned, just happene happened.

Kelly: Are you from L.a. Originally?

Taraji: I am from washington, D.c.. Hey! I have been in L.a. For 20 years, so I have reactivated myself. For some strange reason this year in chicago it wasn't cold, it just got cold last week.

50 degrees weather up until it got cold. And then, you know, it gets cold in here comes the weather.

Kelly: So, mark was shooting in L.a., and he worked from july until november. And he got -- his blood got thin very fast. He said I don't ever want to live in new york ever again.

Taraji: So you guys are moving to L.a.?

Kelly: At least he is. We'll see how it goes. He can't wait to get back, it's too cold. I think you get soft fast.

Taraji: You do. You get there, I don't need timberland boots, a really thick coat. I can throw a blazer on and it's like hey.

Kelly: That's the thing about L.a., you get to where 100% of your wardrobe 100% of the time.

Taraji: The only thing that confuses me about L.a., as if I am an L.a. Girl now, summertime that threw me when I first got there. Winter they would wear white.

Oh, no, everybody has white. Oh, anything goes, I love california!

Kelly: We were in L.a. The whole show for new year's eve, we were all together, had a new year's eve party in the hotel and went into the lobby of the hotel.

It was like 73 degrees and women in floor length mink coats because it was 73 and they were chilly. I was like these people are soft.

Taraji: That's crazy. 73 I'm trying to find my bathing suit to lay out and tan.

Kelly: Here people go topless if it dips above 50 degrees, it is all at central park.

Taraji: In chicago 40 degrees is considered hot weather in chicago. Oh, 40 today? I can wear my flip-flops.

Kelly: Chicago is cold. I don't know if it is the wind off the river.

Taraji: Definitely the wind because I live right on the lake. Like in L.a. You go in the valley it is 10 degrees hotter or colder, that is how it is in chicago.

By the lake it is 10 degrees colder.

Kelly: So deceptive because when you fly over, you fly over the lake, oh, it is the caribbean because the water is turquoise and you think you are flying into barbados and you get off the plane.

It really is so much colder here than everywhere else.

Taraji: Yes.

Kelly: Listen, I don't know if you know about the new color green. Pantone every year comes up with the color. 2013, this is the color green pantone said was like an emerald green.

But now, it's called "greenery."

Taraji: I said it, I win a million dollars!

Kelly: So there it is, do we like this color? Gelman, you don't like it?

Taraji: Summer, winter, what is it?

Kelly: Just the color of the year, everything will be this color. Lamps, shirts, chairs, you name it.

Taraji: Hair.

Kelly: Probably.

Taraji: Green hair. Yes?

Kelly: Yes. I had a blue hair once, that's as far as I'm willing to go.

Taraji: You had pink hair once, I was jealous when you had pink hair.

Kelly: Pink hair is easier to maintain. Blue hair had to die my hair black so the blue would hold on. It was a quadruple process.

Taraji: Did you like it?

Kelly: I did like it.

Taraji: Do you have a picture?

Kelly: Probably not. When I had the blue picture. I will show you later.

Taraji: Last season it was like cleopatra bangs.

Kelly: Cookie has the best clothes.

Taraji: She does. Thank you.

Kelly: I get excited -- jesse small it has been my cohost many times I love to harass him during the show because you will be getting into something and I sit in my bed and I take pictures of the television and I text him and say I know you are thinking about me while you are having this conversation.

I do, I harass him constantly. He's like no, we weren't actually thinking about you during that.

Taraji: He loves it, he needs that attention.

Kelly: He's a baby.

Taraji: He is.

Kelly: Listen, do you have any hidden talents? Like something we don't know.

Taraji: I can yodel. No, I don't.

Kelly: You can yodel?

Taraji: Are used to make really good candles, is that it talent? I used to make really good candles. And then I got burned out, pun intended.


Kelly: So I have no hidden talents. We were trying to figure out if I had a hidden talent, then we found out not only do I not have a hidden talent, I don't have an obvious talent either.

So here we go. This guy from finland, he won, it's so crazy, he won "finland's got talent" by making forte noises with his hands. We have the video.

