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Friday, October 24th, 2014

Announcer: It's "live! With kelly & michael." Today, from the series, "deal with it," howie mandel. And from film, television, and broadway actor, gretchen mol. Plus, it's big, really big. "live" proudly prevents "america's biggest pumpkin." Ll next on "live." Now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

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Kelly: Ok. Too much. Too much! Too much.

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You guys have been out all you? have you -- haven't

>> Yeah. It's friday. Welcome to the show, everybody.

Michael: What a job.


Kelly: Oh, my gosh, and up top, they're excited.


Michael: Gelman, did you give everybody coffee or something?

Kelly: Did you hand out free doughnuts or something?

Gelman: A nice, cool, fresh air.

Michael: How are you doing, lady?

Kelly: I'm concerned about the headline, of course in the newspapers here. In the new york. I'm not an alarmist. I'm read the headlines as I see them. There is ebola in new york city. And we are thinking and praying and hoping for this doctor who was -- you know, these medical people that go into areas where they are needed most and really, without thought their own health, are doing god's work in so many ways and here was a without borders doctor, craig spencer, and he returned from -- I'm trying to think of where he was in africa. And he -- 10 days ago, he returned home and he had a fever yesterday of 1023 and was tested positive for ebola -- 103 and was tested positive for ebola. And so here's -- I guess the positive is that now, I think in this country, we have things in place now at the hospitals where they are -- they -- there's been a lot of information coming out of what happened in texas and so now, here in new york, they were ready for him.

Michael: I think the biggest thing is this education on it. If you tell people how you can get ebola and from my understanding and from something I read, it's not as if you walked down the street and you've got it. U have to handle the clothes or the medical workers who had ebola. And I think you will be more at ease that it's not as easy to get it as it seems. Because you're in new york and cure in subways and you're in taxi cabs.

Kelly: You were in proximity.

Michael: I think it's a little more fear here because everybody is so close together. It's just educating everybody on how you can get it will put a lot more people at ease with it. And we hope that he, dr. Craig spencer, makes a full recovery. And because he is doing great work overseas in doctors without borders.


Kelly: Yeah. That's the thing is that these doctors that take care -- and the nurses and all medical care workers, really, they put their own safety aside in so many ways because they are doing what is so ssary and they are necessary in so many areas where there is no medical help available.

Michael: Yeah. Takes a good heart. Takes a lot to go overseas and do something like that.

Kelly: Needs a selfless person.

Michael: And another thing, flu season, I guess? Gelman? Yep. Who got a shot? Everybody get a shot?



Kelly: You don't get a flu shot?

Michael: I haven't had a flu shot in years. M? are you over here going h

Kelly: You got sick last year.

Michael: No, I wasn't.

Kelly: Yes, you were.

Michael: It was my throat. I didn't miss a day at work. I came in here and I put it down.



One thing I learned --

Kelly: You looked contagious.

Michael: Did you contagious anybody. You got to know the difference between pain and injury. I was in pain but I wasn't injured. So I got out of bed.


Kelly: I'm going to disagree with you. A virus is an injury and it is contagious. I'm going to disagree.

Michael: I didn't have the flu. I don't know. I just haven't had a flu in a long time.

Kelly: If you get the flu, you will get the flu shot. I'm just telling you. I had never gotten

Michael: I've had the flu before. But right after I got the shot, I got the flu.


Kelly: I had the flu for seven days. And that's what prompted me to get the flu. I'm like I don't think I need that and then I got the flu for seven days and it was so bad that I said I'll never go without the flu shot again.

Michael:, no I've had flu shots before. Literally, I would get the flu.


Kelly: Are you cheering that I got the flu?

Michael: I like living on the edge. But now, uber, doing a service that you can call a doctor over with a flu shot.

Kelly: That's great. I love that service.

Michael: Where do you get the not in your arms?

Kelly: You do the mist?

Michael: You can't do the mist because you're too old for the mist.


Gelman: No, I did the mist.

Michael: I thought you couldn't do the mist. I'm not calling him old. No, they have age limit to certain ways -- I'm not calling gelman old.


Gelman: I've done the mist. I think maybe older than that.

Michael: But they get it in the arm?

Gelman: Yeah.

