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Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Announcer: It's "live with kelly!" Today, a performance from oscar and grammy award winner john legend. And from the new series "riverdale," molly ringwald!

Plus, actor john leguizamo returns to the coe cohost D. All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and john leguizamo!

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Kelly: I feel you.

[Cheers and applause]

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Kelly: Hi, hi.

John: I think that is all you.

Kelly: It is all you. Guys, it is hump day with john leguizamo! Hi.

John: You look great.

Kelly: You look great. We look like we are going to easter services, don't we? Easter sunday day. How are you, how was your show last night? How is it working -- I would think after you do this show you are all hopped up, right?

John: I have to go to bed.

Kelly: You have to get up early.

John: So I can come back to "live with kelly."

Kelly: You must be hating me.

John: I love it, have to be sure I sleep. Tuesday night, usually mad quiet. So I was looking at them giving them angry looks, it was good for the show.

Kelly: I have to tell you, yesterday uncharacteristically we had the most alive tuesday audience we have had in a long time. You guys are lucky you are here on a wednesday, but sometimes tuesday audiences, and again, we cannot figure it out, but a tuesday audience tends to be low energy.

Don't bother us, we just want to sit here and dry off. We don't really want to see a talk show, but we don't want to be outside.

John: Don't demand anything from us.

Kelly: Stopped talking, we just want to sit here and watch.

John: It was good, he was fired up.

Kelly: So your performance changes based on --

John: My feelings. I am a moody man. I'm going through man menopause.

Kelly: What sign are you?

John: Cancer. What does that mean? When is your birthday?

Kelly: October 2nd.

John: What is your sign?

Kelly: I am a libra.

John: A libra, you know what that means.

Kelly: It means we are very indecisive.

John: I thought you were very balanced.

Kelly: I am balanced and I am fair. You would agree. No, but if you want to really stumped me, ask if I will have the chicken or the fish. I really am like I don't know, let me think.

They are both great sources of protein. When is your actual birthday?

John: July 22nd. I have a little leo and a little cancer. I am sensitive. I hurt easy. So, be nice. She is a taurus.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, that is an incredible combo, do you guys fight?

John: Yeah, sometimes, everybody fights. They are very fair fights, mostly.

Kelly: Mostly. Who wins?

John: Who do you think wins in a marriage?

Kelly: Justine.

John: Happy wife, happy life, that is my motto. It is not like I wanted to be that, that's the rule, my wife put that rule in place.

Kelly: [laughs]

John: Look at this. Single white rhino, they have a dating online for same species.

Kelly: It is very important important, poachers are wreaking havoc on the white rhino.

John: He is going to get a lot of dates. Where is it? The white rhino right there. On tinder. Swipe right there.

Kelly: I can see him on the phone like, "nope." I have a feeling he uses his face to swipe.

John: The black rhino is gone, extinct.

Kelly: It's sad. These games preserve people, they work so hard and are often victims of crime and crazy stuff happens to them because they are out there protecting these animals.

John: Have you done the safari thing?

Kelly: No.

John: It was incredible.

Kelly: And the kids?

John: The kids loved it. They let them ride in the front where the guy who spots all the creatures, so one of the big five game, the leopard is the only one we didn't see.

Heine, giraffes, elephants, we got close up. At one point the lion was looking at my kids and I was like oh, my god, I'm the worst father, what am I doing here?

Looking at my kids like meat. He had the rifle all wrapped up. What am I going to do? I'm going to have to leap in front of the child. And then the lion looked elsewhere.

Kelly: Unless they are hunting, they are very chill.

John: And then they start to hunt, but not us.

Kelly: Do you have apps on your phone? I guess everybody here has apps on their phone. My daughter just downloaded for me, not just, but she downloaded something called facetune.

Do you know about facetune? I have never used it.

John: You don't need it.

Kelly: No, I do. But my daughter once facetune a photo for me and the only photo I post on instagram where people are like wow, you look incredible.

