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Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and michael." Today, the academy award winning halle berry. Plus, we get a visit from kesha. Also, a vacation could be all yours but you've got to tune in to win. And watch what happens when kelly and michael go head to head with the geography whiz kid. All next on "live."

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Announcer: Now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

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Kelly: Hi! It's friday everybody!

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Friday, august 22, 2014. Doesn't feel like a friday to me.

Michael: No, it doesn't. It really doesn't. It really doesn't.

Kelly: Hey, is anybody stressed out this summer? You are? You are stressed out!

Michael: Why?

Kelly: I was saying, I always feel more relaxed in the summer. I really, really do. Something about the summer that appeals to me, but I am wrong. I am most certainly wrong again michael!

Michael: Only thing that expresses me out about summer is that I don't want to waste it. You want to enjoy every second nd if you feel like you won't.

Kelly: There's a study saying people are more stressed out in the summer. There are stressful things like planning trips. Is that stress tul? I love planning a trip. I think planning a trip is awesome. Yes, it is. Yes! You are wrong, gelman.


Kids are out of school, which makes people stressful.

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: See, when my kids are in school, that's when I'm stressed out. How's he going to pass this test! Yeah, they're saying it puts pressure on parents, arranging play dates and everything. People are dealing with the ongoing seasonal allergy symptoms which apparently is very stressful! I just take a zyrtec and get on with my life.

Michael: I think parenting has become more stressful because I feel like when I was a kid, just send them outside, they'll meat a kid out there and have fun. Now, he's got to meet with johnny at 2:00, now you've got to drive him, pick him up. It was go out, when the straight lights come on, get your butt home.

Kelly: My best friend scotty and I would go to the park down the street from my house. Behind the park was like a creek, and this -- first of all on the summer, we would watch "the price is right." That was a big deal. "the price is right" I knew it was summer if I was watching that. Then our mothers would throw us out, get outside, here's how we would amuse ourselves. We would stick our feet in the creek and see who could get more leeches on the feet. My kid is like I'm bored. I'll show you bored.

Michael: Leeches on the feet.

Kelly: I've got 17, oh look, there's one stuck in between my toes. Shut up, it was fun!


[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Now they found out people use these leeches for like facials and stuff.

Kelly: I was ahead of my time!

Gelman: You have beautiful feet now.

Kelly: Stunning feet. Anyway, they're also saying the number one reason people are stressed out is because they are having much less sleep because the day's are longer, they're trying to do more, squeeze it all in, and they're not sleeping as much.

Michael: Yeah, I can see that. I love a trip, but the anxiety of getting there, sometimes if it's not a long trip, gosh, got to go through security. I get anxious about getting there that it messes up my initial part of the trip.

Kelly: I don't get anxious about getting there, I get anxious about coming home. Coming home seems to be hell, doesn't it? It seems like people's personality change coming home. I remember, your personality changes when you're coming home. So much so that I may not go away anymore with you. Because the going away is so pleasant but the coming home is like all business. No pleasant tries, not even a good morning. Got to get the kids, the bag, get this, get that.

Michael: I'm more like that going. At the point coming home, I'm like I don't care, whatever happens happens. A lot of stuff about selfies. How many people have taken selfies? Cheers and applause]

If you really want to take it to another level, there's a new toaster out.

Kelly: Oh my god.

Michael: You can take your high resolution image, put it on the toaster --

Kelly: I need this.

Michael: Then it will put it on the toast, baby!

Kelly: I need that!

Michael: I want that!

Kelly: I need this. Where do we order it?

Michael: It is $75.

Kelly: The best $75 I will ever spend!

Michael: It's from burnt impressions is the name of it.

Kelly: I'm getting this for my parents, my parents love toast I discovered.

Michael: I love it. Like happy birthday to you, here's a piece of me on your toast.

Gelman: Jelly in the gap.

Kelly: Jelly in the gap.

Michael: Just had to go there.

