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Friday, December 19th, 2014

Announcer: It's "live! With kelly & michael." Today, from the new musical "into the woods," golden globe nominee emily blunt. And from the megahit show "homeland," rupert friend. Plus, the amazing and world famous harlem globetrotters. Ll next on "live." Now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hi! I. It's the friday before christmas, everybody! Friday, december 19, 2014. Woo-hoo!

Michael: Yep, yep, yep. Happy friday.

Kelly: Very friday. I get punch here around friday. -- punchy around friday.

Michael: It's a good day to be punchy. After this, we got a nice weekend. The audience is excited for the weekend.


Kelly: This indians as cute as the audience we had the other day.



Michael: I agree. Agree. Very, very true.

Kelly: Here's something very -- I don't know if there are a lot of catholics in the house but I'm catholic --


Yes. Ok. Whoo! So there's an italian priest that is fed up with the cell phones going off during mass. The father found his services in naples, italy, constantly interrupted by the jingling incoming calls. So he had an engineer put a device in his church that scrambles the phone and shuts off the phone. Prevents the phone from -- just jammer. He's installed a jammer to prevent calls from happening. You all know my dreadful phone ringing the middle of a church story. It's only happened to me once. It will never happen again. I one time had the ringer for a britney spears song "give me more." You know how it starts? Bleep." It's britney and my song keeps ringing in church. It's brittany -- and so I pretended it wasn't me. And my kids are giving me -- like mom, your phone's ringing. And I'm like that is not my phone.


Michael: It changed immediately after church, didn't it?

Kelly: You just never take your phone in the church anymore.

Michael: I would be worried? You scramble the signal that a lot of people are like baby, I'm so busy I need to work on sundays. Hopefully, it doesn't run any parishioners away.

Kelly: No, I don't think he will. Yeah. Jammers, gelman, is giving me a news brief. Jammers are illegal in the united states. So they couldn't do that here.

Michael: If we could, he could have done it in here already. I know gelman all too well. He would have had a jammer in here already.

Kelly: We have such bad cell and internet service here -- yes. I have you all notice that?

Michael: We had all these droughts in california and so nasa came up -- we had all the rain in california recently. But california came up with this study, a real scientific study where they found out how much water would be required to fill up to replenish the california river basins. And the calculations that is that they would need 11 trillion gallons of water to fill up the -- we all go wow. To be honest with you, I don't even know how much that is.

Kelly: What does that look like?

Michael: What does 11 trillion look like?

Gelman: Probably an ocean.

Michael: That's just for california. What about the rest of the country? It was the lowest snow pack they had in 2014, one of the lowest three on record and the worst since 1977. And even though they've had a lot of rain in california, still conserve water because you are 11 trillion down, ok?


Do you remember --

Kelly: Yes.

Michael: And I'm sure --


And our audience, a love of our audience would remember this. When they would say golden oldies?

Kelly: Used to mean elvis and johnny mathis, the four seasons. Right.

Michael: But now, the golden oldies are tupac.

Kelly: Of course. That's right.

Michael: How is tupac a golden 40?

Kelly: Because we're in our 40's now.

Michael: And ll cool j. Man, come on. This is hurting me. And salt and pepa is not old. Salt and pepa are not old.

Kelly: Have you seen that commercial with salt and pepa? It's so great.

Michael: The notorious b-I-g. Missy elliott.

Kelly: Yes.

Michael: How can that be old?

Kelly: Because we are in our 40's now. And that's what happens.

Michael: Do you kids know who ny of those artists are? It's amazing how quickly the -- we get old, I guess. But hip-hop emerged in 1970's. Remember the sugar hill gang?

Kelly: Yeah, of course. ♪ now what you hear is not a test I'm rapping to the beat and me, woo, and my friends are going to try to move our feet see, I would like to say hello to the black, the white and the red and the brown the bang, up jump the boogie to the boogie you don't stop ♪ cheers and applause]

Kelly: The next on the mic is my man, heart attack, come on, let's sing that song ♪


This is where math equations that could help my children should live but instead, I know all the words to "rapper's delight."

