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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Announcer: It's "live with kelly." Today we've got actor bryan cranston and ghostbuster star leslie jones. Plus from "unreal," actress constance zimmer. And carrie ann inaba is our co-host. All next on "live."

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And now here are kelly ripa and carrie ann inaba.

Audience: [cheering]

Women: [singing indistinctly]

Kelly: Hello, everyone! I love it. This is awesome. Hi! Oh, hello, everyone. It's wednesday, august 31, 2016, co-hosting with me today is carrie ann inaba!

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: Oh, my gosh. It's great to be here.

Kelly: Why is it august 31 already? Why?

Carrie: It went too fast!

Kelly: I don't understand. Winter grinds to a halt. Like, if it was february 12, we'd be here for 6 weeks on february 12. You know what I mean?

Carrie: It hurts.

Kelly: It's still february 12?

Carrie: Again and again.

Kelly: But august flies by.

Carrie: Like this. But how's your summer been? Have you been having a great time?

Kelly: It's been great, yeah. Busy. You know, my, uh, my husband is working in california, so we've been spending a lot of time there, getting into like--

Carrie: Yeah, my part of the woods.

Kelly: Getting to see the other--the other--there's a whole other coast, you guys. Did you know that?

Carrie: Yes, there is. There is a whole other coast.

Kelly: There's a whole other-- and guess what. There's all this area in between. It's amazing.

Carrie: It's called the united states.

Carrie: Speaking of the other coast, you know, I'm in this wonderful relationship with rob, a beautiful man, and we've been actually traveling the coast. I'm from hawaii, so I wasn't very interested in the california coast because nothing compares to hawaii.

Kelly: No, nothing does. That is true.

Carrie: It's different. It's a whole different thing, but he is from california, and so he's been taking me all over. We went up to big sur, and we stayed in a yurt.

Kelly: A yurt?

Carrie: Yes, a yurt. Does everybody know what a yurt is?

Kelly: Wait. I thought a yurt was a sweat box, where you purified your sins or something?

Carrie: No. That's something else.

Kelly: Oh, ok.

Carrie: Yeah, I don't know what that is, but I stayed in this yurt, and it's like from mongolia, and they're round, and they're really warm and comfy, and it's kind of like glamping. Have you heard of glamping?

Kelly: I've heard of glamping.

Carrie: Yeah, and there's no toilet in the yurt.

Kelly: So you just go in the bed, then?

Carrie: No, no.

Carrie: No, kelly, that's not what we do when we're glamping. Don't do that.

Kelly: Oh. Oh, ok.

Carrie: What we do is there's like a lodge, and you go up to the lodge to use the rest room, which would have been fine, and I actually kind of loved the fact that there was no bathroom 'cause I felt all cool, like I was out there, but then I got food poisoning.

Kelly: Ah! Oh, so then you were living in the lodge bathroom.

Carrie: So I was like this. "oh, honey, it's so nice to be-- ooh!" Gaiyikety! Running up the thing, and I love rob because he's such a gentlemen. I must have run up to the bathroom about 20 times, and he, "you gotta go again? Ok." He put on his jacket and brought the flashlight and walked me up, 'cause it's like pitch black. You're in the woods, and he walked me up to the bathroom every time.

Kelly: I love that you guys are so, like, free with each other, you know what I mean? Like, you are free with each other. 'cause my husband and I share a bathroom. And I didn't think that that was a revolutionary thing, and then all of my married friends were like, "you share a what?" I said, "we share a bathroom, because that's what married people"--that's one of the reasons we got married, right? Frankly--

Carrie: Right. To share the bathroom.

Kelly: Was to share a bathroom, to cut back on, like, having separate apartments with an unnecessary bathroom.

Carrie: Absolutely.

Kelly: Right? And my friends are like, "how can you stay married and share a bathroom? Isn't it too personal?" And we're very-- we are all up in each other's business. And it sounds like you are, too.

Carrie: We are, too. Actually on our first date, every saturday is our anniversary, so we celebrate every saturday, and on our first date, we went down--we went to this place, and it was like a beach date, like he took me down the coast and, like, kind of on the beach, and it was the most ideal date I've ever had, and I have to go to the bathroom, so we camp a lot, and what I loved about it was like, I have to pee, and there's no bathroom near here, and so I am going to ask him what to do. And he said, "you're gonna go sit right there and squat, and you're gonna lean on the edge, and it's gonna be comfortable," and, like, he talked me through it, and like, I--and I was so comfortable. This is my first date with him, and I'm like peeing in the corner by like--

Kelly: Be glad you weren't out east because somebody did that in front of christie brinkley's house, and she hosed them down with a hose. Exactly.

Carrie: Oh, my god! I'm glad we weren't at her house.

Kelly: Like, somebody squatted to go in front of her house, and I guess she was having, like, a dinner party or something. It was the fourth of july weekend. Did you read about this or--ok. It was fourth of july weekend, and she got out a hose and literally--

Carrie: No! Ha ha! So I'm glad I--we chose a very safe spot, and I knew it was love.

Carrie: You know I knew that was love.

Kelly: That is true love.

Carrie: That is definitely true love.

Kelly: I want to check out going to a yurt.

