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Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Announcer: It's "live with kelly & michael" from disneyland. We're having a party, and you're invited. Get ready for a good time. On today's show, a performance from the legendary mariah carey, and michael checks out one of the hottest places in all the land: Cars land. Plus, after a week of competition, we wrap up "live"'s anniversary games, family challenge edition. Put on your mickey ears and come with us to our disneyland anniversary party. And now 60 of your favorite disney characters to celebrate 60 years of our favorite place, disneyland!

[Cheering and applause]

["Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" playing]

[Rhythmic clapping]

And now here are your emmy award-winning hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: Hi! Hello, hello! Hello! Hi! Hi! Hi! Wow!

Michael: Hello!

Kelly: Oh! Ah, this is amazing! Thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you, mickey and minnie and all of the characters. Uh, thanks for letting us be a part of your diamond celebration.

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: That is great.

Michael: Thank you.

Kelly: Enjoy the show, guys.

Michael: Thank you.

Kelly: Ok, it is friday, may 22, 2015. This is our final day at the disneyland resort.

[Audience groans]

Michael: I know.

Kelly: We're sad about that.

Michael: I know. We don't have to go home, but we just got to get out of here.

Kelly: Yeah. Mickey and minnie look happy about it, as a matter of fact.

Michael: Yeah, mickey and minnie--oh, they live here. They should be happy.

Kelly: Yeah, that's true. It is a good place to live for sure.

Michael: They're bringing us desk and seats and everything else.

Kelly: Oh. Look at us.

Michael: Didn't expect that.

Kelly: Yeah.

[Cheering and applause]

Bye, guys. So cool.

Michael: Mickey and minnie.

Kelly: Never gets old.

Michael: Come on, let's have a seat.

Kelly: You know, seeing--seeing mickey and minnie in person never gets old. I swear, it's like I--the magic will never die for me. I love that.

Michael: Ah!

Kelly: So did you have fun last night? Did you do anything extraordinary?

Michael: No, I--you know, I was--I was--I was kind of dealing with a crisis yesterday.

Kelly: You had a crisis?

Michael: Yes, with my kids. Because they were supposed to be here, and then their flight got delayed in atlanta, and it kind of messed up everything. So now they won't get a chance to come here, but we're going on vacation for, you know, memorial day...

Kelly: Right.

Michael: So I'm gonna take them on a trip anyway, so...

Kelly: Oh, that'll be nice.

Michael: Yeah. So we're gonna go somewhere on a trip.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: Yeah, so it'll be nice. We'll make up for it, but daddy is sad today.

Kelly: I've been dealing with a crisis all week, as a matter of fact, that you know about.

Michael: Yep.

Kelly: Um, uh, my little son, my 12-year-old, and my husband have been sick, uh, since--since last can't figure out what it is, and they've been tested for everything, and it's not getting any better. And it's one thing to be away and in disneyland without your kids. You know, you feel bad, but you have a corn dog and you get over it.

Michael: Yep. Mm-hmm.

Kelly: It's another thing to have sick kids at home--and by

Michael: Yep.

Kelly: I■ht, lik mgonna get ove. You--if--if they get better-moay a cookout.his--kil time, called, uh, yesterday to remind me to bring her homeom

Michael: Are you serious?

Kelly: Yeah. I was like, "how do you feel about a hat that looks

Michael: And, uh, you know, something chic--and I--and now I have to take my kids something now because they didn't get a chance to make it here.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: And, um--but one thing that you talked about the other day--and you just talked about it--when yllhave when I'm here d I've not had, and I want a, um, a turkey leg.

Kelly: Ha ha! A turkey leg?

Michael: I--but I haven't seen the turkey legs.

Kelly: You can get a turkey leg.

Michael: So--can--

Gelman: We can probably get one.

Michael: We can get one? I would love to get a turkey--I mean, they're not pretty to ever eat. It's not pretty to eat one of those turkey legs--ah!--very, you know, neanderthalish, butur. So can we get--

Kelly: I would like to watch him eat a turkey leg.

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: Got any cash, because--

Michael: I keep--I keep a little cash on me, man.

Kelly: You look very nice.

>> Would you like one, also? Oh, thank you.

Kelly: Would I like one? No. I already had one this morning.

Michael: I don't have that much cash. I only have cash for one turkey leg. One turkey leg, please.

>> You got it!

Kelly: Thank you so much.

Michael: Hey, thank you, man.

Kelly: If you see a corn dog...

[Cheering and applause]

Michael: He got--he got his running shoes. Oh, we're gonna follow him to get the turkey leg?

Kelly: Cool! I like it.

Michael: Oh, man.


Ll he's easy to find, isn't he?

Michael: But the only thing I'm worried about, gelman, if he's gonna run down there and run back with my turkey leg, I don'j leg.

Kelly: Oh, right. Yes.

Michael: Um, but it's been-- this has been a great...

Kelly: Been a really nice time.

Michael: Great time here.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: I tell you, it's been so nice. A little different without the kids, but I--I have to say...

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: There's nothing like coming--coming to disneyland.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: You just--I--I wake up every day and I think to myself, "ok..."

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: I don't want to leave.

Kelly: No. Yeah.

Michael: usually think you would be r ready to, but you're never ready.

Kelly: Well, it's funny. My mom called and she said, "oh, are you--you still doing the shows out there in california, because I found another picture." And...

Michael: Oh, really?

Kelly: I said--I said, "oh, did you?" I said, " well, e-mail it to me..." Which was a whole my sister and me and my mom and her mom, my grandmother.

Michael: Oh, wow.

Kelly: And that's--that's the last year she was alive, guys. Like, that's the last picture of her that we have, and it was, um--you know, it's just so nice

Michael: And your parents. And your parents.

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah.


Are you kidding?

Michael: That looks

Michael: Not only did he bring turkey legs...

Kelly: What, they have a two-for-one special?

Michael: ...plates, forks, knives.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: You're good. Ok.

Kelly: I already had my turkey leg. You can give--you can give mine to gelman.

Michael: You can save that for later.

Gelman: All right, here. I love turkey.

Michael: I'm gonna do the old taste test on the turkey leg.

Kelly: Never before has turkey smelled so much like bacon.

Gelman: Smoked. It's smoked.

Kelly: Oh, smoked? Right, right.

Gelman: I'll take that other one for--I'll take kelly's. Mi

>> Here's your change.

Kelly:rstake the tip. That's for you.

Gelman: Whoa.

Michael: It's only two bucks, but, hey...

Gelman: Thank you very much. I--I don't need any...

Kelly: That's not a bad price, though, for a lot of food.

[Cheering and applause]

Eating that.

Michael: It's ok.

Kelly: I'm just telling you.

Michael: You know what? Has ally good.

Gelman: It's still hot. It fogs your glasses.

Michael: It's very good.

Kelly: That is funny. That is great.

Michael: You're gonna have to talk because, um, I want to get to this turkey leg.

Kelly: No, you guys--you enjoy your turkey legs. Yeah. As you know, we've been highlighting-- highlighting everything all we journey over to the land of cars, where you went, right?

Michael: Yep. And I'm a big car guy. I love cars, so this place found my heart some happiness. So come--oop! Oh!

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. Do you need a heimlich maneuver?

Michael: Hit me in the chest, kelly! Hit me in the chest!

Kelly: Just stand up, stand up.

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