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Friday, February 24th, 2017

Announcer: It's "live with kelly"'s "pre-oscars celebration" show, academy award-winning actor f murray abraham is here. And we pick out the lucky viewer who will win $10,000 at the end of the show.

Plus, jerry o'connell joins kelly at the special pre-oscars cohost. All next on "live."

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Announcer: And now, here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell!

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Jerry: What's up? Oh, oh, oh, yes, .

Kelly: Hi, hi.

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Kelly: We are all dressed up, that is right. Hey, it is friday, february 24th, 2017, in jerry o'connell is my cohost!

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Kelly: Welcome, everybody, to our "pre-oscars celebration." See the red, the gold, it must be the oscars.

Jerry: You clean up good, mama, I love this.

Kelly: Thank you, this old thing? I think it shrunk from the try fitting. It's hard breathing. This is exciting.

Jerry: This is your sixth year broadcasting live from the oscars stage.

[Cheers and applause]

Jerry: As soon as this show is over, you guys all head out to oscars land, hollywood, and I'm hitching a ride.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: That is right. I'm actually excited this year. I will be backstage at the oscars giving everyone exclusive access to all of the behind-the-scenes excitement with their presenters, the winners and jerry will be on the red carpet getting first quinces of all of the stars before the show starts.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Are you excited?

Jerry: Let me practice up in leonardo DiCAPRIO"!

Kelly: They were like, we should ask jerry to be on the red carpet. I said we cannot because he is already on the red carpet. I have a picture of you and rebecca walking the red carpet every year.

Jerry: At the oscars, we are walking the red carpet here at your show.

Kelly: Haven't you been in an oscar-nominated movie?

Jerry: I think I was in an oscar-nominated movie, but I was like number 70 in the credits. When I was in "jerry maguire," they were all part of the night and everything.

I was watching the oscars at home, it was my color laundry night.

Kelly: [laughs]

That is the movie I am in. So when you walk the red carpet, I know you have --

Jerry: I've never walked the oscars red carpet.

Kelly: I mean in general, and a red carpet. Do you do anything to prepare? Do you have a routine? I always ask people this question here they say they keep food in their purse or they keep holes in their purse.

Jerry: My wife, formerly a model, very successful, I was noticing when my wife and I would take photos with each other that my wife looks great. My wife just knows how -- if you watched "america's top next model," my wife is always like damn, and it always looks good.

I would be next to her like thi this. Every photo would be me like this.


Kelly: That is what I do. Can I tell you? I watch a very famous movie star on the red carpet, and I was waiting to go after her, you know they line you up.

Jerry: You get to the red carpet, there is a bottleneck. Someone famous goes in front of you, you have to wait a second.

Kelly: I don't walk the red carpet but because I am obviously not in any academy award films, I don't walk the red carpet, so what I do is gelman forces me to go to our camera and find you.

So I will pop out of nowhere like a jack-in-the-box. I'm like, here I am! So people take my picture there. Like rebecca and like many, many movie stars, they have an ability to become super composed and super elegant and find every camera the right way.

I have become my neck gets shorter and shorter, then I become like gollum then at the end, every picture of me is like this. Then I slither off the red carpet.

Crying into it.

Jerry: My wife did give me one trick.

Kelly: What is it? Tell me.

Jerry: To help relax your face when they are taking your photo, a lot of flashes, you're supposed to go like this. Then you and with a laugh. So let's try it.



Kelly: Now I am gollum! I don't know what to do with my hands.

Jerry: I do somewhat okay if I go like this.

Kelly: Mark knows how to take pictures, too. Mark knows how to take pictures.

Jerry: You guys are goofing around, but you do take a really good photo. You do look good.

Kelly: We have a lot of connections to academy award films, did you know that?

Jerry: You and I? I did not know.

Kelly: You want to play a game? It is called 6 degrees of oscar.

[Cheers and applause]

Jerry: This is great. Here we go.