No, I don't, I just have a teenage daughter, and she fixed it, she fixed it all. Discolorations and wrinkles and all sorts of crazy stuff, I didn't even know I had.

You can combine, he can look at your before picture and after, I am a monster! No, I'm beautiful. Anyway, they have a new face app called faceapp. It uses a photo and applies a filter so you can see yourself as old, as young.

John: I already see myself as old, why would I need that filter?

Kelly: As young, as female or as a male. They did all of this to us. Let's go to john, let's see john first. Young baby john.

John: I look like bruno mars meets america ferrera.

Kelly: Let's see next. Oh, my gosh.

John: I look like dinero.

Kelly: Yeah. Oh, my god.

John: I look like my mom.

Kelly: That's really amazing. Oh, you have me? There is me.

John: Hubba hubba.

Kelly: That's just me now. I like how old me is me currently. Very funny, gelman. Let's see what I really look like as a man on this. What is that supposed to be?

It made me a werewolf.

John: Believable, though.

Kelly: What?

John: You look werewolfish, not going to lie.

Kelly: What about me as a female?

John: That is you now.

Kelly: Let's see gelman. There is young gelman. Oh, gelman. Britney spears. Oh, gelman.

John: That's good.

Kelly: I have to say, reminiscent of jaime a little bit. Your daughter. Thank god my sons don't look like the male me.

Gelman: And we have art, young art.

Kelly: Now I understand where the male me came from.

Gelman: Female art. Very pretty.

Kelly: Mother moore. I can't get over the male me. Just remember, that is me as a guide.

John: Look like sam rockwell a little bit.

Kelly: I look like I have pink eye.

John: A lot of guys get pink eye.

Gelman: Art look like bill o'reilly. As a man.

Kelly: Art looks like himself as a man.

John: What?

Kelly: You mean young art? Show me young art. Old art. Old art looks like art! I'm going to go out on a limb and say old art and old kelly look like art and kelly.


I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying that's all they could do with us.

John: It is a free app. It will get better when they charge you.


That's how they get you. Do your kids buy the ripped up jeans for hundreds of dollars?

Kelly: My daughter does. My daughter buys jeans, she has shredded jeans she must pay a fortune for. By she I'm mean me.

John: Now they have a new one, fake mud. Yeah, take a look.

Kelly: How much are fake mud jeans?

John: $425.

Kelly: I look like this when I came to work today because it was raining so much and I got stuck in the park.

John: Why do you pay so much if you look like a slob?

Kelly: I don't know.

John: $425, they should be paying me to wear them.

Kelly: Psychologically now that you know they are $425, don't you need a pair?

John: Just because it is so expensive.

Kelly: Oh, my god, they are so expensive, I have to have them.

John: I should wear these tomorrow.

Kelly: Something must be amazing about them. These are men's jeans, right?

John: What is amazing as they can sucker people into buying them.

Kelly: Guys, these are the barracuda straight leg. I have to be a part of it, I have to be a part of it. I will wait for the sale.

John: Half-price off.

Kelly: How many times a day do you eat breakfast?

John: On harbor island on vacation, two or three breakfast or less. They are that good.

Kelly: There is a thing now it is the second breakfast is all the rage, I just started now to incorporate a first breakfast into my life. I never used to eat in the morning, and now I do.

I never used to.

John: I love a breakfast, I can have two or three.

Kelly: They say people are expanding their appetite, people are calling a second breakfast, restaurant serve up salmon, chicken slices, savory second breakfast.

Here are some examples of a second breakfast. There is a whole hashtag, second breakfast hashtag.

John: I think we are eating too little on the first breakfast. Everybody has a raisin in a little cup of oatmeal.

Kelly: I tend to only have a real breakfast on vacations. On vacation is where I really will like sit down and hunker down.

John: Me too.

Kelly: A savory breakfast.

John: And a sweet one afterwards.

Kelly: I am not a sweet, sweet hurts my teeth.

John: Really? Love me some sugar, man.

