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Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Announcer: It's "live! With kelly & michael." Today, from the new series, "american crime," felicity huffman. And the "long island medium" theresa caputo. Plus, a better burger, courtesy of dr. Joe furman as we continue our "healthy, hearty cooking week." All next on "live."

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Now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

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♪ Went from -- because I was out in all of it all day long. I had a lot of ouch! That hurts. And then finally, the rain, the nasty slush rain that made everything frozen on the sidewalk.

Michael: If you get back by

9:00, you will be fine. And then we got diverted and had to go to d.c. Sat there for like an hour or two before we came here. And then I did something that I probably shouldn't have done to my poor sister.

Kelly: You went to a steak house?

Michael: No, that we should have done. But when we were landing and she was the only one sleeping. I said when the wheels hit the ground, let's all scream.

Kelly: Oh, my god, that's horrible. That's horrible.


Michael: It was so good. It was so good. She jumped up and her head went back into her skull like a turtle. Oh, it was so good.

Kelly: I'm on sarah's side. That's not funny.

Michael: It made for a very eventful day.

Kelly: She could have had a -- you know, needed an emergency panty change at that point.

Michael: She did threaten us.

Kelly: You might have to keep circling. That is funny.

Michael: And then this is what you talked about and it's really amazing. You're always right.

Kelly: Thank you.


If we could get my actual husband on board with that thinking, then it would be ok.

Michael: Because they show that people -- you switch sides of the bed, right?

Kelly: Yes.

Michael: What side do you sleep on now?

Kelly: If we're on the bed, I'm on the left side. I'm on your side.

Michael: You have gone to the side that most people go away from.

Kelly: Well --

Michael: No, most men sleep there because they refuse to give it up.

Kelly: When we had small babies, I realize what it was. When I had babies, I slept closest to the door because when you have to feed them, when -- like I slept closest to the I r have bigen for having to give up their favorite part of the bed because 24% of women are more than likely than men to face away from their partners when they sleep so the women are upset that you turn your backs on us.

Kelly: I think it's a heat thing. Heat generates a lot of heat. It's very hot.

Michael: You have three kids, yes.

Kelly: So when I turn away from him, I'm turning away from the heat source. It's not that I'm necessarily rejecting him. I'm just turning away. Let him steam up the back for a little while.


My eyelash extensions are melting off. I've got to turn away.

Michael: And more than twice as many women than men have changed their preferred side of the bed for a child. That's what you just discussed.

Kelly: Yeah. So all these years, I never really had my favorite side of the bed. We always just slept. Whenever -- wherever we were, it's whatever side is closest to the door. That's where I slept.

Michael: I think you went into the room and it's like a energy. I like to be by the door. It feels like somebody comes in, I got to get us out of there.

Kelly: Right.

Michael: At least get myself out of there, you know what I mean?

Kelly: Right.


By us, he didn't mean us.

Michael: All I'm saying is while I'm trapping, don't tell me where to run. When I get loose, I'm out. But then sometimes you walk into a room and it feels like a different energy about it.

Kelly: Right.

Michael: And this is another thing. 18% more women than men would rather give up the tv remote than give up their preferred side of the bed. I could see that. We would sleep on a brick, brick, brick instead of giving up the remote.

Kelly: It's so true. Mark will fall asleep clutching, clutching that remote. And he waits until he finds the most awful and uninteresting thing.


Michael: Then the second you touch it --

Kelly: And like a mum yi, it hardens. And as soon as you try to get it away, he's like I'm. I'm watching this. Really? You're watching the mating of the fly? I don't think so. I don't think you are. You were asleep five seconds ago.

Michael: He's well versed in all things.

Kelly: He is. Speaking of flies and mating, have you seen this new show where babies are being born into the wild? Yeah, no, I'm not kidding. The "naked and afraid" shows, they've now gone a whole step further -- I'm not saying it's the people that brought you "naked and afraid." This is on -- let's see. Is it lifetime? Yeah, lifetime brings you a show where women are giving they're giving birth?

Kelly: They're in a flimsy tent in the wilderness. Doesn't that sound like fun? Erncy.e husband is there and the you know what I mean?

Michael: You want to have the baby out, just go in the backyard.


Kelly: Go in the backyard.

Michael: Go to the hospital. Have them put a few plants in the room. Feels like outdoors to me.

Kelly: Ricki lake made that amazing documentary. "the business of being born." Did you see that? Oh, you should see it. It's amazing. It's an amazing documentary but she gave birth at home day. Because I'm going for that nitrous, girl.

Kelly: Both of your form of a party drug.

