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Friday, March 27th, 2015

Annocer: It'"ls e with kelly & michael"! Shaq takes on our own michael strahan in a karaoke contest you won't want to miss. Plus, from "pretty little liars" actress lucy hale. And someone in our audience gets the chance to win big. All next on "live"!

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Now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: What? Thank you.

Michael: Hello!

Kelly: Wow!

Michael: Whoo!

Kelly: It's friday, march 27th, 2015.

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: Thank god it's friday.

Michael: Tgif.

Kelly: Tgif is right.

Michael: Oh, boy. So how are you?

Kelly: I'm great. How are you?

Michael: I'm dandy.

Kelly: Are you dandy?

Michael: I'm dandy.

Kelly: Aww...

Michael: It's friday.

Kelly: It is.

Michael: Excited.

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Woman: Whoo!

Michael: But I did, you know-- my other part-time home out on the west coast of california, l.a., I read this, and I got a little scared about this article that's in the paper. It's a little scary. Scientists are virtually certain california will be rocked by a strong earthquake in the next 30 years.

Audience: Mmm!

Kelly: Mmm!

Michael: Seems like a long time, but--

Kelly: You should get out of there by then.

Michael: You don't know within that point. But you don't know within that point. So they're saying that the chances of a magnitude 8 earthquake--

Kelly: Ooh. That's a big earthquake.

Michael: Went from 4.7% to 7% now.

Kelly: Mmm...

Michael: And I've been in earthquakes.

Kelly: I've been in an earthquake.

Michael: And how--what--how-- what did you think of it?

Kelly: Um, well, it was very scary. It was my first time in california. All my friends were going out to the west coast and having success, you know. And I thought maybe I'll come out here and try my luck. And then the earthquake happened. And my sneakers, my brand-new running shoes, that were very expensive fell out the window, and I never got them back. And I was standing there in the doorjamb, and I said, "yeah, I'm an east coast girl. Yep, yep. I'm gonna stick close to home."

Michael: Yeah, I mean, that's the thing.

Kelly: That was pretty much it for me. That was the deciding factor.

Michael: 'cause you know--'cause everything else on the east coast, you kind of know when a storm is coming or tornado, hurricane--like florida, you kind of get an idea--up the east coast. There, you have no idea. And I remember the first one I went through. I'm, like, sitting in the office at the house and the kids were upstairs and the house starts, like, banging. And I'm like, "what are the kids doing up there, jumpin' up and down that much?"

Kelly: Right.

Michael: And then I went--by the time I realized it was an earthquake, something would have fell and hit me in the head. I mean, I was just so not in tune with it, but it is extremely scary. But yeah, so the risks have gone up.

Kelly: Anyway, so...hopefully--

Michael: Hopefully nothing happens.

Kelly: They develop a system that, like, can predict--you know, predict with more accuracy an earthquake. Here's a story in the newspaper that has nothing to do with what you were talking about, but everything to do with my life right now.

Michael: Tell me about it.

Kelly: I cannot get my son to wear jeans anymore.

Michael: Why?

Kelly: He discovered sweat pants, and ever since he has discovered sweat pants, he would never consider ever putting jeans on again. And just when I thought, like--just when I thought it couldn't get more casual, he's essentially wearing pajamas to school every day.

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: And they're saying-- there's an article in the "new york times" that kids--boys, particularly--would rather wear sweat pants than jeans. So they've taken casual to a whole new level.

Michael: Well, I--I like sweat pants--

[Audience chuckling]

No, but I don't--I wear sweat pants at times. It depends on what I have to do. Because you wear certain things to work, and then you have to change and put on a suit. And certain times, you have to put on 2 or 3 different suits throughout the day. So, sweat pants--if I have nothing to do after work, I will put on sweat pants.

Kelly: This is a boy that 3 years ago would wear a bow tie to school every day. And now, he's, you know, casual stanley.

Michael: Ha ha ha! But I--I mean, jeans--I know a certain girl. A friend of mine has a daughter who will not wear pants at all, which--

Kelly: Right.

Michael: That's cool. That's great. Like, she only wears dresses. And even when she plays, she has a skirt on, which is fine, but I just think that sweat pants all the time... Kinda getting a little lazy early on in life.

