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Friday, September 23rd, 2016

"Live with kelly"! Today, from "magnificent seven," denzel washington. And the cohost joins us as well with some outrageous nest. We will find out how the who top 40 pretenders are in the live kelly news. Plus, actor c pratt takes his turn at the cause desk. All next on "live"!

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Are kelly ripa and chris pratt!

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That is your chair. Wow. Wow.

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There, too. Woo!

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Hey, it is friday already everybody, september 23rd, 2016. My cohost today is a major movie star, chris pratt!

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I'm thrilled, this is so fun.

Today. "magnificent seven," go see it.

We will show a little clip later on in the show.

Have my permission to do it.

Whether you like it or not. How was your week?

Great. Busy, but good.

Making a movie is a lot of fun. Don't you all think that being a movie star would be fun?


Wouldn't like. People are like yeah, this would be terrible. I wouldn't want to have to go out and promote it and fly everywhere all the time and constantly be in different hotel rooms and go on different talkshows and all of that. That would be exhausting for me.

Different part of the job. The promotion part. I think especially it would be hard if the movie sucked.


Sometimes or you're like oh, you have to go talk about this movie that is terrible that you're not proud of. Luckily I have never had that problem.

The [laughter]

Is part of the job that is difficult and grinding, you know. Just trying to not put your foot in your mouth and not say something stupid. Like how great all your movies are like I just did.


Blew it.

Blow it, your movies actually are great. I hurt I hear you took a helicopter ride around new york.

We went, I want to get this right because it is a mouthful, it is a joint base, see, I'm doing it.


Maguire dicks lakehurst, in new jersey, and we took a helicopter there.

Had a hard time remembering that.


Yes, I took a helicopter out of manhattan to new jersey, which is now the only way I will enter or exit a city.



A helicopter here this morning, just two blocks, it was really expensive.


Roof? Because gelman hates when that happened.

The roof, pretty great. It was so cool to see the city from a helicopter. Anyways, I traveled by helicopter for a uso tour and it was amazing, to meet the men and women in uniform and get a chance to say hello.

[Cheering and applauding]

They are.

Selflessness of our men and women in the armed services astounds me constantly, when you see entire families. And not just of the families that are in the service, but the support and the supporting families. Wives and husbands and children that support the selflessness is major, and it is why our country is so great.

Completely, that's true.

[Cheering and applauding]

To get to do it.

A daughter? A son?

Four years old.

Amazing news for jack? Kids get their iq from their moms.


Be one I feel bad, that explains a lot.

Testing chromosomes, as they do, apparently, I don't know, and intelligence genes, and they say that it is likely that they get their intelligence from their mom. They got it from their mama. They got it from their mama.

News for us. That he is not going to have my intelligence level.

Is good either way.

Attitude, but his mother's brain, that would be great.


Really smart family, my wife. Her father was a sociology professor and her brother is a fourth generation sociology professor. So her brother, her dad, her grandfather and great-grandfather all professors.

I want to be an actor, are e devastated or do they find that very exotic?

Supportive. Yeah, I think you were thrilled about that, because she is so smart, they weren't worried that she was going to be like a dimwit or whatever, you know?

Doctor and his sister is a lawyer and then mark says, you know, I'm going to be an actor. And they all went, huh? Okay.


Tough to have a doctor and a lawyer in your family.

He says I'm going to be an actor!

Ahead. It works though, that's cool.

Otherwise. Technology is futuristic and I'm telling you. Because now they are saying the cars, like lyft is saying they're going to be driverless by 2021. You are probably going to blink to call your car because phones will be a thing of the past. You're going to blink your spot into the uber-sphere, and the lyft carless driver is probably going to land from somewhere, it is going to land in front of you and you will get into the driverless car, and it takes you somewhere.

Driverless car, it takes you anywhere you want to go. That is crazy. That is like borderline --

Ourselves in a way that is really concerning me. And I love technology, I do, and I hate it, and I love it, but I hated a lot, but I also love it. However, the convenience is a trade-off for us giving up what used to be amazing about us, is that we are pack creatures. We work better together, we are e pluribus unum, we are better together we are one. But now we are just separated and really separated with our driverless cars.

Program the car to wear one in three of them will have a really annoying conversation with you like lyft drivers.


Questions. Asking personal

For a living?

Inappropriate things about their family members, becauecause thas what I like about those lyft or uber drivers.

This? We did a story not that long ago, about how google does the aerial views of streets and maps and all that, and remember the story where the woman found out that her husband was having an affair because of an aerial photo of her house when she did a house search and found her husband on the terrace with another woman, and I was like, this is crazy. Well now, google is protecting the privacy of the people by blurring out and obscuring their faces, even cows.


