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Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Announcer: The fourth of july is almost here, so get ready for kelly and michael's "stars & stripes celebration"! Today, all-american superstar recording artist josh groban, pl "live's search for america's new grill star" continues with a military mom from richmon texas, and al our studio audience will compete for cash in "live's stars & stripes celebration games"! All next on "live"! Now here are your red, white, and blue co-hosts kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: Wow! American authors: ♪ ho-o-o-ome ♪

Kelly: Whoo! Fourth of july! Fourth of july! American authors: ♪ I gave the dice a roll and then we lost... ♪

Kelly: Whoo!

Michael: Hey!

Kelly: Fourth of july! Fourth of july! But it's not really fourth of july. It's friday, july 3, 2015. Welcome to our "stars & stripes celebration," everybody. Hey. Hey, hey.

Michael: Yeah, yeah!

Kelly: And a very, very, very special happy birthday to my dad joe ripa! Happy birthday, daddy!

[Cheering and applause]

Happy birthday, mr. Ripa. You know what? Yeah. These glasses kind of cut into your face.

Kelly: They do--and I can't--I can't read. They cover all of any plans for the holiday?

Kelly: Yeah. Just gonna go to a bunch of barbecues, you know.

Michael: Me, too.

Kelly: You know, yeah, and fireworks and the whole thing.

Michael: Yeah. Me and the twins are gonna do the same thing.

Kelly: Ooh, good! The twins are in town?

Michael: Yes, they are.

Kelly: Yay! Twins, twins!

Michael: We're gonna have some food. Fireworks and food.

Kelly: Yes! Hey. Do you know that it's estimated that there will be over 150 million hot dogs eaten tomorrow? Did you know what?

Michael: Wow.

Kelly: And that's just at my house.

Michael: Ha ha! And you know that, um, people--americans will spend at least $2.4 billion on the holiday, on cookouts.

Kelly: On hot dogs.

Michael: On co--yeah, yeah. On cookouts. $2.4 billion. That is amazing, and I'm going to eat up about a billion of that myself in food.

Kelly: Yes. Very exciting.

Michael: And if you're--you know, the thing I was looking at in the paper, and if you're watching your weight, which we don't have to worry about it because the onesies kind of hide everything, but--

Kelly: Just go out and get yourself a holiday onesie!

Michael: Yeah!

Kelly: And eat whatever you want.

Gelman: And never take it off.

Michael: But if you're watching your weight and you want to avoid--you want to avoid, um, drinks.

Kelly: Drinks.

Michael: Drinks.

Kelly: Alcohol.

Michael: With that bikini body--like, for me, I feel like if I--if I go on vacation and then by the time I leave vacation after I have some of ge back--you get it on the back. You get it on the back. Like, right--I can always tell when I've been on vacation by right here. It's like this is--you know, you got it, you got it right there. You go, "yep. Been on vacation. Got my margarita back fat."

Michael: I feel a little layer there. But, you know, they were saying, like, some--some of the drinks that add a lot of calories are for, like, beers. Some beer--some beer--you can get some beers lite beer, like 100 calories or less. It's no problem, but some of these beers when you get into some of the--the bigger, heavier beers, 320 calories per 12-ounce beer. Sour drink 400 calories, but if you use natural ingredients like, you know, lemons and all those different things...

Kelly: And natural booze.

Michael: Without buying the prepackaged, sugary, high fructose corn syrup things, you can save yourself a lot of the calories, and you can have more drinks if you want.

Kelly: What about a pina colada?

Michael: No pina colada in here. They didn't go to the pina colada.

Kelly: No pina colada?

Michael: Nope, but the biggest thing is if you're gonna be out there on a holiday and you're gonna enjoy the cocktails, make sure you do not drive, ok?

Kelly: Drive. Don't drive.

Michael: Everybody be safe and do not drive.

Kelly: Please don't drive.


Michael: And, you know, um, our summer-long "search for america's new grill star" continues with this week's contestant tamie joeckel. From richmond, texas. Yes. Texas!

[Cheering and applause]

And, uh, before we meet her in person, we're gonna learn a little bit more about tamie, so here she is.

Tamie: Hey, kelly and michael! Hey, america! It's tamie joeckel from richmond, texas. I'm right outside of houston. I want to be america's next grill star. My family has been in texas for generations. My grandfather raised cattle, and, you know, where there's a lot of cattle, there's a lot of beef, lots of grilling, so I've grown up grilling, and I love it, and my family loves it.

>> Oh, this is delicious.

Tamie: Is it delicious?

>> One of the strongest motivators that gets me to get in the car and make the 3-hour drive from college is the promise of aunt mimi's cooking.

>> She loves it!

>> She loves it.

Tamie: I think one of the biggest milestones of my life happened about 5 years ago, and I became a mimi. I'm glamma of texas.

>> Mimi's the best griller ever.

>> Yeah. That's right. Our mimi is the best griller ever. Mimi, we love you, and we sure miss your grilling.

Tamie: If I had a cooking show, I would call it "mimi's house" because everyone loves to come to mimi's house. There's always fun, food, music, family. It's just a great time. I never thought I'd be a military mom until I became a military mom. I remember sending my youngest son trey off to war, and I remember when he came home, but I think the think that really connected food and family to me--it a hugk in that I was home yet until I smelled you down here cooking." So, you know, that's just proof that food and family and memories go together, and, uh, I just wish america a happy fourth of july. God bless america.