Carrie: Going to--yeah, yurting is really fun.

Kelly: Is that what it's called?

Carrie: I don't know. I just made that up. We're just-- yurting is glamping actually. And then this summer I've also been doing archery. I'm like this outdoorsy person now.

Kelly: So like...

Kelly: Yeah.

Carrie: Does anybody know archery?

Kelly: Yeah.

Carrie: How about "hunger games," you know, all that kind of stuff.

Kelly: That's an olympic sport, right? Archery is an olympic sport.

Carrie: Well, you know more than me. I don't know that much actually.

Kelly: I just made that up. I mean, I could be lying. Is that an olympic sport?

Man: It is.

Carrie: Ok, oh, yeah.

Kelly: Everybody knows it is.

Carrie: So anyway, then I've been training for the olympics in archery, and what I did was I went to my friend's house, and she's like, "let's play archery." And I don't know this, but if you ever go archerying-- is that a word? Archerying? Stop. Stop it. Don't tease me.

Kelly: I love that you said-- I love that you said, "I went to my girlfriend's house, and she said, "let's play archery."

Carrie: And then--

Kelly: 'cause my girlfriends are like, "do you want white or rose?"

Carrie: No, no. I have amazing friends. There was also a little bit of that, but so anyway, I was like, pull this back, and I was like, I'm gonna be so good at this. When I was in seventh grade, I was like awesome master archery girl, and I pulled it back, and there wasn't even a bow on it yet. I was back, boink. And I swear to god I felt the most searing pain. So your elbow must be bent because what happens is when you pull it back and you let it go with a really like takes off your arm.

Kelly: No kidding?

Carrie: Yeah, so I was like... This is how I got to spend my summer in my bathing suit. It's like trying to be all cute and I'm like...

Kelly: Oh, no!

Carrie: I'm not really gonna go to the olympics, I guess, I guess. I'm not gonna make it to the olympics.

Kelly: You didn't make your team this year.

Carrie: I did not make the team this year.

Kelly: But there's always the next olympics 4 years from now.

Carrie: Thank you. Will you root for me?

Kelly: Of course I will.

Carrie: Send me good archery vibes, please, people.

Kelly: Are you guys--

Audience: [applause]

Kelly: Are you like me in the sense that once I see it on the olympics, I think I can do it in my real life? Are you like me that way? No? Nobody's not--no?

Carrie: Yes.

Kelly: So when I watch the divers...

Carrie: I knew you were gonna say that.

Kelly: I then, you know, get to the one does. And I saw this on the olympics. And the next thing you know, you are doing a full belly flop, slam onto the water, burned. Like people said, "did you get a sunburn?" I go, "no. It was the olympics."

Carrie: Ha ha!

Kelly: "you went to the olympics?" "no, don't be ridiculous. Why would I go to the olympics?" But isn't that funny?

Carrie: You know, it's kind of brutal. A belly flop hurts.

Kelly: Yeah, it does hurt, but I'm always convinced that I'm a professional olympic-level diver because I point my toes.

Carrie: Well, that is important.

Kelly: It is important.

Carrie: Very important in many things.

Kelly: Yeah. But I do the same things with gymnastics. I get horribly injured with gymnastics 'cause I'm convinced that I am a gymnast.

Carrie: What do you do? Like, watch it on tv and then like move the furniture back and start cart wheeling? Like, what are you doing?

Kelly: Uh, yeah.

Carrie: Oh, no.

Kelly: And then I'll do like weird things. Like I'll get up on the bleep, the beam, which is the picnic bench, and then mark's like, "get off the picnic bench. Remember last olympics what happened." And so he's like, "don't you remember what happened at the last olympics when you nearly drowned 'cause you thought you could do the butterfly stroke?" There's always a near death post-olympic sport that I succumb to because I think I can do it 'cause I saw it on tv, and forget the winter olympics. I am--I mean, the winter olympics, it nearly kills me every year, every year.

Carrie: What's your sport for olympics?

Kelly: Say figure skating in the living room.

Carrie: Oh, and you do, like, the lifts?

Kelly: I do a triple salchow off the carpet.

Carrie: Ha ha! Oh, my goodness. Oh, wait. Ok, I have to talk about the summer because, like, I don't know, summer, my hair in new york, it gets all crazy.

Kelly: I think you have the most beautiful hair.

Kelly: The most beautiful.

Carrie: It's actually I have like a nappy attack, so like my hair is wavy. I'm an asian girl with wavy hair.

Kelly: Right. So but that's like, isn't that--don't you want that?

Carrie: Not always.

Kelly: No?

Carrie: Not always. Wavy hair in humidity is not fun. It just gets like all poof! But the latest--there's a new latest hair color trend.

Kelly: Ok.

Carrie: Want to know what it is?

Kelly: Yeah.

Carrie: You kind of almost did it. You did half of it. It's the watermelon craze where they do this crazy thing, not just the watermelon on the bottom, but the green and the pink is the new phase. Who would do this?

Kelly: I would do it.

Carrie: Anyone?

Kelly: I would.

Carrie: Anyone?

Kelly: I would do it.

Carrie: Bueller? Bueller? No? You would do it?