Michael: So if an uber doctor saying bend over, he's not the right doctor.



Gelman: I guess you can get it there.

Michael: I'm just informing people. Uber was sending flu shots and I think that's good because half of the time, people don't get them because of convenience.

Kelly: And also a lot of times, if you go to the doctor's office during through season, there are -- flu season, there are sick people there. And that makes people to go into the doctor's office during flu time. That's very convenient. I like it. I like the sound of it.

Michael: I'm going to knock on some wood for myself.

Kelly: Yeah. Let's all knock on wood, everybody.

Michael: Because I don't want to miss work.

Kelly: We talked about viruses. I'm all -- I'm all sicked out, gelman.

Michael: All right. Let's talk about something that really, really is something else. The worst places to seek refuge during the zombie apocalypse.


Kelly: Oh.

Michael: The worst places. And they did like hardware stores. You watch the zombie movies, you need a hammer and you can bash them.

Kelly: You mean towns and countries, right?

Michael: Yeah. Towns. Towns.

Kelly: Florida somewhere. And I'm going to say because it's very flat and not a lot of place to hide.

Michael: Ok.

Kelly: And if the zombies don't get you, the gators will.


Michael: That's true.

Kelly: Is that on the list?

Michael: Miami's number seven.

Kelly: Ok. All right.


Michael: Miami's number seven.

Kelly: But, I mean, if you're going to spend time during the zombie apocalypse, that is a nice place to be.

Michael: Like tennessee and washington. I feel like you can run up in the woods or something. L.a. I get that. There are a lots of zombies there now. Eight is orange county.

Kelly: Yes.

Michael: Seven is miami. Six is san francisco. Umber five, washington, d.c. Trying to run around that capital building and hide won't work. Number four is boston.


Number three is newark, new jersey. Yeah.


Ok. They're fired up that they're part of number three. Number two, worst place for the zombie apocalypse, rights here in our very own new york city.

Kelly: Do you remember that will smith movie?

Michael: Oh, "I am legend."

Kelly: That is our fear that zombie features that are part zombie and part something terrifying will take over new york.

Michael: Who are in the dark huddled up.

Kelly: And they eat you when you're not looking or when you are.


They take over washington square park. They take over the best real estate. They really do.

Michael: Well, he had himself a nice townhouse.

Kelly: I was like what a waste. It's a shame to have that during the zombie apom liss. -- apocalypse.

Michael: But the number one worst place which in my opinion may be the best in case they get you is honolulu, hawaii. They're going to get half the people out there laying out tanning.

Kelly: Where is the best place to spend the zombie apocalypse?

Michael: I have no idea.

Kelly: Where would that but?

Michael: In your home, locked up, wherever you live.

Kelly: Somewhere in the mountains in colorado. Yes. Is that funny? Are you from the mountains in colorado? We put you all the way up there so you would feel at home?

Michael: You know what's amazing? We have people here in 50 states from millions of country. Every time we say something, somebody go whoo! Everybody, we only have 235 people in here.


Michael: They want to to be seen on camera.

Kelly: Have you been watching the world series? Anybody here been watching it?


Michael: A little bit.

Kelly: I've been noticing a lot of facial hair. Did you notice that? Like I used to think that was just a boston thing. But now, it seems -- it's just gone everywhere. It's like all of the baseball players now of sporting --

Michael: I think it's superstitious now.

Kelly: I guess it's superstition which I found this interesting article about men and their facial hair.


Yeah, I see you have facial hair. I can see that.

Michael: Tell us something interesting.

Kelly: Do you think that you're adventurous?

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: Ok so 70% of men with beards think they are, indeed, veous.


Michael: Do you think youan're adventurous man? Totally? All right.

Kelly: Ok. How's this? Have you ever experienced facial hair woes? Yeah. You worry about the way it swirls around?

>> Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah, 72% of you men with facial hair have woes about it.

Michael: I agree. I've had some woes.

Kelly: What's your woe?

Michael: That's private.



Gelman: Gray hairs? Sometimes you shave off too much.

Kelly: And he goes whoa!

Gelman: Oh, blind spot!



Michael: That was one of them.

Kelly: Whoa! Then what do you do? You have to balance it out, right?

