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Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

"Age of ultron,"lementary," jo plus, performing his big hit, "good buy," who is fancy. All next on "live."

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Now, here are the emmy award-winning talk show hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hi! I!

[Cheers and applause]

Down. Remember -- calm down.


Look at me right now. It is tuesday and I know how y'all get. Tuesday, april 28, 2015. Welcome to theev sybody looking

Michael: Yes. Welcome.


Kelly: Calm down!


Michael: Well, you weren't here yesterday.

Kelly: No.

Michael: You were missed, of course.

Kelly: Oh, thank you!

Michael: And I didn't get a chance to say congratulations on your emmy.

Kelly: And congratulations on your emmy.

Michael: Thank you.


Kelly: Is this your first emmy?

Michael: It's my first emmy, yeah.

Kelly: Oh, my god, your first emmy.

[Cheers and applause]


Michael: Well, when you like do this show, it's not like sports. You're going ok, I'm going to win a super bowl. I just want to have fun. But you win an emmy, I'll take exciting for you because you've probably never won anything.


Michael: So how many emmies have you won? -- emmys have you won?

Kelly: Four. This is my fourth.


But I like to think of this emmy as one -- I've never won one for acting but I consider this mying aing emmy because I won it for the halloween show where I played everybody but myself.


So if you ask me, I've won an acting emmy. So that's very exciting, yeah. Thank you.

[Applause]beuse we have the bes



Michael: Yeah. And crew and everybody here is amazing to work here. It really is. And I have to ask you. For a piece of advice. Where do you keep yours so I know what to do?

Kelly: So I would -- I mean, if I were you -- I mean, it depends. It depends on what you want to do. I used to keep them at home and then they kept winding up like in my kids' like in joaquin's toy box. And then lola had her scrunchies in them. So now, I keep them in my office because they are respected there. They like pretty. People come for business meetings. They think I've accomplished something. So they're like oh, my gosh, she's won things. So we should go with her.

Michael: Good advice.

Kelly: So that's --

Michael: Because the kids don't care.

Kelly: The kids don't care. They will ram through the legos with it. They're like this is an amazing weapon! I'm like stop.

Michael: And speaking of kids, how was your weekend?

Kelly: It was a very busy weekend. I celebrated my emmy win -- don't be jealous, yaw, by going to a college symposium. Ok?

Michael: That's how you do it.

Kelly: You want to roll with me, you win an award, you go to a college symposium!

Michael: How long was this college symposium?

Kelly: The college symposium was countless hours long, but we also had a college tour after the college symposium. And then, we woundor special su because my oldest son injured his --

Michael: Got hurt?

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: On the college tour?

Kelly: No. We thought he was exaggerating. We thought he wanted to just get out of practice. And it turns out he tore a muscle in his leg. Yeah. But he doesn't need surgery, which is good. He's just in a boot for a while. So my day -- so I left the house at 7:00 a.m. And I walked through the door at 8:00 p.m. So I don't know how many hours that is but it's a hell a long time.


Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: And guess what we ate. We ate a bag of pretzels and a protein bar. So that kept us alive all


I've learned that we could all "survivor". We could handle it. Ppus away. You go I've been so hungry for so long I'm not hungry anymore.

Michael: Yeah. Well, that's not my family. That doesn't happen.


Kelly: Well, he was nervous because he had to have an m.r.I. We had a moment where we were waiting for his m.r.I. -- for our m.r.I. Because I went in with him. So I was -- we were waiting there and I said, you know, I could run to the cafeteria and get some food. And he goes no, I'm too nervous. And I go but you should probably eat something. You should probably have a candy bar or a bag of pretzel or anything. And he said no, I'm t he got me a bag of pretzels. Thank you, baby.

Michael: That's really nice.

Kelly:ha cues.

Michael: Like the kids. We used to be in the car and we used to name every fast-food restaurant. Mcdonald's, burger king, wendy's. I would name them all until your parents got sick of hearing them and they pulled into one of them eventually.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: Those m.r.I.'s are something else. And I usually get up -- I had quite a bit on my shoulders and my neck and lot of people proba think my brain, but no. I haven't had one in my brain. And you never itch -- and I used to get in there like this and they used to be like ok. You've got an hour. And I was fine. Until after years of m.r.I., they hand me that thing that they never in years that have ever handed me and say oh, if you get claustrophobic, here's a button. There is a button?


And even though I've never panicked, I'm in there going I can't take it no more. I can't take it! Oh, god! Push the button!


