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Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

>> It's "live! With kelly & michael." Today, star of the new film, "deadpool," ryan reynolds. And from the comedy, "the grinder," fred savage. Plus, another edition of "kelly & michael's inbox." All next on "live."

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And now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Yo!

Kelly: Hi, girls.

Michael: Wow!

Kelly: We love you, too.

Michael: Yes, we do.

Kelly: It's tuesday, february 9, 2016. Welcome to the show, everybody.

Michael: Welcome, welcome.

Kelly: Spirited group. Spirited.

Michael: Yeah. Very, very -- somebody still got --

Kelly: Got my eye on some of you.

Michael: Yeah, we got extra security today. So how are you doing?

Kelly: Good. How are you?

Michael: I'm doing good. We kind of match. We have on pinstripes. And we didn't even call each other beforehand.

Kelly: I know. But sometimes we do match, which is weird and freaky. We're on the same wave length. Hey, it's fat tuesday.

Michael: Yeah.


Kelly: Which is nice.

Michael: A lot of people going fat? Who are you calling fat? It's mardi gras.

Kelly: Yeah, it's the practice of eating. I never knew that this is where fat tuesday came from but it reflects the practice of eating rich and fatty food before ash wednesday.

Michael: Really?

Kelly: I didn't realize it was because of lent. I really didn't. It never occurred to me to binge on pepperidge farm goldfish.

Michael: I had no idea. I thought it was just a fat old time, yeah.

Kelly: That's what I thought.

Michael: So I should go binge and eat and go crazy.

Kelly: Yeah. I've been watching my friend, jake sheers on instagram. He's in one of these big mardi gras floats and he's having his costume made. I don't know what float he's in or what crew he's in, but he's wearing a pair of like bikini briefs. I just want to get to new orleans fast.

Michael: He's wearing bikini briefs on the --

Kelly: In the crew. You got to know him to really appreciate it.

Michael: That's a way to get a lot of beads, I guess.

Kelly: Yeah. Start out nude.

Michael: So it's fat tuesday but on the other side of that and all the celebrating, it is what they call red tuesday.

Kelly: What's red tuesday?

Michael: It is the busyest -- busiest breakup day of the year.

Kelly: Oh, right. Are these people that don't want to buy the significant other a valentine's day gift?

Michael: You got it. Yep. People are like it's red tuesday. People are breaking up. And I think they did a survey of 3,000 people and they say some people realize how much they don't love somebody. When there's romance in the air, they look at them and they go I don't love you so much.

Kelly: Right. It's the realization of like you're trying to get into it, right? I want to get you something nice. I want to get you that book with all the kinky positions. You know, that book?


You know what I'm talking about. That book is all over the book --

Michael: No, I don't know what you mean. The karma sutra? I just figured that out. I don't know nothing about that.

Kelly: Right. They're like I want to get you a vermont teddy bear or whatever the gifts that you get somebody and then you get god, what I really want to get you is a restraining order.

Michael: Yes. Yeah. But people are together and then they're committed and then they buckle under the next step of that commitment. So they go I just can't do it. Other people think they can do better. If they're not happy with that person.

Kelly: Right.

Michael: And they say because it's a national holiday and everybody recognize it's valentine's day, it's too hard to avoid it. So you either got to get on with it or get out of it. And today is the day that a lot of people are getting out of it.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: But if somebody got out of it on you and your heart is broken today, you hang in there. There could be somebody out there ready to buy you that karma sutra book and be your fan.

Kelly: Or that vermont teddy bear. Or those roses that are chocolates. Any of those gifts, yeah. So there's ways to dump -- this is so funny. All of our items go together. So there's ways to dump people properly.

Michael: Oh, there's an etiquette to dumping somebody.

Kelly: How do you dump people?

Michael: That's --

Kelly: Do you get the attorneys? You're -- you let the attorneys do the talking for you?



Michael: Remember that thing you signed before you went out?

Kelly: You've been served.