Michael: You have to balance it out. I wish I had like a template and you put it on like a bowl and you cut around it.

Kelly: 56% of men admit to making fun of a friend who can't grow a beard.


That seems aggressive and not necessary.

Michael: You've done that. I've done that.

Kelly: Gelman, I'm sorry I've made fun of you.

Gelman: Oh, no. I can grow a beard it's scratchy looking and gray and white.

Kelly: I feel like you have a couple of areas that don't grow in. Comboip I have a little blind here. It's interesting.

Kelly: It is interesting.

Gelman: I did that a couple of vacations ago.

Kelly: Would you consider that a woe of yours?

Gelman: No, never had woes about my beard. Whoa!

Kelly: This is a fascinating article. Provocative.

Michael: This is friday and I feel like we are so loopy right now.



Kelly: This is the most tired I've ever been.

Michael: Are you tired?

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. I am beyond tired. I'm exhausted.

Michael: What happened?

Kelly: I won't get to what wore me out. But something wore me out.



I'm worn out. I'm worn out and I'm not getting into it. I got no woes though.


Michael: And how many people like anthony davis? -- "the game of thrones"?


Apparently, in spain, it's a big hit. In spain, they needed 600 extras. How many people you think showed p? Like tourism has gone up. They needed 600 extras and they ended up with 86,000.

Kelly: For the extra work?

Michael: Yeah, for the extra work. But you see 686,000 people?

Kelly: That's a lot of work. Extras, I don't know if anybody's here that's ever been an extra, it is a thankless job and a lot of work, f.y.I. F.y.I., everybody in spain.

Michael: They're shooting in northern ireland and croatia and this year, they're announcing they're shooting in spain because they showed some fictional country of dorn and they've been taken into a rhythm be 86,000 people applied to extras to be stand around in gar and be killed. When the dragons getting born out -- the lady had baby dragons and they started naming countrys and stuff and people's names were all -- I didn't know who was fighting who. And maury showing up saying you are the baby's father of the dragons. No.



Gelman: It's worth it.

Michael: I loved it. But then I got confused. My mind can only bend so far. Time to get this party jumping in place. It's time for "time to smile travel trivia."


Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: She loves it. Jay from atlanta, georgia. Raw "real housewife" from atlanta?

>> I am a real housewife of atlanta.

Kelly: Yes! Knew it.


Michael: Jay, I've got to say, you are a party starter, girl. You are getting it in. I love it. Let's say hello to robert morris from quincy, mass. Hello, robert. How are you?

Caller: Hi, michael. Hi, kelly. How are you?

>> Hi, robert. We're great. What's going on in quincy today?

Caller: Well, I'm just excited to be talking you to people.

Kelly: Well, we are more indicated to be talking to you.

Caller: You make my day.

Kelly: Hey, where are you standing? I'm looking at your picture and it looks like -- is that -- are you in a pirate ship?

Caller: Well, we were in las vegas.

Kelly: Oh.

Michael: I thought so. Ok. No, I was like either that or he's transported himself back in time.

Kelly: So cool.

Michael: But you hear you had a big celebration last weekend. What was that?

Caller: Yes, my partner turned 50 years old. So we had a big party for him.

Kelly: Ah!


Well, you know what they say. 50 is the new 30. I'm told.

Caller: That's exactly right.


Michael: So how many people did you have at the party?

Caller: We had 85 people.

Michael: That's a big party. I don't know 85 people.

Caller: Oh, I bet you do, michael.


Michael: But that's very impressive and congratulations to your partner. Happy 50th birthday. And we're going to spin the wheel and see what you're playing for.


Kelly: Hey, this is a great prize. The long bay beach club in tortola. All inclusive. Roundtrip airfare courtesy of hot wimplete you have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck.

Caller: Thank you.

Michael: Excellent reading. I usually stare at yaw and I distract you.

Kelly: No, you can't distract me today.

Michael: Ok.

Kelly: Because I am so sleep deprived, I am focusing on everything I say.

Michael: All right, here you go, robert. We had jessica capshaw on the show yesterday. What instrument did jessica's pediatrician was saying she was using incorrectly on "grey's anatomy"?

Caller: The stethoscope.

Michael: You got it.