>> Vote for mimi!


Kelly: I'm excited. Yeah. We're gonna head outside to grill with tamie in a little while, and we'll tell you how you can help her advance to the next round if you think she should be america's new grill star, and I think she's got a shot at it just based on the fact that she's grilling with fringe hanging from her sleeves. That was incredible.

Michael: That's very impressive.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh! That's impressive!

Michael: And, um, just a reminder for everybody out there, there's still time to enter "live's picture perfect makeover."

Kelly: Yes. Now if you're tired of using that 10-year-old picture on your social media page, just go to our website or facebook page for all the details.

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: Ok. Very exciting. Now throughout today's show, brave members of our studio audience will face off as part of our "stars & stripes celebration games." The winners of each challenge will get $500 in cash, as well as take home some of their very own "stars & stripes celebration game" trophies.

Michael: Yes. The trophy is one thing worth about 5 cents, but the $500...

Gelman: Is $500.

Michael: That kicks it in, baby. Stone hard cash.

Kelly: That's right.

Michael: So, um, you know what? We're gonna get started with today's first game. We call it "marshmallow madness," all right?

[Cheering and applause]

So this challenge--this challenge includes kelly, each have a partner from our audience, and we're gonna work together as a team to get as many marshmallows as possible into a cup. Now it seems simple. It seems all right, right?

Kelly: It doesn't seem simple to me at all. It seems gross and contagious.

Michael: Well, we're gonna find out because in this game you can't use your hands. That's the trick. So instead, we have to face-plant into a plate of marshmallows and propel the marshmallows with our mouth into a cup our partner is holding, all right? And at the end of 30 seconds, the team with the most marshmallows in their cup wins.

Kelly: My partner is dan sigoka. Is it "sih-go-kuh"?

Dan: Yes.

Kelly: Hi, dan. I'm kelly. Nice to see you. I work here.


He's from macedonia, ohio. Michael's partner--

[Cheering and applause]

Michael's partner is giovanna crescenzo. Is that right? You are--you look familiar to me. You must be from vineland, new jersey. That's right. Yes.

[Cheering and applause]

Gelman's partner--

Michael: I need some water.

Kelly: Gelman's partner is jocelyn--will you bring mine, too? Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Jocelyn bueller from river edge, new jersey.

[Cheering and applause]

Gelman: Art?

Kelly: Art's partner is hortense bruno from baldwin, new york. Yo, baldwin!

[Cheering and applause]

Michael: Giovanna, you ready?

Kelly: Now here's what's gonna happen. We're gonna--we're gonna spit into there?

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: Oh, godspeed, you 4.

Gelman: Well, I wouldn't say spit. Propel them.

Michael: We're gonna--

Gelman: Propel.

Kelly: No. We're gonna spit.

Michael: We're gonna propel them.

Gelman: With our mou mouths.

Michael: Over there.

Gelman: No hands.

Michael: No hands, and, uh, can we get--can we please get 30 seconds on the clock? Good luck, everybody. Are you--hold on. Relax, relax.

Gelman: We're getting into ready position.

Michael: Ok. Ready... Set... Go!

[Cheering and applause]

[Music playing]

Audience: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

[Bell dinging]

Michael: Aah!

Gelman: "aah!" Why? Because I won?

Michael: Well, the thing is, gelman probably sat out here and practiced.

Kelly: Yes, he did by the way.

Gelman: Oh, yeah, right.

Kelly: Because he was like, "oh, don't forget to do this."

Gelman: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Kelly: Loser.

Gelman: 8...

Kelly: Loser.

Gelman: 9.

Kelly: You're a loser. Sorry.

Dan: Nice try. Thank you so much.

Kelly: I did my best. I think we came in second.

Dan: Thanks.

Gelman: Well...


Michael: Here you go. Where--where--we got to give--

Kelly: Hi, baby.

Michael: We got to give you your trophy, and we're gonna give you $500 in cash. Great job. Great job, giovanna.

Giovanna: Yeah, you, too.

Kelly: Well... These two cheaters won.

Jocelyn: Ohh!

Michael: Ok. When we--

Jocelyn: They're all so sticky.

Michael: All right. Coming up next, josh groban, and we're gonna be giving away a lot more cash as our "stars & stripes celebration" continues, and, gelman--

Kelly: Gelman, you've lost her. She's disgusted.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," our "stars & stripes celebration of the fourth of july" continues with a recipe from this week's semifinalist in our "search for america's new grill star." Coming up next, josh groban.

[Cheering and applause]

Michael: Uh, before we bring out josh groban, we're gonna play one of our "stars & and stripes celebration games." Yes.

Kelly: So exciting.

[Cheering and applause]

Michael: Now for this challenge, we have 3 teams made up of audience members. Team one are cousins from new york--rujin ju an christina fu.

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: Team two is olivia and shannon roman from colorado. They are a mother-and-daughter duo.

Michael: Yeah!

[Cheering and applause]

Here we go. Last but not least, we have remy stokes from orlando and his younger brother jack stokes from washington, d.c.