Kelly: That sounds like a new song. Jelly in a gap. Jelly in a gap. Go ahead and put the jelly in the gap.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: There are experts for everything now, and I am furious about it! You can hire an expert to potty train your kids.

Michael: Really?

Kelly: What? What about the good old days of letting them just make a mess on the floor and cleaning it up later?

Michael: I don't know, that sounds like a crappy job.


Kelly: Yeah, there are people you can outsource, outsource staff for toilet training --

Michael: That don't sound right.

Kelly: Nap training. Nap training, nap training. Here's how we took a nap in our house -- take a nap.


Michael: I'm not tired.

Kelly: Lay down and close your eyes, you'll get tired.

Michael: So you can teach them how to potty and teach them how to sleep.

Kelly: Potty pro can run anywhere from $925 up to $1750 for two days work!

Michael: Is there a guarantee he's going to learn how to poop and sleep in two days? Because hey that's expensive.

Kelly: That is crazy. Like I said, we had threa different scenarios in our house. Michael was the first one --

Michael: Were they hard?

Kelly: Michael was the hardest because he was our first and I really didn't know what I was doing. I would listen to crazy things, throw cheeros into the toilet and make them try to hit the cheero. Then I had lola who truly did everything very easily. She just one day when she was 18 months old was like I'm tired of these diapers and I'm going to go in the big girl potty and that was that. Then there was joaquin, like training a puppy.


I would come out of the bedroom and suddenly I would see a diaper on the floor, and I'd be like oh, where is he? Joaquin, joaquin, joaquin? And then I would find him always crouched in the same position, in the kitchen, behind the chair, taking his little number two right there on the floor. And that went on until like a year ago.


No, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding joaquin who's home from school! Just kidding, mommy's kidding, that's a joke.

Michael: That makes that $1750 feel like a discount.

Kelly: I don't know, listen, I'm all for seeking out professional help and all of that, but when it comes to napping and potty training, that's part of the good stuff. What are you going to write in the memory book? Cheers and applause]

Michael: Then when your kids get older, I remember when I used to change your diapers. Remember that? I can't even say that if you hire somebody.

Kelly: I remember when that professional lady came over and changed your diaper.

Michael: And I wrote that check. We've got a big day today, cover up your coffee my lady. Because it is time for our summer sizzle travel trivia!

[Cheers and applause]

Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hey, today's at home trivia dancer is jen far barr from orlando, florida!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: She's got some serious tattoos on.

Kelly: She's got a lot of tattoos. Wow, that's amazing.

Michael: Let's say hello to robert from port st. Luisy, florida.

[Cheers and applause]

Caller: Hi michael, how are you? And kelly, hi kelly.

Kelly: Hi robert, I'm sorry, I was swallowing mill coffee at that very moment.

Caller: That's ok. I'm kind of excited. Excited to talk to you guys.

Kelly: We're excited to talk to you. In your photo it looks like you're on a cruise ship, is that where you are?

>> Well I was, yes, to the caribbean, caribbean I guess.

Michael: How is the weather down in florida right now?

Caller: Oh, it's oppressively hot. Like 95.

Kelly: Oh, perfect!


Michael: Now this is what I found out, you're expecting another addition, new addition to the family right?

Kelly: 18th grandchild.

Michael: Congratulations.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Oh my gosh! Do you have to buy them all birthday presents?

Caller: Yes.

Kelly: You should do like -- yeah, you definitely need a fwree trip. We're going to spin the wheel and see. Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Which one is it? , long bay beach club in tortola.

Michael: Nice.

Kelly: Seven days, six nights in a beachfront room, how nice. All exclusive courtesy of hotwire valued at $6800. You have 20 seconds and only one guess, robet, good luck.

Michael: Be rooting for you. We've had actress charlize theron on the show. What country is charlize originally from?

Caller: Australia.

Kelly: No!

Michael: She's from south africa. Who was that helping you in the background?

Caller: My wife.


Michael: I won't say anything else.

Caller: I know. That's ok.