Kelly: This is interesting. This is interesting in a way where I was like, really? I did not know that.

Jerry: You want to start or me?

Kelly: You start.

Jerry: In which rob reiner-directed oscar-nominated film did I start in 1986?

Kelly: "Stand by me."


Jerry: I gave it away talking about it earlier. There I am right there, totally recognizable.


Jerry: I showed it to my kids the other night. It was on television. I told them to watch it. After 3 minutes, they thought it was born boring, turn on cartoons.

Kelly: That is funny. And which movie did I appear with one of this year's oscar nominees?

Jerry: [laughs]

I have no idea!

Kelly: You are not the only person that acts, jerry, I used to be an actress.


Jerry: Something with denzel washington?

Kelly: No, but you're close. It was "marvin's room" with meryl streep.


Jerry: Wow.

Kelly: That is our scene together. I'm just kidding. That is not are seen together at all.

Jerry: I have to tell you that if she wins, you should go on stage and be part of it.

Kelly: I have a follow-up question, can you name the other three oscar-winning actors I appeared with in "marvin's room?" Let me tell you something.

You're going to look at me and appreciate me and a whole new way.


Jerry: I already am. I'm sorry I did not see you with that complete respect. Denzel washington because he reacted positively to that.

Kelly: He is not an "marvin's room." You have probably heard of some of these people. Diane keaton.


Jerry: Heard of her.

Kelly: Leonardo DiCAPRIO.

Jerry: Wow.

Kelly: And a newcomer by the name of bob deniro. I would never call him bob. I would call him mister.

Jerry: I do not feel worthy here.

Kelly: It was a big deal.

Jerry: You should go home with that statue. Okay, I was in the film "jerry maguire," which I mentioned earlier.


Jerry: Which of my costars went on to win best supporting actor?

Kelly: That would be... Who played oj in this year. And his name is -- oh, my gosh. Cuba gooding junior.

Jerry: Yes.


Speak I love you, I love you, !

[Cheers and applause]

Jerry: That was amazing.

Kelly: You missed that part because you were taking the clothes out of the washer and putting them in the dryer.

Jerry: I already did the drying cycle, put it on permanent press and went upstairs to bed. That was so exciting to watch. I want to say when we were on set, I was a really young actor.

I was really nervous around tom cruise, cuba gooding junior, and he was so cool. Such a good guy. I did not know we have food out here.

Kelly: We do, I saw that. Are you ready? Should we do one more? Which oscar-winning actors played my niece in the pilot for "hope and faith?" Basically if you work with me, you win an academy award.

Have you figure it out? Have you all figure that out yet?

Jerry: Oscar-winning actress. Oscar-winning actress "hope and faith."

Kelly: Played my knees in the pilot episode, just the pilot. I know you watched it many times.

Jerry: It is on a continual loop and our house, hello. "Hope and faith" time. I'm going to guess... It is going to be someone young. It is going to be...

Brie larson.

Kelly: Yes!

Jerry: I did not know that. I tried to guess someone who played your knees and is young-ish.

Kelly: Before you ask, I was nursing a baby so that explains that part of it.

Jerry: Awkward. I appeared on the series "samantha who," which funny oscar-nominated was a member of the cast?

Kelly: I know "samantha who," christina applegate, righ right? I'm trying to think of the rest of the cast.

Jerry: It is too tough.

Kelly: I don't know. I'm saying I don't know.

Jerry: Les -- melissa McCARTHY. I believe melissa McCARTHY was nominated for "bridesmaids," right?

Kelly: >> Kelly: I fs nominated.

Jerry: It was amazing because it was an out-of-the-box sort of comedy.

Kelly: In honor of jerry's first time at the oscars on sunday, we asked some of our friends on "live" about their experiences the first time they'd attended the academy awards.

Jerry: They used words like "nervous, excited, nauseating, surprising, eye-opening, unforgettable."