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: Ok, guys. In this wet and wild game, you'll have 60 seconds to get as many water balloons in the basket that's attached to your teammate's helmet. Just put the water balloons in the basket. The team with the most unpopped water balloons will receive $500 in cash. Ready... Set... Go!


[Music playing]

Audience: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

[Bell dinging]

Kelly: Yes!

Michael: Hey.

Kelly: That's right. Raise your hands in victory. I got to tell you, this was like watching a drowning.

Michael: Kelly looked at me and said, "she's about to drown." But we have--we have to say--and we're gonna--we have a winner, everybody. Everybody, come over here. Our winner-- congratulations to the brothers with the soft touch.

[Cheering and applause]

Remy and jack.

Kelly: Yeah. You're the older one. Hi. How are you? Jack?

Michael: Now did you guys practice?

Remy: Not at all.

Michael: You just--you just work well together.

Jack: Pretty much yeah.

Kelly: If you--if you had gotten our technique down sooner, you guys would have had some real competition. You--you hit--

[Cheering and applause]

It's definitely her fault.

>> Yeah. Absolutely.

Michael: Blame the--what happened?

Kelly: Yeah.


Christina: I was just trying to save my suede shoes from getting wet, man.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: She was--she was saving her suede shoes from getting wet.

Kelly: It was like a quadruple failure. Yeah.

Michael: But you know what? Congratulations, you two.

Kelly: That was great fun.

Michael: Your team--you're getting our special "stars & stripes celebration games" trophy, which is right here.

Kelly: That's incredible.

Michael: So that's yours.

Kelly: Gelman--

Michael: And...

Kelly: Wait a minute. Wait. Gelman, gelman, that's a really nice trophy.

Gelman: It is nice. Yeah. We went all out.

Kelly: I mean, you could sell that for another $500.

Gelman: Yes! Why not?

[Cheering and applause]

Michael: And on top of that, you are getting $500 from us, so congratulations. $500 and a trophy, you guys.

Kelly: All right. So we're gonna go sit down?

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: Not only is he an internationally renowned singer and songwriter and actor, he also happens to be one of our favorite people. Please welcome back to the show josh groban!

[Cheering and applause]

American authors: ♪ go big or go home go, go go big or go home go, go ♪

Josh: Hi. Good to see you.

Michael: ♪ do do do do do ♪

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: Yeah. Yep. That's right.

Michael: I--I honestly think we should form the avengers and just go out there and fight crime.

Josh: Really? Why--why, um--I mean, why limit it to a--yeah.

Kelly: Why can't we all be captain america?

Josh: I think so.

Kelly: Why not?

Josh: Or a music group. I think a new music group would be good.

Kelly: The flags.

Josh: I--I feel much more athletic when I'm in a onesie, an american flag onesie.

Kelly: That's true.

Josh: I feel like I could maybe dance a little bit.

Kelly: It's true.

Josh: But, um, thank you for--for, um--for this wonderful setup and for this--I hope I can keep this.

Kelly: Of course you can.

Josh: This is--can I have it?

Michael: Yes. It's all yours.

Kelly: Of course you can.

Josh: Thanks. I didn't know I'd be wearing it until I got here, so, um, I--ha ha ha! I had some other shoes, and--and this is actually, like, the fifth or sixth time that I've worn an article of gelman's clothing on your show.

Kelly: Are those gelman's sneakers?

Josh: These are his sneakers, yeah. I put these on backstage.

Kelly: How did you--how did you fit your feet into gelman's sneakers?

Josh: We are--we are doppelgangers, and last time I was here, we had the same color suit on...

Kelly: Always.

Josh: And then another time, I needed to borrow a belt. Other time, I forgot socks, and he let me borrow his socks.

Michael: Wow.

Kelly: You two would be good roommates.

Josh: I've got a whole gelman closet at home of just, uh--just his--his hand-me-downs.

Michael: I say you stop when it gets to using his underwear. Don't do that.

Josh: That's what you think. Yes.

Kelly: Well, happy almost--

Josh: Nothing's more american than--

Kelly: Than gelman's underwear. That's true. They have flags all over them. Um, happy almost fourth of july.

Josh: Thank you so much.

Kelly: Do you usually do a big cookout or a parade or a thing?

Josh: Yeah. I'm gonna--you know, I'm gonna get--you know, we're gonna--we're gonna get in the backyard. My dad loves to grill. Um, you know, we get out the sparklers. You know, we've--we've always--it's always just kind of been a nice day for us to--to kind of be together as a family and to have some really good food, and I'm a--I'm a bit of a baked beans connoisseur.

Michael: Ooh.

Kelly: No kidding.

Josh: So yes, yes. The magical fruit.

Kelly: Out of--out of the can or--

Josh: You know what? Sometimes, you got to--you got to do what you can and, uh, yeah.

Kelly: I think--I think they're only good out of the can.

Josh: They're delicious out of the can. National anthem at one of my favorite events, the ken sing singing one of your own songs because there's-the words, evenu them to yourself. Y. There's a lot of nerves that hit you at that point. Plus there was a record attendance there. It was 175,000 people just there in that room that you're looking out on. Yeah. That's the view.

[Kelly gasps]

Kelly: Wow, josh!

Josh: "and you're on, kid. Go!"