That's good.

Signed the release form. This one. Isn't that funny? I love that.


Really fun today, and some of you also participated in it whether you know it or not. We played with the guys from "impractical jokers."

So funny.

That's what happened! My 13-year-old son, joaquin, was telling me about the show. He has been telling me about it for a long time, he said you have to get the guys from "impractical jokers" on, you've got to get the guys. And one day we sat and watched a "impractical jokers" marathon, and the back of my skull hurts from laughing.

Something in my head.

With them, we begin their unofficial posse.

Awesome, we got to be part of the "impractical jokers" and take part. I wasn't as good, I feel like I froze up a little bit.

Because we were watching the show. We were like this the whole time. There like to you to want to say anything? And we're like what? Also, denzel washington is here.

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Our top 200 in the "live with kelly and you" cohost search.

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Contest, I submitted a video of one minute or less. The one that's how easy it was.

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In action in your new film, "magnificent seven."

[Cheering and applauding]

Saber. It is time for "take off travel trivia"!

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♪ ♪

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Is michael all the way from new york city!

[Cheering and applauding]

Phone, melissa johnson from north carolina.

Did it work? There she is.

Are y'all doing?


To do this we can if you go see the magnificent seven?

And I are going on a trip this weekend.

You going?

Washington, north carolina, a little waterfront community.

How important your girlfriends are.

It is the girls I get you through, right?

We will spin the wheel and see who you are playing for, okay?

[Cheering and applauding]

♪ ♪

The beach resort in playa del carmen, mexico.

Girlfriends there.

Nights, a spot treatment per person, the trip is provided in

Valued at $6700, you have 20 seconds and only one gas. Melissa, good luck.

Had actress juliette lewis on the show, and in what 1991 thriller did we say julia louis played a naive teenager and for which she was nominated for an

Academy award?

Juliette lewis. 1991.


Going to be wishy-washy and give you a second guess.

Hey, you won. Did I break the rules? Do they let us do that?


Give her 5700 bucks, she can go. She won. Good job.

Give her the prize. Chris and I are going to split the price. You are getting the price.

Seven days and six nights at the mahi beach resort implied l carmen, mexico. You can see playa del carmen's longest stretch of beach, at the beach resort. The authentic intimate resort features 196 individual thatched roof for bungalow rooms, a spa, four swimming pools, a seaside jacuzzi, five restaurants and bars, and more. Your prize is valued at approximately $5,700.

Congratulations. Tell them chris and kelly sent you.


Thank you.

Dotted line.

Treatment for your girlfriend's.

Helmick the day of a lucky number for our studio audience who will receive a $500 gift card from omaha steaks, so please pick a number between one and 235.

Number 24.

[Cheering and applauding]

Show, straightahead it is denzel washington, stick around.

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"Live," the "impractical jokers" play a joke on our studio audience. We will tell you how you can find out who the pretenders are and who gets a chance to cohost with kelly. And coming up next, denzel washington. ♪ ki

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Everybody. From on monday show from ""code black," rob lowe will be here.

"Last man on earth," will forte.

An apartment in a performance from elle king.

Very excited.

His safety every time he comes out here. Please behave yourselves, audience.

Oscar-winning and tony winning actor, denzel washington!

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♪ ♪

>> Where's my boy? ♪ ♪

>> I'm good.

[Cheering and applauding]

>> Wait, wait, wait. "cape fear"!

To mexico. I just want to point out that the lady back there behind gelman, she held on to you.

>> Come here, darling, come here.

[Cheering and applauding]

You. I'm going to help her. I'm helping you.

>> Oh, my god, I can't believe this.

Picture. I got it, get in there. Get in the picture. Get in.

[Cheering and applauding]

>> It was a pleasure!

>> Thank you, kelly. Oh, my god.

To your seat. Gelman, walk her back.

To my show.

[Cheering and applauding]


>> How's he doing?

So far he has given away a trip. To a caller who didn't officially win, but he is great.

>> So you guys are splitting it.

>> How much was it?

>> All go in, three ways.

[Cheering and applauding]

Other five of your magnificent seven here, we could make it a drop in the bucket. How was your summer, by the way?

>> What did I do this summer? I didn't do anything, I worked. I directed a movie.

>> "Fences" from the play.

My gosh. What is it like to direct a play, directed movie of a play that you know so well.