Michael: When I'm in the car, you can't tell me nothing. I could sing and rap everything. I was singing in the background but yet my kids ask me homework. I don't know. It's amazing the things you want to remember when you want to remember.

Kelly: My daughter notion the lyrics of songs that have been released today and I go how do you know that-some so I try to when we're doing things that need just memory, I try to put it into a song or a rap that she likes. E try to put it into like a -- nicki minaj, the information.

Michael: Does it work?

Kelly: Yes. Kids are so connected to music that if you put their school work into a song, they will remember what they need to know.

Michael: Oh. Ok. I got to remember that.

Kelly: So there you go, everybody. That's my life lesson for you today.


Michael: That's a good idea.

Buty: So speaking of oldies goodies, general mills is bringing back popular 1990's cereal french toast crunch.

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: Yes.


I didn't even know they had french toast crunch. Is that related to cinnamon toast crunch?

Michael: Sound like a cousin.

Kelly: You know my mom famously would not buy us suing cereal at all. She would buy us puffed wheat in the plastic bags so it wasn't even the good puffed wheat. So it was the generic puffed wheat. And she would tie it with a hair tie which I always found disgusting. But if it was like fancy cereal time, she would get puffed rice. Also in the bag. And then once in a while for like the holidays, she would get grape nuts.


Michael: Really?

Kelly: So sad.

Michael: Any time that, it was e that's dad's cereal. Don't touch that. I love frosted flakes. What?


Kelly: I probably would have committed a crime for frosted flakes.

Michael: Sugar smacks, golden crisps.

Gelman: Cap'n crunch.

Kelly: Never had any of that.

Michael: Oh. Rice krispies. And then you get the chocolate rice krispies and you eat it and drinking milk. You get two things in once. That's saving money.

Kelly: Wouldn't know. Didn't have it. Sometimes we would pour in a little bit of milk on the puffed rice and let it get mushy and that was fun.


Michael: Kind of like mashed potatoes, I guess.

Kelly: Sometimes, when mom wasn't looking, we would take a teaspoon of sugar and sprinkle it on top. We would pretend like we were having frosted flakes.

Michael: And we did a top google searches in all of these different things.

Kelly: You're kidding.

Michael: Yeah. We are going to do the top google search trends of 2014.

Kelly: You mean like eyebrow threading and having your tummy pierced?

Michael: Bam. You got it.

Kelly: Ok.

Michael: Number five. Well in beauty. For instance, people most googled in the beauty category about how to get rid of acne.

Kelly: Well, that is a -- that is a bitch.


It's really bad. Bad.

Gelman: Teens are probably good at that.

Kelly: But a lot of teens are doing it.

Michael: And four, for fashion advice, the top question on google was how to wear a scarf. Followed by questions about --

Kelly: Pretty self-explanatory.

Michael: Sometimes you take your scarf, you put it here, you loop it through and you pull it through. And then you got the one you could wrap a few times. Then you've got that -- what do they call that scarf?

Gelman: The infinity scarf.

Michael: Yeah. So then there is the proper attire for a wedding, interview, first date, and concert. So people were curious about what to wear for those things in a fashion advice part of it. Budweiser was the most searched beer overall.

Kelly: Search for what reason?

Michael: What do you want to know?

Kelly: Where can I get budweiser?

Gelman: Calories?

Kelly: I don't know what you would search --

Michael: Budweiser, corona, keystone, miller and blue moon. I do understand why you would search for this. The most searched cocktail. What do you think of this?

Kelly: Oh, it would have to be a margarita.

Michael: Bam. On point. My girl loves margaritas.


And america's had a --

Kelly: Drinky-drinky, happy-happy.

Michael: And chicken was in the food category.

Kelly: Chicken. Send.


Michael: And another thing was banana bread recipes.

Kelly: Oh.

Michael: Everybody interested in banana bread recipes.

Gelman: G.te

Michael: Gluten does not necessarily mean healthier.

Gelman: Tha but mine isq5á

Kelly: Yours probably taste like a bri.

Gelman:ded sugar either. A lot ofb5 have one of

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