Michael: No, you know --

Kelly: Ok. It's just jokes, everybody. Calm down.

Michael: Yeah, they're just jokes. It depends on the person.

Kelly: Ok. So if somebody that you liked.

Michael: Then I'm going to have a very nice conversation. I'm going to be a gentleman and have a nice conversation and being a respectful man and I don't want to put you through something that, you know, by being very selfish so, out of respect, I rather be up front and tell you that it's not going to work out and I'm not seeing things the way you are.

Kelly: She's not going to like it.

Michael: No, that actually works.

Kelly: Do you want to hear the 10 best ways I do it -- they do it

Michael: Or just don't call. That's a joke, people.

Kelly: Move. Change your phone number. Don't stall. Do not stall. I mean t like a band-aid. You've got to rip it off. You don't need permission or a good enough reason to break up somebody. There's never the right time. Just do it.

Michael: But they're going to say why.

Kelly: Ok. Talk to that other person's best self. When they say why, don't talk to them like they're the monster. Talk to them like even though you are dazzling and wonderful and whatever --

Michael: Oh, my goodness. Oh, it's not you. It's me.

Kelly: It's me.


Michael: That means it's you.

Kelly: It's not you.


It's not.

Michael: Their best self. Ok.

Kelly: It's not you. It's me because I just don't like you. Do it privately.

Michael: Yeah. You can't -- yeah. Do it privately.

Kelly: And in person, if possible.

Michael: Because you know, now we're in the associate media world. Facebook, they'll change their status to single. And the other person were like you didn't tell me you changed your status. Or they'll do it through text or e-mails.

Kelly: Face-to-face. I mean, nowadays, there's no reason to not do it face-to-face. We have facetime.


You can still do it over the phone, yet in person, right?


Michael: And I do like it privately. Don't take them to like a restaurant and do that. They could break down. That's embarrassing.

Kelly: You have to actually use the words "break up." This is what dan didn't learn in fatal attraction traction. -- "fatal they traction." That is why alex got confused and started stalking him. She thought they were in a relationship. Don't blame them. Although I think sometimes you need blame them. Because sometimes, it's their fault.

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: But it says do not blame them. It shouldn't be about punishment. This information is not helpful to people. Ok. And then some of these are boring. Be short, swift and direct. And don't detail the breakup on social media. What are you? A monster? Nobody needs to know. It didn't work out. They don't need to know why or how or what.

Michael: I agree with you. But if it is that day for somebody, we are sympathetic to your day. Really, we are. We really are. Somebody over there laughing like they're going to break up with somebody as soon as the show is over.


Kelly: Hey, anybody here want to break up with somebody live on tv?

Michael: You know what, that's a good idea.

Kelly: Hey, come celebrate red tuesday with us. There's a free coffee mug for you.

Michael: There's nothing more private than to do it right here right now. Just do it. Rip that band-aid off. It's a great thing. If you have somebody and you are in love, it's a great time because you're going to need them. It's going to be freezing outside. You're going to need somebody to cuddle up with because temperatures are projected to send about -- temperatures are tumbling to about 30 degrees below average. Yes.

Kelly: Why? What did we do?

Michael: The low temperature on sunday may be in the single digits or possibly even below zero here in new york city.

Kelly: We didn't do anything. Why?

Michael: I have no idea. And all the way down the southeastern -- coast in parts of the carolinas, tennessee and georgia. Over the weekend.

Kelly: They can't handle that.

Michael: Yeah. They're going to have to go out and find coats someday.

Kelly: What about the peaches? I always get nervous about the produce in the south because they're not used to it. It's not like jersey peaches. Jersey peaches are like come on!


Michael: Georgia peaches are like --

Kelly: Georgia peaches are like what?



Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: What is all this cold?


That's why they're covered in that fuzz. Hey, all, look. There's so many things I want to talk to you about in the animal kingdom. Animal kingdom. I don't know where to begin. Do you ever see the cat wearing the protective cone on his cat? Do you want to see it?