Kelly: Here's the good news, you live in florida.


Elman: Yeah!

Kelly: You're still going to get a great prize, you and a lucky member will each receive eight place settings of american made fine china from lennox valued at more than $500.

[Cheers and applause]

So please pick a number between 1-225.

Caller: 87.

Kelly: 87?

Michael: There he goes.

[Cheers and applause]

Hey robert, thank you for playing, congratulations young lady. Everybody stay right there, when we come back, the beautiful halle berry is here.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," rising star keshkesh. Actress keri russell. Kelly and michael take on the winner of the national geographic bee. And coming up next, halle berry.

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She's been a bond girl, and a history making oscar worker. Now she returns to television in the new sci-fi series "extent." Please welcome the beautiful and talented halle berry! Cheers and applause]

Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Wait, did you have a baby nine months ago?

>> I did, yes.

Kelly: Out of this body here? You look amazing.

>> Thank you, thank you very much.

Kelly: A little boy.

>> A little boy.

Kelly: Boys are snugly.

Michael: Emacio. How did you come up with that beautiful name?

>> Well, my husband who's french moroccan spanish, he said please pick a name that's spanish or french. Just do me that solid. So macio is spanish for gift from god and my daughter prayed for this baby every year. God, bring me a baby and a bunk bed.


Kelly: Did you get her the bunk bed too?

>> She got the bunk bed for christmas. I didn't have her the heart to tell her that mommy is like 47, that might not happen. So I just let her keep thinking the power of pray, thinking it never would. But I wasn't going to tell her that. Then magically, it happened.

Kelly: Isn't it incredible?

>> Yeah. Olivier we just say martinez is gorgeous. I love the two of you as a couple.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Thank you, thank you.

Michael: You call this, which I read, I'm like come on now, you pregnancy. Riatic

Kelly: They do not!

>> They cannot take it off. That's what it has to be.

Kelly: So let me ask you this, what is the age where it becomes that pregnancy? Just because my friend wants to know.


>> Both my pregnancies for so I don't know. 40 was my first time, and it was on there then too.

Kelly: Oh my god.

>> So 40 for sure.

Kelly: Hollywood is crew, isn't it?

>> It's cruel, cruel.

Michael: How is nala with her baby brother. Is she a good helper? Help you with the diapers, food?

>> She's an amazing big sister, and because she prayed for it, she's ready. Like her baby doll came to life. Every day she decides she needs to change his clothes so she's always changing things on his shirt. Oh mama, he's dirty, slap something else on. She loves to dress him up and play.

Kelly: Was it chaos going from one to two babies? Was it different in any way or does it all come right back?

>> It comes back, you know, you have kids. It comes back. Yeah, you forget little things about newborns and you forget the sleepless nights and it comes back.

Michael: When we return, halle is going to share what she didn't do to premiere for her debut movie "jungle fever" 23 years ago. What she did not do. More with halle berry.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," keri russell.

Michael: We are back with halle berry, star of the new series "extent." You made your debut in "jungle there was ou something you didn't do to get into your character.

>> I didn't smoke crack. I drew the line there. It was 23 years ago, I was brand spanking new and at that time all I could do is try to be it so be it. So I didn't shower for the whole entire time that we shot that movie, so that was about probably eight weeks.

Kelly: So, so --


>> It was gnarlly, it was gnarlly.

Michael: I'm actually sitting here going that doesn't turn me away.


I'm cool with that!

Kelly: I'm not bothered by it. It's halle berry. I'm not bothered.

>> Well, certain parts got washed.

Kelly: Oh, that's good.

>> Let's just say that. Certain body parts got rule.

Michael: Now, in 2002, you won the oscar for best actress, which is such a big moment. I mean, tear-shedding moment.

[Cheers and applause]

What do you remember the most from that moment?

>> My sheer disbelief that that was happening, and russell crowe just saying breathe mate, breathe mate, you got to breathe mate. That's all I remember. And the rest is kind of a blur, yeah. I was out of my body I think.

