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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Announcer: It's "live! With kelly & michael." Today, model and actress kate upton. Ever the vampire diaries, paul wesley. And the winner of the men's boston marathon, meb keflezighi. Plus, a performance from the band, neon trees. Ll next on "live." Now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hi! Hi!

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: Hello. Hi, baby. It's wednesday, april 23, 2014. Mike, mike, mike, mike, what day is it?

Michael: Hump day! Woo-hoo!

Kelly: Yes.


Very exciting night last night.

Michael: What happened? Tell me about it.

Kelly: Well, you first and then I'll tell you what I did.

Michael: Ok. I went to see "spider-man 2" last night.

Kelly: I'm wearing my colors in honor of your night.

Michael: Exactly. You always say you're a spider monkey.

Kelly: Spider monkey meets "spider-man."

Michael: It was really good and then went to "what's for dinner?" With friends of mine. He is here. Right here in the front row. That guy with the hat on, that's doug allen. Doug has a new movie coming out, "entourage."

Kelly: Of course.


It was very funny. He was -- I saw him when he walked in. He was like on his phone and I'm like --

Michael: That's the directors. And he's there with maddie, his girlfriend but I think I'm the only celebrity friend of doug's who didn't get a cameo.

Kelly: Didn't you want to discover two young fresh starlets on the scene?


Michael: I have 10 jobs. I'm too busy, oh, yeah.

Kelly: Ok, he's too busy but didn't want want to discover a young fresh starlet on the scene?

Michael: I was in bed early.

Kelly: I know. You had to wake up very early.

Michael: I was in bed by 10:00.

Kelly: Well, I was just leaving the house at 10:00. Hedwig" go see "hid-- starring neil patrick harris. If you don't have your tickets now, run to the theater and get them. It's not a surprise. The reviews are a rave. He is incredible.

Michael: He's such a talented guy. He makes everything look easy from hosting shows to performing in shows. He is amazing.

Kelly: I forget what a gorgeous voice he has but the way he sings, dances and moves through this stage is not to believe believed. He looks like madonna. I know that sounds crazy, but he does. His body is insane. The choreography, the costuming, it's all gorgeous and tragic and beautiful.

Michael: And glittery.

Kelly: Glittery. There's glitter everywhere. And so, I went to the after-party.

Michael: You went to a party?

Kelly: I know, it's crazy. I never leave the house. Imagine all of our shock as I was walking up to downtown which is beautiful. Gorgeous. I just wanted to show you this picture that's me and a guy named darryl thorn who made all of these head dressings and costumes that everybody was wearing there. See his head dress behind me?

Michael: That's not all the time for him -- all the time for him?

>> Whenever he ducks he's very artistic.

Michael: He looks a little pale to me.


Oh, that's makeup. I'm sorry.

Kelly: See my outfit in does that look familiar to anybody? Does that outfit look familiar to anybody?

Michael: Looks sexy, though. I like that.

Kelly: I borrowed flat the prom segment that we did a couple of weeks --

Michael: No!

Kelly: Yep. Yes, I did. That is from top shop. It's a top shop jumpsuit. It's all the teens are going to be wearing them at the prom this year. It's a pantsuit. It's a onesie and it has pockets and I wore it last night and mark's like -- he goes that's glittery jumpsuit. And I go top shop.

Michael: I didn't know we could borrow clothes.

Gelman: Whatever you want, borrow.

Kelly: Yeah, any prom dress you want.

Michael: That's the first time gelman says whatever you want, go ahead and take it.

Kelly: In this top shop just suit, my breasts look -- jumpsuit, my breasts look enormous.


No, I swear. It's an optical illusion. My friend, bruce, took the picture and he's like oh, my gosh. You know, you look very curvaceous in this photo and I'm like oh, my gosh, post that on instagram.


Michael: Immediately.

Kelly: And then send me a copy.

Michael: And gelman's over here writing on a sign going tissue? No.

Kelly: No. Not even a padded brah. Just a weird flash at the right angle. Thank god.

Gelman: That's incredible.

Kelly: Make sure you check out neil patrick harris at the vell lasko theater because he is remarkable.


Michael: He is remarkable in everything he does. And one of my favorite guys to have here.