Kelly: You know, my mom wouldn't let us wear pants to school. We were never allowed to wear pants, which made us really popular.

[Audience chuckling]

And so, we're like in dresses every single day. Like, we looked like holly hobbie until we were 15 years old. It was ridiculous. We were so unpopular. It was so awful.

Michael: Well, you know what has become popular, but a lot of places want to make it unpopular? The selfie stick.

Kelly: Oh!

[Cheering and applause]

Michael: Yes. I saw some people walking around yesterday with the selfie stick about to run into stuff 'cause they're trying to--"hey, get in there!" Watch where you're going.

Kelly: That's what I do now. I realize I dodge people on the street that are looking at their phone. It's like you just--it's pinball machine of dodging people on the phone.

Michael: But in italy, at rome's colosseum...banning of the selfie stick.

Kelly: Ooh...

Michael: Yep.

[Scattered applause]

They believe that people twirling around with the hundreds of sticks that come through there every day could be unwittingly dangerous.

Kelly: Yes.

Michael: In the u.s., the smithsonian museums in washington have banned the selfie stick, 'cause they want to protect the visitors and also the I--the other items that are in the museum.

Kelly: Mmm.

Michael: Um, art institute of chicago, detroit institute of art.

Kelly: I got a selfie stick for christmas. My girlfriend gave it to me, but I swear to god, I cannot figure out how to get my camera into it. And then, I'm still on the stick trying to press it with my finger.

Michael: I've never even looked at one closely. Is there something you push at the bottom that pushes the...the phone thing to take the picture?

Kelly: I don't know how to use it.

Michael: She has one right over there, lady.

Kelly: Yeah, let's see.

Michael: How does that work?

Kelly: Can you come show us?

Michael: Come here.

Kelly: Come here. What's your name? Come here. Hello.

Woman: Hi.

Kelly: Hi. I'm kelly. What's your name?

Woman: I'm chloe.

Kelly: Hi, chloe.

Chloe: Nice to meet you.

Kelly: Nice to meet you, too.

Chloe: Well, mine is bluetooth.

Kelly: Oh, well. Hmm...hello.

Michael: That is fancy.

Chloe: Yeah, it's super fancy.

Kelly: Ok, let's take a picture.

Chloe: Oh, yes. Ok, let me turn the bluetooth on, then.

Kelly: Ok.

Chloe: And then you connect it.

Kelly: So, you have to be bluetoothed?

Chloe: Well, I mean, you don't have to, but it works. And then this pushes up.

Kelly: You have a different one than what I have.

Chloe: I got it on sale. I was really excited.

Kelly: Oh.

Michael: Well, now you're banned, lady.

Kelly: Get in here.

Chloe: I know. I hear that.

Kelly: All right.

Chloe: Cheese! Yay!

Michael: Ah!

[Cheering and applause]

Chloe: So, fancy selfie.

Kelly: Thanks, chloe.

Chloe: Nice to meet you.

Kelly: Thanks. Bye.

Michael: Bye. With that being done, the selfie sticks are now banned here at "live with kelly & michael." No more selfie sticks. But that--

Kelly: I mean simple selfies that used to take 3 seconds now take 6.5 minutes.


Time is money, gelman.

Gelman: Wait a minute. Focusing.

Michael: Yeah, but I think it's actually--I agree with some of the banning on some of these. Like, you don't want somebody to run into art and knock something over. And at these stadiums with these games, brazil stadiums banned it as well. The fans could get a little excited, and it could be used as a weapon.

Kelly: I'm just afraid--I'm just afraid that we're all disconnecting so much from each other. I really do. I fear that we are losing ourselves to this stuff. I really do.

Woman: Whoo!

Michael: Yeah, but I agree. It's sometimes love the experience, love the moment, live in the moment. And our moment of host chat is over?

Gelman: Yeah, it's a good show. We got a lot going on today.

Michael: That was a quick moment.

Gelman: Yeah.

Michael: All right, cover the coffee, kelly. It is time for our spin into spring travel trivia.

[Music playing]

[Cheering and applause]

Woman: Whoo!

Kelly: You have to see. When I come home from work and I get undressed, there's confetti everywhere.

Woman: Whoo!

Kelly: Like a pinata.

Michael: I think we threw it too straight up.