Michael: Possibly. T there are these thieves in british -- there were some british thieves who stole 10 in there, open up, mr. Gelman.


That would be awesome, actually. Go ahead, I'm sorry.

Kelly: No, you go ahead.

Michael: I could see numbers.

Kelly: Well, go ahead. Tell me what you were going to say.

Michael: The world's oldest person celebrated a birthday the day before they turned 117 years old. Yes.

Gelman: Wow.


Kelly: So they have the party before?

Michael: She had a party the day before and she's the prints. She was born in 1898. 117 years old.

Kelly: Good for her.


Kelly: I love the kimono. My story was about the husband and wife who he just turned 108. She's 105. And they've just celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary.


They're the oldest married anyway, I just think they look amazing. When you think that he's 108. She's 105. They've been married for 82 years. They look great.


Michael: That's a lot of years. That's aayhen you go in to eat.

Kelly: Oh.

Michael: So 50th birthday, 50%. Well, this joseph nelson strolled in for a birthday breakfast and he got a refund because he's 101 years old.

Kelly: Wow.


He got a seven cents refund.

Michael: He got a full seven cents back. Good for him. That's awesome. All right. Everybody here sitting on this wednesday, are y'all ready to get this party started with our "spin into spring travel trivia"?


Kelly: That's andre belushi from new jersey.


I like that noge ji. That's a good one too. That one is a good one. That one says oh, my gosh. You know what that is? It says that you're trying to hold back some sort of bodily function.


Michael: Hey, great job, man. Got a little bit more coming up in a minute.


Let's say hello to marlise ellie from princeville, new york. How are you?

Caller: Hello, michael. Hello, kelly.

Michael: Hello.

Kelly: You look like a lady that's a lot of fun. I see you lounging in your luxurious poosm what's going on?

Caller: Well, in that pool shot, my husband had just had a hip replacement and we live in illinois and it's freezing. And I said why are you healing here? Let's go to fort lauderdale.


Kelly: You and I are two like-minded women. I agree with you. Let's spin the wheel and see what you're playing for.


Hey, marlise, here's great prize, eight days and seven nights in the four-bedroom, in playa del villa carmen mexico. This includes a private infinity pool and jacuzzi. You know what that means, all nude, all the time. A house manager. Oh, the pesky house manager. Maybe not fully nude. Daily maid service, cook service, personal concierge, round trip airfare. T's a prize valued at $9200. Good luck.


Michael: That's a great trip. That is a great trip. All right. On yesterday's show, we talked with sigourney weaver. What did sigourney say her husband hid from her when they first met?

Caller: Oh. I know everything about him. Oh.

Kelly: You know this.

Michael: What did sigourney weaver say her husband hid from her --

Caller: That he was a bartendte her shoes when she took her shoes off.

Caller: Oh, I knew that!

Kelly: Don't get hostile with us!


We are innocent in this. Listen, marlise. You're still going to get a great prize. You and a lucky member of our studio audience will each receive a five-year subscription from netflix with a screaming device valued at more than $500 so please pick a number -- right now, I feel like his t-shirt. Please pick a number between one and 231.

Caller: Number three.

Kelly: Three.


Michael: There we go. That was a scream. Marlise, thank you for playing. Congratulations, young lady. Everybody, stay right there. When we come back, the beautiful felicity huffman will be here with us. We uncer: Still ahead on, continue "healthy, hearty cooking week" week with dr. Joel fuhrman. And we will talk with "long island medium" theresa caputo. And coming up next, felicity huffman.


Kelly: She's an emmy-winning, oscar-nominated actress and we're so happy to have her back on the show. Please welcome the lovely felicity huffman!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Good to see you.

>> Good to see you.

Michael: You look great.

Kelly: Felicity, this is your color. We have found your color and this is it.

>> I'm so glad. Yay.


Kelly: It's so funny because I'm looking at you walk out here and you're reminding me to be hopeful that spring is possibly around the corner.

>> Oh, I know. You guys in new york. In l.a., it's like 70 and 80 and sunny. Anyway, go on.


Michael: We see you now. You're this incredible, incredible actress but you almost gave it up. And what were you going to do if you were to give up acting?

>> Like any freelancer, your last job is always your last job. I moved to l.a. From new york where I was a stage actor and I could not get arrested. I mean, not saying?

>> You probably could have gotten arrested if you broke the law.

>> And I finally went ok, that's it. And I drove into the parking lot of the school of beauty and I went in and I got an application because I was going to do hairdressing. Because that's another talent of mine. And I got the application and I got back in the car and I think I hadn't worked for almost two years and I got a call when I got the job.