Kelly: Where do you keep your academy award?

>> I keep him in my bedroom, so nobody ever sees him. He's very protected in my room all tucked away, tidy.

Michael: So you kind of hide it away.

>> I do.

Michael: Why?

>> In my house, we don't have a lot of that stuff out anyway. You would walk in this house and not know actors live there. It's some place that's private, just for me. It reminds me sometimes of the accomplishment but it's really for me.

Kelly: Yaur so humble. If that were me, it would be my door nobody. Boom, boom, boom.


Michael: You're back on a tv series.

>> Yeah, it's great. It's a lot of work, especially having a newborn baby, that I did realize. But at the same time --

Kelly: It's good structure.

>> It's a good structure, a pace I'm learning to work at that I've never learned before, and it's such an amazingly challenging character to play week after week. And I just love it. I just love it.

Kelly: It's a fascinating premise for a show! So tell everybody like you play an astronaut.

>> An astronaut who when the show starts I've just come home from a year long solo mission in space.

Kelly: Solo mission in space.

>> But first of all I was like who's the woman that goes away for a year and leaves her husband? Like who does that. So that interested me about her character. She comes home after a year and she finds out days later that she's pregnant.

Kelly: Solo mission in space!


You understand? Year later, pregnant, hello. Ok, go ahead.

>> So now the whole series unfolds and it's to really discover what happened to her in space, and what impregnated her, and then what happens --

Kelly: You got him. He is like hooked.

Michael: I already saw it, I'm already hooked. This is steven spielberg. Genre nobody does this better than steven spielberg. While it's sci-fi, it still is about families, complicated relationships. Not just aliens invade the earth. It's got a lot of heart and soul and interesting, deep characters.

Kelly: We should take a look at the scene. In this scene, your character molly discovers she is pregnant -- after a solo mission in space! An't be said enough.

>> You were on the station for 13 months a solo mission.

>> Yes.

>> You were alone the whole time.

>> Well, that's why they call it solo mission.

>> Then, I honestly don't understand this.

>> Understand what?

>> I know there weren't any in that quadrant. Molly, is there an emergency I didn't hear about, an international crew that docked.

>> No. Why?

>> You're pregnant. What?

>> You're pregnant.

> But that's not possible. Cheers and applause]

Kelly: I love it. I also do love the other premise of was there an emergency docking of an international crew, like an emergency booty call in outer space.


>> Well, that could be a good place to have an affair if you're going to have one.

Kelly: Who's going to know about it?

>> Unless you get pregnant.


Michael: The tv show is "extent." Make sure you check it out, everybody. The talented, beautiful, halle berry!

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Monday on "live,"kekn

Announcer: Kelly and michael know how to brew the perfect morning.

Kelly: What's in here?

>> Fun, laughs and some big surprises. For the perfect morning, just add kelly and michael.

Kelly: We're going to have to drink our way out.

Kelly: She's a chart-topping music sensation that can be scene as a judge on the reality competition show "rising star." Please welcome kesha! Cheers and applause]

Kelly: You look super cool. I love your blue hair.

>> Thank you. I'm in the process of going through the entire rainbow with my hair color.

Kelly: I like it very much, you were lavender before.

Michael: You pick a color and go with it?

>> Me and my friend put on records and we get weird with the color.

Kelly: But it's hard to maintain. I've had my hair dyed colors and I find it washes out so fast.

>> You do and then you switch colors.

Kelly: Yeah, I guess that's smart. You recently dropped the dollar sign from your name.

>> I do. It's still a tattoo on my hand.

Kelly: How come? Why did you take it away?

>> I kind of just outgrew it. That's the best way I can explain it. As an artist you have to keep evolving. And I evolved in a different direction.

Kelly: It's funny, I was sitting here with my magic marker and cue card and I decided that I as going to take over your ollar sign with my name. And you don't care?

>> No, you can have it.

Kelly: Because you're done with it.