Kelly: Yeah, too high.

Michael: Yeah, that was comin' down forever.

Kelly: Hey, um, today's trivia dancer is laura fleece from baltimore, maryland!

[Cheering and applause]

She's so cute in her boots, her disco ball shirt.

Michael: Great job, by the way.

Kelly: Yeah, great job.

Michael: The shirt matches the outfit you wore in.

Kelly: Adorable.

Laura: There you go!

Michael: Wore it on purpose.

Kelly: Very, very cute.

Michael: Looks good. And let's say hello to barb sullivan from selah, washington. Hello, barb. How are you?

Barb: Hi, kelly. Hi, michael.

Kelly: Hey, barb. What's going on?

Barb: Oh, nothin' much.

Michael: Now, we're lookin' at a picture of you. You're holding something. What is that from?

Barb: I was water skiing. That was holding onto the rope.

Michael: Oh.

Kelly: But you're still--you're still on the sand, right?


Barb: I don't think so.

Kelly: Oh. Oh, you're in the water?

Barb: I guess I was kind of... I have several pictures of that. I couldn't remember.

Michael: We're gonna spin the wheel, see what you're playin' for ...

[Cheering and applause]

[Music playing]

Michael: Oh, wow. A-ha!

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. This is a great prize. The la--lahaina-- lahaina? Is that right? Lahaina dream--lahaina dream villa in maui, hawaii.

Audience: Whoo!

Kelly: 8 days, 7 nights. It has 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. And it includes a private pool and jacuzzi. Round-trip airfare, personal concierge, all courtesy of luxury retreats. It's a prize valued at $13,300. You have 20 seconds and only one guess, barb. Good luck.

Michael: All right. Here you go, barb. We've had actress dakota johnson on the show. Who did we say is dakota's mother?

Barb: Dakota's mother.

Michael: Who did we say--

Barb: Melanie griffith.

Kelly: That's it!

Michael: You got it.

Announcer: Congratulations! You and a guest will enjoy 8 days and 7 nights in lahaina dream in maui in hawaii. Designed to make the most of the spectacular ocean view, this immense villa sits on an 11-acre private estate in the foothills of the west maui mountains. Enjoy bright tropical gardens, a flowing waterfall that spills over into the freeform pool, a large outdoor terrace, spacious interiors, with tastefully designed bedrooms and more. Your prize is valued at approximately $13,300.

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: Hey, barb, congratulations!

Barb: Oh, thank you, thank you. That's so wonderful!

Kelly: It looks really fancy. I gotta tell you. We were just watching it. It looks amazing. Now you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 gift certificate from zappos.

Michael: Nice.

Kelly: So, please pick a number between 1 and 235.

Barb: Number 46.

Man: 46!


Michael: There we are, right there! Congratulations, barb. Congratulations, sir. Everybody stay right there. When we come back, chris hemsworth is here with us.

[Music playing]

Announcer: Still ahead on "live" from "pretty little liars" lucy hale, shaquille o'neal. We'll play another edition of "live's" spring it on look back audience challenge, and coming up next, dmo

Kelly: Brace yourselves. I'm already nervous, 'cause this audience is--

[Cheering and screaming]

Off the rails.

Woman: Yeah!

Kelly: He is, hands down-- calm down, lady.

Woman: Whoo!

Kelly: One of the hottest stars on the planet. Please welcome chris hemsworth! Woman, singing: ♪ bluest skies day and night climbing higher and higher he feels like crying don't it? ♪

Michael: Heya, man.

Chris: You, too, buddy.

[Women screaming]

Michael: Wow. We need--


We hired... We--hey. This right here? This is the reason we hired extra security for the day.

Chris: Well, thank you very much. This is a noisy crowd. Thank you. What a--what a welcoming. Ha ha.


Kelly: One of our--one of our producers backstage describes you--and I'm not gonna name names--but one of our producers described you as a hunk and a half.

Chris: Hunk and a half?

Michael: Ha ha!

Chris: Extra bit, yeah?

Kelly: It is the highest praise there is around here.

Chris: That is. Thank you. That's wonderful.

Kelly: And I love your hair.

Chris: Oh, thank you.

Kelly: You cut it.