Kelly: I would do it in a heartbeat. I mean, it's so funny. I've dyed my hair many colors. I've dyed it--I did an opal color. I did pink.

Carrie: I loved the pink.

Kelly: I did a very bright blue which faded to green right away which I wasn't thrilled with.

Carrie: That's--yeah.

Kelly: But it's so funny because as I was in the middle of doing it, my husband was like, "you look amazing. You look beautiful." And then I said to him the last vacation we had, I said, "I'm thinking about dying my hair, like maybe like a lavender or something." He was, "don't do it." And I said, "I thought you liked it? I thought it looked beautiful." He goes, "I just, you know, I was just saying that."

Carrie: Aw. He was being a good husband?

Kelly: He was being a good husband. He was being very supportive, and then it's like, in hindsight, he's like, "yeah, no, I'm not a fan of that."

Carrie: Aw. But it's fun, isn't it? Because it's kind of a quick change.

Kelly: I love it.

Carrie: I did it once. I did it, like, red, like this color, but it was like it was horrible on my skin tone. And then it lasts a long time. Did you find that?

Kelly: No. Mine washed out really quickly. But I have a hard time holding hair color anyway.

Carrie: That's 'cause your hair is healthy, they say that.

Carrie: It's like healthy hair. Yeah, the color will just wash away. My hair, not so healthy. A little bit old and porous, so it was like, I got the color! I can keep it!

Kelly: But you probably don't have a lot of gray. 'cause my hair is mostly gray. I'm all-- I'm sort of anderson cooper in the way that my hair--like we-- we bonded a long time ago, years and years ago when--

Carrie: Over your hair color?

Kelly: Over our combined premature grayness 'cause we were young people with gray hair.

Carrie: You know what's great is that you can say it was premature grayness, so I was telling my hairdresser, I'm like, ok, so I have a lot of roots today. You know, I have this premature gray 'cause I'm actually 50/50, white and dark. I'm that much, yeah.

Kelly: Oh, it's nice, though.

Carrie: No, it's not so nice because it's not placed nicely. Like it's just 50 like random chunks of white, and she's like, "uh, not premature."

Kelly: Ha ha!

Carrie: I was like...what? Really? Wow. That one I had to recover from. I had to recover quick. I was like...

Kelly: Yeah.

Carrie: Ok. So anyway...

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. I still-- it's awful.

Carrie: Yeah, it hurt, it hurt.

Kelly: Wouldn't you say, gelman, correct me if I'm wrong, that they were coming up with a cure for gray hair?

Gelman: We did that item a while ago, yeah.

Kelly: Yes, I know, but can we get an update on what's happening with that?

Carrie: Yes, please.

Kelly: We would love to be part of the clinical trial.

Carrie: I will be there, yes.

Kelly: I'll take my chances.

Carrie: Please. Oh, my gosh, I would love that. I have to do it every, like, two weeks.

Kelly: You know when the side effects are like, "side effects of this product may be death."

Carrie: Swelling.

Kelly: I'll roll the dice.

Gelman: Ha ha!

Kelly: I will. I'm getting exhausted. It's like every 3 days I have gray roots.

Carrie: Yeah, but you can't see it 'cause you have blonde hair. I have dark hair. It's horrible.

Kelly: I have got news for you, this is not my natural color.

Carrie: Ha ha!

Gelman: What?

Carrie: What? It's--

Kelly: No, it's true, it's true. It's true. I know you're gonna be shocked. This is not my natural color. I just got it done.

Carrie: Yeah, I was gonna, you have--there are no roots in there.

Kelly: No, I just got it done.

Carrie: Well, it's beautiful.

Kelly: This is a brand-new coat of paint, but in 3 days...if you stick around, you will see in 3 days a root, but I use a product to cover the roots.

Carrie: I do, too. The powder. Gotta powder the scalp, ladies and gentlemen, when you're getting a little gray. Oh, my gosh, why am I so far back? I'm like--I didn't pull my chair--you didn't pull my chair in correctly.

Kelly: I'm sorry.

Carrie: Oh, no. You pulled it out. I'm supposed to pull it in. Sorry. My bad. My bad!

Kelly: I'm sorry.

Carrie: Look who's getting bossy. Sorry.

Kelly: Gelman. Gelman.

Carrie: I'm sorry.

Kelly: Well, carrie ann, it was nice having you here.

Carrie: Well, anyway, we have a really big show today. It's a big, big, big show!

Audience: [applause]

Carrie: So is it time for drive me wild trivia!

Kelly: Drive me wild trivia!

Carrie: Trivia!

[Music playing]

Woman: [singing indistinctly]

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: This is fun. I love being in the car.

Kelly: That was great. That was amazing.

Van: Thank you.

Kelly: Incredible. That's van french from philadelphia, pennsylvania.

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: Fly boy in the house.

Kelly: I love your name, van french.

Van: Thank you.

Kelly: Mm-hmm. It says everything.

Van: Pace yourself, pace yourself.

Carrie: [with french accent] van

French can dance.

Kelly: Hey, on the phone is sara cummings from...what is it?

Sara: Coeur d'alene.

Kelly: Coeur d'alene. Coeur d'alene, idaho. Coeur d'alene.

Sara: Hey there.

Kelly: Hi.