Michael: Yes, please.

Kelly: I think they're saying the cat had surgery and but I think the cat had a facelift.


That's not real. They could have given that cat a bigger cone. That is not right.

Kelly: The cat is fluffy. They shaved down the rest of his body for the surgery. That is mostly fur.

Michael: Poor cat.

Kelly: I love this. I want this made into a t-shirt that I can wear it around because I love it so much. And in other animal news, there's an adorable dog-size rescue rabbit looking for a new home, guys. Yeah.

Michael: That actually looks like a stuffed animal. It doesn't lack like a real rabbit.

Kelly: So if you've already gotten the vermont teddy bear for your loved one, maybe this year, you can adopt this little adorable inexquisite rabbit who loves getting cuddles and making everyone laugh with his mischievous character. He's 49 pounds. His name is atlas.

Michael: Atlas.

Kelly: There's two names here, but that's the other one. Darius is the guinness record holder.

Michael: Four feet four inches long and 49 pounds.

Kelly: Yeah. So maybe we can find him a home if anybody is interested in adopting a human sized rabbit.


Michael: That's a big --

Kelly: You should see my pellets.

Michael: Oh, my goodness.

Kelly: The rabbit goes to the bathroom and he's like --


Michael: Oh, we're off rocking for a tuesday.

Kelly: Fat tuesday. Fat tuesday.

Michael: And I want to bring this up because we found a dancer that we've been talking about. Remember when the super bowl was going on? Peyton manning, they score. Broncos score. And everybody excited in the box and eli manning sitting there like this.

Kelly: Yeah, stone faced.

Michael: Stone faced and everybody saying he's not happy for his brother.

Kelly: Right.

Michael: Eli has an explanation.

Kelly: What's the explanation?

Michael: He said I was doing math. And everybody -- ok, because when you score, he's thinking do they kick the field goal or do they go for a two-point conversion? He's trying to do the math to see what they should do and how much time they had left on the clock to see if the carolina could get the ball back. And I actually believe him.

Kelly: That's perfect. Oh, I totally believe him. That makes perfect sense.

Michael: He's a quarterback. As a player, you don't watch the game like a fan watches it and we already know eli doesn't react to much anyway.

Kelly: Right.

Michael: So that is a look at eli -- I even called his elementary cool teacher, she said yeah, when eli used to do math, he's like this.


Kelly: That makes perfect sense.

Michael: I wish they would have shown --

Kelly: I'm sorry, gelman what, did you just say? Like you?

Gelman: That face that I have during commercial break.

Kelly: You don't just have that face during commercial break.

Gelman: I'm adding and subtracting.

Kelly: Gelman, look out! The rabbit!

Michael: They sent a picture after the game. I'm sure eli smiled and high fived everybody.

Kelly: That makes sense to me.

Michael: He's always calculating as a quarterback.

Kelly: Quite frankly, if I had do that kind of math in my head, how many minutes and how many points hay need to score, my head would explode.

Michael: Yeah. We have a great show because we have some great guests today, everybody. Yes, we do.


Kelly: Ryan reynolds is here, everybody.


Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: Yes. I know. A little -- that's our little fat tuesday red tuesday gift for all you ladies out there.

Michael: And we got extra security for y'all. Don't worry. And also, oh, man, live this guy -- fred savage is here.


Kelly: What? A double fat tuesday treat?

Michael: Yeah. Well, you know what, our dancer's in place. It's fat tuesday. Let's kick this party off with our "snow wild travel trivia"!

Kelly: Hey, today's trivia dancer is from pennsylvania. That's gerry morrison.


Michael: Geri, that was groovy. Awesome, awesome. Great job, by the way.


Michael: Now, let's say hello to mary from parkville, maryland.

Mary: Good morning, kelly and michael. Happy fat tuesday.

Kelly: Same to you, mary. It's a great picture. It looks like you're standing in front of a fake background.