Chris: I did. Yeah, yeah. It got--it got long and messy and time-consuming. It's like photo shoot hair. You know, if you have someone following you around doing it, it's cool, but it's not practical.

Kelly: But when you cut it, did you--did you cry a little bit? Did you shed a tear?

Chris: I was nervous, yeah, yeah.

Kelly: You were?

Chris: I'm a leo. I'm a little bit like it was my mane. I felt like I was--

Audience: Yeah!

Chris: Losing my powers, but--


Kelly: Lady, calm down.

Michael: Geez! I'm gonna have to be security. Forget the other people we hired.


Chris: I've got it backstage, though, in a bag, so I'm gonna hand it out later.

Audience: Whoo!

Michael: Now, we saw you at the oscars last year. And then weeks after we saw you, your twins were born, so congratulations.

Chris: Thank you.

Kelly: Aw, so nice.

Michael: And how are they doin'? How's the family?

Chris: They're doin' great. They're doin' great. They're all back in australia, and there's 3 kids now. And the 2 boys are crawling and getting into everything and moving, so it's busy trying to keep track of all 3 of them all under 3. It's chaos, but good chaos.

Kelly: Australia is a great place for kids, though. I found it's a very child-friendly country, society.

Chris: Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. That's why we went back there. It's funny. After living in l.a. For 6, 7 years, which is fairly sterile as far as animals and wildlife, you know. You don't see many bugs and spiders. Went back to australia, and I swear at my place, it's like "jurassic park."

Kelly: Yeah.

Chris: There are more spiders lizards and things that you've never seen.

Michael: Snas.

Kelly: So, do you know what to do if there's, say, uh... A venomous snake in your backyard? Do you know how to--

Chris: Run.

Kelly: Run. Excellent.

Michael: Ha ha ha!

Chris: I think--don't try and kill it. Most deaths--like 90% of deaths in australia are caused from people trying to kill the snake, so that's out.

Kelly: Right.

Chris: Um, make friends? They don't really talk.

Kelly: Right.

Chris: So, you kind of make a lot of noise when you trudge into the bush, and they tend to want to scatter away, but, um, they're everywhere. Literally, there's 2 or 3 big pythons that I see most days in the backyard just curled up in the sun, and they're fine. They're not the venomous ones.

Michael: Let me tell you something. They're not fine, man. They're not fine.


You gotta get 'em out of there.

Chris: The spiders are worse. I got bit by a spider couple of weeks ago.

Kelly: No, is that true?

Chris: Yeah.

Kelly: You want to show us? Is it there?

Chris: It's gone. It's healed, thankfully.

Kelly: But I mean a spider bite there could really--I mean...

Chris: Yeah, we have, I think, 8 of the most deadly spiders in the world.

Michael: How did it look?

Chris: It was--ok. So the bigger they are tends to be the less venomous. And it was, like, the size of my palm, and then it's legs kind of spread from there.

Audience: Ughh!

Chris: And, um, I was cleaning up in the garage, and I felt it first when I picked up a bag, and I felt this big furry thing. And then--tschh! And felt the bite. And I bled. Like, it was like it took a chunk out of my finger. It was a monster of a thing.

Audience: Eww...

Chris: And then I screamed a bit...


And, uh, a few words that we can't say on tv.

Kelly: Now, you were voted "people's" sexiest man alive.

[Cheering and screaming]

Kelly: Boy, oh, boy! Your--

Woman: Whoo!

Kelly: Your brothers must be furious.


Chris: They, uh, they supported me, though, you know, helped me.

Kelly: What choice did they have?

Chris: None.

Kelly: You're the sexiest.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. I said, "this is the rules. I got the title," so, you know...

Kelly: Ha ha!

Chris: Support, yeah. That's good.

Michael: Now, how did your wife feel about it?

Chris: She had a good laugh, yeah, yeah.

Michael: Ha ha!

Chris: She said, "I know. That's why I married you. Now, do the dishes and change the nappies. Back to work." I thought it would give me some bragging rights and you know, couple of days off, but more harm than good, I think.

Kelly: Did you have--I had read--I'm not sure if this is true--that you had the living room wallpapered with the cover of "people" magazine.

Chris: Yeah, currently at the moment getting that done across the entire property.