Taraji: That's so brutal.

Taraji: It has more pitch tone then some of the singers.

Kelly: I bet you are right. You happen to be right. He won 30,000 euros.

Taraji: I better get practicing.


Kelly: I think you have to have sweaty palms.

Taraji: Never mind.

Kelly: Now that I learned there was money at stake, I have been trying to do it and can't do it. Are you one of the presenters of the cnn heroes? I think so.

Taraji: I am? I'm not sure.

Kelly: I'm not sure if you are, but I am hosting this year with anderson cooper. It's the tenth anniversary of "cnn heroes."


It is live this year, which nobody told me, I swear to god I said yes, if anything goes wrong, if you cry, because it's a very emotional show, these are people who do selfless acts globally and every day people doing things and win a big prize for their charity.

Every year I present and I sobbed through the whole show, and anderson said can you cohost with me this year because it's our tenth anniversary and he's cohosted this show about 10,000 times and I was like how can I say no?

I am so excited, so honored, so make sure you tune in to cnn sunday night at 8:00 P.m. It will be a really nice thing, and I am always blown away by the thoughtfulness of our fellow human man.

It's incredible there are people out there who give up their lives to help other people.

Taraji: That's what we are all supposed to do.

Kelly: Think beyond yourself, and of course anderson is bringing their stories to the forefront because that is what he does. So great at telling the stories of others.

Taraji: I never miss his show.

Kelly: What have you got?

Taraji: I was going to say crossing his atlantic in a paddle boat.

Kelly: Are you kidding?

Taraji: Have you heard about that? Who has ever been on a paddle board? I said paddle boat because his looks like a boat. It looks more like a boat than a paddle board.

Kelly: So, you sleep on it?

Taraji: I would not try to cross the atlantic on anything with the name "board" ." There are sharks and whales and things.

Kelly: Imagine what you would see.

Taraji: He will be built like a kangaroo by the time he gets to the other side. He is going to be really strong up here.

Kelly: Matt and I were in mexico, we were paddle boarding. A group of us paddle boarding, we were able to get up on our board. We were able to sort of get over the waves and get out there, but we figured out we could not turn around and we could not come back and we were being taken out to sea.

They had to come and get us from the resort. We were the people they had to come and get. It was so embarrassing. They say so, you got stuck in the tide?

I said I guess so.

Taraji: And quick. You think you are applying. And you are miles away from shore.

Kelly: And by the way we saw all of our husbands standing there staring at us like "you guys are losers." It's so embarrassing. We have a big show today.

Katie holmes is here.

[Cheering and applauding]

Taraji: Oh, kevin nealon! Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: And a performance by brett eldredge. And today throughout the show, we will be showing you some of our favorite host moments. You get a say in all of this?

We would like you to go to our facebook page and view and share your favorites, okay?

Taraji: Tune in december 26 to see the winner on the live you are's viewers choice show. It's time for "live's a party travel trivia"!

Taraji: Yes!

Kelly: Hey, all the way from milton georgia, caroline. Is that right?

>> Yes!

Taraji: There she is.

Kelly: That is heather murray from lanes borough massachusetts. Wait a minute, what's happening in this photo? What's happening here? Heather? Heather?

Taraji: Heather?

Caller: Hello?

Kelly: Hello.

Caller: Hi, kelly, hi, taraji.

Kelly: What are you doing in this photo?

Caller: I am in an ice bar.

Kelly: That makes sense, I thought maybe you froze to death.

Caller: No, no, I am having a "game of thrones" moment.

Taraji: What do you drink in the ice bar?

Kelly: Good question.

Caller: I was having pumpkin vodka.

Kelly: I'm not sure how I feel about that one. Isn't bailey's good enough?

Taraji: Maybe need an extra kick.

Caller: Vodka make everything a little bit better.

Kelly: Vodka does make everything better, you are right, I am drinking it right now. I'm not, I'm not, I'm having kahlua. Let's spin the wheel to see what you are playing for.

[Cheering and applauding]

Taraji: This sounds nice.

Kelly: Do you like pineapples, heather?

Caller: I do.