Kelly: That's amazing. I'm always so impressed when people persevere and resist the urge to do other things in show business and it was just like such luck, or do you think that it's like -- sometimes I feel like you have to leave the house for the phone to ring that you got the job.

>> Yeah, or plan a vacation or get a different dream. I don't know. It's hard because sometimes you've got get a new dream. Sometimes when you just can't get it -- you can't get a job. You can't do what you love to do, then you've got to get a new dream and sometimes you don't.

Michael: And your husband said he dreamed and he married very well. You are a dream wife. He was here last year. And he said you allow him to ride motorcycles. And he said he knows he married well.

>> Isn't that weird? St up to me. When do I become that?

Michael: Because most wives will not let their husbands ride motorcycles. It's like you're mine and I will not let you do that.

>> I completely understand if it makes them incredibly nervous and it does but you have to let people do what they want to do. He's the captain of his own destiny. Going to ride a motorcycle. There you go.

Michael: Love it.


Kelly: We have to take a commercial break. When we come back, we are going to find out why you struggled with your character on "american crime." More with felicity huffman.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," theresa caputo, the "long island medium."

>> I admit. I had some problems.

>> Problems? Say what you did. Say what you did. Say what you did! You gambled away everything you had and then you went and stole to gamble so more.

>> It was an illness and it was an addiction and now I am recovered.

>> I raised the boys in public housing. Do you have any idea what that was like?


Kelly: Policety, you're so good. You are so good. This is a story, "american crime." You're playing the murder of a -- mother of a murdered son and it's about an investigation as to what happened, right?

>> Yeah.

Kelly: That's timothy hutton who plays your ex.

>> Yes, the great timothy hut tonight. Yes it's a concept written and directed by john ridley who wrote "12 years a slave." I take my hats off to them because it's nothing that network television has ever done before. The inciting premise is timothy and the murder of my son. And then you see the perspective of everyone, the victims, the cops, the people who are just, you know, indicted for it. It's a real 360 story.

Kelly: I'm watching the scene and your emotions are so raw and so, you know, right there where you need them. And, I mean, when you do a scene like that and you have to do it over and over again so they could get all the angles, his perspective, your perspective, over here. How do you keep conjuring up those emotions over and over again? It has to be so exhausting.

>> I could talk about acting but when I find, people's eyes roll back in their heads.

Kelly: I don't know how you keep it up.

>> But let me tell you something interesting in that shot. It was a one shot. John ridley came and said I'm going to do it on once. It wasn'ten the camera on you and on me and then on you. It was like one whole shot. And I kept asking john are you sure? And he said don't be bad.

Kelly: That's good. That's good advice.

>> Yeah, it was. It was really good advice.

Michael: The advice worked. You're amazing. And the show is "american crime." It premieres on thursday at

10:00 p.m. On abc. The beautiful felicity huffman, everybody.


Kelly: Hey, theresa caputo, the "long island medium" is coming up next.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live" ffr.

>> Your husband says you worry if I suffer. Is that correct?

>> Yes.

>> Did he pass at 9/11?

>> Yes. Oh, my god, that's crazy.

>> 9/11.


Michael: As you can see, our next guest is still making emotional connections with families and their loved ones in the spirit world. Returning for its sixth season on the hit tlc show, "long island medium," please welcome theresa caputo.


>> Hi. Hi. Hi, how are you?

Kelly: You look so good.

>> Thank you. Nice to see you. Hi. How are you?

Michael: Good.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: I love your velvet pantsuit.

>> Thank you, in the rain, it's inmates but you went back and you talked to male inmates this time. How did it go?

>> How do you think, michael? Put a room of 10 men together and be inmates, it was incredible.

Kelly: Was it emotional?

>> Yes.

Kelly: Do you get affected by their emotion or are you just more the channeler?

>> I'm just the channeler. I have to keep it separate but it's hard sometimes.

Kelly: Yeah. When you see the breakdown emotionally.

Michael: So when you're -- because when you're talking to -- doing a reading, has a soul ever come to you and tell you where somebody's hidden something?

>> Yes.

Michael: Really?

>> Yeah, a client kept talking about the chock-full of nuts can of money. And she said I found another can. Found said trust me, I all the cans and they bought themselves a lexus.

Kelly: Are there any cans in my attic?

>> No.


I think they're in michael's attic.

Kelly: My attic. I just want to find a can in my attic. That's a shame.

Michael: But every time you come here, every guest -- felicity just said I want to meet her. But when you're out and about, are people always trying to get your attention?

>> Absolutely. Not only the people but also spirit.

Kelly: Right.