Kelly: He's one of my closest friends and if you don't know already, he's also a brilliant magician in addition to everything else. He really is an accomplished magician as well as a talented singer and dancer and actor and director.

Michael: What can't he do?

Kelly: I don't know.

Michael: Do you remember the movie "the "goonies"?

Kelly: Of course. Duh.


Michael: Well, the sequel is coming. 30 years after the original movie!


Kelly: Thank god, not a moment too soon.

Michael: And it's going to take place 30 years after the first flick left off. So they say steven spielberg is going to be writing the script and the actors reportedly encouraged them to make a sequel.

Kelly: Wow.

Michael: That's going to be very interesting to see what picks up 30 years after the original "goonies."


Kelly: Remember when trunk did the truffle shuffle? Do you remember? No? Ok, anyway. I don't remember that either.

Michael: I've seen a lot of football players do that.

Kelly: I show that movie to my kids and it's really funny because we have tamed down films now so much that that was just a p.g. Movie I saw when I was a kid and now, I think that film like really pushes the edge of, you know, what p.g. Means. Because I showed it to them when they were little and they were like oh, my gosh, there were some stuff here that was like grown up. The first time showed my kids "the bad news bears." I went oh mick gosh, my parents took me to see this when I was

There was adult content everywhere.

Michael: I think now, you can go a lot further. Even regular tv. You can't watch so much these programs with your kids after like 9:00. You know, oh, you're going to be very uncomfortable.

Kelly: You can't watch the commercials of other programs coming up.

Michael: But growing up in germany for me was different. Because those commernls came on and there was commercials in the middle of the day and there was nudity. And you're sitting there next to your dad and you talk about uncomfortable. He, he, he.

Kelly: I saw in australia, when they show, you know, reality tv, a lot of the american reality tv programs air over there in australia only -- you know, all the bleeping out of the curse words? They don't bleep anything out.

Michael: No!

Kelly: So it actually sounds strange to watch a reality tv program without -- beep -- youer bleep -- it's crazy.

Michael: We should try that here.

Gelman: Bleeping it?

Michael: I don't give a --

Kelly: Jimmy kim does that.

Michael: He does unnecessary censorship. It's really funny. And now, do you like money?

Kelly: No, I hate it.

Gelman: No, it's terrible.

Michael: How many of you like cold hard cash?



Kelly: Not me.

Michael: Well, they say you should not put your money where your mouth is.

Kelly: That is dirty.

Michael: It is very dirty.

Kelly: Duh. People's hands touch it and people also scratch themselves in places when they don't get anything's looking.

Michael: It's one risk I'm willing to take. Because they've identified 3,000 types of bacteria on money that they've done.

Kelly: Is that all?

Michael: And only -- this is the crazy thing. Only about 20% of the non-human d.n.a. They found -- they could only identify about 20% of the non-human d.n.a. They found. They can only identify 20%.

Kelly: There's unidentifiable d.n.a. You understand? D.n.a. That has yet to be discovered on the planet.

Michael: You want to know what they found on some of this money?

Kelly: Yeast.


Yeast is on everything. Don't sit down. Get up.


I bring my own bike seat to spin class and people were like why do you bring your own bike seat? And I'm like swab that and you let me know what you find.


Michael: I didn't even think about that. I just layer up my butt.


Kelly: Please, do you see with my -- the hand sanitizer? You see how careful I am with my feet? Imagine the other parts. Please. Hermetically sealed.

Michael: Even the most abundant species they found is acne. There's been other thing that have been linked to gastric ulcers, staph infections and some of these genes have antibiotic resistance. But the most unusual one was they found some d.n.a. Not only from horses and dogs, but from a white rhino.


I don't get that.

Kelly: You never know who has an exotic animal in their backyard.

Michael: But that was the craziest one for me. I'm not going to stop handling money. If anybody wants to give me theirs because they're afraid of it, I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Credit card --


Kelly: That also terrifies me, by the way. That terrifies me that in the cab the credit card thing when you have to press the button. I press the button with my elbow.


I don't care if I tip him 800%. It's worth it.


Michael: No way. You know what, I just push it and deal with it. You can't live your life in fear.

Kelly: Oh, yes, you can.