Josh: Yeah, not including the horses, and, uh, it was--and it was--it was very, very--beautiful day. Um, you know, didn't bet any money this time around, but it was a--it was a lot of fun.

Kelly: Now are you still flying? Because, um, it's--

Josh: I am.

Kelly: It's--it's very funny. We were talking--we had a guest recently that's, like, taking flying lessons because he's an adrenaline junkie, and I always thought that I would want to take flying lessons.

Josh: Have you ever--have you ever done it?

Kelly: I've never done it, but I think about it all the time.

Josh: Yeah. I--I had thought about it--that would be a fun activity for the show. That would be cool.

Kelly: Yeah.

Josh: Um, I've been thinking about it since I was a kid, and, um, a couple of--a couple of pilots came to my show once, and they said, "hey. We train over at, uh--over at, uh, the airport. Would you like to come and--and try our flight simulators?" And I was just--I was hooked, and so--

Kelly: What kind of pilots? Like, tom cruise in "top gun" pilots?

Josh: Yeah. They all wear these. They wear these outfits everywhere they fly, and, uh, iceman.

Kelly: Yeah. Iceman. You are the iceman.

Josh: Yeah. So when I show up to my next lesson wearing this, he's gonna be like, "ok. Taking it to the next level, grob."

Michael: Now have you--have you flown anywhere cool lately, like any--

Josh: Um, well the cool thing--I mean, the greatest thing about flying--and it's just these--these single-prop cirrus aircraft--uh, is the freedom of it. You can just get up and go. So we landed--we decided while we were doing our lesson that we were a little bit hungry, so we just landed at, uh, oxford, connecticut, airport, and we just pulled up the plane right next to the restaurant at the airport and had a lobster roll.

Michael: Really?

Josh: Yeah. It was awesome. It was really cool. Yeah.

Kelly: That makes perfect sense to me.

Josh: It was the most baller thing I've ever done. Really. Like--

Kelly: To me, that makes sense.

Josh: Because--because the plane has these, like, butterfly doors, and they just--they just kind open. Kksshhh! Like, "yes. Diet coke, please. Yes, thank you."

Kelly: Yeah. "I'm fly--I got to fly home."

Josh: I need my refreshment before I take off from runway 2-3. Yes. Yeah. It was pretty cool. It was fun.

Michael: Well, you know, we got to take a quick break, man. We're gonna come back, and, um, we're gonna come back and talk to you about your most challenging tour that's coming up. I can't wait to hear about that. We'll be right back with josh groban.

Announcer: Monday on "live," taye diggs.

>> ♪ I say here's to... ♪

Michael: Well, welcome back to the show, and, um, we actually-- before we get to you, josh, we have a news update. Um--

Kelly: Breaking news. Breaking news.

Michael: Breaking-- breaking news. This is really big. We counted the balloons, and our winning team, the stokes brothers...

Josh: Yes?

Michael: They had 16 balloons...

Josh: That's a lot.

Michael: And, um...

Kelly: There's a shocking twist.

Michael: But there is a shocking twist.

Kelly: Yeah, shocking twist.

Josh: What?

Michael: Yeah. The mother and daughter.

Kelly: Yep. Mother-and-daughter team of olivia and shannon also got 16 balloons.

Josh: What? Oh!

Michael: So--

Kelly: They will also get--

Michael: Yeah, so we're also-- so--so, mom and daughter, we're gonna give you $500, also.

Josh: Oh.

Michael: Tre a trophy.

Gelman: We'll--we'll make: I'lld opophy? That's it.

Michael: All right. Exactly.

Josh: It's a third of july miracle.

Kelly: Gelman, they want their trophy now.

Josh: Listen.

Michael: I got to say, that was a heck of a comeback, though.

Josh: That was pretty incredible.

Michael: That was pretty amazing. That's a heck of a comeback.

Josh: You know, we're gonna have them mud-wrestle for the first trophy.

Kelly: Gelman, can't--

Josh: I thought I saw some--

Kelly: Can't you give them your emmy until the trophy is ready?

Josh: Ha ha ha! Ha! I mean, any--I mean-- on behalf of the cast and crew--

Michael: Ha ha!

Kelly: There's your trophy.

Michael: There you go.

Kelly: Yeah.

Josh: There you go.

Michael: Now--now, let's talk to you about your--your latest album "stages."

Josh: Sure. Yeah.

Kelly: It's such a great cd.

Michael: Yes.

Josh: Thank you. That's nice.

Kelly: You know, you--you are in a loop in our house. I've told you this before. You really are in a loop on at our house.

Josh: Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. Um--

Kelly: Um, it's the greatest musical theater--

Josh: Yes. Uh, you know, um, back before I was--before I wanted to, uh, be a pilot, uh, I, um--I was--I was interested in theater. I was interested in musical theater. I was going to school for it. I was studying it, and so, you know, to go back and revisit these songs after all this time has just been such a dream come true for me. So many of the great thongs-- songs--"thongs." Excuse me. Uh--

Kelly: You do perform "the thong song." Isn't that true?

Josh: It's just a snub, michael. It's just--it's just, I can't-- it's just--

Michael: I was checking out the fit. I was wondering what was going on.