Michael: Throwing away money, throw it over here too sister.

Kelly: We just have to change all of the logos.

Michael: Your mom's a songwriter and you guys moved from california to nashville when you were 4.

>> Yeah.

Michael: Did you performing in nashville when you were a kid?

>> Yeah, I used to play shows to like no one. There would be no one there and I would just be living on the stage. But then I moved out to l.a. And things picked up a little bit.

Kelly: You're an incredible songwriter.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: Are you somebody that dreams about your songs?

>> I do. I do dream about my songs. How did you know? You're psychic or something.

Kelly: Maybe. Maybe you'll write me into a lyric.

>> I might, I might. Yeah, I'll come up with them driving down the road, in my dreams, I'll be reading a magazine, all sorts of ways.

Michael: What song was your big break? Right re's a song called " flo 5 ridea. ♪

>> Yeah, sing it.

Kelly: That's incredible.

>> I remember the first time I heard it, I was driving this old crappy car and I turned up the speakers so loud it blew them out and then I started crying.


Kelly: Were you telling everybody that's me, I'm on the record?

>> I was trying to call my mom and my boyfriend at the time, and anyone who would care to listen.

Kelly: That must be really exciting to think about the first time you hear your own voice on the radio.

>> It was like the moment I've been waiting for and I spent my whole life, I dropped out of school, it's my dream. Finally to hear my voice on the radio.

Kelly: I get excited when I hear your voice on the radio.

>> Thanks, I love you.

Michael: Your brother produced your reality show, you write music with your mom. How are you able to work so well with your family?

>> We're just really close. Like my brother is here, he's backstage.

Kelly: Do you ever get into fights?

>> No, he's pretty mellow. I'm the crazy one.

Kelly: Well you have to be. Don't you have to be a little bit crazy --

>> To do what I do for a living?

>> Yeah, maybe a little. I was just writing a song about how I'm like in love, and if he steps out of line then I'm going to learn to shoot him.


Kelly: Oh my gosh.

Michael: I don't know if I've ever been so uncomfortable in an interview in my life.

>> Yes!

Kelly: I feel like I want you to ask me to marry you after this.

>> I'm into that, same-sex marriage, I'm way into that.

Kelly: Here we go! The hit singing competition show, "rising star" it really is unique, the whole concept, it's very different.

>> In my opinion it's genius because it's instantly gratifying. You get an app and you watch someone sing with you and you either vote yes or you vote no. And you see the bar rising, and it has to hit 70%, you're sitting there on your phone with baited breath just waiting. There have been who are up to like 69% and the wall doesn't rise, it's just an intense show.

Kelly: It's going to be devastating.

>> But then she got saved because the west coast can save.

Michael: Josh groban hosts, brad paisley, ludicrous. How is it to be the only woman on the panel?

>> Oh, I love it. I think I scare them a little.

Michael: I know about that.


>> But it's really fun. We hung out, we go to ludicrous's house and watch the show.

Kelly: What's his house like?

>> He has like a very fancy table. It's like a robot table. Yeah, I don't know. You have to press buttons and it moves around.

Kelly: On the table? Oh my gosh.

>> That's great, right? He has a robot table.

Kelly: I love your life. Do you think you'll clap late with any of these guys?

>> I'm definitely down. I think we should all do a song together and see what happens. It would be the weirdest song ever.

Michael: Do you find that it's hard to be honest, because you have somebody's dreams?

>> Yes, ok, so on the show, I'm the one that always votes yes, not always, but I don't want to be a dream crusher because I know how nervous these kids probably are singing behind this giant wall in front of millions of people like no pressure, and so, I usually just give them the benefit of the doubt and I give them a little bit of hope because even if they kind of suck, like I just want them to

Kelly: They're probably nervous.

>> And if they kind of suck, I want to be like you're not that sucky.


Kelly: Who's the dream crusher?

>> That would be ludicrous and he would totally take that. He would not be owe -- he would not be offended. But he likes to crush dreams.