Announcer: Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights on tortola overlooking the caribbean sea. This beachfront property features contemporary decor, and first-rate amenities. This oasis provides a perfect set for a relaxing and memorable vacation getaway. Your prize is valued at approximately $6,800.


Kelly: Hey, robert, congratulations!

Caller: Thank you so much!

Kelly: Whoo! Now you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 gift certificate from zappos.

Michael: Yeah.


Kelly: So please pick a number between one and 235.

Caller: Well, how about 50?


Michael: Right there. Congratulations, robert. Congratulations, ma'am. When we come back the very funny howie mandel will be here.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from the hit series, "boardwalk empire," gretchen mol. And we will reveal the biggest pumpkin. Coming up next, howie mandel.


Kelly: Hey, on monday's show, emma thompson is here.

Michael: And we're going to cook with stanley tucci on monday.

Kelly: I love cooking with tucci. That should be a cooking show, as a matter of fact.

Michael: That's a great idea.

Kelly: And we kick off our halloween week with our halloween flashback countdown.

Gelman: Yeah.

Kelly: Oh, gelman.


That must mean we had a guest on monday that canceled.

Gelman: No, no, no. Not at all.

Michael: You don't realize how much stuff we do until we watch it back. That will be funny.

Kelly: The halloween show is a bit of a mind eraser here. We like to forget but then we are like hey, how come we haven't seen beyonce on our show lately? And then we're like oh, that's right. We were here.

Michael: She saw it.

Kelly: Ok. He's a very talented comedian, an actor, a producer, and a judge on "america's got talent."


Please welcome the very funny -- don't touch him, howie mandel!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Yo!

>> What is that? What is that?

Kelly: Hand sanitizer.

>> I am ok.

Michael: How are you doing? Because ebola, man, hit new york. How are you handling it?

>> I'm here. Bowes here.


You know what, michael? I'm going to be totally honest with you because I'm known for being a germaphobe, I am ok. This -- first, can I be totally honest with you? I feel like the whole world has come to my level.



Kelly: That is true.

>> Not one person as I came out extended their hand. Not one! I love this world! It is my heaven. Number two, I think it's ridiculous. There are more jews in the nfl than people who have died of ebola in this country. Right?

Kelly: That is true. As I'm thinking about it, yes.

>> You can't get it. You can't get it. All the people who have got it are the people -- I'm not going to sponge bathe an ebola patient. Nobody's got it that way, right? Nobody's got it in the air. And it's just the silliness of the caregivers who are wonderful angels. Return they silly, though? You take care of an ebola patient. First one passed away. I'm sorry. And my heart goes out. And then the nurse, the first symptom is an insatiable desire to dr. She wants to take a flight to cleveland.


And she called the c.d.c. And said I've got a fever I've been looking after an ebola patient. Should I fly to cleveland? And they said get a flight now.



Now, the next --


Wait, wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. The next nurse, the next nurse called the c.d.c. And said oh, don't get on a plane. Take a cruise.



Then -- then -- then, the guy comes to new york. This guy's been looking after. He doesn't feel well for a couple of days. Where does he go? Eboli. He goes eboli. If you've been touching the fluid of ebola patients, stay -- just hang out at home for a little while.


But we can't get it. We're never going to get it. My heart goes out to all the people that get it. So I'm not worried. I've never been more comfortable. I'm amongst the people.


I feel -- oh, my gosh! Nobody -- nobody's reaching out -- no! No! I love this.

[Cheers and applause]

I love new york. The other thing that I don't understand --

Kelly: Time-out. I feel like you are really testing our luck. I feel like we're about to be struck by something.

>> No. The headline says ebola comes to new york the c.d.c. Said if you're coming from west africa, the only airport that they'll allow you is new york! What? What? So, of course, it's here. You have to come in through new york. And if that's not enough, they open up o'hare, chicago. They went to the busiest airports to let ebola.

Kelly: When I woke up this morning, we always get so excited to see you and I woke up and that was the headline of the newspaper.

>> Don't worry. Anybody -- if I'm ok, you're ok.


Kelly: Ok. We have to take a commercial break.

>> Ok. We take a commercial break and then I want to talk about "deal with it" at 9:00. It is crazy. It's off the hook. And people get very -- you will not believe what you see. Come on back and I'm going to talk about "deal with it."