Josh: Ha ha ha! Ha ha! ♪ let me see your country go ♪ um--and, uh, so anyway, yes, uh, great, great songs from the american musical theater and-- and other, uh, musical theater songs from around the world, and, um, yeah, it's been a blast. We're gonna be touring it, uh, starting in september and going to some great theaters across the country, and...

Kelly: Oh, great.

Josh: Um, you know, it's-- it's gonna be a real dream-come-true tour for me. Sure.

Kelly: Is there any specific spot that you look forward to visiting the most?

Josh: Well, I mean, we're gonna be playing places like the beacon, where I've always wanted to play here, and--and...

Michael: I love the beacon, great theater.

Josh: And some--some wonderful theaters across the country...

Kelly: Oh, we should go. We should go.

Josh: But I'm--I'm kind of excited. We're gonna be kind of expanding this around the world. I'm excited to bring some of these great songs that I've loved since I was younger to-- to other countries. There's countries that I've never visited before. I've always wanted to go to brazil. I've--I want to go to korea.

Kelly: You've never gone to brazil?

Josh: I've never gone to brazil.

Kelly: You're josh groban, international recording star.

Josh: That's what should-- that's the first thing I should've done, is gone to brazil.

Michael: I'm curious, though. When you sing songs like--like these, are they harder to sing than your own songs?

Josh: They are. They're very difficult to sing and--and for a couple of reasons--one, because they're--they're vocally really rangy, so if I'm preparing for a tour like this, it's--it's like getting ready for a vocal marathon. You basically-- I mean, um, you have to sing for--for months just to get ready to sing 15, 20 in a row, but then also from the interpretation side, you want to be--you know, you want to kind of have a certain amount of respe--you know, a certain amount of respect for the songs, but you want to make them your own, as well, so, yeah, a lot-- a lot goes into it, and it's-- it's a challenge, but it's one that's--that's always worth it.

Kelly: Well, we sure, uh, look forward to this tour, and I can't wait for you to play the beacon, so...

Josh: Yes. Please come.

Michael: I'm there, definitely.

Kelly: Now, we're playing these cockamamie games...

Josh: Yeah, speaking of training.

Kelly: Yeah, speaking of training, so will you play a game with us, the "stars & stripes celebrations games," when we come back?

Josh: I would be honored.

Kelly: Yeah?

Josh: It would be my pleasure.

Kelly: Ok. All right. So--

Michael: Well, josh is gonna get competitive with us when we come back. We'll be right back with josh groban.

>> ♪ It's the fourth of july ♪

Announcer: Tuesday on "live," from the new film "self/less," ryan reynolds.

>> ♪ Blue sky ♪

Kelly: Ok, ok. We just found out, everyone, that there is another shocking twist.

[All gasp]

Josh: What?

Kelly: That's right. We had our glass blower, our top-secret glass blower, backstage blowing, and he's about to bring out a second trophy for our mother-daughter duo. Yes. Glass blower, come on out. Yes.

Josh: That's art. Oh, yeah.

Kelly: Art also blows glass. Yes.

[Cheering and applause]

Lot of people--

Michael: Serious, a jack-- he's a jack of all trades. Now, for this "stars & stripes celebration" game, we've enlisted the help of our good friend mr. Josh groban.

Kelly: Yes.

Michael: Yes, yes. There he is at the end.

Kelly: Of course, you all know how to play this game. It's the "apple dance challenge." Yes. You've heard of "dancing with the stars." This is "dancing with the produce." We've each got an audience-member teammate. I'm partnered with tiana...

Tiana: Whoo!

Kelly: From california. Michael's partner is elizabeth

[Indistinct] from right here in

New york.

Michael: Yeah, baby.

Kelly: Josh's partner is maureen thomas, also from california.

Michael: All right. So here's how the game works. I've never played this. I'm still wondering what our producers are doing in the meetings to come up with stuff like this--

Kelly: Oh, they play this all day long.

Michael: Ha ha ha!--but each team has to dance to the music being playing while holding the apple between our foreheads. If the apple drops, we got to pick it up and continue. Whichever team dropped the apple the least amount of times wins, and the audience member on the winning team will receive $500.

Josh: Yeah.

Michael: All right, but you got to do it no hands, no hugging, no groping, none of that. Got to keep your--no-- no gropin', groban, ok?

Josh: Ok. Ok. No strayin', strahan.

Michael: Ha ha ha!

Gelman: No rippin', ripa.

Josh: Yeah. No rippin', ripa.

Kelly: Don't worry. We got it covered.

Michael: Are y'all ready? Set. Go.

Kelly: All right. Ooh. Dance.

[Salsa music playing]

Gelman: Move the cheeks.

Josh: We'll get some rhythm yet. Ha ha!

Kelly: Got it.

Maureen: Go again.

Josh: Let's go.

Maureen: Ha ha ha!

Josh: Pretty, pretty nice.

Michael: Good god.

Elizabeth: I'm on it. Almost, though.

[Rock and roll music playing]

Josh: I still got this. It's all right. I won't lose this for you.

Tiana: You got it?

Kelly: We got it now. Let's go. Yes!

[Mc hammer's "can't touch this" playing]

Hammer: ♪ can't touch this ♪

Kelly: Here we go.

Michael: Ready? Oh.