Mary: No. We were at niagara falls in canada.

Michael: Nice.

Kelly: Ok. Yeah, I get it now.

Michael: What are you doing today, mary?

Mary: Well, it snowed and it's still snowing it and looked beautiful outside. The husband is off work. And we're going to have a play day.

Michael: I got a book I could send you.


Mary: Ok. Ok. I pull down some nice movies. We're going to have a play day and maybe go walk to the bar.


Kelly: Why not in walk to the bar first.

Michael: Sometimes it helps the play day.

Kelly: That's a fat tuesday with a ph.

Mary: A little extra bonus.

Kelly: We're going to spin the wheel and see what you're playing for, mary o?


Kelly: Here's a great prize. The casa magna marriott resort and spa in mexico.

Michael: Nice.

Kelly: Seven days and six nights in an ocean view suite with a private terrace.

Mary: Wonderful.

Kelly: Let the preakness begin. It -- freakiness begin begin. It's a prize value at $5,300. Mary, good luck.

Mary: Thank you.

Michael: Mary, I insure hope you get this. On yesterday's show, we talked with vanna white. What show did vana say she was at a taping of when she went to audition for "wheel of fortune"?

Mary: "fans fever."

Michael: You got it.

>> Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the casamagna marriott in mexico. It is the ultimate warm weather escape for a certain traveler offering deluxe accommodations, stunning sunset views, and access to a bustling culinary and art scene. Your prize is approximatelied at $5,300.

Mary: Thank you!

Kelly: Mary, congratulations!

Kelly: I wish I could be a fly on the wall of your trip.


Now you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 appliance package from cuisinart. Please pick a number between one and 235.

Mary: I'm going to go with seven.

Kelly: Seven.

Michael: All right, congratulations, mary. Congratulations, young lady. Everybody, stay right there. When we come back, that stud ryan reynolds will be here.

>> Still ahead on "live" from the series, "the grinder," fred savage. And coming up next, ryan reynolds.

Kelly: Welcome back to the show, everybody. Hey, listen to this. On tomorrow's show, from the new film, "zoolander 2," ben stiller will be here.


Michael: Yes. And from the hit series, "better call saul," bob odenkirk will be here.


Kelly: Now, our first guest is one of our favorite leading and definitely one of the hottest men in hollywood. Please welcome ryan reynolds.


Ryan: Oh, hi! Hi, guys! How are you doing? Hi! Wow!

Kelly: Wow. Wow!

Ryan: How are you?

Michael: I'm great, brother. How are you?

Kelly: You look great.

Ryan: Thank you. Why, thank you very much.

Kelly: Is this a suede three-piece suit?

Ryan: It is. I'm a walking pencil eraser.

Michael: You've got to be be a stud to pull that off.

Ryan: Well, thank you very much. Coming from you, I'll take that. Thank you very much.

Kelly: During the commercial break, we're going to pass you around so everybody can touch you.


Just they're me to pieces.

Michael: We're always happy you're here, man.

Ryan: It's my home away from home.

Michael: But you had a busy weekend. Where did you go?

Ryan: I went to the super bowl. I went to san francisco. It was pretty cool, man. It was amazing over there. I, of course, took off before the --

Michael: Oh, you're with the great one.

Ryan: Oh, I got to meet brett favre.

Kelly: I was literally like who is that?

Ryan: Yeah. That's me in 10 years.


No, I love brett favre. He's been my hero since I was a little kid and I just -- yeah, that was amazing to meet him.

Michael: You had a chance to hang out with a lot of good guys?

Ryan: I can't believe you did that for that long. I saw a guy that was so big he made me look like a children's toy. And I later found out he's the kicker.

Kelly: Right.

Michael: The kickers work out, man.

Ryan: Yeah. Those guys are hitting it hard. Holy crap. That was cool, though.

Kelly: I think you've -- not --

Ryan: You're smaller.

Michael: Well, weight-wise, only about five pounds or so. It's not up in here anymore.