Kelly: Does he say you totally suck, don't listen to kesha.

>> At one point, he was like, you shouldn't have sang anything at all to this poor person and I was like I'm sorry.

Kelly: I think he said that to me once too.


Michael: The name of the show is "rising star" sundays at 9:00 p.m. On abc. Kesha, everybody!

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Tuesday on "live," hercules star dwayne johnson.

Announcer: Next "live," an yeah paquin from traw blood, anderson cooper and "live" gets cheesy making mozzarella.

Michael: Oh my goodness gracious, I could eat it right now.

Kelly: Let's go. You got this, right?

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Our next guest is a beautiful and talented actress of tv and films. Please welcome back to the show keri russell! Cheers and applause]

Kelly: You look like a summer angel.

>> Oh, so do you.

Kelly: Are those leather?

>> You can touch them.

Kelly: Those are so cool.

Michael: So you have two kids, summer time. Are you getting a chance to have a vacation?

>> There's been lots of pool activity guys, there's been soccer camp, there's art. We do a lot of art on our deck which ends up with my two and a half-year-old willa, there's art and paint all over her.

Kelly: Are you one of the moms now, because I have this where you sun screen the kids but they don't want to be sun screened so you have to sun screen in a circle, in a circle?

>> Absolutely, absolutely.

Kelly: It's a crazy dance.

>> You're chasing them. Although my son hates it, but willa loves anything put on her she's like no, you can do it to me.

Michael: Do they realize you're like the cool mom?

>> No.


Michael: No?

>> But when are they going to realize I'm the cool mom? I tell them that every day. I'm the cool mom! They're like no.

Kelly: One day when they watch your tv series, your movies, maybe then --

>> Do I have material that I can give them?

Kelly: Maybe one day.

>> I think when you're the mom, I don't know that they ever really go my mom's the coolest.

Kelly: You're getting ready to take off for europe next week.

>> Next week. We're promoting "dawn of the planet of the apes" this summer movie, so we do this whole european tour which sounds amazing, you're going to do spain and germany and all these things but ultimately I'll probably be in a hotel room with like pasta in my mouth.

Kelly: You never get to leave your hotel.

>> I should be going out dancing and something amazing, I'm in madrid!

Kelly: You have to go out and dance.

>> There's an amazing flamenco dancer, he's so beautiful and he does this -- I think his name is joaquin actually.

Kelly: I have a joaquin, yes, yes. I'll teach my joaquin to dance if he wants. Dancing. O flamenco

Michael: What ends up happening you have all the great plans and you end up watching them dance on tv.

>> I hope I don't do that. But press usually starts at 5:30 in the morning, you do all the things, it ends with a dinner, you just want to take your high heels off and you're in a bath robe, boring per yarble. But I'm going to try.

Kelly: What you have to do is remember the places that you liked so that when you're not promoting a movie you can go back there and experience.

>> Yes, yes, this is true.

Michael: We've got to take a quick break. When we come back, kerri will tell us if it was scary working deep in the woods. I saw this movie last night. I was scared!

Announcer: Monday on "live," anderson cooper. , zzpp

> It's ok.

>> Go!

[Cheers and applause]

>> That's a scene from "dawn of the planet of the apes." That was the third time you had interaction with the animals in the film. But tell us, how was it filming this, where did you film first of all?

>> Ok, so the movie set up is that it's about 10 years after the original film --

Kelly: The virus.

>> Most humans have died from this virus, and so there's a very small group of us left. We don't know the apes are still existing and the apes don't know we still exist, so there's an encounter. The movie is essentially about these two communities trying to protect their families and see if they can survive together. Find a balance. And we shot in these beautiful, eautiful forests in b.c., in vancouver.

[Cheers and applause]

I love it! It was so beautiful. I wish we would have shot the whole movie there.

Kelly: It is majestic.