Josh: Do you want to try going down? Go down? Let's go down. Yeah.

Audience: 3, 2, 1.

[Bell rings]

[Cheering and applause]

Tiana: Aah! Whoo!

Michael: Oh...

Tiana: Whoo!

Josh: Good competitors.

Kelly: Tiana, yeah.

Michael: Congratulations, tiana.

Tiana: Whoo!

Michael: You won our "stars & stripes celebration games" trophy. Here's our trophy...

Kelly: You know what? The antigropers won the whole thing.

Michael: And on top of that, you get $500 cash. Well done. I'm exhausted. How about you, josh?

Josh: I'm starving.

Michael: You're--ha ha! Well, hey, hey, thank you. Thank you so much. You're--you're an amazing person. You're an amazing guy...

Josh: I'm a horrible dancer.

Michael: And you're--but...

Kelly: Your our worst dancer.

Michael: You make people dance and make people groove. You go out and you get his new album "stages." It's available now. Thank you to josh groban.

Kelly: More of our "stars & stripes celebration" when we come back, so stick around.

Announcer: Travel provided by Always travel cheaper with weekly cheap of the week promo codes and cheap cash you can earn on flights. Save on flights, hotels, and vacation packages with, where cheap is good. Wednesday on "live," from the new film "mr. Holmes," laura linney.

Kelly: Hey, our search for america's new grill star is under way, and we are here with our fifth semifinalist tamie joeckel from richmond, texas. Welcome. Hi.

Tamie: Thank you. Hi.

Michael: Welcome, tamie, and now--now--

Kelly: It smells so good.

Michael: Smells so good...

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Michael: And it smells so good, and I am hungry, so let's get started.

Kelly: Ok.

Michael: Tell us what we're making and show us how to make it.

Tamie: All right. We are making chipotle fig baby back ribs.

Kelly: Mm.

Michael: Oh, ho. Oh.

Tamie: So it's gonna be sweet with a wonderful afterburn, so the first thing I need to do-- you guys to do is just to put all of these spice ingredients into this bowl.

Kelly: In here? Ok.

Michael: All right.

Tamie: Yeah. That's, like, brown sugar, black pepper, salt...

Kelly: Garlic powder.

Tamie: Garlic powder, onion powder, and now there's another component to this. It's a really important component, and that's the chipotle...

Michael: Ok.

Tamie: Peppers, and you buy these chipotle peppers in the mexican food section of your-- of your supermarket.

Michael: Ok.

Tamie: If you want them really, really spicy, you would use all of the peppers. If you don't like spicy, just use a few, but we're using all of them...

Kelly: Yeah.

Tamie: So, michael, I need you to take your hands and squeeze those peppers into this spice over here.

Kelly: Hee hee hee!

Tamie: Just squeeze it. Squeeze it. Squeeze it. Squeeze.

Michael: I don't leave the peppers in there, do I?

Kelly: Let all of your rage out.

Tamie: No. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everything, everything. Just--

Michael: Aargh!

Tamie: Just do it. Just get in there and do it.

Kelly: Show that pepper who's boss.

Tamie: See, that emotion goes into those ribs. It's amazing. Ok, so now--so now that we've got this--

Michael: Well, you said squeeze them.

Tamie: Now we've got this ooey-gooey mixture, and you guys are gonna take your gloves, and you are going to slather that on that meat. Just slather, slather, slather.

Kelly: Slather the meat.

Gelman: Slather it up.

Michael: That--that looks so good.

Tamie: All right. That's good. Yeah. You're good.

Kelly: Slather the meat.

Tamie: So slater the meat both sides, both sides, everywhere, everywhere.

Kelly: This is like that scene from--from "ghost."

Tamie: Massage those baby backs.

Michael: Yes.

Tamie: Yes. Massage the baby backs.

Kelly: Scene from "ghost."

Tamie: That's right.

Kelly: Yes. Isn't this-- isn't this romantic?

Tamie: It's like instead of clay, we have ribs.

Kelly: We have ribs, which is better.

Tamie: Yeah. All right. So, michael, while you take those ribs now and put them on the hot part of the grill...

Michael: Yes, ma'am.

Tamie: We're going to se-- we're gonna sear those, uh, ribs on both sides. Kelly, you want me to help you take your--

Kelly: No. I got it. I got it. Don't worry. It's--I got it.

Tamie: Ok. Take them off. Take them off.

Kelly: Take them all off.

Tamie: ♪ take 'em off take 'em off ♪

Kelly: Thank you.

Tamie: Ok.

Michael: ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ha!

Tamie: Ha ha ha! All right. We're gonna talk about some sauce because the way I cook the ribs, you sear them on both sides, and then they're gonna go in foil...

Kelly: Ok.

Tamie: And then they will be on the lower heat for about a hour and a half. So we've got the bacon cooking. We're gonna add onion.

Kelly: Oh...why is bacon perfect?

Tamie: You want to stir this around?

Kelly: Sure will.

Tamie: Bacon--everything's better with bacon...

Michael: Yes. It is.

Tamie: And bacon and onion cooking is the most amazing smell in the whole world.

Kelly: It is life.

Tamie: So you would saute those for about 8 minutes...

Kelly: Ok.

Tamie: And then, michael, add the chicken broth to that...