Kelly: For your viewing pleasure and voting consideration, we present oscars memories, the first time.


>> Okay, my oscar memory, the one that is tattooed in my mind is going to madonnas after party after I got nominated for "doubt." And running into mick jagger, jack nicholson, and then going to this party, taking my shoes off, holding them in my hand and dancing on the dance floor with P. Diddy, sharon stone, and for three or four hours, I just made a fool of myself.

Just bumping, putting my booty in the air, that is my favorite oscar memory.

>> And outstanding memory for me from the oscars was probably the first time I attended. I was nominated in the year 2000, I believe, "the talented mr. Ripley." It was held at the old venue which was the shrine auditorium, and I remember pulling up.

It really resembled a giant car park. The first people I saw, I was obviously very excited, were matt stone and trey parker dressed as women.

>> I remember being at my first oscars, sitting and maybe the second or third row. I'm sitting there, denzel washington walked past me. He looks at me and says, so you got the number one movie in the country?

You are nominated for an oscar.

♪ Speak of the leading characters together as we have tonight, they become a handsome, nation called mr. Kevin bacon and ms. Darrell hammond.

>> I had not been to the oscars since 1983, I think it was. On the way out to california, I flew on a jet with liza minnelli and she asked me if I wanted to ride to the oscars with her, which I did.

I remember being really, really nervous and being backstage and cary grant literally said to me, "you are nervous? Don't be nervous. See that guy out there, johnny carson?

He is nervous, too." I got off stage, liza was standing next to sammy davis junior, and they were applauding me. It was kind of, the whole thing was kind of an out-of-body experience.

>> Here are christian slater and nicole kidman.

>> I remember 1993, I went to the oscars. I got to present with nicole kidman. It was -- she is very tall, which is the fun. She was wearing these phenomenally wonderful high heels, but I figured, what the heck, I felt good in my tuxedo.

Now if you see the clip, you will see the tuxedo looks like I borrowed it from my dad. Really not the most streamlined look I could have had at the time, but still enjoyed the evening anyway.

>> My memory for the oscars 2015, performing was the highlight of my career, one of. What I remember is thinking, please, please do not let me throw up or forget my words.

Yes, it is that petrifying. Seeing one of your idols in the front does not make it any easier.

>> Gosh, they are so many amazing memories I have being at the oscars. The fondest memory I have is I brought my younger sister as my date. My stylist borrowed millions of dollars worth of diamonds come in at the very end, we were in the limo, I had to get back to new york city so I took them off and give them to her and said, you have to return this tomorrow.

She was so nervous, she put them all on and wore $3 million worth of diamonds and woke up in the morning and waited for the jeweler to come take them off her.

>> My favorite oscar memory is from 1990. It was the first time I was nominated. The group of actresses who were nominated in my category, best supporting actress, got together before the show.

We all agreed that whoever won would take everybody out to dinner the following week, and they would pay.

>> And the oscar goes to... Whoopi goldberg.

[Cheers and applause]

Speak of the next day or the day after, I got a huge bouquet of flowers. She said, meet at such and such restaurant at such and such time. So we all got together the following week, she gave us each a gardenia and a chocolate oscar, and we had the best dinner just as actresses alone.

I will always remember that as the best.

>> Oscars for the most part for me is almost a dream, a blur. You spend so much time watching it as a child, as a young adult, and I never projected myself there.

Yet when I decided this is what I wanted to do, that became a chance.

>> This year, the oscar for directing goes to...

>> Sometimes the planets line up. When they did, I found myself at the oscars, staring at everyone, wondering what in the world I was doing here.

>> Kevin costner.

>> When they called my name, I don't remember much after that except running. I think I ran to the stage. That is what the oscars stands for is a little bit of hope for people around the world who think, that is what I want to d do.


Jerry: Great speech.

Kelly: I want to find out what restaurant whoopi goldberg took everyone too.