Kelly: It's hard, refined sugars are hard because I'm obsessed with -- I, like oprah, love bread. This area down here approach aps my oprah. When oprah came out with the weight watchers ad where she says "I love bread," that is in my head all the time.

John: Her weight watchers thing was to eat more bread?

Kelly: She says weight watchers allows you to eat bread, they just let you know how many points it is.

John: So, portions.

Kelly: It is called portions control.

John: That is possible.

Kelly: I am like I love bread, the whole baguette, I love it. That is why you will never get a weight watchers ad because you can't eat like that.

John: You eat up all your points and then you are starving. You need to have a fourth or a fifth breakfast.

Kelly: This is really good bread, are you willing to give up the rest of the day?

John: You say that in your head, and then come dinner, you are like I'm going to go to bed and then you run downstairs.

Kelly: You have french fries because if you have french fries, especially if you share it with your girlfriends, there are no calories, it negates calories.

John: If nobody sees you eating, the calories don't count, very seriously.


Haven't you heard that? It's true.

Kelly: We have a walk-in pantry that has been the death of all of us because we walk in and shut the door because if nobody sees us eating that, the calories don't count.

John: If you chew a lot, that is exercise and it counteracts the calories. More math.

Kelly: You are joking, but I think that is true.

John: Gelman, am I joking?

Kelly: What if you order your cell is extra chopped? Does anybody order it so it is almost already predigested? My thought process is, this is easier on my digestion.

John: Like a mommy bird.

Kelly: I let the salad people chop. You know when you order it online. When you order it online, you can leave notes. I'm like chopped extra, even more than yesterday's.

You can even chew it up first. They are like yeah, we get it, you like it really chopped. Guess what time it is, it is time for the show, and guess who is here, the other john, john legend!

[Cheers and applause]

John: And molly ringwald!

Kelly: Amazing. Okay, and it's time for "burst into spring travel trivia!"

John: Here we go!


[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: From missouri! You know what, you had all the classics in there. You had this, you had the sprinkler, you did all of them.

>> That's all I know.

Kelly: You did a good job, I like it a lot. Let's say hi to mary fuller from lake orion, michigan.

John: How are you doing?

Caller: I'm doing fine, how are you?

Kelly: What is going on, you have have any plans today?

Caller: I am volunteering at the tigers baseball game here at detroit.

John: Oh, the tigers. Are you working with kids?

Caller: I am, I work with a volunteer organization, the tigers organization, they help kids out.

John: Good for you.

Kelly: You are doing a great job there, mary. We are going to spin the wheel to see what you are playing for.

Caller: Thank you.

♪ You are playing for the mahekal beach resort. Mahekal.

John: Magical but in spanish. Is that what that means?

John: Yeah, magical, magical.

Kelly: It is seven days, six nights, it includes a spa treatment per person. Say that in spanish.

John: [speaking spanish]

Kelly: This trip is provided in part by, a prize valued at $5700. John?

John: [speaking spanish]


Kelly: Mary, you have 20 seconds and only one guess. John?

John: [speaking spanish]


Earlier this week we talked with nickolaj. In what country did nickolaj say he and his family live? Hello, are you still there?

Caller: Yeah.

Kelly: Asked her in spanish.

Caller: In denmark!

Announcer: Congratulations, you and I guess will enjoy seven days and six nights at mahekal beach resort in mexico. On the longest stretch of beach.

Mexico's mahekal beach resort. The authentic resort features 192 beachfront rooms, miami-inspired spa, a beachside jacuzzi, five restaurants, and bars, and more.

Your prize is valued approximately $5,700.

Kelly: Mary, we were just looking at your prize package, we are planning a family vacation. Looks amazing, that was incredible.

John: You are a lucky woman.

Caller: Come with me.

Kelly: Done and done. Now you can help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 gift card from world market. Yeah!

Pick a number between 1-235.

Caller: Number 22.

Kelly: 22, 22.

John: Hey!


Kelly: We have a big show with --

John: John legend.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from the series "riverdale," molly ringwald. We will open up kelly's inbox. Coming up next, john legend.