Elevator. Bing! Sometimes I hit the wrong button. It's ok. It'll keep. Hey, "people" magazine has revealed their most beautiful person. Anybody want to take a guess? Lupita! Who said lupita. Eugenes you. Did you work at "people" magazine? There she is, the most beautiful.


Michael: She is a beautiful woman.

Kelly: Yeah. She is a gorgeous woman. Yeah. That's very exciting. And there's also -- there's 50 most beautiful people and I think we've been shut out again, michael.


Shut out again. Call your publicist.



This is an outrage. Let's see who is in here, gelman. I'll give you somebody. Oh, michael fiver again.


-- Michelle pfeiffer again. Oh, julia roberts.


Oh, cindy crawford.

Michael: Oh!

Kelly: Meg ryan. Kourtney cox. -- courteney cox. Oh here, we go, tom cruise, mel gibson, leo dicaprio, catherine zeta-jones. So they actually won beautiful people? All right. I see. What happened to like adorable, you feel comfortable with, you could live next door with? What happened to the people next door issue?

Michael: You know what, kelly? We're beautiful inside, too.


Kelly: Guys, I'm like this on the inside.

Michael: That's one of those say anything to make you feel better and get them to clap for us.

Kelly: Jennifer aniston. Nicole kidman. Halle berry.

Michael: I ain't complaining about that.

Kelly: Kate hudson. J-lo. J-law.

Michael: Beyonce.

Kelly: Beyonce.


I'm still looking for us.


Hang on a second.

Michael: They've got some pages in that book we don't know about? Because I have a feeling we are not in it.

>> Jamie chung, juliana margulies. Any second now, gelman. Kerry washington. Margo willeby. Mmm. There's a page here on models. Duh.


A whole page on models. Ooh, lizzie kaplan, my personal favorite. Love lizzie kaplan. No trivia today?

Gelman: Yeah, we get a huge show.

Kelly: Hey, pinks naked at 34, gelman!


-- Pink is naked at 34, gelman! She looks good.

Michael: Is this on stands right now?

Kelly: Yeah. Look at stacy kiebler. She's naked too. Wait a minute. Oh, these are all women that are 34 and naked? Good for them. Call me when you want to do 43 and partially clothed.



Michael: Let me borrow this book.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. Speaking of absolute gorgeousness, when we come back, kate upton is here.


We'll be right back.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," neon trees perform their new hit. From "the vampire diaries," paul wesley. 2014 boston marathon winner meb keflezighi. And coming up next, kate upton.



Michael: Let me get you card for you.

Kelly: If anybody else has gifts for us, you may pass them forward now.

Michael: Yes.


Kelly: Thank you. On tomorrow's show, from the new film, "the other woman," cameron diaz is here.

Michael: Yes.


And from the tv series "revenge," emily vancamp will be here also.


Kelly: Ok. Now, I know this seems redundant, gelman, but we got a supermodel in the house. ♪ a supermodel in the house ♪ she's been on the cover of separated and she's become an actress as well. Please welcome the beautiful and talented kate upton.


Kelly: I love your skirt!

>> Oh, thank you!

Kelly: How are you?

>> Good to see you.

Michael: Good to see you again.

Kelly: Kate, kate, when I look at you, it's like staring into a mirror.


Sit down. Welcome to the show.

>> Thank you.

Michael: Yes. I haven't seen you since we did our "vogue" shoot together.

>> No, I saw you this morning on "g.m.a." I'm like oh, no.

Michael: I didn't see you.

>> That's ok. I'm easy to miss.

Michael: We'll make up for it.

Kelly: Before you were a model, you were an quest combranl

>> Yeah. I still have my horse and my two little ponies.

Kelly: So were you discovered -- were you discovered on a horse?


>> No. That would actually ban amazing story. I should change it. I was on the horse -- no.

Kelly: Mid jump.

>> No. I was leaving a horse show though. I was in the airport and someone walked up and I wasn't five foot yet so they were like you're a little short.

Kelly: Right. How old were you though? You were 6.

>> 12. No. Change the story again.

Michael: Did you want to model at that point?

>> Well, I didn't really know what modeling was. I still didn't. I was like this seems glamorous. I get to travel the world and sit in hair and makeup all the time.

Kelly: That's interesting. You were 12 years old and not five foot yet. So you were petite. So when did you hit your growth spurt?