Jerry: That was such a touching story. That was the best oscars story I've heard in a while. I'm hoping to hear a couple more when we get there on sunday.

Kelly: I remember the first time that we did this show from the auditorium. Neil patrick harris was my cohost. We descended from these two movie theater seats that they had suspended in the air on the pulley system.

We were backstage, and they put us in these seats. He and I just said a little prayer together. We did because we were really terrified. He was scared to death.

I was scared to death. I thought if he is scared to death, I should really be scared to death. They pulled us up in the air, and all of a sudden, we could see over the front -- nobody could see us, but we could see out into the auditorium.

All of these cirque du soleil performers were flying around the theater, and I started crying. I was like, oh, my gosh, I cannot believe our little new york show is pulling this off.

I got really emotional. I will never forget that moment. Never forget.


Jerry: I am also super excited for dj khaled! Doing the oscars show.

Kelly: We should put him on a pulley system and fought him around the auditorium, that would be exciting.

Jerry: Dj khaled! I want to see this as dj khaled and say it like him, coming up next, we've got F. Murray abraham!

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we continued the "oscar countdown games." We take a memory lane walk with oscar. We see who wins $10,000. And coming up next, F. Murray abraham.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Welcome back to our pre-oscars show, our first guest is known for his incredible oscar-winning performance as antonio sally airy -- salieri and "amadeus," and we love him as dar adal and "homeland." Please welcome F. Murray abraham!

[Cheers and applause]

>> F. Murray: Thank you!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Lovely to see you. They love you.

>> F. Murray: Thank you!

Kelly: Tell me, what do you get recognized the most for?

>> F. Murray: Lately, it is "homeland."

[Cheers and applause]

>> F. Murray: But the funny thing about that is people -- it is internationally famous. I live in the village. A lot of tourists come through there, so I hear all kinds of different accents.

People shot from those buses, you know.

Jerry: The double-decker buses.

>> F. Murray: They will say "hey, "homeland," what's up, "homeland"! It is really worldwide. But not like certain other famous people. People, they like to go and grab famous people.

I worked with robert de niro, and they really grab him, they go for him, but with dar adal, they keep their distance.

Kelly: That is what I think, they are not sure if you are safe to grab peer you might grab back.

>> F. Murray: I am the nicest man I know.

Kelly: I agree. Listen, when you walked in, he went down the red carpet. I cannot believe I'm about to say this. Did it bring back memories?


>> F. Murray: A great time.

Kelly: I bet.

Jerry: Take us through the day that you won. Is it a blur? To have very specific memories of this?

>> F. Murray: It is a terrific time because it is everything you wanted. As an actor, it is everything I wanted. Fame and fortune and all of that stuff.

I'm upfront about it, it was really great. It was mostly the reaction that these wonderful audience just gave me.

[Cheers and applause]

>> F. Murray: That is not what I meant!

Kelly: Atta boy, murray, show off to the audience!

>> F. Murray: Shame on me.

Kelly: And must be a wonderful feeling. Do you remember getting to the stage, who did you see first in the audience when you look up there to give a speech?

Who do you see?

>> F. Murray: That part is really interesting. I don't know. I do know this. I was hoping that I would not fall on the steps. I kept saying, please, god, don't let me fall on these steps, but also it was the speech.

I believe that this is true. Everybody around oscars time makes up speeches whether they are in the business or not, am I right? You see?

Jerry: Kelly and I have already worked on ours.

>> F. Murray: You see? And the speeches change sometimes they are political, angry, happy, you want to say thank you to everybody. So when the time comes to get up there and say the speech, all I could think was please do not make me be stupid.

Please let me say something goo good.

Kelly: Did you remember to thank everybody or worse their person that you could not believe you forgot to thank the them?

Jerry: Anyone you want to touch on now that you may be missed that you want to get back with?

>> F. Murray: The reason I could not thank them all is because after I make the opening comments, the audience kept applauding and used all of my time.