>> It is. It was magnificent. It was so beautiful. I was one of the only girls so all the boys were like hanging out talking about whatever, race cars or whatever they're talking about, and then I would bring my nerdy little book and find like a mossy little perch and read. It was really great. Then we shot some of it in new orleans, which I also really, really love.

Kelly: What a party.

>> What a fun time.

Michael: Let's take a look at a clip. In this clip, the group is discussing the apes and their potential danger. Here we go, keri russell in "dawn of the planet of the apes."

>> You know the scary thing about them? They don't need power. Lights. Heat. Nothing.

>> Hey pal.

>> That's their advantage. That's what makes them stronger.

>> I'm thinking one of us should stand guard tonight.

>> With what? They took our guns.

>> If he wanted us dead, we'd be dead already.

>> Maybe they're taking their time. They already killed off half the planet.

>> Come on.

>> What.

>> You can't honestly blame the apes.

>> Of course. In a as a virus created lab by humans.

>> You telling mow you don't get sick to your stomach at the sight of them?

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. The beautiful keri russell everybody!

[Cheers and applause]

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Michael: He beat the nation's top geography wizards to win the 26th annual national geographic bee. Lease welcome aquil. Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hey, so you're 13 years old, congratulations.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: You're from virginia.

[Cheers and applause]

How did you know so much about geography?

>> Well, ever since I was like a toddler I've always been interested in geography. My parents got me a u.s. Puzzle and I always kept putting it together over and over and over again. And that's how I started my interests.

Michael: When you won, what did you do to celebrate?

>> Well, we haven't done anything yet but I guess this is a celebration, right?

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: We want to challenge you to play a game. We're going to challenge you.

Kelly: We're going to play a game called know your globe.

[Cheers and applause]

I'm going to read the rules right now. Here they are. Tony pigg will ask a geography question. Ok. First person to get the going gets to answer first. Each correct answer is worth one point. If an answer is incorrect the other opponent gets the opportunity to answer. The team with the most points at the end will be played the winner and champion and get this incredible trophy. ♪

Michael: We need another going. We've got to share this.

Kelly: Please read the first question!

Announcer: Here we go. The most populace city on the land of corsica was --

>> Ajaccio.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: I knew that.

Announcer: Question number two. This state in the u.s. Is known as the garden state.

Kelly: New jersey!

Michael: That was the only one we had a chance at.

Announcer: Number three, look at the monster and name this asian city located in the han river.

>> Seoul.

Kelly: How did he know?

>> Look at the monitor please and name this land locked country that borders peru and argentina.

> Bolivia. Number six, what's the main resource obtained from the ores of lake assuai in the .ot, dry area of djibou

Michael: New jersey!

Announcer: Number eight, look at the monitor and name this country in europe.

Ichael: All of it!

Kelly: Wait, what country? Luxembourg.


>> The uram bnch amba.

Announcer: We'll be back in a minute.

Kelly: Congratulations, you kicked our butts, 7-3 as a matter of fact.

[Cheers and applause]

Hey on monday we have an all new show with anna paquin.

Michael: We'll learn how to make mozzarella.

Kelly: Yeah, and anderson cooper is here. See you on monday!

[Cheers and applause]

Have a great weekend. ic

>> Today on ellen, sarah jessica ellen. How did this new york girl handle the snow?

>> I feel like it's a badge of honor.

>> We had two days of rain, so I know what you are talking about. No one was driving, because we couldn't.

>> With ellen's help, it's "snow" problem.

>> Snow shoes?

>> Backstage at the oscars.

>> I don't want it to come up when I'm standing right over it.

>> Ellen s

>> Celebrating 11 seasons, here's ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Have a seat. Thank you so much, everybody. Back at you. Thank you for coming. Have a seat. You are even excited about sitting. Woo! Sit back, relax, turn off your cell phones. For the next hour, let me be your candy crush.


I know it will be difficult. It's hard to go without your phone. A new study came out that says that half of americans are on their cell phones while they watch tv and the other are are watching tv on their cell phones. I'm guilty of it. I was even tweeting when I was hosting the oscars.

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