>> Well, it wasn't until I was like 14 1/2. It happened all in one month and my mom kept thinking sweetie, it's not going to happen. You're going to be short. But, you know, it's fine. Why do you want to be tall? And now, I'm 510e. -- 5'10".

Kelly: And you're like because now I want to hold things over your head.

Michael: What didn't you know about the business?

>> I didn't know anything about the business and nobody tells you anything.

Kelly: Right.

>> So you're just like -- they were like so tomorrow, you're going to go to london and you're going to shoot. And you're like -- like tomorrow? In normal vacation world, you plan these things like six months in answer and you're like what do you mean I'm going on a plane tomorrow? Yep. You land. You go straight to the studio and you start working right away and you're jet lagged and you're 15.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. You're 15 years old. And did your parents travel with you?

>> Most of the time. Eventually, they were like it's too tiger for us to go. You do your catalog job by yourself.

Kelly: We don't want to go to japan with you.

Michael: Now, we've all seen the incredible work you've done on the "sports illustrated" cover.

>> And on our shoot.

Michael: And on our shoot.

>> But you kind of stole the show.

Michael: I did not. You stole the show to me when you came into the trailer and offered to get me starbucks when you were in your robe. I thought she was going to send somebody to get starbucks.

Kelly: She's kate other people.

Michael: You went to starbucks in a robe. Can you imagine that guy fixing the latte? My drink was all wrong.

Kelly: If I was kate upton, the only different thing that would have happened was I wouldn't have worn the robe.

>> I had clothes underneath. I think.

Michael: When we find out -- we got to take a quick break. When we come back, we're going to find out if it was scary to star in a movie with cameron diaz and leslie mann. Stay right there. More with kate upton when we come back.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a performance by neon trees. And from "the vampire diaries," paul wesley.

Michael: We are back with kate upton, star of "the other woman." And it's about a wife arc mistress, a girlfriend. They all discovered they're being played by the same man. And when we went to break, we talked about were you nervous playing with cameron diaz and leslie mann in this movie?

>> Well, I didn't know what to. And. Like I said in earlier in modeling, I had no idea I was modeling and nobody was there to help me figure it out and I was finding my own path which luckily I did. But -- and so I assumed acting would be the same. I walked on set and I'm like I'm going to figure this out. I'm starting from the bottom.

Kelly: Oh, you were in such good hands though.

>> And cameron and leslie were like no, you're not. We're going to show you the way. I was texting leslie on the plane. She was sitting across from me, but I was texting her and I was like asking her questions and that's the type of people they are. They're supportive. They're lovely and they would never leave me on my phone like that. What amazing advice, right?

Kelly: And do you -- because I think that there's a lot of acting and modeling, I think, because I wouldn't know, but I think, but do you think you'll continue with other film roles now that you've done this film and you've enjoyed the process? Is that where you would like to put your focus?

>> Yes, I would love to. You are playing a character in modeling but you try to play a different character every shot they take. Like you know.

Kelly: Right. Right. My mistake is I've always tried to play smoldering sexy because when you think smoldering sex appeal --

>> Think you. That's what I thought.

Kelly: Thank you, everybody.



>> Sex symbol.

Kelly: Don't give me a mercy applause.

Michael: This is what I want to hear about. You got really close with cameron and leslie doing this movie but I heard you had girls' night out. What was a girls' night out for you three?

>> We did everything together.

Kelly: What's a girls' night out for you?


No, tell us.

>> We did everything together and it was really amazing. I'm spoiled rotten. My first film we shot in manhattan, the hamptons and the bahamas. I'm like what?

Kelly: I know.

>> I love shooting movies.


So we would just always have dinner together, breakfast together we talk about everything. We went skinny dipping in the bahamas.

Kelly: You did?

>> Of course.

Kelly: Were there photographers everywhere?

>> Well, later, we found out that -- the next day they came and we had to stop which was a real --

Michael: Why did you stop?

>> You see it. Everyone's so shocked. They went skinny dipping? Skinny dipping's the best thing ever. Why wouldn't we go skinny dipping?


Michael: Hey, gelman, we still got that inflatable pool in the back?

Gelman: Yeah. Commercial breaks.

Kelly: I don't know. There's too many what-ifs. You don't know when money's going to float by with all that bacteria all over it.