Sara: Hi.

Kelly: Hi, sara. How are you today?

Sara: I'm great now.

Carrie: Oh, yay! We made your day better?

Kelly: Are you sure?

Sara: I'm positive.

Kelly: Oh, so, oh, yeah, I'm seeing it here. It's spelled coeur d'alene.

Carrie: Coeur d'alene, idaho.

Kelly: Ok. So I hear that your town is a big tourist spot in the summer. Like, what's there?

Sara: Um, lakes, mountains. We have events every year, so it's a resort town. A lot of folks will come to visit.

Kelly: Nice.

Carrie: Nice.

Kelly: Great. Well, we're gonna see if we can take you away from that vacation spot and send you to another one. Let's spin the wheel.

[Music playing]

Man: [singing indistinctly]

Kelly: The verandah resort & spa in antigua.

Carrie: Woo-hoo!

Kelly: Sara, the prize is the verandah resort & spa in antigua. 7 days, 6 nights all-inclusive. The trip is provided in part by It's apprised valued at $7,400. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck.

Carrie: Ok, sara, you ready?

Sara: Yeah.

Carrie: Ok, we had actress kristen stewart on the show. What did we say is kristen's character's name in the "twilight" series of films?

[Music playing]

Come on. Hello. Come on.

Sara: Bella.

Carrie: Bella. Yeah! Close enough! Woo-hoo!

Announcer: Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy 7 days and 6 nights at the verandah resort & spa on the beautiful island of antigua. This all-inclusive caribbean vacation paradise is nestled on 30 spectacular beach-front acres overlooking a tranquil bay. Enjoy a host of activities, nightly entertainment, fine dining, pampering at spa tranquility, and much more. Your prize is valued at approximately $7,400.

Audience: [cheering]

Kelly: Hey, sara, congratulations.

Carrie: Woo-hoo!

Sara: Thank you!

Kelly: Now you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive 8 place settings of american-made fine china from lennox valued at more than $500, so please pick a number between one and 222.

Sara: 21.

Carrie: 21.

Kelly: Who won?

Carrie: Woo-hoo! Way to go!

Kelly: All right, coming up next, we've got a big show with bryan cranston. Stick around.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from "unreal," constance zimmer. "snl" star leslie jones, and coming up next, bryan

Kelly: Now he's one of the most talented and biggest names on stage, television, and movies. Please welcome one of our very favorites, bryan cranston.

[Music playing]

Man: [singing indistinctly]

Kelly: Hey!

Bryan: Hey, guys!

Kelly: Very sexy. Oh, my gosh, I'm so happy to see you.

Bryan: Of course the only problem with doing that in front of you is that I think you're gonna hold up a placard like, "two. Two." I'm like, "two?"

Carrie: That was a 9. If you're doing like a booty dip.

Bryan: I saw that little dip.

Kelly: That's all you had to do, that one--

Bryan: It's the little booty dip.

Carrie: One last move.

Bryan: Note to self.

Kelly: So I understand that you and your wife just celebrated a big weekend.

Bryan: Yes.

Kelly: What was it?

Bryan: Our 27th wedding anniversary.

Carrie: Oh, my gosh.

Audience: [applause]

Bryan: Yeah. Great woman. Robin, I love you, honey.


Um, and we had a beautiful dinner, very romantic, and... But, you know, what do you get your bride after 27 years?

Kelly: A diamond.

Carrie: Honey, keep listening.

Bryan: Well, a guy always doesn't want to go down that road all the time.

Kelly: No, a guy should, though.

Bryan: So I looked it up, and I found out what the customary gift is for 27 years. So I bought this item, and I put it in a nice box with a bow and the ribbon and the whole thing, and I had her unwrap it, and as she took a look at it and took it out, the 27th gift is a squatty potty.

Carrie: Ha ha! Are you serious?

Bryan: I gave her a squatty potty for our anniversary. Now that is love, let me tell you.

Kelly: Can I ask you a question? What cockamamie website did you find this information on?

Bryan: Well, I may have stretched the truth and just told her that the 27th anniversary is a bathroom accessory. It really isn't. I don't think it is. It could be wood or silver. I don't know. But I just told her it was a bathroom accessory, know.

Kelly: Well, that's nice. She can take it camping and stuff, right?

Bryan: Squatty potty.

Carrie: That's romantic.

Bryan: Yeah.

Carrie: 'cause pooping is a really big deal for intimacy as I'm learning in my relationship.

Bryan: Uh...

Carrie: Yeah. I'm sorry, if you can't talk about that stuff, there's no intimacy.

Kelly: Honey, I don't do-- I don't do that.

Carrie: Ok, sorry.

Bryan: Neither do I, honey. I really--I don't.

Carrie: I have been mislead.

Bryan: Carrie ann, yes. Elimination is love.

Carrie: See? See?

Kelly: I've got to tell you, I don't know if you got a chance to see bryan in "all the way," lbj. I saw you on broadway. You were incredible.

Bryan: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Carrie: You won the tony.

Bryan: Yes. Yeah, it was great.

Kelly: I, um, I've got to tell you, I didn't even--I forgot it was you. You know, I knew I was going to see you, and I forgot it was you instantaneously.