Kelly: Don't they flashed 30 seconds right away? As soon as you stand up there.

>> F. Murray: There is someone below their pulling your foot. I am kidding.

Kelly: There is the hook.

Jerry: All the kids at home, dj khaled is an amazing film. You were so incredible. "Amadeus."


Jerry: For the kids who have not seen it, it is about as good as it gets, incredible. Going back earlier in your career commuted a lot of commercials and voiceover to pay the bills.

We just happen to have a clip of one of your earlier commercials.

Kelly: Take a look.

>> F. Murray: You are kidding me.

>> That was fine, andy. I get it, don't call us, we will call you. Listen, let me tell you what I really think. I use it, but it pays crummy!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Was that listerine?

>> F. Murray: Look at you, you're so nice.

Kelly: 1973.

>> F. Murray: I had hair!


Kelly: I like you better like this.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: There are people that lose their hair that are meant to because they always look better without it. Okay, now when we come back, we are going to find out more about the secret from the "homeland" set with F. Murray abraham.

Stick around.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a closer look at a little bit of oscars history.

What's more magical than playing Pot of Gold... With top prizes of $50,000? The answer's winning... On the spot. Oh, yes!! Play Pot of Gold, the new game from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

And you could win... On the spot. Keep on scratchin'!

>> Welcome back.

>> There is a surprise. I was up there briefing the president-elect at the.

>> What did they make of it?

>> You can tell that she is not shaken a little but more open.

>> Open to what?

>> The reality.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: I believe that you and mandy patinkin are my favorite super couple. You know what I mean? The chemistry. Not that it is loving chemistry, but the chemistry is always a palpable between the two of you.

You must love working together.

>> F. Murray: We have known each other a long time.

Kelly: No kidding? Not your first time working on a show together?

>> F. Murray: It is the first time.

Kelly: Even in the same --

>> F. Murray: We do a lot of theater. We work in the same places like downtown. It is a treat. He is a pro.

Kelly: What can you tell us that will not get you fired?


Kelly: What is happening in season six? Give us one little nugget that will not get you into trouble but that is just a nugget for us.

>> F. Murray: If I told you, I would have to kill you.

Kelly: I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the love of the audience.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: A how I learned? I learned from you. Okay.

Jerry: Oh, spoiler alert.

Kelly: It was all a dream.

Jerry: You play a cia black ops director, right? Are you able to just go through security at the airports now? Do they waive you through?


>> F. Murray: They do give me extra special treatment. They really do.

Jerry: I thought you were joking.

>> F. Murray: They like to touch me.


[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: I bet. Listen, it is a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for helping us celebrate the oscars.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: F. Murray abraham is of course on "homeland" sunday nights on showtime. Coming up next, a look at the history of the hot oscars.

Announcer: Monday on "live" from hollywood,

[Cheers and applause]

Jerry: The 89th academy awards are two days away so we thought we would take a look at this year's nominees, some favorite moments from oscars past and some fun facts and figures about the big night, take a look.

>> It is time to roll out the red carpet which is 500 feet long. The oscar statuette is 13.5 inches tall and weighs 8.5 pounds. It is made of bronze and cast in 24 karat gold.

The first academy awards ceremony was may 16th, 1929, and a roosevelt hotel. There were 270 attendees. Now the oscars are broadcast in over 225 countries and watched by an estimated 1 billion viewers worldwide.

Of this year's 20 nominated actors, the youngest is 20-year-old lucas hedges. He is up for his supporting role and "manchester by the sea." He is part of a distinguished group of seven first-time nominees.

First-time nominee mahershala ali stars and two of this year's best picture nominees, "moonlight" and "hidden figures." Janelle monet is in both of those films as well.

Six of this year's acting nominees have won before. Up for "fences," denzel washington has to oscars, one for "glory" and another for "training day."

>> Thank you, mom and dad for getting me in this groovy profession.