Kelly: That's what I heard. Yeah, ok, good. I'm glad to hear that.

Chris: So, you know, when I start to rapidly decline and fall apart and put on weight and go bald, I'll have that.

Kelly: You have that. Ha ha! I mean the timing of this film with what's going on in the world could not be more...

Chris: Yeah, it's crazy. We, um, 2 years ago when we were researching the subject, and it was under the radar. But everyone we spoke to in the security sections of the cyber within the government, big companies, hackers, alike, all said, "no, this is happening and it's coming on a bigger level." And we've seen in the last few months a lot of different events. And, um, yeah, it's shocking.

Kelly: So, you play a convicted computer hacker.

Chris: Yeah, I play a guy who-- yeah, he's in prison serving a 13-year sentence, and he's pulled out of prison by the government to track down another hacker, so they use my character's skill sets and attitudes and try to track him down. It becomes a detective film. You know, who did it? Why? How? And so on. And we shot in chicago, l.a., kuala lumpur, jakarta, hong kong.

Michael: Oh, you were everywhere.

Chris: Yes, everywhere, literally.

Michael: And you also were in prison in this movie before you got furloughed, but you had to go to prison to research that. How was that? How did the inmates treat you?

Chris: Yeah.

Michael: We see how this audience is treating you. I'm just curious.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.


Kelly: Are you referring to our audience as inmates?

Audience: Whoo! Whoo!

Michael: Have you seen the way some of them are acting, kelly?


Ha ha ha!

Chris: Yeah, it was part of the prep that michael insisted we do, and we went to a number of prisons and spoke with inmates. And I sort of naively thought, "oh, cool. I'll go in, bit of character study, you know, meet some people, whatever." Got to the prison and instantly just went, "oh, what am I doing here?" And I've got my long blond ponytail, post-"or"--

Audience: Yes! Whoo!

Chris: And walked in and started walking in the aisles, and immediately it was like-- and I thought to mysel "no one would have seen the movie." You know, maybe they don't watch movies, and all that. And they're like straightaway, "yo, thor's here! Thor!" And from all angles just gettin' heckled-- and some positive, some not so, so...

Michael: Ha ha ha!

Chris: Some invites to spend some nights in the cell, um... I declined, but, yeah.

Michael: I declined? Oh, god!

Chris: Said, "all right, I'll hang out for a couple hours."

Kelly: Ha ha ha!

Chris: Have a cup with 'em.


Kelly: Hee hee hee!

Michael: Hey, we always love having you here, man.

Chris: Good to be here.

Michael: Congrats on the baby. The movie is "blackhat." Chris hemsworth, everybody.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," our karaoke showdown with shaquille o'neal.

Michael: She plays the prettiest little liar on tv, but please welcome the very talented lucy hale.

[Music playing]

[Cheering and applause]

Lucy: Oh! Um, what a nice welcome.

Kelly: This is the cutest little dress ever!

Lucy: I think I have a body rash under it, 'cause it's not lined, but I guess it's all worth it, right? Thank you, though, so much.

Kelly: I like your haircut!

Lucy: Thank you. It's, uh--

Kelly: Are you like me?

Lucy: You got yours shorter. It's an addiction.

Kelly: I cry when I get my hair cut. So I cut it an inch at a time, up, up, up.

Lucy: It's an emotional thing, especially like I've always had the same haircut since I was, like, 12 years old. And it's like a gradual process. This was the 4th step, and, uh... I think I'm done.

Michael: The 4th step.

Lucy: It sounds like I'm drunk, but I think I'm done. I think I'm done, but it feels good. It's like a new year, new hair.

Kelly: It's adorable. You look really cute.

Lucy: Thank you so much. Likewise.

Michael: And now happy new year, happy holidays. Now, what did you do for the new year? Big party?

Lucy: Yes. Little low on sleep right now, but feeling good. I went up to big bear--

Kelly: Oh, beautiful!

Lucy: Which is great. It was an ifferent climate. So I'm like driving up there, and luckily my car immediately goes into 4-wheel drive. So we got up there safely. New years was great, big party. Everyone had fun. We went to sleep. We woke up, there's like 2 feet of snow on the ground. And I was like..."y'all, I gotta talk with kelly and michael in like a couple of days. Like, this needs to melt." I was like, "if I have to sled my way down this hill, I'm going to new york." But it all worked out. It was a great time.