Bryan: Oh, thank you, kelly.

Kelly: You handle every role with such dignity and grace.

Bryan: Yeah, uh, not--not every role. Um...I, uh, happened to come across--a fan pointed out, it was one of my earlier jobs when I was living here in new york. I did some commercials.

Kelly: Oh, you did?

Bryan: And yeah, you know, to pay the rent and things, and I think they found a commercial that I'm not really...

Woman: And one day he noticed...

Carrie: Ha ha!

Bryan: Oh, no.

Woman: That's when I found out about shield deodorant soap. Shield keeps you smelling fresh and clean all day long. Wow, you're a changed man.

Audience: [cheering]

Kelly: I remember that.

Carrie: I remember that, too.

Kelly: I remember that commercial. I actually remember--I didn't remember it was--

Bryan: At the time you said, "who would get in a skunk outfit?"

Kelly: No, I would never--

Carrie: Who is that hottie?

Bryan: Uh, you do whatever it takes, you know, when you're first starting out, yeah.

Audience: [cheering]

Kelly: Um, well, we have to take a commercial break. We're gonna talk about the cranston bad guys when we come back. More with bryan cranston. Stick around.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from the series "unreal," constance zimmer.

Woman: ♪ hey, hey ♪

Announcer: If you think our show is fun to watch at home, come see it live and in person. You could win a prize. See your favorite star. Or even become part of the show. You never know what will happen, so come join us and don't miss out on all the fun. Visit our website, get your tickets now.

Audience: [cheering]

John: All right, favorite sport?

Bryan: Uh, she loves tennis.

Diane: Football, the bucs. Season tickets on the 20 yard line.

John: Damn, woman, you good. Look at that memory. All right, how'd you meet?

Diane: Uh, we were friends. I was trying to fix him up with a friend of mine. He was trying to do the same. And then love struck, and we were thinking, "what are we doing?" And we cut out the middlemen.

John: Now, wait, wait. That's how you met your wife, isn't it?

Bryan: It is. Stay close to the truth, makes it easier to lie.

Kelly: That's amazing acting.

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: The bouffant. Ha ha!

Kelly: That's a scene from "the infiltrator" starring bryan cranston. And of course it's based on a true story of the-- it was of the medellin drug cartel?

Bryan: Yeah, yeah. Bob mazur was a member of the customs department, and he went under cover in the medellin cartel as a money launderer, and this operation took over 2 1/2 years. At the end of it, there were 85 arrests at one point. I mean, it all came down at once. The story is amazing, but also they brought down the seventh largest bank in the world at the time, bcci.

Kelly: Right, 'cause they were--

Bryan: A dirty bank, just dirty banks. So he is an amazing character. The movie is fantastic. And you know, his job was to be an undercover cop, but the cover is that he was this dirty money launderer, but then, at the end of the day, he goes home and he's a dad and he's a husband and...

Carrie: Normal guy.

Bryan: And helping, you know, with the homework and that sort of thing. And I just thought it was a fascinating story to be able to reconcile those two.

Kelly: Well, it's so funny 'cause it's something probably you can understand and he can understand, like, the life of an actor where you play this role and then you go home and you wash that character off and you become your real self again, right?

Bryan: The only problem--you know, we as actors, are used to slipping in the shoes of someone else, but I wore those backstage, by the way.

Carrie: Ha ha!

Kelly: Speaking of slipping into shoes.

Bryan: Fantastic. I got the gams for it, so... But the only--the difference is is that on a set, when I make a mistake, we can just do it over again. Bob mazur may lose his life if he makes a mistake. It's an amazing story.

Kelly: And is he still in hiding?

Bryan: He is. He is in new york right now. He's going to our premier tonight.

Carrie: No kidding?

Kelly: What? Is that safe?

Bryan: Oh, yeah, yeah. He is-- he is anonymous among the crowds. He might be in this audience right now.

Carrie: ♪ duh duh duh duh ♪

Bryan: But I can't point him out. I won't point him out.

Kelly: I'm gonna figure it out right now.

Bryan: I won't.

Kelly: Was he our trivia dancer?

Audience: [laughter]

Bryan: Oh, my goodness! Bob!

Kelly: I knew it! I knew it!

Bryan: Yes. Bing-bing!

Kelly: Anyway, the film is fantastic. Congratulations. You're amazing in it. Make sure you see bryan cranston in "the infiltrator."

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: [indistinct]

Announcer: Stay tuned for all of today's show and be sure to look for the live kelly go. Tune in to win character image of the day. When you see the image on the screen, take a selfie of yourself with the live kelly go animated character. Then go to to see all the details and submit your photo with the image each day for your chance to win a 7-day, 6-night trip for two at the aruba marriott resort and stellaris casino. Tune in tomorrow and every day until september 2 for your daily image. Tomorrow on "live," josh groban, and also oprah winfrey!

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Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: All right, she plays the demanding executive producer on the lifetime drama series "unreal." Please welcome constance zimmer.

Woman: ♪ I've been searching for some new ride I've been trying to start the prime of my life ♪

Kelly: Will you join--will you join our club?

Constance: Oh, my god. I would love to. Are you kidding me?