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Kelly: On tomorrow's show from the series "stuperstore," america ferrera will be here.

John: .

Kelly: Our next guest is a 10-time emmy award winning artist and oscar winner. He's won and oscar. His album "darkness and light" is available now. Please welcome john legend!


[Cheers and applause]

>> John Legend: Heh, heh, heh. Hello.

John: Good to see you.

Kelly: Something about rock stars. You came out and you are smoother than everybody else. You walked with a little bit of a hop.

>> John Legend: We're performers. You know how it is.

John: Yeah, not as smooth as you.

Kelly: You are the smoothest.

>> John Legend: We want to be funny, you are all funny.

Kelly: You are married to chrissy teigen, a good friend of the show.

>> John Legend: I am a great friend of the show as well.

Kelly: I know you are. I think of you as being the most romantic person ever. When I listen to your songs, they make me punch my husband in the arm.

John: I punch myself.

>> John Legend: My wife punches me too. When do I get the husband I married in these songs? I am not as romantic in real life, though.

Kelly: You put it all in the music?

>> John Legend: I am still a good husband, but nobody can be that romantic all the time. So don't punch anybody.

Kelly: There is a great family photo here that I love, can I show it off? This is pretty much my favorite photo of you guys.

John: Luna is her name?

>> John Legend: Yeah. One of our good friends, she hired one of the photographers from the show to do a little shoot for luna's first birthday. Just before her first birthday.

Kelly: Aren't you lucky you have these moments?

>> John Legend: They are incredible.

Kelly: These parents now with the iPHONE camera, you can record everything. When our kids were little, here, smile, look into the lens. You are so lucky.

>> John Legend: We had nothing. I don't have many videos of my childhood at all. We have some photos. But nobody is at all.

John: My dad would edit all the joy out of our videos.


That's a different story. That is for therapy. Is your kid speaking a lot now?

>> John Legend: She says dada, mama, a few things. She is very good at saying baba when she wants a bottle. I think it's a good thing when you can tell somebody your hungry.

That's like a key to survival.

Kelly: We have a video, actually, of her learning to say the word "cat." I think we can show it.

>> Cat. Cat.

>> Cat.


>> John Legend: We were pretty happy about that one. We were on vacation, we don't have a cat, we have three dogs, so she never encountered a cat before.

She's allergic to cats, actuall actually. But we call it out, and she said it, we were just amazed.

Kelly: Part of her, she has like a muffin in her hand or something. I know how to say cat, why won't they just let me eat it, okay, cat, cat.

>> John Legend: It was really her first time saying it.

Kelly: She has been saying "cat" behind your back for three months. I just want to eat this.

>> John Legend: Our nanny hides things from us so we get excited and she has probably been doing it for two months.

Kelly: What is the most difficult thing about being a dad so far?

>> John Legend: I mean --

Kelly: Lack of sleep?

>> John Legend: I drink more coffee now. We try to reorient our schedule now and call as much as we can. Not that it is harder, it is different, a new thing and a new responsibility.

You have to make sure she survives.

John: Yeah, that's the tough part. Do you work together?

>> John Legend: This is the first time I have gone on to her since luna. We are going out may 12, and luna is coming out with us.

John: The tour thing with the family, every time they would quit.

Kelly: Are you on a bus?

>> John Legend: Yes, we are on a tour bus.

Kelly: Is it modified?

>> John Legend: We will have a crib and the whole thing. I haven't seen it yet.

John: Can you sleep on the rock 'n' roll bus?

>> John Legend: Yeah, I can sleep anywhere, though.

Kelly: You are chill, right?

>> John Legend: I am like a narcoleptic, practically. I take coffee before every movie I see.

Kelly: I feel like you and my husband had a conversation about that one time. Chrissy and I were shopping and you are sitting on the sofa and I remember you talking about it and almost falling asleep.

>> John Legend: I probably did fall asleep.

Kelly: Listen, we have to take a commercial break. John will perform his new hit when we come back.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," molly ringwald.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Listen, john legend is a true legend, and here he is now. John legend.