>> Jeff bridges took home an oscar for "crazy heart" and this year he is a supporting actor nominee and "hell or high water." Natalie portman won her first oscar for "black swan," and this year, she is up for her portrayal of the former first lady in "jackie." No street has won three oscars.

>> When they called my name, had this feeling I could hear half of america going, oh, no. Oh, come on, why her? Again.

>> Now nominated for "florence foster jenkins," she has beat her own record by becoming the first actress with 20 oscar nominations.


>> Nicole kidman won an oscar for "the hours," this year, she is up for "lion." Nominated for "hidden figures," october the spencer served up a different kind of high and won an oscar for playing many in "the help." This year, to her costars from the film are nominees, viola davis is up for her work in "fences" and emma stone got a nod for "la la land," a musical which earned a whopping 14 oscar nominations.

That ties the record with "all about eve" and "titanic" for the most nominations ever. James cameron directed "titanic."

>> And the king of the world!

>> It is 1 of 3 films with 11 oscar wins, the others are "ben hur" and "lord of the rings return of the king," which starts one of this year's best oscars nominees, viggo mortensen who was up for "captain fantastic." Over the last years, ten musicals have won best picture.

The last was...

>> Chicago!

>> That is hollywood royalty honorary oscar-winner kirk douglas. And his son, two-time oscar winner michael douglas.

>> My father, who I don't think ever missed one of my college productions, has continued to support and for helping us in his son stepped out of the shadows.

>> His wife catherine zeta-jones won a oscar for her role in "chicago."

>> Thank you so much. I cannot believe it. Oh, my gosh.

>> That makes four oscars in the family. Casey affleck is up for best actor for "manchester by the sea." Brother ben has two oscars of his own. If casey wins, they will make history as the 16th pair of oscar-winning siblings.

Others are... Shirley McCLAIN and warren beatty.

>> Can I just take a moment -- where is he? Tell everyone here how proud I am of my little brother.


>> My talented, sweet, adorable, intelligent, mobilizing, sexy brother.


>> Warren, warren. Imagine what you would accomplish if you tried celibacy.


>> Olivia and her little sister joan fontaine are the only siblings to have won and a leading actor category. Brother and sister lionel and ethel barrymore won oscars.

There brother john was drew barrymore's grandfather.

>> I'm honored to say that for four generations, barrymore actors have been embraced by one of our most subtle arts.

>> Achievements and up to 25 regular categories will be honored on sunday night. Since the first ceremony in 1929, 3,048 of statuettes have been presented.

This year, 336 films are eligible for best picture, and nine have been nominated. As of december, there are 6,687 voting members in the academy, but no matter how many votes, it can be sure that all 3300 seats will be filled at the dolby theater when our friend jimmy kimmel hosts the oscars for the very first time.

>> I don't think of this as my first time hosting the oscars, I think of this as my last time hosting the oscars.

>> It is hollywood's biggest night.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: It's great.

Jerry: I cannot wait to watch them.

Kelly: Coming up next, the "oscar countdown games"!

Announcer: Still ahead, we will announce who will walk away with $10,000.

Announcer: It is "live with kelly"'s after oscars show with cohost ryan seacrest and musical guests dj khaled and flo rida.

Kelly: Hollywood's biggest night becomes daytime's biggest event, and you are my plus one.

Announcer: We are "live" from the oscars stage next "live" "

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Kelly: Hey! It is time to play the "oscar countdown games." Hour after oscars special is only one show away.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: We are celebrating by giving a member or our studio audience the chance to be a star and when maxim cold, hard, doing my cash. Playing today, he is a band teacher who loves movies from blackstone, massachusetts, please welcome, anthony!


Kelly: Hi, how are you?

Jerry: Are you ready to do it?

Kelly: Very cute.

Jerry: Are you ready for this?

>> I am ready.

Jerry: In this fishbowl are famous movie lines that were said in an oscar-winning film. Kelly and I roll take turns acting up that line and you have 60 seconds to guess the movie in which the line was said with a chance to get up to ten correct.