>> People will spray perfume all over them, their mother's perfume and they'll like walk by e and hoping the mother is saying I hated that perfume. Now, I'm here and what's happening, everyone is talking their loved ones. So they're all saying speak to me. Say something. And if it's real, theresa's going to say this so that's where the difficulty thing, where the difficulty comes in.

Kelly: Wow.

>> Right now, there was a son that stepped forward that is departed and he made my -- felt up with some fluid and he says he's either --

Kelly: Right over here.

>> You lost your son, ma'am? How do you connect with the filling up with the fluid or with the chest? Was there also a drowning?

>> It was premature and his lungs were not developed.

>> Ok. You have to understand that --

>> Oh, I know.

>> That's what they make me feel. I feel like I don't see how someone died. They make me feel. So immediately, he labored my breathing and then there's like a filling up with the fluid.

>> I lost my fluid very early in his pregnancy but held him and he lived a day.

>> But he passed from the lungs, is that correct? That's why he didn't survive.

>> Wow.

>> You still have all of his belongings?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Shoe me a little blue shoe box and then I saw like a little hospital bracelet, a little hat in a blanket. That's my symbol where someone kept clothing --

Kelly: Theresa caputo, the "long island medium" is going to be back. We'll be right back.

>> It's been forever and my mom

Announcer: Friday on "live," from the series, "gotham," jada pinkett-smith.

Kelly: We're back with the "long island medium" and theresa caputo is reading the audience's

>> Don't shuffle my feet and I never listen.

>> Oh, my god.

>> So you know that your dad did not suffer and more importantly, you get to say goodbye to him. You still have your dad's shoes, though? He talks about a specific pair of shoes. I feel like they're an old-fashioned -- almost like a winged tip shoe. There has to be something with shoes.

>> Oh, no.

>> How do you understand the mom that's departed? How do you understand the mom? Mom to me could be grandmother. Is your mom departed?

>> Yes.

>> What do you think like I'm crazy?

>> No, I'm totally in shock.

>> I know.

>> She passed away in 1999.

>> Your mom is stepping forward.

>> I have her ring on.

>> Your mom shows me that you took very good care of her and that you were always care. She talks about her religious article. So was your mom a woman of faith?

>> Yes, she wert book?

>> I might. It's been a long time. I have her rosary beads and my dad's.

>> But do you not pray with the rosary beads? She's shaking the rosary beads at me. She said tell her to pray with these rosary beads.

>> Tell her I will.

Kelly: I don't want to interrupt the mom and the rosary beads but we have to take a commercial break and I want to make sure that the audience checks out the "long island medium" this sunday at 9:00 p.m. On tlc. And when we return, joel fuhrman is going to give us a hearty, healthy recipe. Thank you, theresa.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," new york rangers goalie henrik lundqvist.


Kelly: Hey, "healthy, hearty cooking week" continues with a doctor and best-selling author who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutrition. Easier said than done. He is teaching us how to make a better burger from his "eat to live" cookbook, which is so fantastic. Please welcome dr. Joel fuhrman. I love your cookbook.

>> I know. That's incredible.

Kelly: I'm a big fan.

>> Thank you.

Michael: How can we build a better burger, doc?

>> Yeah, because we want to make a healthy burger.

Kelly: And some people don't enjoy burger meat.

>> That's the key. We want to eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, less animal products. That's the key to getting healthy.

Kelly: Yeah. Let's do it.

>> So it's really simple. There are two steps. Boil some water here. We have a cup of boiling water. Mix in some tomato paste. And we'll put the spices right in the water and mix it in.

Kelly: Oregano and basil.

>> Yeah. And throw in some fresh chopped parsley. And that's no-salt seasoning blend.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> So that's it. That's all done.

Kelly: We're done. Bye-bye, everybody.


Michael: I saw some rubber gloves over here. So I put them on. But I don't know why I did that for.

Kelly: Just the whole process of watching you put them on is fabulous.

Michael: It takes me forever to put them on because they're so small.

>> So now, we're going to put in a cup and a half of rolled oats.

Kelly: Ok.

>> And a cup of chopped ground walnuts. That's the secret. The secret is to use the fat from nuts and not oil.

Kelly: Aha.

>> Now, we're going to mix this. Not with the gloves in this.

Michael: I just want to touch something with my gloves.

Kelly: Touch the other glove.

>> So it soaks in there.

Michael: Are you turning down the heat over there? So you're saying the key is?

>> The key is to use the water in place -- walnuts in place of the oil. One study shows that people switched from butter to olive oil, the death rate went down. But when they switched from olive oil to walnuts, the rate went down again.

Michael: Really?

Kelly: Should I add this other stuff in?