>> Is a good thing that you know it's a well, it really is. I don't know what it was, six, seven years ago, scott rudin, the producer, sent me the screenplay for "fences," and I realize I hadn't read the play. And I called him and said hey, I want to do the play, so we did the play, and viola davis and myself and the play we all won tony's, and now we shot the movie. But we are not here to talk about that.

Forward to that, that is very exciting. Will you ever return to broadway, you are so incredible?

>> I was just there two years ago.

>> Yeah, I've got into some other things first. Do what you got to do so you can do what you want to do.

>> I just can't get used to this. Go ahead, chris.

You, man. Thank you for coming to our show.

>> We did this movie together, and this is a whole different guy right now.


>> I don't mean it in a bad way, I'm just not used to, you've got to watch.

Has been born to play, host.

[Cheering and applauding]

>> You should have let him wear like fishing and hunting gear, he would have really fit in.

Right in. That is my real life wardrobe. I never wear suits unless I'm doing something like this.

That every time I put my hand on your back, I'm like oh, my gosh, the suit is coming off of you. The heat coming off of you. You are a one-man furnace.


If you want.

All my sweat. No I need to keep us on. When we come back we will find out about a very special relationship that mr. Denzel washington has.

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Search hundreds of thousands of properties all over the world while taking advantage of the rewards program. Get a free night for every ten you stay with no blackout dates.

Choice. Still ahead on "live," we will see what happens when the "impractical jokers" pose as "live with kelly" staff.

>> What's that for?

>> Information. Looking for a man. Big fella. About your size.

>> What's his name?

>> The name is mama gave him was daniel harrison. Sometimes he goes by the name tyler grant.

[Cheering and applauding]

>> That made her look faster.

Tell us about "magnificent seven"? You are a gang of marauders you recruit a gang of marauders, is that what it's called? Marauders?

>> It is now.

>> Yes, gang of outlaws.

>> Everybody's not an outlaw.

>> But you're not an outlaw, necessarily.

Character is a bit of an outlaw.

>> I should have read the script, I should have read it. We put together a squad, and we go handle business. The seven of us the way we should.

Ready, when you make a western, did you have a horse and a quick draw skill and all that?

>> I had my horse, I would go see my horse three times a week, I would ride, we'd walk, I talked to my horse. And you know, it is really a good therapy, number one. Just to be out there alone.

Have you ridden a horse before?

>> The horse knows, and you learn to relax over time, and the horse can feel your energy. If you're nervous, they can tell.

Denzel's horse, I think denzel's horse knew that he had denzel.


Little bit ahead of everyone else. That's cool, you guys, I got denzel.


>> He would bite to the other horses if they got too close.

He was.

One. The captain is on me, y'all better back off.

Think they all heard animals, right? They run around in impacts, d your house was like the alpha. My horse was the laziest horse. I had two horses, one was the stunt horse that did all the awesome stuff, and then the other one was his twin brother that they felt comfortable putting an actor on.


Horse running and jumping, and then it would cut and they would put me on the horse that would do lazy step.

>> But you grew up writing.

Up writing, but I spent some time with horses as a kid. I never had horses, but I wrote a few times.

>> While I grew up uptown.


>> We had a raceway, does that count?


>> In central park. Don't step in it.

So wait, but they have a cowboy camp, right? There was no camp that you want to, --

>> Not a camp. What do you mean? No, I would drive about an hour and a half out of town, where my horse was, fell read, he is like the master of gun things, he can do anything. He trained everybody, so I would work with him and then it would work with the horse. But it wasn't camp.

>> And it was fun.

I love a western, I really do, and I love this movie, it is "magnificent seven." Go see it in imax.

[Cheering and applauding]

Everybody! Coming up next, we have "impractical jokers."

[Cheering and applauding]

>> On the count of three, guess wait.

>> 210.

>> 225.

>> Me? 215.

>> Zodiac sign, one, two, three.

>> Scorpio?

>> Pisces.

>> Blood type on three. One, two, three.

>> I have no clue.

[Cheering and applauding]

And longtime friends compete to embarrass each other with a series of hidden camera dares, please welcome the stars of the hit trutv show, "impractical jokers." We got joe, sal, "murr" and "q." ♪ ♪

[Cheering and applauding]

Glad you're here.

[Cheering and applauding]

Awesome, thank you.

[Cheering and applauding]

>> Hi, guys.

>> First they have denzel washington, now you get this. That's right.

The way.

>> Just doing my part, little extra promotion for denzel valentine also before we start, I am not going for ways on the trip with the lady, I'm sorry.