>> John Legend:♪ can you just stay through the night ♪

♪ Turned down the blinds ♪

♪ Before you turned around, can you just stay through the night night ♪

♪ Let me bring you in ♪

♪ And we fall through the light ♪

♪ Make this our kingdom ♪

♪ I feel it in my chest ♪

♪ We can't hold just yet ♪

♪ Because it's one in a lifetime ♪

♪ We are scared to love ♪

♪ We are surefire ♪

♪ Can't keep this bed warm on the left side ♪

♪ When something is called as a goodbye ♪

♪ Why don't you turn around ♪

♪ Ignore all that from the outside ♪

♪ The world is a nightmare ♪

♪ Wake up and stay here ♪

♪ Let me be on your side ♪

♪ Will make this our kingdom ♪

♪ Somewhere where good love conquers and not divides ♪

♪ Oh my, oh my, oh, my god, ♪

♪ I'm so, I'm so, I'm so tired of fighting ♪

♪ Let go, give in, let go and give up ♪

♪ I may not know a lot of thing things ♪

♪ But I feel it in my chest ♪

♪ I won't let the blue flame died ♪

♪ We can't lose hope just yet ♪

♪ 'Because it's ones, just once in a lifetime ♪

♪ And we are scared to love, but it's all right ♪

♪ I may not know a lot of things, but I know that we are surefire ♪

♪ I know that we're surefire ♪

♪ I know that we're surefire ♪

♪ Oh, oh♪


Kelly: That was gorgeous. That was gorgeous.

>> John Legend: Thank you.

Kelly: John legend's new cd is available now, the new song is "surefire." Molly ringwald when we return.

John: We are back. A teenage star in films like "pretty in pink" and "the breakfast club." Now she stars in the series "riverdale" ." Please welcome molly ringwald!

[Cheers and applause]

Molly: How are you?

Kelly: Hi.

Molly: Good to see you. It's been a while.

John: Been a while, right?

Kelly: Molly, you're still the coolest girl in the room.

Molly: Thank you.

Kelly: Have you been cool your whole life?

Molly: Gosh, I never really thought of myself that way, but thank you.

Kelly: I swear I'm looking at you, yeah.

Molly: This is my african, I went to african skirt. I went to south africa recently.

John: Buy anything?

Molly: I went there to work, a movie for netflix. I brought the whole family and we did a safari.

Kelly: Incredible. Is the movie out now?

Molly: No, I just did it, coming out in march.

Kelly: I understand you have a house like you, upstate, and you garden a lot?

Molly: I do.

Kelly: Do you have a green thumb?

Molly: I thought I did, I also thought I was completely not allergic to poison ivy and I discovered that I am. 49 years, I've never had an outbreak.

I've been in the garden the last couple weeks, feeling really great, all these roots, getting the iv outcome I didn't know it was poison ivy.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh! I just hug to you all over the place!

Molly: It's not contagious!

John: It is contagious!

Molly: I am not oily anymore.


John: What state do you live?

Molly: You know, upstate, in the upstate region.

John: I live near the high falls.

Molly: I live a little farther down.

Kelly: How many people, men and women, do you think have crushes on you throughout their lives? I think about it all the time because growing up you were obviously my best friend in my head, and so many people's best friend.

John: She was my girlfriend in my head.

Kelly: And you look exactly the same. So, are people constantly coming up to you and saying "I'm in love with you?"

Molly: I do hear that a lot, often happens when I'm with my kids and my husband. When he's very confident, he's a good sport. I get it, I get it. I really prefer that to one time I was with my daughter in a music store and somebody said they asked if I could have my underpants for 10 minutes, which is a line from "16 candles," but I was literally with my daughters and I said I am with my daughter.

Kelly: Did she get the reference, have they seen your films?

Molly: My youngest daughter is 14, she's seen it all. My younger two have not, they are only 7.

Kelly: They are great.

John: "The breakfast club." Classic, classic.