Kelly: Your neck isn't that big anymore.

Ryan: Yeah, that's pretty crazy.

Michael: It's all here.

Kelly: Didn't you have dreams of playing football?

Ryan: I did. I played it for nine years. I played football for a long time, yeah. My dad was a major football nut. So I was trying to --

Kelly: What position?

Ryan: I played wide receiver, cornerback and outside linebacker.

Michael: Oh, we have a picture of you back when you were about to turn pro right there.

Ryan: Yeah. There you go.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Ryan: I was a late bloomer. I'm actually 24 there. And I was living with my first girlfriend.

Kelly: You look like a little girl.

Ryan: I was a little girl. I really was. Not kidding. I hit puberty at like 30. It was stupid. Yeah.

Michael: One thing about super bowl is all the commercials. And your commercial was one of the favorites of everybody.

Ryan: I loved it. Yeah.


♪ What a man, what a man, what a mighty good ♪♪

>> In my face!

>> So aggressive!

Kelly: "in my face." Very funny.

Ryan: I love that.

Michael: How many different changes?

Ryan: It was one day just quick change and just, you know, and the guy I'm hitting is a stunt guy. And then I realize I had to play the other role and he had to take me out.

Kelly: It sounds like such a great idea.

Kelly: And then you realize you have to be tackled all day and you have to tackle somebody all day.

Ryan: Yeah, I love all that stuff. It reminds me of my football days. Nice.

Michael: Oh, we could relive here during the commercial break.

Ryan: I do not want to be hit by you ever. You can actually take me out with your eyelid.

Michael: No, because I remember years ago, new orleans, we played in a rocking jock.

Ryan: We did, yeah.

Michael: As the double-digit years ago.

Kelly: Wait. What?

Michael: This is the thing --

Ryan: I'm being falsely humble. I knocked his teeth out. No, I didn't.

Michael: I didn't get it from my mama. I got it from ryan. Yeah. He's very humble.

When we come back, we're going to find out why ryan's hidden talent drives everybody crazy. So stay right there. We'll be right back with ryan reynolds.

>> We've partnered with farm rich for "live"'s "time to shine movie line contest". Send us a video re-enacting your favorite movie quote for a chance to win "live"'s red carpet experience in l.a. Visit "live"'s website to enter.

Michael: We are back with ryan reynolds, star of the new movie, "deadpool." And you know, we know you have a lot of hidden talents. But I hear you have a lot of talents in front of the camera, but there's one hidden talent that we heard that drives your wife crazy.

Kelly: Oh, my god.

Ryan: Oh, yeah.

Michael: What is that?

Ryan: Well, I kind of sometimes turn anything into a trailer voice guy. Like you know, in a world --


Divided by fear, one woman must stand alone against the forces of darkness. Kelly ripa, michael strahan in "showgirls" 2 rated r.

Kelly: Yes, yes.


We are doing "showgirls" 2.

Ryan: So stupid. The "'s out of the bag. Spoiler alert.

Kelly: That's a great skill. I love that.

Ryan: It's great just when I say pass the ketchup. I always wonder what that guy's like at home. Baby, you look beautiful.

Michael: Blake is like enough.

Kelly: Your daughter is like going to have so much fun on bring the parents to school day because you're going to be the fun parents.

Ryan: They never exist. The fun parent thinks they're the fun parent. It's the child that goes oh, don't. Please, just don't.

Kelly: That is true. When it comes to story time, because parents have to volunteer to read, you guys are act out characters.

Ryan: Oh, I'm bringing props. Yeah. Guns clear, kids. It's all good. This is only a real softball, kids. Full makeup and hair coming in as lemony snicket.

Michael: You've had a very successful acting career. You have a big movie coming out this week. But do you remember your early work? Because we have a clip.

>> Great. You're doing it again.

>> Doing what?

>>Away what we talked about. One day, you're saying that you like me and the next day, you're acting like you wish I just disappeared.