Kelly: So they said to me that I can go in with michael into the m.r.I. -- into the room so he's going in. And the guy's name was fritz. He was amazing. And he goes mom, you can sit there. And I sit in this wheelchair. And I said remember, you can't move also. And I go ok, why can't I move? I don't know if they -- I don't know why but he told me not to move.

Michael: I think he was playing a joke.


Kelly: And then he said to me you don't have any metal on you or in your body, do you? And I said no, I don't. And then he left the room and as it started clicking, I go do I?


I immediately started thinking do I have metal in me or on me? I don't know. And you start going through your fillings and everything else and I was like do fillings zphount and he goes no, that's fine.

Michael: It's like the big magnet and I picture in the movies where your teeth are sucked out of you.


Kelly: As soon as you hear the clicking, you start going through all of the pieces of metal you probably have in your body. I was like have I ever had knee replacement? I don't know.


And I know I haven't but in my mind, in that moment, you think maybe I did and I forgotten about it.

Michael: Well, hopefully -- well, speedy recovery to michael.

Kelly: Yes, thank you. Thank you very much.

Michael: And I'm glad you're back and you had a great time yesterday or well, you went to the college tour and that was awesome.

Kelly: The symposium was fascinating and the tour was equally fascinating. It was a very good productive day. And that's the only way to celebrate an emmy win.


Michael: Yes. I agree.

Kelly: I know. You probably did it some boring way with champagne and caviar. Not me.

Michael: And tequila. Speaking of school, when we were in school, you went to school. You sat at your desk. You paid attention to the teacher or you put your head down and went to sleep. Whatever you did. That's on you. I have no bearing. But in san school, these parents donated money because they are worried about the students being sedentary, just sittingthat -- evenhat apple watch like you were saying tells you when to stand up.

Kelly: Yes. Tapsand you're like up.

Michael: Well, these parents are worried about that with their kids. So, they chipped in, donated money for new desks and they got all the kids these -- if I can get the pages apart, these standup desks.

Kelly: Wow.

Michael: Yeah. And now, the kids said first, they hated it. Said their legs were sore. And they at their desks.

Michael: But now they say they love it. I don't know though. That in certain thing. I know that if you havessues, l get up and stretch their legs andactly what they need. So I think that can be very benefit national the right setting.

Michael: It keeps you awake and more alert. You're balancing and not just sitting there and falling asleep. And the teacher says it allows the kids to wiggle their mind and their focus is still on her. So, maybe that's something that catches on. Just don't get any ideas about this show, gelman.


Kelly: I think we could totally like -- well, we need different camera angles.


And I wouldn't mind standing up for the whole show.

Gelman: I think we've done that on remote or for different specials. I think for the oscars, we stood through "host chat."

Michael: And afterthroughorhe oscars, I was exhausted.


Kelly: Look at me. I'm standing for eight seconds and I'm leaning on the desk.


Michael: You can stand. I'll sit. Now we're perfectly the same height.


Kelly: Or we're still the same height now. He's all legs. I'm just telling you, he's all legs. Because when we sit, we're the when he stands, he's a foot taller than me.

Michael: Can't help it.

Kelly: My apple watch will tell me for an hour when I take it off. You see on my apple watch from the hours, from 9:00 to 10:00, I don't wear it because it doesn't -- because I'm out here and everything. So you see that there's like a dark zone. There's like a dark zone from where I'm not standing at all during that one hour.

Michael: Oh, wow.

Kelly: Isn't that interesting?

Michael: So it kind of blocks you?

Kelly: It's like you were not standing that whole time.

Michael: So you don't get my attention.

Kelly: Right. You don't get any juice.

Michael: Now, you love to exercise. I love to exercise. I don't know if you ride a lot of stationary bikes though.

Kelly: I take soul cycle class, what?

Michael: There could be a new it's a new invention ba there's a school out in china.

Kelly: Ok.

Michael: It's a university in china. They developed what calling af bicycle washing mac

Kelly: Yes. That's my life.

Michael: To do the laundry.


Kelly: Yep.

Michael: If I owned a gym, I would -- hey -- gym/laundromat. You'll be washing your own gym

Towels ande[laughter]




Michael: Spin cycle!

Kelly: I would do that because I love to do laundry. I find it therapeutic and I love a spin class. I would take all y'all's clothes and wash them. I really would.

Michael: This would be great. We had -- what did we -- we went green last week? We talked about green and a way to save. You would use human energy to wash clothes and I'm sure they could invent a dryer with free clothes.

Gelman: Yeah.

Michael: I think that would be awesome.