Michael: Yes.

Tamie: And then the really important ingredient-- now, kelly and michael, take these figs and put that in there. You're gonna mix them up.

Michael: Oh, wow.

Kelly: Where did--now, are these--is this like a pig preser--a fig preserve or--

Tamie: It's a fig preserve...

Kelly: Ok.

Tamie: Just in--just in your jelly section...

Kelly: Oh, ok. Great.

Tamie: Of your supermark-- market. Just get fig. So once that's cooked down for a while, you're going to put it in a blender.

Kelly: Ok.

Tamie: You have to be really careful because it's very hot. You just kind of pulse it a little bit...

Kelly: Ohh...

Tamie: And now what I'm going to do is grab...

Kelly: Ok.

Tamie: The magically seared rack of ribs...

Michael: Tv magic.

Kelly: Boy, you are so good at this.

Tamie: That michael did, and those ribs go on there, and now we're actually going to take the sauce that we blended...

Kelly: Ok.

Michael: Ok.

Tamie: And you want to pour that on there. Kelly, keep it so it doesn't...

Kelly: Yes. You got it.

Tamie: Tear and it doesn't, uh, spill anywhere.

Kelly: Spill over.

Michael: Ok.

Tamie: Just pour that on.

Kelly: Yeah.

Tamie: Beautiful.

Kelly: Look at how good you are at this.

Tamie: Beautiful, and you wrap that up really well so that it doesn't spill all over your-- your grill...

Kelly: This is terrific. Tamie, I love it.

Tamie: And, michael, put those back on. Put those back on the low heat. So, you know, when you're grilling, you're gonna create cooking zones. You have a hot zone of your grill, and then you've got a cool zone. So that goes on the cool zone.

Kelly: Cool zone. Ok.

Tamie: It's gonna cook for about a hour and a half. Once you get that out--

Kelly: So you start this in advance, right? I mean, this is not something you just whip up when people come over. You plan this out.

Tamie: I would, yeah, plan. You definitely want to plan it out because you want your-- you want your ribs wrapped in the, um--wrapped in this, uh, chipotle sauce overnight, is better, but once you cook in that with the ribs--

Kelly: It's falling off the bone.

Michael: What?

Tamie: Yeah, and so you could actually take that sauce and pour it into a cup and cook it, but here is the finished product, just absolutely beautiful. I give each of you a taste.

Michael: Oh, boy.

Kelly: This is great. There are days you really love your job, and this is one of them.

Michael: And this is one of them.

Kelly: Thank you, tamie.

Michael: I'm gonna leave that on that plate...

Tamie: Take that one and taste it.

Michael: And we're gonna taste these right now.

Tamie: You're gonna have a sweet bite...

Kelly: I'm gonna try to eat it like a--

Tamie: And a beautiful afterburn.

Michael: Mm!

Kelly: Mm.

Michael: Oh, boy.

Kelly: That's delicious.

Tamie: Isn't it good?

Kelly: That's delicious.

Michael: Let me get that in. These are delicious, and if you want to help tamie move on to the final cook-off, then go to our website to view her video and go to facebook to share her video. The social media activity combined with our judges' scores will determine who moves on to the next round. Tamie, I got to say, these are delicious. You are smooth.

Tamie: Thank you.

Kelly: These are so good.

Michael: Wow.

Tamie: Come on, america. Come to mimi's house.

Kelly: Mimi! Whoo!

Michael: Mimi, and everybody stay right there. When we come back, we're gonna have another "celebration game," so till then, I'm gonna eat these ribs. We'll be right back.delicious f. New grill star, all the details are on our website. Are cool, too.

Michael: All right. We're continuing the "stars & stripes celebration games" with a lesson on united states landmarks, ok? So for this game, kelly and I each have an audience-member teammate. I'm partnered with steve hodge. Now, steve became a u.s. Citizen in 2010, so he's a citizen...


Kelly: Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

Michael: And kelly's with janet guevara, who's been a u.s. Citizen her whole life.

Kelly: Today's game is called "guess the landmark." There'll be hidden puzzle pieces. As each piece, uh, is revealed, more of the landmark will be shown. It's our job to ring the bell and correctly yell out what landmark we're seeing in order to win a point for our team. Once a point is given, a new landmark puzzle will begin.

Michael: All right. Now, the audience member with the most points wins $500 in cash and, more importantly, they get our "stars & stripes," um, trophy back there, so--


Now, now, now, janet, are you ready?

Janet: Yes.

Michael: Are you sure?

Janet: Yes.

Michael: Kelly, are you ready?

Kelly: Ready.

Michael: All right. Here we go. Let's see our first landmark puzzle piece. Have it removed.

Kelly: Ok.

Michael: Ok.

Gelman: Keep going. Get ready to--

[Bell rings]

Ok. What's your guess?

Steve: The golden gate bridge.

Gelman: All right!

Steve: Oh! Yes.

Michael: Ha ha! Wow!

Steve: Right.

Michael: Next.

Michael: Times square.

[Bell rings]

Gelman: Whoa!

[Bell rings]

Janet: White house.

Michael: The white house.

Janet: I said white house.

Steve: Oh! Ha ha ha!

Michael: How you like this? Ha ha!