Ryan: Where did you find that?

Michael: We have our ways.

Ryan: We have the exact same teeth back then.

Michael: I know. I was like that's my brother! That was billy in nickelodeon?

Ryan: Yeah. It's the first job I ever did. It's weird because it was like this nickelodeon show. I remember we were paid $so an episode, an episode and I still had a paper route. So would do my tv show and go home and do my paper route.

Kelly: I would have quit school.

Ryan: I know. I thought is a ga jill their for $150 a day. And that was my job. I was basically 90% teeth at that point.

Kelly: You are adorable. Really, really cute. It's fun. It's like it's interesting. I feel like I know what your daughter is going to look like at various stages.

Ryan: She's going to look like a young man at some point.


Kelly: No, because you look like an adorable --

Ryan: Yeah. I was an all right -- I quit acting after that.

Michael: Why?

Ryan: Because I hated it then. I did it just to get out of the house. Yeah, after that, I ended up working at a warehouse and I worked at restaurant for two years. It's good because I didn't end up like a child actor with some depraved drug addiction and recover. Yeah.


You did some real-life experience.

Michael: You dipped in and dipped out.

Kelly: I'm glad you came back to it though.

Ryan: We too.

Michael: When we come back, we're going to tell you what made ryan cry. We're going to find out what that was.


That was.


>> Tomorrow on "li

>> I understand you've recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

>> Stalker alert.

>> What if we told you we can cure your cancer and give you abilities most men only dream of? The world needs extraordinary soldiers. We won't just make you better. We will make you better than better. A superhero.

>> I say that you sound like an infomercial.


Michael: Well, that is of course, ryan reynolds in his new movie, "deadpool." In talking about "deadpool," you're not exactly the everyday superhero.

Ryan: No.

Kelly: This is not your everyday superhero film.

Ryan: Not at all. Not at all. He's a completely different brand -- basically, he lives in the "x-men" universe and the movie has intense action but everything is undercut with comedy. He's self-aware. He's a guy that came down with terminal cancer. He was experimented and they gave him the same healing factor as wolverine. He came out kind of nuts he knows he's in a movie hem knows ryan reynolds. He does all these things that you never expect a superhero for me and the movie for me has been an 11-year project.

Kelly: No kidding?

Ryan: Yes, since I was 7 years old.

No. Really, like it's been such an uphill battle and we had some test footage that we created in about two years ago that leaked on the internet and that's what got the movie made the "deadpool" fans overwhelmed 20th century fox with hate mail and tweets saying make this movie now.

Kelly: I love that hate mail works.

Ryan: Yeah. Nobody writes a good hate mail letter anymore. It's all electronic. Lazy. So lazy.

Kelly: Yeah. So I've heard -- and tell me if this is true -- so they make these costumes and they make them look like a layer of foam muscle underneath. But I heard that your muscle layer had to be ripped out because your real muscles were so ripped that it was like --


That's what I heard.

Ryan: Yes and no. Sort of. It's sort of -- we didn't want the guy to be like this huge hulking -- because we've seen so many of those super heroes and this is a superhero movie that is not like the other ones. So this guy is a real rascal. He's always -- we want him to be a little bit more life.

Michael: We're going to let the people zism let's look at this photo. You be the judge. Oh, yeah. There you are.


Ryan: Oh, wow, gun show. There you go.

Kelly: Did you have a license to carry that weapon?

Michael: Welcome to the gun show.

Ryan: Oh, wow, yeah.

Michael: We heard that you kept the costume from the movie.

Ryan: Oh, yeah.

Michael: So what are your plans with that?

Ryan: Well, michael --

Kelly: That's none of our business?

Ryan: I'll see you at night.

Michael: Vth is coming up. It is red.