The problem is though, it would be like um, you need to washurl

Dokelly: I would do that in a heartbea we were talking about good night's sleeping, you mattress. People spein way, any time you go enter a bed shop and you test out a mattress, aren't you immia asleep? Right? Or am I the only tested out?

Michael: Saying it's the pillow. It's not the mattress. The pillow is the key to a good night's sleep. And they're saying that a pillow should align your hip, back and neck to keep your spine as straight as possible. Who here sleeps as straight as possible? Nobody.


Nobody. I am like a origami figure by the end of the night. I'm like a --


And if the kids are in the bed, if joaquin sleeps over, forget it. I am off the bed holding on to the said of the bed, neck, legs down. I'm shaped like a c. Band. They're banned. But how do you like your pillow

Michael: You still havever.

Kelly: I w really?


Because pillow expert, when I go into the coffin, that pillow's going to be behind my head!




Michael: Oh, man.


He got to me. I change my pillow right after.


I did.

Kelly: I was like oh, really? My pillow's disgusting? I'll ole show you I'm never getting a new pillow ever again. As if that upsets him in any way. I do sleep -- and has made a tremendous difference in my life. I sleep on a satin pillowcase. They say it is good for preventing wrinkles which I don't know about that but it does help your hair because of the satin pillowcase, there's something about it. It just keeps your hair nice.

Michael: Yeah. Does work nice.



Kelly: Well, you put stuff on your hair, right?

Michael: Puts his stocking on h hair. He doe every once in a while.

Kelly: It's my favorite thing to witness.

Gelman: It's a goodott it. Protect that mane. Coverlae]

Kelly: Is itter]

When you have all these curves up in here.


A lot gets trapped down there.

Gelman: It's like a error tex. -- vortex.

Kelly: It really is a vortex.

Michael: I just keep my eyes up.

Kelly: Yes, I know it's hard for you because of all this.


Today's trivia dancer is ulysess johnson iii from houston texas!


I want to have a baby so I can name him ulysses johnson iii because thatrom


D les kelly we are utterly fant.

[Laughter] say

Congratulations for drive to la things out.

Kelly: Sounds nice.

Michael: Anything nice there in lake erie? You find anything?

Kelly: No ice.

Kelly: That's a good sign, kelly. That's all you can ask more.

Kelly: Yep.

Kelly: Let's spin the wheel and see what you're playing for, ok?

Elly: Thank you. Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. This is a great prize. The banana beach house villa in kyrie, hawaii. Bchfr e]

It includes roundtrip airfare, a personal concierge, all courtesy of luxury retreats. It is a prize valued at $4800. Good luck, kelly.

Kelly: Thank you.

Michael: I love kawhi, very peaceful, beautiful island. On yesterday's show, we talked with james spader. What did james say he carried room? His yes. Cause he

Announcer: Congratulations, you and a guest will enjoy eight days and seven nights at the banana beach house in hawaii. Enjoy coral reefs and a blue ocean at this magnificent hawaiian plantation-style villa located on kawhi's tropical north shore. It features a light and ope outdoor dini area, elegantly is valued at $13,700.nd more.

Kelly: Hey, kelly, congratulations!

Kelly: Thank you.

Kelly: Now you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 gift certificate from zappos. Calm down to it hasn't happened and 190.

Kelly: 17.

Kelly: 17.

Michael: All right! She's excited. Kelly, congratulations. Congratulations, ma'am. Everybody, stay right there. When we come back, t very talented mark ruffalo will be here.


Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a performance by who is fancy. "elementary" star jonny lee miller. Coming up next, mark ruffalo.

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Kelly: Hey, welcome back, everybody. On tomorrow's show, a performance by josh groban. Now, gelman, has he ever done his fitness challenge if I know you challenged him to give you five.

Gelman: No, he hasn't given five yet. Hopefully, he'll do it on the air tomorrow.

Kelly: Oh, you better do it on the air tomorrow, josh groban.

Michael: ♪ you sure better do it on air ♪ ♪


That was -- that was my inner josh groban.

Kelly: Maybe you should just challenge him to a sing-off. That would be fun. I would watch that all day long.

Michael: We can do that all day. You let me know, josh groban because I ain't scared. Yeah.


-- Her new new film, "avengers: Age of ultron," cobie smulders will be here too.

Kelly: And a performance from the latest couple eliminated from distance dan, willow shields and mark blast will be here.


Our first guest is a director and one of hollywood's most versatile actors. Currently, he stars in "avengers: Age of ultron," please welcome mark ruffalo.