Kelly: Come on back.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from "boardwalk empire," gretchen mol. Ll

>> You can give her a piece with your finger. She's got to take it.

>> I'll wash my hands off if you try it.

>> I don't want to.

>> Please.

>> Please do not make me eat out of your hands.

>> I spend years teaching my children to be exactly leek this girl and then tonight, I'm throwing it all away.


Kelly: That was a scene from "deal with it."

>> "Deal with it," tonight, it's me and nick cannon. It's like a hidden camera show. He's on a game show. She dun know he's on a game show. Whatever we tell them to do, they've got do for the money. So we can say there's a person eating chocolate cake over there. Get up, walk over, put your face in the chocolate cake and keep it there for $500. And the person sitting there is going what are you doing? And the person with the cake is -- nobody in the restaurant knows it's happening. And on tonight at 9:00, I tweet live @howiemandel.

Kelly: I'll tweet you.

>> That will be great. How many people are going to watch the show tonight?


Good. I wasn't asking -- I wasn't asking. I was just trying get the ratings the day before. Does anybody know how many people are going to watch it?

Kelly: Every person represents one million people. So you have hundreds of millions of people.

>> We're a hit! "deal with it" on pbs.

Michael: Congratulations because you are a new grandpa.

>> I am!


I have a beautiful little baby girl.

Kelly: You don't look old enough to have a baby granddaughter.

>> Well, my daughter's 11 but she's so friendly.


We're so thrilled. We're so thrilled.


Kelly: We have a present for you.

>> You have a present for me? Do we have a picture of my -- wait, wait. Can we see it?

Kelly: Aww.


>> She's very --

Kelly: Is she in disguise?

>> She's very cat like. She likes the other side of the family. No, actually -- she's adorable. Her name is abby. And that's my son-in-law came up with an app where you can take a gift and then make a face. Download it. And you can put a face on things. I have not one normal picture of my granddaughter. Every picture I have has that app on it.

Kelly: We have a gift.

>> I can open it?

Kelly: Yeah. It's for the baby, yeah.

>> Her name is abby. Abby jacks, a.j. Oh! Abby! Abby!


Look what they got you. Look what they got you! Wow.

Kelly: Hey, I want to point out something. Gelman is just -- has just informed me. This is breaking news. You did a hidden camera piece for our show.

>> Yeah next week. I went to the --

Gelman: Spirit of halloween.

>> Like a halloween store and I was a sales help. Well, I was in sales. Help is a question.

Kelly: Right.

>> A lot of people were angry but it's a lot of fun and will you show it next week?

Gelman: Yeah.

Kelly: I'm always so nervous that howie is going to be punched in the face courtesy of our show.

>> But it's like "deal with it." My life is that that show. But I didn't get paid for it. Right? I just showed up because I was your friend.

Michael: Howie, we love having you here. You make our lives so much easier. Read this.

>> Tonight, watch "deal with it"

9:00 on tbs and tweet me at it. Next, gretchen mol. Stay with us. Look what they got you! Look what they got you!

[Applause]akkekae en t

Michael: From "boardwalk empire" to the broadway stage, here comes an incredibly talented actress. Please welcome the lovely gretchen mol.


>> Nice to meet you.

Kelly: This is everything. You look gorgeous.

>> Thank you. Thank you.

Michael: Yes.

>> I'm into the pantsuit lately.

Kelly: That's so good. So sophisticated.

>> Aww, thank you.

Kelly: You're welcome.


>> Pantsuits.

Michael: Halloween's a big time around here. And it's one week of halloween. And you have two young kids at home. So it must be incredible at your home. What are the kids' costumes this year?

>> This year, my daughter's going to be a ladybug. She wanted to be elsa. I kind of --

Kelly: There's so many elsas out there.

>> Yeah. And my son wants to be a ghost. Which I was so happy with. Like how easy and classic is that?

Kelly: That's great.

>> It's the great sheet with the hole.

Kelly: That is the greatest costume ever. I was trying to tell the kids about like back in the day, your mom would hand you a sheet and say this is your costume. Right?

>> Right.

Kelly: Like the 1970's.