Kelly: Oh, my god. It's so nice to have you here. You walked out, and we're like, "we have to bring you--yes."

Carrie: We got to get her--

Constance: A new girl squad.

Carrie: Yes, I like it.

Constance: Gotta make a new girl squad.

Kelly: I like girl squad. So you're originally from seattle, is that right?

Constance: Yes. I was born in seattle. I heard one person.

Kelly: Yeah.

Constance: One person with a yeah.

Carrie: Yeah!

Kelly: And you trained for the olympics?

Constance: Yeah. Ha ha! I was training for the olympics in gymnastics when I was in, like, fourth grade, and it was insane. It was my whole life. I had, like, no social life whatsoever, so I only lasted about a year, and then I was like, no, I like my friends more than I like working out, so I stopped.

Kelly: Did you watch last night, the olympic trials? So exciting, right?

Constance: It is, and I mean, I'm still so obsessed with it. I was so obsessed when I was a kid, and I was kind of one of those kids where I was doing gymnastics, and somebody said, "oh, my god, she's got it, natural talent, let's just put her out there." And I was like, "ha ha! I like being in front of people, but I don't like working out." I just--that was not-- I didn't like that.

Carrie: So how'd you get more into the acting, then? How did you segue from the gymnastics into acting?

Constance: Well, it took me a while because I pretty much did everything that was in front of an audience, so I did--I ran track, I--I know. It was all about, like, "oh, there are people in the stands." And I was like, "oh, but I'm in tiny shorts and I have to go and work out." It was like, ugh. And then I did dance and I did gymnastics, and then they were auditioning for "grease" in high school, my senior year in high school, and there's a cheerleader, patty simcox.

Kelly: Patty simcox.

Constance: Patty simcox.

Kelly: Hi, I'm patty simcox.

Constance: Exactly and I was like, "I can do it. I'm a cheerleader. I can do that." And so then I went and auditioned, and then when I was in the play, it was like, "oh, this-- you get the audience. They laugh. You don't have to work out." Like, that was exciting.

Kelly: So I try to tell my kids now because "glee" made musical theater so popular, back in the day, musical theater was like not--it wasn't what it is now. Like you got made fun of if you were in musical theater.

Constance: You got made fun of if you were in drama...

Kelly: Right.

Constance: In high school, and that was my problem. I joined. I was a cheerleader. I was in the popular crowd, and, uh...

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. You are so cute.

Constance: Oh, look at me!

Kelly: You're so cute.

Constance: Argh! That was back. It was like in the day of, like, the wave, and now I'm like bangs. Gotta have bangs all the time. But all of my friends, when I joined drama, I went to school one day, and they all stopped talking to me.

Kelly: Because you were in drama?

Constance: Because I was in drama.

Carrie: So what did you do?

Constance: I was devastated 'cause you're talking about like a group of, like, 8-10 girls that just stopped talking to me. And they were like the original mean girls 'cause I'm really old. So, but, um, and so I went home that night, and I hand wrote because there was no-- there's no phones.

Carrie: There's no texting.

Constance: God no. I hand wrote a letter that was back to front 5 pages long, made 8 photo copies of it, put in all of their lockers...

Kelly: Girls, are you hearing this? She wrote letters.

Constance: That's right.

Kelly: With her fingers and a pen, back to front.

Constance: Yeah. Back to front. Back to front.

Kelly: They're like...

Constance: Yeah, and I put it in all of their lockers, and that was it, and it was like how dare you judge me. At least I know what I want to do with my life, you know, what have you done? Do you know what you want to do? And by the way, I have no idea why I was so confident 'cause I don't know where that confidence comes from.

Carrie: I would have wanted you to be my best friend 'cause I did things like that, too. Write

Letters. Argh! [indistinct]

...Talking about, though.

Kelly: Listen, we have to take a commercial break. When we come back, we're gonna find out why constance first turned down the role on "unreal." What?


Audience: Friday on "live," nba star dwyane wade.pp

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Constance: You know, I plucked you from nothing. Made you a producer. And now you think you can just do this all on your own. Well, you can't. 'cause the truth is you need me behind you, guiding you, pushing you, propping you up so you don't crack.

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: That--you are intense.

Kelly: That's constance zimmer in action. Constance, effectively you play michael gelman. Isn't that correct?

Audience: [laughter]

Constance: Sorry. Sorry, michael. I have bigger boobs than you, though. That's why. That's at least--that's a bonus, right?

Carrie: Congratulations 'cause you won a critics' choice award for your role.

Constance: Oh, thank you.

Kelly: Well deserved.

Carrie: ...executive producer.

Kelly: It's so funny. It's one of these shows that you know it's an acting project, and yet it's so real that it seems real. Do you hear that a lot?

Constance: Yeah. We have a lot of people that are actually in reality shows, and they say you should call the show "real," not "unreal." Because--and that terrifies me because I read these scripts, and I'm like, "what is going on? How is this possible? How can we do this? How can we treat people this way? How can we--" and then we're in it, and we're like, "oh, this is really fun."

Carrie: Ha ha!

Constance: I think I--I think I get it, you know. It's just--yeah. And I have a very hard time watching it because quinn is--like I don't even know who that person is. When I see it on the screen, I'm like, "oh, you're so mean."