Kelly: He's got the answers. He's got the answers.

Janet: I better get this one.

Gelman: Come on. Come on, kelly.

Woman: Sky?

Janet: It's the sky.

[Bell rings]

Kelly: Statue of liberty.

Janet: Yes.

Michael: Well done.

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: All right.

Janet: Are we even?

Kelly: See, he starts pretending like he doesn't have the answers, but then--

Michael: I don't have the answers.s.

[Bell rings]

Grand canyon.

Kelly: Uh--


Janet: What all is that?

[Bell rings]

Michael: That is disneyland.

Steve: Disneyland. Oh... Oh, that was serious.

Michael: Ha ha ha!


[Bells ring]

Steve: Phone a friend.

Kelly: Washington monument.

Michael: Washington monument. Yeah.

Kelly: I said washington monument first.

Steve: Oh, yeah. She's got it.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: Congratulations, steve. I'll have the money. Ha ha!ed y.

Michael: Grab the money. That's good, my friend. Good job. Janet, come on over here, baby.

Kelly: Janet said she likes the money. He can have the trophy.

Janet: He can have the trophy. I get the money.

Kelly: Congratulations, sweetheart. That was fun.

Announcer: Tune in all next week when kelly and michael get the inside scoop on some tough topics with some pint-sized experts during "just kidding" week.

>> ♪ Go big or go home go, go big or go home ♪

Kelly: As we end our "stars & stripes celebration," we're going to play one more game with our audience members for a chance to win $500 in cash and

Another chance to [indistinct].

Ha ha ha!

Michael: Yeah. All right, everybody. Please welcome team one, which is kelly's team from long island, new york, and we got to say, these two recently got engaged. Congratulations.

Kelly: And--guess what--they met on fourth of july.

Michael: And--

Kelly: They met at--they met on fourth of july at a block party, so there you go. Mm-hmm.

Michael: All right. That's the way to do it, and we get the-- we get to meet their challenger, david and reid?


Kelly: This game is called "torpedo toss." Ha ha ha! In this game, we will work with our team to get as many torpedoes as possible through the ring. One teammate will toss the torpedo. One will hold the ring, and another team member will retrieve the torpedoes. I am already calling a flag on this, as one of us was a professional football player.

Michael: But...

Kelly: I don't see us doing ballet dancing.

Michael: They never let me throw the ball.

Kelly: I don't see us ballet dancing here today.

Michael: They did not let me throw the ball.

Kelly: All right. Ok.

Michael: I--I--they didn't allow me to touch the football...

Kelly: I know. Must be--

Michael: And I'm still scarred from it. All right, but-- but at the end of 30 seconds, the team with the most torpedoes through the rings will win $500 in cash and the "celebration games" trophy that's right over there, ok?

Kelly: Can we please get--

Michael: See, n-now you put pressure on me by saying I was the football player. Now I can't have the upset. Now I feel very stressed that--

Kelly: Oh, yes. I'm sure, being a football player, he's probably never held a football before because he was defensive player. Get on your marks. Ready. Set.m. Go.

[Cheering and applause]

Audience: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

[Bell rings]

Michael: Yo! That was good.

Kelly: That was really good.

Michael: I have no idea what happened. Well--

Kelly: All I know is-- all I know is one of us was a professional football player.

Michael: And I--you know what? I have to say, we have to, um--

Kelly: How many? What?

Gelman: We're gonna check the tape, but right now, we have--

Michael: It looks like kelly--

Gelman: Kelly had 10. Michael had 9.

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: I cheated.

Michael: We got to check the tape.

Kelly: I cheated.

Gelman: That's what we have.

Kelly: You hear that? Wait a minute. Wait. Timeout.

Michael:e go c...


Kelly: Ynd n're- ch I was throwing at■ much hig

Kelly: Well, you were firing some blanks, and I was getting them all in the hole, baby.

Michael: All right. We're gonna check the tape. We're gonna come right back.

Kelly: Yeah. Check the-- check the tape.

Michael: Come on! Come on!

>> ♪ Go big or go home go, go go big or go, oh, home go, go go big or go home go, go go big or go, oh, home ♪ ♪ go, go ♪

Announcer: We'll announce the winners when we return. Closed captioning sponsored in part by...

Michael: All right. We are back. We went to the tape. We did the count, and both teams had 10, so both teams get a trophy. Both teams get $500. Everybody's a winner. Yes. Awesome. Have a great holiday weekend, everybody, ok?

Kelly: We'll see you, everybody. We'll see you monday with taye diggs.

Michael: And we begin our "just kidding" week, so you won't pny disney-a ..sney-a

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[Cheers and applause] ally.


How abweek away. Are you ready for that?

[Cheers and applause]

It seems you are excited. Did you start drinking already? If you are not ready for thanksgiving, and some people are not, I don't think you are ready for what happens right after thanksgiving. Say it with me -- my birthday is in two months.


Oh. Anyway, besides my birthday being in two months, it's black friday, the day after thanksgiving. Black friday is a wonderful day for people that don't want to shop on-line but love getting punched in the face.


What's crazy is that stores are not even waiting for friday anymore. Wal-mart is opening at 6:00 on thanksgiving day. And best buy is opening at 5:00. I don't know if that's a good thing because your pants start

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