>> Now it's like order it on ebay and know ahead of time.

Michael: But how do you convince your daughter not be elsa and be a ladybug?

>> Well, I did more of a negotiation. She said she wanted to be elsa and ladybug and the ghost because she heard her brother -- so she has a lot of things. So I'm like throughout the day, we can do all of those things.

Kelly: Will you take them trick or treating and will you put on a costume?

>> I'm doing a play at night. But there's other little festivities. There's like the park in the day, downtown. So we'll do that. And I don't know. I don't know if I can get away with not dressing up.

Michael: What do they want y woman.


I know.

Kelly: Yes.

>> I'm like can I just go as myself then?

Kelly: No.

>> How does that work?

Kelly: You would look great as wonder woman.

Michael: We think you look great as wonder woman.

>> No way!


Michael: I mean, come on.

>> That is lynda carter's body.

Kelly: No, that is your body.


That would be great --

>> But I just think, you know, inappropriate. Like maybe -- I don't know. I can't believe walking around the streets like that.

Kelly: Maybe the pantsuit version of wonder woman.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: Oh, you got to wear such great costumes on "boardwalk empire."

>> Yeah.

Michael: Yeah.


>> I'm sad that it's over.

Kelly: Not as sad as we were. We're really sad.

Michael: Five years. Goes fast.

>> It's amazing. It does go fast. I have my daughter in the midst of it. It's sped by and it's one of those great experiences as an actor where you're working with amazing people and the writing is -- and everything, the costumes was just top notched.

Kelly: Yeah. Well, last night was the opening night for your broadway show. I cannot believe that you're here and that you're awake.


>> I'm so tired. I'm like you. I got like two hours of sleep.

Kelly: Please. We're all operating on two hours here. We're going to take a commercial break and talk about your new play when we return. We'll be right back.


Announcer: Tuesday on "live," "parks and recreation" star amy poehler.



Michael: We are back with gretchen mol. And you're in your new play, "disgraced" and it's a pulitzer-prize winning play. What's it all about?

>> It is about -- well, it's about a lot of things. But the primary thing is this two very diverse couples get together for a dinner party and talk about all the things that you're not supposed to talk about at a dinner party like politics, religion, and it just gets extremely heated. There's a lot of surprises and upsets. But it's good. It's one of those you leave and it really makes you think.

Kelly: But I'm thinking about open night for you. Do you get nervous? Do you suffer from stage fright?

>> I was so nervous. Yeah, I get nervous. But we had all these previews. So I sort of also felt like ok, you know. You have to like talk yourself down.

Kelly: I know the lines.

>> Yeah. Like ok, the play is very strong piece of -- so if we just tell the story in the most truthful way we can, it's going to be ok and it was. It's over and I'm so glad.

Kelly: Now that you got the opening night out of the way.

>> I can go home and take some nyquil.

Michael: In "boardwalk empire," you live in the 1920's, but now, how do you feel like doinging me edgy? It feels great. It does feel like just a new way of working. I mean, I love doing things that are sort of happy and entertaining too, but this piece, I just feel like -- it's very relevant to our times.

Kelly: Yeah. I can't wait to see it. I'm very excited for you.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: It's "disgraced." It's on broadway. Make sure you check out gretchen mol in "disgraced."


>> Thank you.

Kelly: You should come around here more often.

Michael: Next, we're going to have america's biggest pumpkin here. We're going to talk to the putt. Jon if it's going to talk back but we're going to try.

Announcer: Monday on "live," we'll cook with actor stanley tucci. ♪


Announcer: Think our show's fun to watch from home? Well, it's even more fun to watch live and in person. Come join us. When you're in our studio audience, you never know what will happen. You can win a prize or even become part of the show. Just go to our website for tickets. What are you waiting for in come join the fun.


Michael: All right, everybody. It's that time of the year where farmers face off in the battle for the record-breaking gourd.

Kelly: This is the most important segment we do every year. Keep that many mind.


Right now, from napa valley, california, is our most important guest of the year. Here he is, this year's biggest pumpkin in america, weighing a whopping incredible, amazing 2,058 pounds! Cheers and applause]

Feel the majesty of the pumpkin.

Michael: So we want to bring out john hawkly, the grower of this year's america's biggest pumpkin from napa valley, california. So come on out, john.