You are allowed one pass. For every correct answer, we will give you $50.

[Cheers and applause]

Jerry: >> Kelly: Sho? Okay, are you ready? "Show me the money"!

>> Jerry maguire.

Jerry: Okay, that is one. "I will get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too."

>> Wizard of oz.

Kelly: "We are going to need a bigger boat."

>> "Draws."

Jerry: You're doing it. This is going to be wonderful. Wait. "One tried to test me, ate his liver with some fava beans in a nice chianti."

>> ""Silence of the lambs"."

Kelly: "I could have been a contender. I could've been someone instead of a bomb which is what I am."

>> "Rocky?"

Jerry: Oh, "on the waterfront." We will pass.

>> I'm going to make you an offer you cannot refuse."

>> "The godfather."

Kelly: Yes. "I wish I knew how to quit you."

Jerry: "Broke back mountain," that is okay. Last one "I am king of the world"!

>> "Titanic."

Jerry: How much did we get? 300 bucks. Hold on. Let me count it out. One, two, three, four, five, six!

[Cheers and applause]

300 bucks, I am so proud of you. Coming up next, we are going to have a look back at "live"'s after oscars show.

Announcer: Monday on "live" from hollywood, a performance by flo rida.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: All right. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from our past five years at the oscars.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Can I put you down on yours?

>> She cracked my botox with the microphone, how dare you.

>> Glamour, flexible --


>> Jack, jack! Right here.

>> How are you?

[Cheers and applause]

>> Kelly, kelly.

>> We are party girls.

>> I love her.

>> All right, all right, all right.

[Cheers and applause]

>> I feel great.

>> This is like $10 million. We are stealing it. This is going to be interesting.

[Cheers and applause]

Is gone


>> It is everywhere back here.

>> You look amazing.

>> I did have the flu.

>> You did?

>> Is this with my lipstick?

>> You have something on your cheek.

>> Anything you want to report? You want a score? Touching all those celebrities.

>> That he is, everybody.

>> I love kelly appeared I'm always going to support her and what she does. I love you.

>> Good-bye. Somebody missed you. Somebody really missed you a lot. Speak a very nice to be in the movie with you.

>> You are great, thank you for talking to us.

[Cheers and applause]

Jerry: Technical symbols like, where is my kelly, where is my kelly?

Kelly: I'm not going to live. I had a moment with jack. It was pretty exciting. I cannot believe you left out all of the richard gere moments. I mean, what happened?

Jerry: Did things get crazy with richard gere?

Kelly: He got very involved.

Jerry: Maybe our sensors would not allow it.

Kelly: Coming up next, we are going to announce our $10,000 winner in our "dunk your way to 10k" contest.

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It is "live"'s after oscars show featuring flo rida, dj khaled, jerry o'connell, the big oscar winners, and the hottest stars. Monday, february 27th. The countdown is on.

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>> My favorite oscar moment was when clint eastwood, who is my idol, fantastic, I just love the guy. He asked me to present him with an oscar, which was this great award that was one of my highlights, being up there with him in front of millions and millions of people, and giving my idol this great award.

Jerry: Time to find out the big $10,000 winner!

Kelly: We partnered with oriole for our "dunk your way to 10k" contest to look for the person with the most creative oreo cookie dunk, in the $10,000 winner is...

Anna, congratulations! Join us monday live from the dolby theatre for the "live" after oscars show. Hope to see you guys.

Jerry: Dj khaled!

Kelly: Jerry o'connell.

Jerry: A performance from flo rida.


>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you. I appreciate it. Ow! Thank you so much. Thanks a whole lot. Back at you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Back at you. I feel the same way.

Have a seat, everybody. Thanks for being here. It's exciting. The oscars are this weekend. Isn't it exciting?

[Cheers and applause]

Oh, boy. Sunday night all the big stars put on their best outfits and then monday morning tear

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