Kelly: You are planning to pineapple beach club in antigua. Seven days and six nights in a beachfront room provided in part by valued $7100.

20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck, heather.

Taraji: Heather, earlier this week courtney coue appeared on the show. Where did he say he met his wife?

Caller: At yale?

Announcer: Congratulations, you and I guess we'll enjoy seven days and six nights at the pineapple beach club in antigua, antigua's most laid-back all-inclusive resort is located in a tropical hideaway on a corner of powdery white sand.

Offering caribbean style accommodations, 30 acres of lush gardens. The guests can swim in the pools, joy, true water sports, or dining in one of the seaside restaurants.

Your prize is valued at approximately $7,100.

Kelly: Heather, congratulations.

Caller: Thank you. The real prize is talking to you guys, for real. Cookie, I love you. You are the best.

Taraji: You better invite me to that ice bar.


Kelly:eather, listen, now you can make the day of a lucky member of the studio audience who will receive a $500 gift pack from walgreens, soo please pick a number between 1-235.

Caller: I pick 4 or my lovely brother.

[Cheering and applauding]

Taraji: Yay! Next, katie holmes!

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a performance by country singing star brett eldredge. Plus, "man with a plan" kevin nealon. And coming up next, katie holme holmes.

>> I don't understand, though. Your phone is ringing.

>> Oh, my gosh, it's my mom. I'm on the air, I have to go. That is not cryptic or scary at all.


Hey, I'm going to throw you the phone, can you catch it?

>> Apparently she cannot catch the phone. I'm going to throw this phone, do you mind?

Kelly: That was my mom. That was my mom, a lot of you are like what did she say? She said to me "when you get off the air, I need to talk to you about the envelope." I was like oh, my god, what does that even mean?

It was a christmas card or something, a nutty nothing.

Taraji: "The envelope." Oh, did they deliver that envelope to my mother! No!

Kelly: That sounds like a good spinoff. A spinoff to "empire." On mondays show from the new film "why him," bryan cranston is here.

Taraji: Yes! From the series "scream queens," billie lourd.

Kelly: And richard curtis' back. He will be my cohost. Now, she's a lovely and talented actress who's making her debut as a film director. I have seen this film, she's an incredible director.

Please welcome katie holmes!

[Cheering and applauding]

Katie: Hey. Nice to meet you.

Taraji: Hi, beautiful. How are you? It's been forever.

Katie: I'm so excited to see "hidden figures."

Taraji: Thank you. It's a feel-good movie.

Kelly: It sure is. Yours is not so much a feel-good movie. There are moments, but let's talk about you just spent thanksgiving in ohio with your parents, how is your family?

Katie: My family is great. We had a wonderful time. We did a night before dave and busters, bunch of video games. I'm very good at the basketball game that is like the basket is where taraji is.

But then you go to the main one, I'm really good. I went to the one that is the real height and the real distance, they didn't even hit the rim. And my whole family was there.

I'm like I'm going to go to like the wheel of fortune or something, the one where you pull the thing down.

Kelly: What about the skee-ball?

Katie: I did a little skee-ball, we did it in the movie so I felt comfortable on that.

Taraji: Your middle name is noel. You must be a big holiday fan.

Katie: I do love christmas and my birthday is a week befor before.

Taraji: That is kind of unfair though. Here is your birthday and a christmas gift!

Katie: Yes.

Taraji: I'm that kind of friend. But you know what, it would be a really expensive gift.

Katie: And I can live with that. I'm the youngest of 5. I'm very spoiled and always have been. I would always get annoyed when I would have christmas wrappings on my birthday.

That was my big one.

Kelly: It's really funny, you're the youngest of five and you are spoiled because I guess the baby of the family does get spoiled but the parenting devolves with each child.

We were much more focused parents with our first child. With our third child we left the first child raise the third child.

Taraji: Like mom, can I get a car? Yes, yes.

Kelly: By the fifth child, where are your parents, have you met them yet?

Katie: Exactly, exactly. I think I know them. When I was in the first grade my oldest sister was a freshman in college. So going to visit her, like little sister weekend.