Ryan: I'm running around head to toe in a red body condom in the "deadpool" suit. I waited 11 years to make the movie. I just left with the suit. I said if they want the suit back, they can try come to get it. And now it's at home. For valentine's day, I won't be dong that. I can't think of a less sexy way to spend valentine's day. If things would get sexy, it would take me 45 minutes to get the pants off. That thing is ridiculous.

Kelly: That could be fun though. That could be part. The game. Speaking of games, I know it's been nine years of you playing football. You've honed your skills over the nine years that you played in the little league and you were apparently a professional football player. And I thought it would be fun if I assumed my role as -- I was a cheerleader for the golden hornets.

Ryan: Wow!

Kelly: So I will throw the football and you -- somebody will tackle.


Here. Who wants to --

Ryan: Wow!

Kelly: Who wants to receive? Who wants to receive?

Michael: Where did this come from?

Ryan: It is better to receive. I'll -- I'll throw. I'll receive. Whatever you want.

Kelly: You receive and you tackle. Because that's what you're used to do.

Ryan: Is that really going to happen? Am I about to taste my own spleen because he's going to hit me so hard?

Kelly: No.

Michael: Bring it, reynolds!

Ryan: What am I going to do?

Kelly: I'm going to throw it to you.

Ryan: Well, you can't throw it to me standing right next to you.

Kelly: You stand right almost go long! Go long!

Ryan: Haaaah!

Ryan: I hope you don't split that open.

Kelly: Don't forget to see ryan reynolds in "deadpool" in theater in imax everywhere this friday. Ryan reynolds, everybody.

Michael: Coming up next, fred savage will be here.

>> Friday on "live," join us when we celebrate kelly's 50 years at "live" -- 15 years at "live." It's a sweet 15-year celebration.

Michael: Uh-oh. Watch the beads.

Kelly: Yeah. During the commercial break, I had to flash to get these beads.

Michael: Oh, yeah. Our next guest was just a kid went he was in the classic film, "the princess bride," and the series, "wonder years."


Yep. Well, now he plays a dad on the very funny hit show, "the grinder." Please welcome fred savage.


Fred: Hey! Hi! I like that! I love the high fiving! Hi! How are you?

Kelly: How are you? Hello.

Fred: I like coming in.

Michael: Yes.

Fred: We love a high fiving.

Kelly: You're one of these guys that makes everybody happy.

Fred: Really?

Michael: That is true.

Kelly: I don't know a single person that doesn't love you.

Fred: Really?

Kelly: I have not met them yet.

Fred: What about that guy?

Kelly: He really likes you a lot.

Michael: He blew you a kiss.

Fred: Aww, through you go. Thanks. Oh, hi up there! This is a very nice set.

Kelly: Thank you.

Fred: Really nice.

Michael: Thank you. And the thing -- like you were at the emmys a few months ago.

Michael: And you had a little situation there.

Fred: I haven't been to the emmys since I was a little kid. I was so excited and it was emotional coming back and I was all geared up. I got there for rehearsal and they have all the cards where you're going to sit and I was sitting right behind amy schumer who I love. Yeah. I was like so excited. I did that most of the night, really.

Kelly: So you can lean forward and touch her and be like ha, ha, right if

Fred: Yeah. I was so excited. My wife and I were sitting right behind her and I started getting screen grabs. My friend started taking pictures and I was like this is great.

Michael: You really are looking at her like that.

Fred: And I was getting these screen grabs live from my friend david and sabina and I'm like oh, my god, she's blocking my wife completely.

So during the commercial break, I was like hey, schumer, look at these pictures. These are live, you know. I said we got to fix this. Can you lean to the left? And she did. See?


Kelly: She's so thoughtful.

Fred: She was very nice.

Kelly: Oh, my god. That's so great.

Fred: She's beautiful and I think she's getting a little side eye at amy right now. Not everything was soccer ok. Wasn't so forgiving.

Michael: Amy was like great, I'll move.