Kelly: Hi, gorge!

Mark: Hey, beautiful.

Kelly: So good to see you. Can I say one thing? I just want to say one thing.

Mark: Just one thing.

Kelly: Of all of the people in show business, you are the nicest one. Yeah.


Michael: You really are nice, man.

Kelly: So take that, josh groban!

Mark: You guys are magicaletyor you really are.

Kelly: Aww, thank you.

Michael:atulations on finger.


Show him. Show it.

Michael: All right. Here you go.

Kelly: We really are magical.


Isn't that incredible?

Mark: You should come on "now you see me." We're doing a sequel.

Michael: You are so busy. I mean, you've been all over the place making movie after movie, working and traveling. What are some of the places you've been lately?

Mark: I was just in korea and beijing, china.

Kelly: Wow.

Mark: Yeah.

Kelly: How are the fans there?

Mark: Um, I -- now, I could die knowing what it's like to be a beatle.

Michael: Really?

Kelly: No kiin d do?

Mark: For some reason, I was really big in korea. I'm huge in korea.


I can say that.

Kelly: Right.

[Laughter] ahhhhh!

And they were crying and


And like having anxiety attacks and I'm like they don't do that when I come home.


Kelly: Sunrise doesn't do that when you walk in the door?

Michael: But did your family travel with you to see this? Because they should see this.

Mark: No, I try to tell them. Like guys, you should see how the people react to me in korea. They're like --


Welcome home, papa.

Kelly: How are the kids?

Mark: They're great. Yeah. I miss them. I've been away a lot.

Kelly: I'm sure they're really happy to have you home.

Mark: Our kids are --

Kelly: Yes. Our kids, you know, you're not the only actor around here. Our kids are starring in a school play together.

Michael: Oh.


Kelly: And my starrae oh, wow.

Mark: Yeah. Th from

3:00 tazy. Goes through.

Mark: That's right. You see? Why aren't you crying when I come home?



Kelly: I hear the play's going to be very big in korea.

Mark: I'm huge in korea!



Michael: Hey, when we come back, we're going to find out how mark lets his rage out. We'll be right back with mark ruffalo.


Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a performance by who is fancy. And also from "elementary," jonny lee miller.


Kell mark ruffalo from "avengers: Age of ultron." So, this is the second "avengers" movie that you've been in, right?

Mark: Who, me?

>> Yeah, you.

Mark: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Mark: I was looking at over there.

Kelly: Yeah, I know.

Michael: And you're the hulk. I mean, one of my favorite characters.

Mark: Half the time.

Michael: But what was it like getting toget sr et? Is it mayhem? Cool?

Mark: It's like herdi cats.

Kelly: Yeah.


Let me ask you honestly. Who's the biggest pain in the rear end?

Mark: There really isn't one to be honest with you.

Kelly: No, come on. Seriously.

[Laughter] joy

Opngh sweden is great. S. It's just fun and shenanigans and chris evans, everywre giant

Kelly: Not in korea.

Mark: No.


Ichael: That's your court. You are a giant green monster and you're the scommuling you're huge in this film. Who do you prefer to play? The hulk, the green monster or bruce banner?

Mark: Um, there's bruce. I've been getting into the hulk a lot. Because now, we have where I could actually be on stage acting with other actors, which we couldn't do on the first "avengers."

Kelly: So it's a whole new technology now?

Mark: A whole new technology, and muc so an actor can basically give a performance c.g.I.

Michael: Because james spader was on yesterday and heo and ho take as much time to film.

Mark: Oh, completely. It takes a quarter of the amount of time.

Kelly: I'm thinking about you have kids that are the perfect ages to really get the most out of this. Don't you think if

Mark: Yes. I went to superhero club for ot but there was one kid that was really mad at me because he had already chosen the hulk. And he thought I was an imposter.


Which I had to agree with. Which made him feel a lot better.

Kelly: Ok. Good. How did your daughter feel? She's like no, but he really is

Michael: Don't make him angry, kid! We're going to take a look at a played by scarlett johansson, she's trying to tame the beast that is raging inside of you. Here is mark ruffalo in "avengers: Age of ultron."

>> Hey, un's getting real low.


Kelly: That's amazing. It ok it looks like you and something happened to you.

Mark: Something happened to me.

Michael: That is absolutely amazing. Everyone, the movie is "avengers: Age of ultron." It's in theaters this friday, may 1. Make sure you check it out.


Mark ruffalo, everybody.

Kelly: Coming up next, jonny lee miller's here. Stick around.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live,"

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