Kelly: That person is michael gelman.

Carrie: Ha ha! Yeah, but why--so why did you turn the role down at first? 'cause it's such an incredible role.

Constance: Well, I--ok, I hadn't read the script. Let's be fair. It was shooting in atlanta, and I didn't want to be taken away from my daughter and my husband. My daughter was 5 at the time, and they didn't want to move to atlanta for a show on lifetime. And I thought, you guys, I just did "house of cards" and "newsroom," so maybe let's just wait a beat. And then you know, I read the script, and they came back, and they were like, "now we're gonna shoot it in vancouver, and now we want it to be really dirty and really edgy," and I looked at the short film that the show's based on that sarah gertrude shapiro did, and I thought, "oh, my god, if this is what you're gonna make into a television show, I want to be a part of that." So thank you.

Carrie: We're very grateful you did.

Kelly: Yes. Hey, it's "unreal." It airs tonight at 10 p.m. On lifetime. So make sure you watch constance zimmer in "unreal."

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: And next we have

[Indistinct]. I can't wait!


Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," brooke shields.h ak ♪ ♪

Wonder bucks!

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Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: She's a comedian and actress and "snl" star who recently became a ghostbuster. Please welcome the fabulous and funny leslie jones.

Man: ♪ are you ready? Everybody in the house tonight? You know what's coming it's about to go down so put your hands up let your body move all across the floor you know what to do I'm talking to you and you and you and you... ♪

Carrie: Yeah!

Leslie: What's up?

Kelly: Wait a minute.

Leslie: Oh, my gosh. You're so beautiful. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. You're awesome.

Carrie: Just get in here.

Leslie: Oh, my--oh, my god. I saw you in best buy in california I don't know how many years ago, and I remember coming up to you, going, "girl, they do not give you justice on tv, girl."

Carrie: Ha ha!

Leslie: She was so fly. She had this skirt on. Her legs was tanned like she had just did this, you know, in the middle. I was like, "oh, my god! You are awesome!"

Carrie: You are so--

Leslie: Yes!

Carrie: I can't believe that was me. I think you have mistaken me.

Leslie: And you.

Leslie: And you!

Kelly: Ha ha!

Leslie: What's up?

Carrie: Aah! Ha ha!

Kelly: Oh, my god.

Leslie: You will always be porkchop. You will always be porkchop to me. I raised you. I raised you.

Kelly: You did not watch "all my children." You are too young to have watched that show.

Leslie: Baby, I am 48 years old.

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: Whoa!

Kelly: That's a lie. A victory dance.

Leslie: Ha ha! Yes. I saw you when you first came on "all my children" with your crazy hair and your uncle couldn't control you.

Kelly: That's right!

Leslie: And he was always needing to call you lambchop or porkchop.

Kelly: Porkchop.

Leslie: Oh, my god. Whenever you coming in, he'd go, "porkchop." And then you married--then you married mark, and I was like, "oh, my god, she's such a good person now." And then you came on here. I was like, "oh, my god, kelly's so grown up now! Aah!"

Kelly: Here's what I want to know. Here's what I want to know. Now that you have time to have a career, 'cause you watch a lot of tv.

Carrie: Yes.

Leslie: Dvr, baby, dvr.

Kelly: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's true. That is true.

Leslie: I love my tv.

Kelly: Well, it's--you know what? The feeling is mutual because I love you on "naked and afraid" with peter dinklage.

Carrie: Have you seen it? My goodness.

Leslie: That was--

Kelly: Did you see it?

Leslie: That was so bad.

Kelly: Did you all see it?

Carrie: Yes. She's like--wait. Were you really naked? Like, she was...

Kelly: You were naked, right?

Carrie: You were naked, right?

Leslie: This was covered. Like we had flesh-cover, and then we had flesh cover, but pretty much we was naked.

Carrie: What was that like?

Leslie: It was so fun. Ok, but it was like 28 days in the wilderness 'cause we started at

6:00 in the morning, and it was foggy and rainy.

Kelly: Was it cold?

Leslie: It was cold in the morning.

Kelly: All the leaves and trees are dead.

Leslie: In the morning, it was freezing. And then it got hot, and then it started raining, so it was like we was out there 28 days. It was crazy. And me and peter had so--y'all should see the stuff that we didn't keep.

Kelly: Oh, my god. I mean--

Leslie: Hilarious.

Kelly: How do we see that?

Leslie: I don't know.

Kelly: Is there a christmas outtake reel?

Leslie: You got to talk to lorne.

Kelly: Oh, that's a good idea.

Leslie: Yeah.

Carrie: So I hear that you have, like, a 4-page list of, like, your wish list for a guy for your future. It works, you know. 'cause I did that for my guy. So what's on your list?

Leslie: A whole lot of nonsense.

Kelly: Tell me about it. We manifest these.

Leslie: It's--no. 'cause it's so unreasonable.

Kelly: No, no, it's ok. It's not.

Leslie: It's unreasonable.

Kelly: Nothing's unreasonable.

Leslie: It's like stuff on there like, um, I want him to have nice teeth but not perfect teeth.

Carrie: That's good.

Leslie: You know what I'm saying? They don't have to be extra white, but I don't want them to be yellow.