>> Not yet. Now, we're going to get a nice hot pan. So the pan's supposed to be hot. And I'm going to throw on into a dry hot pan this chopped onion.

Kelly: Great.

>> Mix that around a little bit.

Kelly: You want to mix it around with your gloves?


>> Shake the pan a little bit. Over here, it's glistening. It's cooked a little too long.

Kelly: Too long.

>> I'm going to throw in a cup of chopped raw mushrooms.

Kelly: Boy, mushrooms are life.

Michael: So we're cooking all this with no oil.

Kelly: That's true.

>> You wouldn't need oil if you cooked it in a hot pan.

Kelly: What if we add in a little oil?

>> You can but you don't need it.

Kelly: I'm trusting you.

>> And every woman should know that studies show that women who eat mushrooms every day had 64% reduced risk of breast cancer.

Michael: Oh, wow.

Kelly: I eat mushrooms every day. I'm happy to hear that.

>> Here, we have the mushrooms and onions already cooked and it's not hot. So now you could use your hands.

Michael: What do I do with this?

>> Mix it in with the mixture. And with the oats soaked with the walnuts.

Kelly: The gloves are mesmerizing, aren't they?

Michael: If I need them, it would take me five minutes to put on.

>> Now put some of those frozen spinach in there.

Michael: All right. There we go.

>> Now mix it with your hands.

Michael: Ooh, now.

Kelly: Go ahead.

>> Yeah, exactly.



That's the fun part.

Michael: It was worth it. It was worth it.


Kelly: Don't kill it. Just love it a little.


>> Good. Now I like to mash up some red kidney beans.

Michael: Could we get some music?

Kelly: Red kidney beans. Add your kidney beans, babe.

Michael: My hands are a mess.

>> Mash them in with a fork first if you want them. And I love to put the beans in. Some people like to put a little bit of meat in there for the meat lovers. We only use one ounce of meat per person. So for eight person, put eight ounces.

Kelly: Throw it in. We could do that. Is that eight ounces altogether?

Michael: Well, we're going to eat for eight.

>> When you have the mouth feel of the onion and mushroom, you feel like you're eating meat.

Michael: Fudging. I like that.

>> You want to pull out the finished product out of the oven?

Kelly: Ok. Now, remember, the oven is hot.

>> I have my glove --

Michael: Doc, I'm the glove man. Give me that thing. Give me that thing. Don't take my glove. It's what I do!



>> Ok. Bring it over here, then.

Kelly: I'll be over here waiting to be fed.

Michael: There you go.

>> Now, of course, over here, we have the veggie one.

Kelly: Yes, I would love a veggie one.

>> And the beef one and a little bit of turkey.

Kelly: I would like a veggie. Is that possible?

>> Yeah.

Michael: Hold on. Let me told that with my glove.


Kelly: That is a whole wheat bun?

>> Yeah, but I cut the bun so the top -- the bottom of the bun I cut in half and the bottom of the bun, I cut in half.kelly: T.

>> You didn't put the on caron and the ketchup in there.

Kelly: Ok. I like it my way. Od, you are bossy, dr. Furman. I've got to be bossy because it reduces cancer.

Michael: The cookbook "eat to live" is available now. Make sure to check it out. We're going to join this burger that we worked hard to prepare. We'll be right back.


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Michael: If you're going to get the remote, you should not tell him you got the extra remote. And then you could say oh, my gosh, there's a ghost in the

Michael: Kevin said I agree with kelly on going to the dentist. I'm 23, don't need to gas. Love going for the annual cleaning. Man up, guys.

Kelly: Man up!

Michael: Kevin, you lost me when you said you were 23. Live a little before you talk to me.



Kelly's right though. She's always right.

Kelly: See you tomorrow. She's always right.

Kelly: See you tomorrow. On the show with

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Aren't you in a good mood? Thank you so much, everybody. Have a seat. Thank you so much. It's so very nice of you. I feel the same about you. So listen to this. Last week, remember, I told you about the lizard I found in my bathroom. Today I want to tell you about something else I found living near my house. Not oprah. She does live there. Anyway, I'm talking about caterpillars. I got home from work after thou be poisoning. I showed this to my assistant, like I always do and say, craig, what this be? He told me that this caterpillar turns into a butterfly like this one. The reason they show up is because they want to eat my chinese elm tree, because who doesn't love chinese? This caterpillar will how my mother keeps getting her driver's license renewed.


Talk about miracles, when I leave for work, my bed is a mess. When I get home, my bed is made. How does that happen? Science can't explain it. My maid tried to, but she has a very thick accent. I hope you take time to appreciate the miracles in your life and I hope you appreciate this dance. ♪

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