Anyway, we should take a look at a scene from "the other woman." In this scene, you've just met your boyfriend's wife and mistress.

>> Yes.

Kelly: That is crazy.

>> And none of us knew. So it was a shock for all of us.

Kelly: What a cheater.

>> That's putting it mildly.

>> I just can't believe you would lie to me. You must hate me so much right now.

>> I don't hate you at all. I got all of that out of my system with that one.

>> How could you be so amazing.

>> It's like a dream come true.

>> Ignore her. She's just working through some tough right now -- stuff right now but you smell amazing. What is that?

>> I think it's just sweat.



Michael: Well, the movie is "the other woman." It opens on friday. Give it up, kate upton! My modeling partner, kate upton. Let's strike a pose.


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Michael: Now, we all know our next guest of the eternal youngblood sucker stefan on the -- "the vampire diaries." Please welcome paul wesley!

[Cheers and applause]

>> Hi, hi, hi, hi. Hi. Hi.

Kelly: How are you?

>> So nice to see you.

Michael: Good to see you.

>> Hi, guys.


Michael: Calm dourning ladies! Calm down.

>> I like the walk-out with the high fives. That's a new thing.

Kelly: Yes. We thought it would be found have the audience experience a little paul magic.

>> I really enjoy it. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Michael: You are one busy guy.

>> I am.

Michael: But we heard you made time in your life for one new.

>> Yes, I have someone new in my life.

Kelly: Oh, the women are upset already. Wow.

>> It's a she and I'm allergic to her. She's a cat.

Kelly: Aww. Oh, she's camera shy.

>> She's camera shy slash trying to be really cute and seek attention from me. I found her under a car. I was walking home at night. It was right before the snowstorm. It was 1:00 in the morning. Don't ask me why I was walking home at 1:00 in the morning and I hear this little baby crying under neckar and I picked her up and now she's my little cat.

Michael: You've got a good heart. But you're surgeryic.

>> I do a had cuddle and then I have to go upstairs and blow my nose. It's really -- it's an odd relationship.

Kelly: Sounds like my relationship with mark.

Michael: You just finished season five of "the vampire diaries." Congratulations. You've been renewed for season six already.

Kelly: Job stability. Don't you love it?

>> It's half a decade.

Kelly: It really is. I mean, thing about -- what is your -- think about it. That is your professional life. It's a rare gift.

>> I'm very grateful.

You have such emotional intense scenes. It has to be emotionally grueling. Do you ever lose focus? Or do you ever get distracted?

>> I was doing this really emotional scene with nina doe bereft and -- doe brev and it was one of the characters she was sexage essentially, she's dying and it was like a close-up. It was like the final take and I ahead haddin to get to this emotional place and I finally found myself getting there. It happened to be halloween and I look over and literally in my eye line, the director chooses to play a little prank on me and stands in a donny darko guerrilla -- gorilla bunny outfit while I have tears coming down my eyes. And he's a real piece of working that guy. His name is chris. I want to call him out.

Michael: Call him out.

>> Chris can, thank you so much.

Michael: And also, you are a director yourself, man. And you direct an episode but they gave yaw chair to keep you -- why did they give you a little chair?

>> Because they didn't want my ego to be --


Inflated. The actors were like who do you think you are? You're directing us. You think you're superior. Sit in your little child chair.

Michael: Let's take a look at a clip. Now, here is paul wesley as stefan in "the vampire diaries."

>> We fell in love on our own. We had ups and downs. We fought.

>> I died.

>> Yeah. We changed, both of us. We grew. We grew apart, but that day is real. I mean, that's life.

>> You couldn't cook.

>> And you could. Again, a fantasy.


I'll always love you.


Michael: Good show. It's "the vampire diaries" thursdays, 8:00 p.m. On the cw. Make sure you check out paul wesley, everybody.

>> Thank you, guys.


Kelly: We'll be right back. Stick around.

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>> The biggest stars all want to be on "live."

Michael: Oh, yeah.

>> Next "live," cameron diaz from "the other woman." Plus, emily vancamp enters our -- answers our revenge questions.

Kelly: Where did you get that hat? Ic


Michael: On monday, everyone who crossed the finish line was a winner. But he was the first american man to win the boston marathon since 1983.