Molly: The films still help a lot of kids get through that really awkward stage.

John: There are the teenage problems in life that I have seen in any movie.

Kelly: Listen, we have to take a commercial break. When we come back we will find out about your weird connection with beverly hills 90210.

Announcer: Friday on "live," ll cool J.

>> So, who's going to the dance?

>> Good?

>> We will talk about it later.

>> You guys are going to the dance together?

>> We were talking about it.

>> We both want to hear you play if that is still happening.

>> If you're good with that.

>> Yeah, totally. Great.

>> Good.

John: That was good.

Kelly: That is molly ringwald in a scene from "riverdale." "riverdale" is the series that brings the archery, comic books to life, but not what you would expect.

Molly: It is kind of like archie meets "twin peaks." Sort of dark and moody. Yeah, it's cool. It's a really fun show, and I'm going to be working with your husband.

Kelly: I know, I'm very excited.

Molly: Playing veronica's father.

Kelly: He's playing a dad. I said did you think you were going to be playing one of the two kids?

Molly: I kind of did! Am I going to be veronica? Oh, the mom, okay.


John: That's fun too, right?

Kelly: What is your connection to 90210, besides look.

Molly: Luke perry plays archie's dad. Actually, the last one I did, I was playing her mom.

Kelly: Who is a better kisser?

John: You have to answer.

Kelly: You can tell us.

Molly: I actually haven't kissed luke yet. We haven't a slow yet together.

Kelly: All right. Hey, listen, "riverdale" is on thursdays at 9:00 P.m. On the cw. Check out molly ringwald. We will open up the inbox when we return, stick around.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," darby stanchfield.

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And that's it. Keep it real. Keep it Tyson. How do you please the world's toughest food critics? With elegant decor and ambiance? Nah. Just serve up Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips.

Made with real 100% all-natural ingredients. Looks like the critics approve. Keep it real. Keep it Tyson.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hey, hi. Hi, everybody, welcome to the inbox. We have a lot of jean chatter. She says "my husband's bills food on his shirt every time he eats.

I'm going to make it a genius marketing idea with those mud jean."

John: Shelly says "I'm in georgia and I have a pile of real georgia mud jean. I will sell them for $100 apiece. Never have I ever heard anything so crazy."

Kelly: Courtney steiner from houston florida says "kelly come if you think mud genes are bad, you should see the new mom jeans. It is terrifying somebody would wear those." I know these mom jeans.

Google the movie "so fine." It is from 1980, I want to say. Google it, "so fine," it is about jeans with holes in the butt. It is so funny, the movie. I think it is a funny but I was watching a rated r movie behind my parents back, so everything seemed funny.

John: I would like to see that as well. Connie from austintown, ohio, "these genes are like every pair of my husbands work pants. Finally he can start wearing high-fashion." Every slob in america can be high-fashion.

Kelly: From new hampshire says "$20 jeans and a day of tying rebar, my jeans looked dirty --

John: That is concrete.

Kelly: "My jeans were dirty before dirty jeans were cool." There you go.

John: That is like a $1,000 pair. That is really baked in.

Kelly: You get the sweater with it, that is a combo. We can get a thousand dollars for this right now.

John: Red carpet next time. Shelley from daytona, florida. "How about this for your legs?" That is kind of nice, actually.

Kelly: I have a feeling that is from the adult shop.


Hey, we're going to be right back. Stick around.

Announcer: To see more from "live with kelly," visit Thee


Kelly: In michigan said "it was hilarious when you put the gelman photo app, he totally looks like grandpa from "the munsters" ." On tomorrow's show, america ferrera is here.

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. That's so nice of you. I feel the same way about you.

Thank you so much.

[Cheers and applause]

Back at you, everybody. Back at you. Have a seat. Thanks for being here. And appreciate it so very much that you travel to come to me and I don't have to visit each of you in your hometowns.

Wonderful. Thank you for that.


People are always curious when they run into me out in the world and they ask me questions and they always ask me if it's hard to stay focused when I'm doing the show and I'm talking

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