Will get her trip. I've got to ask you this, how did this the start, because never, I had not seen the show, I had not heard of the show, and then my son, who you met, became obsessed with the show. And now I can't stop watching it. I cannot stop watching it.

>> It sound like you have a problem.

>> Here's how it all started. "q"'s parents made love first, and I'm the second oldest, my parents made love, joe about a month later, his parents made love, and then sal, his parents made love last. We have video of that which we will show.

>> And then we went to high school together, performed with our comedy trip, the tenderloins, and then we created "impractical jokers," and now we are on season six.

>> What is the craziest one?

>> Every once in a while we will get a special one, like not too long ago I had to cut people in line at the tkts. They wait like three hours for discount tickets, and then they line up at like 5:00 a.m. And I cut this guy and his family, and they brought security over and I was like no, no, I'm related to them, it's fine. And the guy got so mad he shoved his wife out of the way and just started choking me.


>> We don't know him, we don't know him. And he was like 80 years old.

>> So we like to say that sal got beat up by an octogenarian.

You say pull the plug?

>> No, we just keep rolling.

But if you basically refused to do a prank, then you have to do some sort of punishment, right? So what is the worst one?

>> We have a lot of bad ones.

>> I will tell you, they made me go to a medical conference and there is a room of 50 men in there, and that --

>> And two women.

>> All I had to do is volunteer when the doctor asks for volunteer. I have no idea what the medical conference is about. So the doctor says it is important that men when they reach a certain age to get a prostate exam. He said it's nothing to be scared of, I'll do one right now, can I have a volunteer?

>> I went twice, two doctors gave me two prostate exams in a row.

>> He needed a second opinion.


>> He wanted a third opinion, but we spared them.

>> You'll be glad to know, my rear is great.

We have to take a commercial break, when we come back we will see what it's like to become "impractical jokers." I have to say, we are useless, so stick around.

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The cat catch the cat, a portion of every fresh and light proceeds help to support the foundation. And its mission to end the suffering of animals.


♪ ♪

>> I can't open it.


>> This is a good plastic. These are good.

[Cheering and applauding]

>> She almost bought them, she almost bought them.

With it? When the employees today know that the you are going to be posing as employees or you just sort of come in and pose as employees?

>> Generally employs have to know or else they just call the cops immediately. To avoid that, we let them know in advance.

>> There have been a couple of times when they didn't know, and they were so dumbfounded by what was happening, they are like who is this guy?

>> It's funny that you say that, because they don't know how television works, so I might had a mall at a store, an employee of the store will be oh, my god, am I on the show right now?

>> You wouldn't know if I came in here and set up a camera.

>> We feel that I keel once, and I'm not sure if ikea knew that we were filming.

>> Is crazy. He's not even kidding, the employees were like, when did you start?

>> There was a section, we worked the bed section, there were no employees, so people were coming to us legitimately because there was nobody else.

>> We made commission on seven beds that day.

>> It's kind of the opposite now, because if we are just shopping at a store, people think we are just on tv and a comeuppance or what's going on?

That you're going to have to wearing disguises, because you are so recognizable.

>> I just try to gain more weight every day, and I'm doing great right now. What's that button, I don't want to take you out.


Recently took on, you posed as live staffers, with a little help from chris and myself, look at some fun we had with our unsuspecting audience. Used to be audience members, I think they left. ♪ ♪

>> Basically what we're doing is talking to people about coming in today just to figure out we might do a live segment so we might just be able to have you get up on stage.

>> Get as close to her as possible while talking. Likely men.

>> The longest drive you've ever made in the car is from atlanta.

>> Yes.

>> What would you say is maybe one of the funniest things that is ever happened to you?


>> I want your nose in her hair.

>> When people are coming at you and they're trying to stop it don't stop.

>> Do the width of your head toward her.

>> Are you able to use the bathroom on an airplane?


>> Reach out and hold her hand.

>> Cruz, if I could cruise somewhere.

>> Cruise.

>> Do you get any motion sickness?


>> I am.

>> Reit reach around and wr other hand slowly.

>> What do you think would be the best vacation if you could go anywhere in the world?

>> Anywhere in the world.


>> Just do a weird reach.


>> Do you want some of that?

>> No be a close talker.

>> One, two, three, go.

>> Look at that as well.

>> Tell us where you're from.

>> Brooklyn, just over the bridge.

Tell him you're allergic.


I'm allergic to rain.

Sneeze uncontrollably.

>> What you say, you are yot person, dog person?

>> Neither, because I'm allergic.

>> You're allergic!


>> Know. Have you ever been to brazil?

Something in spanish and tell him it's not spanish.