Carrie: Yeah, like that not shade 3.

Leslie: Cupid's like, "what? How do I--no. Ok. I can't make that. I can't make that."

Carrie: You have to be specific if you want to hand pick.

Leslie: I know, but that's what I thought I was doing by specifically asking for that.

Carrie: He's on his way. He's waiting--

Carrie: He is on his way to you now.

Carrie: Is he on his way?

Audience: [cheering]

Carrie: He is coming for you.

Leslie: Yo, kids, stop it!

Carrie: I saw you last night. I saw you in some photos this morning in the "daily post" looking fierce.

Leslie: In that dress? In that dress?

Carrie: ...beautiful red dress.

Leslie: Oh, it was so--I'm telling you, everybody, as soon as I put that--

Audience: [hooting]

Carrie: Look at it. Woo! Look at you! Fierce! Bam! Boom! Bam! Boom!

Kelly: You've got some body. Holy cow.

Leslie: Girl, I lost 40 pounds this year.

Kelly: Is that true?

Leslie: Yeah.

Kelly: How'd you do it? What's your secret?

Leslie: Well, the first thing was for your doctor to tell you that you need to lose 40 pounds! Um, um, I got rid of soda and juice. That was the first thing that I did.

Kelly: They say that's a--

Leslie: That literally was 20 pounds right there. And then running in that pack all summer, and kate, every time we would go to dinner, she would make me walk to dinner. We would walk after dinner. And then it just started becoming where I would work out, I'd do yoga, I really try to watch what I eat. It's not always easy 'cause I do have a sweet tooth that is a killer. But you know, I do the best I can, you know what I'm saying?

Kelly: I gotta tell you, you look amazing.

Leslie: Thank you, baby. I try.

Kelly: We're gonna take a commercial break. We're gonna talk about "ghostbusters" when we return with leslie jones. Stick around.

Announcer: If you'd like to know more about anything you see on "live," just log onto our website.

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Leslie: You get a car. And you get a car. And you get a car! Ha ha!

Melissa: You didn't disclose that the vehicle was gonna be a hearse.

Leslie: I'm sorry. My uncle owns a funeral home, not an enterprise rent-a-car.

Kate: Hope you checked to see there wasn't a body in the back.

Melissa: Ha ha!

Leslie: Uh, I don't really know.

Melissa: You didn't check?

Leslie: I mean, I was in a hurry. I checked to see if we had gas. That was more important.

Audience: [laughter]

Kelly: That's leslie jones in a scene from "ghostbusters." Of course you play an mta worker, right?

Leslie: Yes, I do.

Kelly: And apparently you're not afraid of ghosts.

Leslie: Oh, I'm afraid of ghosts.

Kelly: Oh, you are. Ok.

Leslie: I just act like I'm not afraid.

Kelly: Yeah, right, ok.

Leslie: Well, I probably didn't act like that in there either. I probably ran a couple of times in the movie also.

Kelly: Right, right.

Leslie: There was a couple of times I really reacted like real talk. Like some of that stuff looked scary.

Kelly: No kidding? So you had, like, you had stuff in front of you?

Leslie: Yeah, yeah. Paul, he did the--he had the actors with the l.e.d. Lights on them, and they had makeup, full-on makeup. They were scary. The one that I-- the first one that I encountered, the first step-- especially the mannequin. They didn't tell me the mannequin was gonna look so real, so at the start, it was just gonna be piece by piece, like he was gonna turn his head, and then we'd tape that, and then he'd run, then--no. He turned his head and literally started running, and I was like, "aah! Aah!" I pushed a cameraman out of the way and I ran towards paul. I was like, "paul!"

Kelly: You are one of the great screamers of all time. Did you-- you should make an app where people's phone rings and it's your scream.

Carrie: That's a great--

Kelly: You should do that.

Leslie: Do you know how long it took me to learn how to really do that correctly?

Kelly: Yeah, 'cause nobody can do that.

Leslie: You have to--you really--'cause you can do it in a way where you can overdo it, and then you can do it where it's not enough.

Kelly: It's perfect.

Leslie: I had to learn how to do that right range of aah!

Kelly: Ha ha!

Carrie: Ha ha!

Audience: [cheering]

Kelly: Make the app. Listen, make sure you check out "ghostbusters" with leslie jones!

Announcer: Closed captioning sponsored in part by...

Audience: [laughter]

Carrie: Oh, my goodness. Too much fun.

Kelly: I love having you here.

Carrie: I love being here. So much fun.

Kelly: Seriously, come anytime you want. You are always welcome. Don't forget to watch carrie ann inaba on "dancing with the stars," which begins monday, september 12, on abc. Have a great day, everybody. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

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>> Ellen: Let me tell you about this. I've talked about dating and finding love. You can swipe, you can match, you can grind. And now there's a brand-new way to do it. There's a brand-new website called smell dating. I don't think you reacted appropriately. There you go. Once again, thank god I'm married. This is real. This is how it works. You buy a t-shirt from them for $25. Then you have to wear the t-shirt for three days straight without wearing deodorant. It's called smell dating, you guys.

And then you send the t-shirt become and then you get sent other people's t-shirts. It's called smell dating.

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