Kelly: Well, big bear is one of those places where all the boxers train.

Lucy: Oh, really?

Kelly: Did you see any fighters?

Lucy: I saw a lot of people attempting to snowboard, but that's about it, but it was a good time. I had fun.

Michael: But when you're not working, what do you like to do? What do you do in your down time? When you're on set--'cause there's a lot of time on set.

Lucy: There is. A lot of netflix, a lot of sleeping.

Kelly: Ah!

Lucy: I think someone told me-- I'm a big online shopper.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, yeah. I ju-- do you ever go to net-a-porter?

Lucy: All the time, but you know what gets me is like skymall, like weird things.

Kelly: Skymall, yeah.

Lucy: Like, I somehow think I need--it's a remote-controlled mermaid tail. Y'all, you get in the pool, and it helps you swim like a mermaid.


And so, I somehow think that I need things like that.

Kelly: I think I need that, too. And we're like child-size so we would totally fit.

Kelly: Yeah, we could fit in child-size.

Michael: What is this picture we're showin'?

Lucy: Ok.

Michael: You got that off skymall, the dog on the back?

Lucy: No. I have a thing for onesies. Like, everyone needs a collection of onesies. And so my mom--why did I post that? I'm such a moron. Ha ha! So, my mom comes out of her room, and I'm on the floor with my 4 dogs in my pug onesie. And day, and I bought us all

Lucy: It's the best. "home alone." Yeah.

Michael: I had those pictures backstage, and my assistant sarah, she loves the onesie. And then when she saw that christmas sweater you bought your family, she said, "I have the same thing. She and I could be besties."

Lucy: Yeah. We could!

Kelly: She's very school spirit, sarah.

Michael: Oh, she's very school spirit.

Kelly: Yeah, she's very school spirit.

Lucy: Is she the one in the gray sweater? No?

Michael: No, she has, like, a maroon sweater on.

Lucy: Oh, I don't know if I've met her.

Michael: She's probably hiding backstage.

Lucy: I'll be her bestie. Tell her that will be fun. Cool.

Michael: Now, when you were here last time, you're career started through singing, and you won the audition for "american am--juniors."

Lucy: Mm-hmm.

Michael: And we have a clip for you. You want to check this out?

Lucy: Oh, great!

Michael: You're really an amazing singer.

Lucy: Let's look at my fashion choices. ♪ 'cause I'd surrender everything to feel the chance to live again I reach to you I know you can feel it, too I surrender ♪

Kelly: Oh, my.

[Cheering and applause]

Kelly: I have--

Lucy: First of all, let's talk about my clear braces.

Kelly: I have 3 things to say about that. Number 1--you are adorable--

[Lucy scoffs]

And talented. Number 2--

Lucy: Thank you.

Kelly: The sync for the--

Gelman: The lip sync.

Kelly: The sync for the sound and the video--

Lucy: Was not matched up.

Kelly: Were totally off. And number 3--you look like you're wearing a cast on your pinky.

Lucy: Oh, oh, there's a few things I would like to point out about that video.

Kelly: Ok.

Lucy: What was I wearing? Thanks, mom.

Kelly: Adorable.

Lucy: I think I remember I was wearing white bellbottoms, too. So, this was, like, I was 14, so it's been, like, 11 years. Clearly, I had some braces situations.

Kelly: The 4th time bellbottoms went around.

Lucy: I was actually cracking up at the girl behind me, who was just looking off in the distance. But I shut my pink-- this is like...a lucy thing. Something...nothing's happened bad today, knock on wood.


But like something cra--thank you. Everybody--ok, thanks.

Michael: There you go.

Lucy: I shut my pinky in the car door, and was just rockin' that pinky cast like no other.

Kelly: It's very cute.

Michael: But you know what?

Kelly: I like it.

Michael: You know what, it worked out for you.

Kelly: Yeah.

Michael: And you were just standing in line when they came up to you. I was watchin'. We gotta take a quick break. We're gonna ask lucy to reveal who is her ...mysterious killer. So, more with lucy hale from "pretty little liars" when we come back.

Announcer: Monday on "live," jerry o'connell and also sissy

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