>> Say something in spanish. Could you say something in spanish?

>> [Speaking spanish]

>> No that's not spanish. Straight up asp annual.

>> [Speaking spanish]

Doesn't count.

>> That doesn't count because you told me about yourself. That's one of the rules of spain. It's a big role in spain, they don't talk about themselves, they talk about usted.

Fly that is over his head.

>> I think there's a mosquito in here. With my allergies.

>> Do you like to meet people?


>> Nobody told you to do that. You just assault me.

>> When you're traveling, some people like meeting new people.

And brush the dead fly off of his crotch.

>> Got it.


Spanish but do baby talk.

>> Can you do spanish but in a baby voice.

[Speaking spanish as baby]

>> Higher pitch, .

Mosquito is back, it is in his hair now. There it is.


>> Tacos. That is my favorite thing about spain.


>> That is clearly a horse.

>> Have you ever seen the show before?

>> You see that tray of eggs there? Feed joe and egg. Joe this is how you get fed every day.


>> This is your job, this is what you have to do.

>> So what we are doing today, we're looking for people. I didn't get breakfast, sorry.


>> Joe, tell him tell her we are going to feed you and egg.

>> Are you feeding one of me those two?


[In unintelligible]


>> You didn't see "guardians of the galaxy question" it was amazing.

>> Do you have any questions for chris? Because when he was little, did he know that he wanted to be an actor when he grew up?

>> Can I get an answer on that.

>> I'm not getting reception. Chris, when you are a child, did you want to be an actor when you were younger, or was this something that came up -- chris? Chris pratt question marks b2 yes. He said yes.

>> He didn't answer the question

For it >> the answer was yeah, though.

>> Hey, chris? It was an open-ended question, chris, we need you to elaborate.

>> What did you want to be when you were little?

>> I wanted to be an architect. Oh, you mean chris pratt, what did you want to be when your little? Speak to, how are you doing?

>> Here, put this in your ear. It will let you talk to chris pratt.


Chris pratt is in your hand right now.

>> Oh, my gosh, hi.

How are you question mike >>

>> Think you so much for coming, that is all the time we have. Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time.

[Cheering and applauding]

>> It was all right.

Have a future in this business. Listen, you guys are incredible. When you come back when you come back?

[Cheering and applauding]

Make sure you check out "impractical jokers" thursdays.

[Cheering and applauding]

Will look at chris in "magnificent seven," stick around.

"Live," a performance by elle king. And from "last man on earth," will forte.

>> Who she?

>> Joan of arc.

>> My name is emma cohen. This is my associate, teddy careers.

>> I do have an affinity for shiny things.

>> Is a difficult?

>> Impossible.

>> How many you got so far?

>> To go.

>> Them?

>> You and me.

[Cheering and applauding]

Scene from my cohost, movie star chris pratt, from "magnificent seven." I think that you are when you have dirt on your face.

Your wife all morning, but we never mention that your wife is actress anna faris.

And she also has a podcast, anna faris is unqualified.

Podcast, so funny and great. She has amazing guests on.

Our living room in our house, it is super fun.

Do you think she would ever cohost here?

Yeah. I just signed you up honey, I hope that's okay.

Top contenders in the "live with kelly and you" cohost search.

Everything at our web site.

[Cheering and applauding]

Looking for a cohost, so why not you? Why not you? You sent us your videos for a chance to sit next to me as my cohost for the day, isn't that incredible?

Love it.

And we were amazed by your overwhelming responses. I've always said that our fans are the most talented viewers around.

[Cheering and applauding]

To lie, that sucked.


Just how talented you are.

Easy, but we've narrowed it down to the top 40 contenders.

[Cheering and applauding]

'S b2 if you want to see who is in the running, go to our

Right now.

Hear what you think, so please write your brutally honest comments.


Favorite on facebook and tweet about them on twitter.

Get out there and show love.

Chris pratt, everybody.

[Cheering and applauding]

Are going to do?

[Cheering and applauding]

Idea. Let's all go see his movie this weekend, okay, "magnificent seven." On monday show, rob lowe will be here.

Favor, call him rollo.


To perform for us.

Groban. Have a good weekend.

[Cheering and applauding]o)


>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you very much. Thank you so much. All right. Let's see.

[Cheers and applause]

Have a seat, everybody. Thanks for that energy. Back at you. I foale -- feel the same way. I'm excited you are here. I'm excited I'm here.


Honestly, I have to admit, the last couple of shows, I used my body double. I was not here. I love the energy in this room. It's wonderful. It makes me happy. It seems like

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