As a first grader, I was so happy all the pictures I made were hung up in the dorm room. And then junior year you were nowhere to be found in that room.

Katie: Exactly. I have a sister?"

Kelly: We're going to talk about your electoral debut.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a performance by country star brett eldredge. And also from the series "man with a plan," kevin nealon.

Announcer: If you think our show is fun to watch at home, come see it live and in person. Get picked to play, see your favorite stars, or even become part of the show.

You never know what will happen. So come join us and don't miss out on all the fun. Visit our web site, get your tickets now.


Kelly: We are back with katie holmes, who stars in and made her directorial debut in "all we had" ." Is it hard to direct yourself?

Katie: It is challenging, but I love doing it, I loved working with your husband, mark, who is so talented and so great in this movie. I had a wonderful team around me, wonderful cinematographer and designer and producers.

It was just a great time, a story I felt comfortable with based on the book called "all we had." It was inspiring to do and exhausting but really fun.

Kelly: The cast is extraordinary, I know I'm speaking about my husband. There was nepotism alive and well on the set. My husband said besides working with you, his second favorite costar was your mom.

Katie: I think my mom was his favorite.

Kelly: He loved working with your mom.

Katie: Yes, my mom is in the movie, and she plays one of his clients because your husband plays a realtor. She loves working with him, and it was great.

Kelly: He plays not a nice guy, I have to say.

Katie: What is so great is he has such a great heart and he's so nice, you don't expect him to be not a nice guy.

Taraji: Let's take a look at the clip. We let your boyfriend find you the perfect house.

>> I don't understand, how can you afford a house? We're broke.

>> I'm getting your mom an amazing deal.

>> What about the down payment?

>> Not a dime. It is the same as paying rent except you are making money because you're investing in a house.

>> See, it's a good thing.

>> Boston is only a couple hours away.

>> There is a great high school here and we will be saving money by investing in a house. That's right?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> You see. What do you think?

>> I love it.

Katie: He's so great. She's so talented. We cast her about a week before shooting and had to pull off mother and daughter. She's so talented, and her eyes to say so much, we have to put the camera on those eyes and we are done.

Kelly: By the way, yours too. You're so great in this movie. "All we had" in theaters and on demand today. Check out katie holmes in "all we had" ."

Taraji: Coming up next, kevin nealon! Coming up next!

Announcer: Monday on "live," from the new film "why him," bryan cranston.

>> Okay, here we go, ready?

[Cheering and applauding]

Kelly: That's our secret handshake. Because every basketball player, they all have their own handshake for each other.

Taraji: I know, it's crazy, they have to memorize 20 handshakes.

Kelly: Is amazing, they are like superhuman. Our next guest is an actor, comedian. Greeted some of "saturday night live" most memorable characters. Please welcome kevin nealon!

[Cheering and applauding]

Kevin: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Kelly: Hi.

Taraji: I love your suit.

Kevin: Thank you.

Kelly: Welcome.

Kevin: What a crowd, what a crowd.

Kelly: They are good, right?

Kevin: A classic crowd. To be able to have contact with them like that, I love it, I love it.

Taraji: No german phobic here. We heard you just celebrated your birthday.

Kevin: Let me understand it, it is taraji and kelly?

Taraji: Do you know where you are now?

Kelly: He's as confused as us. I can see how you are confused.

Taraji: How did you spend your birthday?

Kelly: We didn't get invited to the party.

Kevin: My wife threw a surprise birthday party for me. I had no idea.

Kevin: Did you like it?

Kevin: I did, everybody jumped out like they do, it is a surprise. I was so flabbergasted, it was fun, I thought that was so nice of my wife to plan that, all the planning and keep it a secret.

Taraji: Is it hard to keep secrets from you?

Kevin: No, that's why, I didn't expect it at all. The next day it dawned on me she lied to me and she lied well, what else is she lying about?

Taraji: Oh, god, we opened up a can of worms.

Kelly: Do you ever watch?

Kevin: The best gift she ever got me, she got me a star. A company gives you a star, they name it after you, a certificate that comes with it, it shows you in the sky.