Fred: It was stressful because we had these great seats and I was like we are going to be on tv a lot. Jenny was like what does that mean? The show is going on and during the show, I'm getting texts from my kids and they're staying at my mom's house. Oh, can we sleep over? How much longer are we going to be? And I said honey, why don't you handle this with my mom. And she said why don't you -- well, I'm at the emmys. I'm getting ready. And she goes you -- I always handle the kids. You never support me!


Kelly: Great.

Fred: So this is all during the commercial break. So we're just like -- you get all dressed up but at the end of the day, you're like two married people. You're like honey and they're counting on three, two, one -- hey, hi, hi. Hi. So we really look great, but there was a lot going on underneath. A lot going on.

Michael: A lot of layers.

Kelly: I think people relate to that. I don't think there's a person here that doesn't relate.

Fred: It doesn't matter.


Michael: Hey, when we come back, this is surprising to me. We're going find out what the cast of your show, "the grinder," were reluctant to do the show.

Fred: All right.

Michael: We'll be right back with fred savage. Stay right there.

>> Tomorrow on "live" from "better call saul," bob odenkirk.

>> It feels like you have a tend so I bring the dramatics from your tv show into the real world.

>> Example.

>> Sure. Umm, when you say stuff like the grinder never settles.

>> He doesn't. Ever.

>> I know that about him and I love it. And that's great for a tv character. Problem is in real life, lawyers settle. A lot.


Kelly: I love the guy.

Fred: I love it.

Fred: Thank you. We really love it. It's a very different take on the show. It's got a family component to it but at the same time, we're trying to skewer and sat tirize the entertainment business and actors and television. And so it's like this really smart satire package in what looks like a normal family comedy.

Kelly: So you play the real lawyer, right?

Fred: Yes, and rob lowe is my brother who acted on television on 10 years for a really successful show qualified "the grinder" and when the show ends, he goes to boise, idaho and says I played a lawyer for 10 years and I'll just do it in real life. .

Michael: But people buy it.

Fred: I'm like that's not how it works. My character's like I worked my whole life for this. This is not how you do it. But everyone seems to accept it. And so -- and we love it. And all of us came to the show as you mention from different fields. Rob -- none of us thought we were going to be doing a tv soy on fox. Rob has his deal at abc. And I was directing. And mary elizabeth who plays my wife was writing. And william da vain who plays my dad raises polo horses in palm springs. And we all read this script and all responded to it and thought it was so smart and funny and something different. And that's what we were trying to do each week. We try to do satirical thread the needle in a smart tone and I think it's doing great so far. It's going really well.


Kelly: Fred, honestly though. Now that you have played a lawyer on tv, you're practically lake a lawyer, right?

Fred: Absolutely.

Kelly: Yeah.

Kelly: I thought so.

Fred: I'll be handing out cards after the show for any your legal needs. I will be there.

Kelly: Ok, good.

Michael: You're threading the needle. Definitely doing that. The show is "the grinder." It's on tonight at 9:30 on fox. Check it out. Fred savage, everybody.

Kelly: Come see us more often.

Michael: We'll be right back.

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Michael: All right. Now we've partnered with farm rich for our "time to shine movie line contest" for your chance to win tickets to the oscar red carpet and tools join us for our "after-oscar show".

Kelly: Here are some more entries. These are not necessarily finalists. So everybody, calm down. This is david robertson from illinois doing "zoolander."

>> Have you ever wondered there's more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking?

Kelly: Really good.

Michael: Good headband. Go to our website or facebook page now to enter, ok if a big show tomorrow.

Kelly: Ben stiller's here.

Michael: Bob odenkirk is here.

Kelly: Ben stiller's here.

Michael: Bob odenkirk is here.

Kelly: Have a great day,


>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I feel the same about you. Thank you so much. Have a seat. Thanks for being here. Wonderful. Did you notice what happened a few minutes ago? The announcer said my name and I came right out. I'm already doing better than the republican candidates already.

[Cheers and applause]

How many of you saw the debate on saturday? Did you watch what happened or just saw it after the fact?


I was watching it live. Here's what happened

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