Kelly: This race became a symbol nationally of resiliency and determination. Please welcome meb keflezighi.


>> Thank you.

Kelly: Meb.

Michael: My man.


Michael: Congratulations.

Kelly: Meb keflezighi.

Thank you very much. We are having a very hard time pronouncing your name on this show for two days now.

>> That's ok. You can call me meb.

Michael: I'm going to call you meb. Go ahead.

Kelly: So we wanted to congratulate you, not just for winning this race, but you represented the three people that died last year during the bombings. Very beautifully, you had their names written on your number.


Just want to thank you paying homage to people that were there I think in spirit. Done you agree?

>> Most definitely, they were in spirit with me. Last year, I was there as a spectator just like they were. Because I had injury. I didn't run the race. I usually get drug tested or media when I finished. I usually wanted to watch people when I crossed the finish line. I would have been there five minutes or I would be one of those.

Michael: What was that moment like for you to hear those words?

>> That was a great moment because we were resilient. For the united states, for boston. We own boylston street. We wanted to get the finish line. 36,000 start the race and 32,000 finished and that's like 99% because we have to dig deep inside of us.


Kelly: So the people that didn't finish, do we know where they are if


Have they ever been heard from again?

>> Yeah, they did a wonderful job to make sure we have medical each mile. So when they finish, they get the number there that they can contact their family and announce that they're not -- they are at this point. So whether to go to the hospital or not.

>> And what was your time if

>> I won the race in 2 hours and eight minutes and 30 seconds.

Kelly: Unbelievable!


Michael: That's your personal all-time best.

>> Yes, michael. I'm going to be 39 in two weeks and that's my personal best.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Michael: Your personal best at -- going on 39 years old. Now, and my question is this. When you're running man, because that's a long way. For me, I run 10 yards and your pace is so fast. What's going through your mind?

>> It changes quite a bill. Sometimes you think about a competitor. Sometimes you think about a pledge of allegiance and then you think about the crowd. It was phenomenal. 10 deep, a million people cheering for you. To be able to take it in and then you know what, I was struggling the last two or three miles. I was like think form, mechanics, and use the crowd to drive you to the finish line and I did.

Kelly: But you were leading the race. Is it hard for you to get a good pace when you're out in front? Who are you following? Who are you following?


>> Kelly, that's a great question because there was a bunch of guys that were faster than me that were ranked number one until last year and they're behind me. I can't see behind. But I have to use the press truck to go my speed and when I juice that strategy to go out 17 miles, I said I want to climb the tough hills by myself and I could use the pacemaker, the trucks, the motorcycle to allow me to have my cadence and rhythm where if I run with somebody else, he might slow down.

Kelly: So you were chasing a press truck. I would say dang al cheeseburger.

>> Sometimes, when I'm running, I think about the best thing. I use nutrition drinks. But sometimes, you are low on sugar. I need that to have -- chocolate is my favorite one, by the way. For the shake.

Kelly: I would have thought about a margarita.


Like a different kind of drink altogether. But I probably would have finished 24 hours later.

>> I thought you might have a margarita last night.

Kelly: Maybe, yeah, of course.

Michael: But we want to say congratulations to you. Thank you.

Kelly: We're so excited for you.

Michael: Thank you for coming to the show. And we know you have three very happy kids at home that you got to get back to in san diego. Everybody, congrats to meb keflezighi, winner of the 2014 boston marathon.


Kelly: Hey, coming up next, neon trees is going to perform for us. Stick around.

Announcer: If you would like more about anything you see on "live," log on to Here's the biggest question in this campaign: Are we going to get our fair share from the fracking industry, or are we going to keep giving away the store? I'm rob mccord - the only one running... Who will put a ten percent tax on the drillers. We'll use that money to protect our environment... And fully fund our schools. Tom wolf and the others would leave hundreds of millions of dollars in the drillers' pockets. That's a bad deal for pennsyvlania I'm tired of being played for a sucker. If you are too, join us. ♪