I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful and considerate. The next day it dawned on me that the stars we see up there don't exist anymore, most of them.

They burst out thousands and thousands of years ago and we see the light traveling towards us. So basically this year my wife --

Kelly: Is that true or are you making this up?

Kevin: So she gave me nothing for my birthday. She might as well have got me a gift card for blockbuster video.

Kelly: You know what, you make a good point. You know what, she owes you a present. She really does.

Kevin: But she's great.

Taraji: I'm giving stars away for christmas gifts. Are you still doing stand-up?

Kevin: I do still, yes. I love stand-up comedy.

Kelly: Do you go on tour or do you just pop in?

Kevin: This is so typical, you are so nosy, both of you.

Taraji: We only have a couple minutes, we have to find out everything.

Kevin: I love doing stand-up. What I wanted to do, I would memorize the jokes on the back of "parade" magazine. My favorite jokes by various comedians.

I would go to the parties and personalize them like they are my own.

Kelly: Listen, we have to take a commercial break we will find out how one of your auditions didn't turn out how you expected. More with kevin nealon when we return.

Announcer: Tuesday on

"Live," ."

>> Okay, so here's the deal. If we plug these in and it lights up, we spent the afternoon untangling them. If they don't we chuck them and watch the game.

>> I know what I'm rooting for.



Kelly: And then what happened? That is kevin nealon of course in "man with a plan." I love this show.

Kevin: Thank you.

Kelly: I love sitcoms and I find they are the most entertaining way to spend your time, right?

Kevin: I love this show. Crazy funny, does so well at his job, he knows about timing and how to get a laugh, every laugh he can out of a joke. I'm learning a lot.

Kelly: We sort of teased it before a commercial break how an audition didn't go the way you planned, what happened?

Kevin: It wasn't really an audition, they call it "a chemistry read."

Taraji: That's an audition.

Kevin: I give you a little respect if you have been in the business for a while so they call it a chemistry read which I guess is better than a biology read.

Kelly: Are you together in a room? Or with a casting director?

Kevin: What happened was I was at the dentist prior to this and the thought I would be done in plenty of time.

Taraji: You thought the gas would wear off by then?

Kevin: I thought it would.


I was in the dentist work, they found a little extra work so they gave me extra novocain. I'm upside down and the whole side of my face is numb. I was saying I really have to get to this.

They finally get out of there. Trying to get it on numb. He comes into the room, we do a practice read and goes into the other room and tells me in hindsight he goes back to meet the producers afterwords after the practice run and they said how is he?

"Well, you know, he's, a little shaken, but his timing is perfect and I think you might have had a stroke" ."

Taraji: [laughs]

Kelly: I am glad you recovered. Make sure you check out kevin nealon on "man with a plan" mondays at 8:30. And tomorrow night, "caroline" in new york city.

Stick around, everybody.

Announcer: Monday on "live," from "scream queens," billie lourd

>> Well, there is a legitimate scaredy-cat named herman the kitten who looks frightened all the time.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Herman has been watching a lot of election coverage.


Kelly: Brett eldredge debut holiday cd is available now. Here is brett eldredge with a holiday classic, let it snow.

[Cheering and applauding]

>>♪ Oh, the weather outside is frightful ♪

♪ But the fire is so delightful delightful ♪

♪ And since we've no place to g go ♪

♪ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪

♪ Oh, it doesn't show signs of stopping ♪

♪ And I've brought some corn for popping ♪

♪ The lights are turned way down low ♪

♪ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪

♪ When we finally kiss good night ♪

♪ How I hate going out in the storm ♪

♪ But if you really hold me tight ♪

♪ All the way home I'll be warm warm ♪

♪ Oh, the fire is slowly dying ♪

♪ And my dear, we're still saying good-bye ♪

♪ As long as you love me so ♪

♪ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪

♪ Let's go ♪

♪ When we finally kiss good night ♪

♪ How I hate going out in the storm ♪

♪ But if you really hold me tight ♪

♪ Oh, all the way home I'll be warm ♪

♪ The fire is slowly dying ♪

♪ And my dear, we're still goodbye-ing ♪

♪ But as long as you love me so ♪

♪ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪

♪ Baby, let it snow ♪

♪ Let it keep on falling down♪

[Cheering and applauding]

Taraji: You saved my life, you saved my life! He saved my life. So, you are allergic to christmas trees?