How are you doing, bud?

Kelly: Hi, john.

>> How are you?

Kelly: How are you? This is one big pumpkin.

>> Yes, it is.

Kelly: I understand that is you got the seed from this pumpkin from last year's winner.

>> I sure did.

Kelly: Unbelievable. He gave us one of those seeds.

>> Where is your pumpkin at?

Kelly: I didn't put it on the ground yet.

Michael: How did you grow your pumpkin so big? That's a weird question.


Kelly: How does your pumpkin grow?

>> Well, I'm not sure. It's napa valley weather. A little bit of water. Some really good soil. And the really great seed that I got from tim last year.

Kelly: Unbelievable.

>> Yeah. It's been pretty fun. He's been over to my patch. He doesn't live too far away.

Kelly: Wait a minute so you're like would you like to come see my patch? Is that how that goes?


>> You could come to my patch any day.

Kelly: Really? I will come to your patch. I'll come to your patch. Maybe I'll let you come to my patch.


I'm bringing my friend, michael, with me.

Michael: But you're the second person in the world to grow two pumpkins over 2,000 pounds in a year. That's amaze.

>> It looks that way. We knew we had some nice pumpkins. They weren't supposed to weigh over 2,000 pounds. And when we got them to the scale, it was just great.

Kelly: What else do you grow in your patch?


>> That's top secret.

Kelly: Does this look like I'm pregnant? Gelman, do you remember when I was pregnant? This is what I look like.

Gelman: Does this pumpkin make me look fat?

>> Of course not.

Michael: Do you have a name for the pumpkin?

>> I never really named it but when they went to half-moon bay, they named it colossal ghost because it's so white.

Kelly: Yes, he is white. Why is he -- very she.

Kelly: Is it a female?

>> --

Kelly: Oh, you're right. So sorry.


Forgive me.

>> I'm surprised you didn't notice.

Kelly: I never put my hand down there but now that I'm sorry about that. Yes, I didn't mean to insult you, lady. Well, so why is she white?

>> Well, in napa, it gets pretty darn warm every day. So I keep her covered with a tarp because I have misters that run every day. And I don't want to get wet. And I don't want the sun to dry out the skin. I want to keep soft so she can grow as much as she wants.

Kelly: But she's done growing now?

>> She was done when I cut her off the vine. We're still growing just a little bit. But it was time.

Michael: But is this a good pumpkin for a pumpkin pie?


>> It could be. It would be a lot.

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: What will happen to her now? Where will she go?

>> She's going to the botanical gardens for display.

Kelly: And then will you -- don't know where her ears are -- harvest her sneeds


>> Yes, I will. I can't wait to see how many are in there. Tim gave out over 500 seeds. I think he got 750 or something like that. So that are going to be a lot of people that want them. I'm hoping there's plenty.

Michael: Congratulations to you. Colossal ghost right here, everybody. You could see america's biggest pumpkin this weekend at new york's botanical gardens. And for more information go to our website. John hawkly, word class grower. We'll be right back, everybody. One big female pumpkin.


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Of $50,000.


Kelly: Exciting news. is now featuring video clips of behind the scenes footage of "live." This show?

Gelman: Yes.


Michael: It actually scares me because I don't know in the camera's on half the time. To celebrate our partnership,al is -- a.o.l. Is giving a trip r two in new york city and tickets to our best halloween show ever. Seriously.

Kelly: Go to for all the details.

Michael: And we got a few things here. Janet says the warmer places are better for zombies because people tastes better and are healthier to consume with coconut oil suntan lotion.

Gelman: Yum!

Kelly: How creepy, gelman. A woman from tarrytown says gelman is too old for the flu mist. The criteria is age 2-49. He might have forgotten itkekaet

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Have a seat. Thank you so much. Thanks a lot. That's a lot of energy. I thank you for that.

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you so very much, everybody. Thanks for being here. Let me ask you a question -- how many of you have kids?

[Cheers and applause]

I don't.


That is why there is no gum in my hair. Those of you that do have kids, here's the problem with kids I find. They want you to help with the home work, don't they? Yeah. And then you try to help, but in your head you're thinking, I don't know how to do this.

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