Kelly: We love them so much here. They are the rock band out of professionalo, utah, who burst on to the music charts just a couple of years ago and they never looked back. Their new c.d. Is available now. Here's neon trees with a brand-new hit "sleeping with a friend." ♪ ♪ how are you doing? All my friends, they're different people anxious like the ocean in a storm when we go out, yeah, we're electric coursing through our bodies till we're one and why mess up a good thing, baby it's a risk to even fall in love so, when you give that look to me I better look back carefully 'cause this is trouble, yeah, this is trouble I said ooh, ooh, you got me in the mood, mood I'm scared but if my heart's gonna break before the night will end, I said, ooh, ooh, we're in danger, sleeping with a friend leeping with a friend , we don't wantng to die alone to become one, if we believe them, sleeping with a friend all my friends how are you feeling? All my friends all my friends ooh ll my friends say ooh, ooh you got me in the mood you got me in the mood I'm scared that my heart's gonna break before the night will end and I said ooh, ooh, we're in danger sleeping with a friend all my friends all my friends sleeping with a friend all my friends if my heart's going to break before the night will end ooh, ooh, we're in danger, sleeping with a friend ♪


Kelly: Neon trees, everybody! Hi, tyler. How are you?

>> Good.

Kelly: I'm so happy to see you.

Michael: Great job.

Kelly: Another great c.d., another great song. "pop psychology" is the title. What does that mean?

>> It started in a dark place. I started seeing a therapist which is kind of scary. So I started writing the songs during that and it ended up being a huge breakthrough for me. Now, I'm the happiest person I've been since my teenage year. It's awesome.


Kelly: You deserve to be happy. I see your mom is here. And I love when she comes here because she gives me such joy watching her watch you makes me happy.

>> She's rad.

Kelly: Yeah, she's awesome. She's a good mom.


Michael: And you're playing central park summer stage july

>> Yes, it's going to be a summer to remember.

Kelly: Can we come?

>> Yeah. What if we said no?

Michael: I'm only coming if I can dress like that.

>> Yeah. Boom.

Michael: That's it.

Kelly: We'll get you a guitar.

Michael: Your new c.d. Is out now.

>> Yes.

Michael: Everybody, please, go out and pick it up. Neon trees, everybody.


Kelly: We love you so much.

Michael: We're going to come back with another song. So, don't go anywhere.


Announcer: Tomorrow on "live" from "the good wife," christine baranski. There were a lot of kids in our state who did not have access to insurance... But, in the state senate... No one really seemed to care. One of the first pieces of legislation I worked on-- you know it as chip-- I pushed and I pushed hard, and we got it done. And it was signed into law by governor casey. It became the national model for bill clinton... And hundreds of thousands of children in pennsylvania have benefitted. It's the kind of big ideas, it's the kind of experience, it's the kind of leadership I'll bring as your next governor.

Frontline plus.


Kelly: Hey, on tomorrow's show, cameron diaz will be here.

Michael: Emily vancamp will be here.

Kelly: And we have -- somebody wrote in from bay city, michigan, and said did you realize you licked your fingers numerous times before turning the pages of "people" magazine? How many people touched those pages? That copy was made specifically and only for me.


Michael: Yeah.


Jeanna said dirty money. Kelly would never make it as a casino games dealer.

Kelly: Never.

Michael: Not only do we have dirty money but also the chips. We constantly use sanitizer. All right.

Kelly: Let's do it again. One more time. Here's neon trees with "everybody talks." ♪ hey baby won't you look my way, I can be your new addiction hey, baby what you gota say, all you're giving me is fiction I'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the time I found out that everybody talks, everybody talks it started with a whisper and that was when I kissed her and then she made my lips hurt I can't even chit-chat take me to your love shack mamas always gotta backtrack when everybody talks back hey, honey, you could be my drug, you could be my new prescription too much could be an overdose all this trash talk make me itching oh, my, my, everybody talks, everybody talks, everybody talks too much ♪


Captioned by the national captioning institute it started with a whisper and that was when I kissed her and then she made my lips hurt I can't even chit-chat take me to your love shack mamas always gotta backtrack when everybody talks back never thought I'd live to see the day when everybody's words got in

>> Celebrating 11 seasons, here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you very much. Have a seat, everyone. Thank you so very much. It's so nice of you to do for me and I give it all back to you.

[Cheers and applause]

If I could make as much noise as you make, I would do it back to you. Take my word for it. Right back at you. Spring is in the air. It's warmer. It's nice. The snow is melting. We finally got that song "frozen" out of our head. "let it go." Now it's back. It's

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