Brett: I found out, it was the worst day of my life because I love christmas trees. I started sneezing.

Taraji: You were under the tree as a kid.

Brett: But give me the presents.

Kelly: Listen, that was amazing. And your debut holiday cd is available now. Make sure you pick up brett eldredge's holiday album.

Brett: I love you all.

Kelly: Coming up, find out how you can win a $10,000 prize.

[Cheering and applauding]

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>> I had to have a sports bra conversation with my girl. Have to hold them down. She's like what? I was like you know, you have to strap them up to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be because the last thing you want to do is hit a bump and stuff falls out.


Kelly: Now, listen. The holidays are upon us whether we like it or not. It's time to create great memories and enjoy the company of family and friends.

During this joyous time there is also no shortage of dreaded holiday disasters like burning the thanksgiving turkey past the point of no return.

Taraji: How about what I do every year. I drink a lot of wine and sometimes I spill it. Or an entire dinner on the floor because you decided to run through the dining room.

Kelly: Or your fully decorated tree falls and crashes to the ground.

Taraji: How about half of your christmas lights go out after you have put them away.

Kelly: We feel your pain and might be able to alleviate some of the holiday stress. We partnered with stain master carpet cleaners for our "rack the holes" contest.

Taraji: A chance to win a year's supply of the stain master cleaning products and valued over --

Kelly: $10,000! Enter through or the "live" facebook page. Whoever came up with the name "wreck the halls" is a genius. It really is genius.

We will be back in less than 30 seconds to look at taraji's new film.

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>> Hello. Okay. I just want to say thank you.

>> Thank you.


Kelly: We never have anything fun for you to play with when you are here.

Taraji: You can skip me on that one.

Kelly: Listen, "hidden figures" is an incredible true story that I did not know about. I never learned about it in history or anything and you play a mathematician.

Her name is catherine johnson. She still with us, right?

Taraji: Still with us. She's 98 years old. She's famous, or she's iconic for putting men in space and on the moon. Who knew a woman was responsible for that.

[Cheering and applauding]

Kelly: At a time when women were not supposed to be at this time good at math.

Taraji: No, not at all. But they were, there were just no jobs for women like that. So anyway, eisenhower -- men didn't want to do the job. They were called human computers, before ibm.

So you had humans doing the calculations. We need the computers for everything to be fast, so these women were considered computers. Men didn't like the job because they felt it was secretarial sitting there crunching numbers all day so eisenhower implanted this program at nasa and all the women came, black and white.

It was segregated, the black women here, the white women there. They found catherine johnson in the colored section, who knew she had the mind to put the men in space.

Kelly: It was a fascinating scene when kevin costner's character says where is the computer, and they turn around and you are standing there, a person is standing there.

I'm so used to hearing computer associated with a computer. And you see a person.

Taraji: A colored woman in a room of white men. They weren't too happy to see me.

Kelly: Let's look at a scene now of "hidden figures." In the scene you are demonstrating how women are smart.

Taraji: Well, we are.

>> Mr. Johnson, if I were you, I would quit talking right now.

>> I don't mean no disrespect.

>> Out have you know I was the first female student as west virginia university graduate school. On any given day I analyze a phenomenal level of air displacement, friction, and velocity and compute over 10,000 calculations by hand.

Us women do some things at nasa. Because we wear glasses.


Kelly: Incredible.

Taraji: Thank you.

Kelly: "Hidden figures" opened in select theaters on christmas day nationwide on january 6th. The most important film, make sure you check out taraji's film, "hidden figures" ." Thank you for today.

Taraji: Thank you so much.

Kelly: I love having you here. On monday, bryan cranston is here.

Taraji: And billie lourd.

Kelly: And richard curtis. Have a great weekend, every

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you very much. Thank you so much . It's the second most wonderful time of the year. The first is my birthday month, obviously.


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And now I'm going to give someone a

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