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Friday, July 25th, 2014

Yip it's "live! With kelly & michael." Of the new series, "partners," kelsey grammer. Artist and "rising stars" judge, kesha. A s, chef anita lo serves up lmon dish as we continue our "challenge with champions week." Ll next on "live." "superstar chefs farm-to-table challenge." All next on "live." Now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheers and applause]

♪ So funny. Hi. I. Hi. Hello. Ow, that's impressive. T's finally friday, everybody! 25, we made it. We got through another week. Did it! Kelly, we

Kelly: I love that pitbull-kesha song. Is one of my workout songs.

Michael: Really?


Kelly: And then I have a routine that. So every time that song comes on, it's like I have to control not to go into my workout routine. Today.: Well, she's here maybe you'll have to show her.

Kelly: Yeah. Today. Re

Michael: I picture myself falling over something. But it's a great song.

Kelly: Yes.

Michael: And, you know, I found this incredible story.

Kelly: Ok.

Michael: And this was this boy, a man, who was adopted.

Kelly: Ok. He el: And he decided wanted to look for his birth mother. And she had kind of kept it open be found by him. She didn't do one of those don't ok for me, I don't want to know she was young and she knew she wasn't ready to have a child. He started looking. When he turned 18. Nd he couldn't find her. Then, figured out that she was kind of looking under the wrong name. Spelled the last name wrong. And he's at work and he's xplaining to his boss and he gives the name and the boss said talady who works here? He had been working with his mom the front shier at of the store and he had no idea. Me?y: Are you kidding

Michael: Yes. He's a delivery truck driver at been s store and he's searching for his mom and his mom was up there at the cash egister all these years and he had no idea.


Kelly: You have got to be kidding me. -- same town?

Michael: Yeah. Everything. Store, and they met. They've known each other casually as coworkers. Eventually they met for the first time as mother and son. Later.

Kelly: These are the stories that are so remarkable. So lucky that they didn't ask each other out on a date. Don't understand. They're so lucky. That was a soap opera -- if that was on "all my children," they would have actually been dating and then discovered all that.

Michael: I actually did think of that because that would have been uncomfortable at the table thinking dinner.

Kelly: Yeah, that is an incredible story. Good.- makes you feel

Michael: Congratulations to those two.

Kelly: There's another interesting story in the news has to do with swarms of mating may flies that are wreaking havoc in the midwest. Show you a to picture of a car that flew -- fliesrove into a swarm of that were in love. Here's a satellite radar. Look are what the flies like when they're enamored of each other. Are mating.ey all hide your children. Don't let them see this. This is adult content.


Michael: I still don't understand how that cause a three-car accident, but ok. It. Take your word for

Kelly: And for the -- and in insect news, jennifer lopez has her own water mite scientists her by which I think is a big deal. Anybody can have their otprints and the hand print, right? But very few celebrities has -- scientists name a bug after them.

Ichael: But does that bug have any distinguishing feature?

Kelly: Well, the bug is -- it's water mite and she is of puerto rican ancestry say the scientist that discovered the bug listened to time in the the lab. And so that's like the impulse for the name.

Michael: Oh. Thought it was something else.

Kelly: No.

Michael: What kind of bug would ou like to be named after you?

Kelly: Oh, my god, whatever the deadliest spider will. A black widow, yeah. Yes!

Michael: Mark, watch out. People don't ls mess with her. Or what's the one that eats the with him?ter it mates praying mantis. Yes. I'm done with you. Fun. our and now I have to eat your head off.


[Speaking in spanish] I'm sure

I'm mispronouncing it. So in other words, j-lo. Gotcha. Can you believe it's been 25 25th anniversary of the movie "when harry met ally"?

Kelly: Aww.


How can that be?

> They said it set a new standard for romantic comedy but back in july of 1989. Like one of your favorite romantic comedy?

Kelly: It's so funny. About this talking not too long ago. I can't -- I'm not a romantic girl. Kind of

Michael: Really?

Kelly: Yeah. Humor like ridiculous or -- I just -- I guess -- we were saying I think maybe "about night." I liked that one, I mean, going back to, you know, that rob sexy rob lowe.


Like staring into the sun.


Asically, any movie starring rob lowe in the 1980's.

Michael: I'm into any kind of movie. Every once in a while because I've got to get over that because I've got to sleep at night. But I do to anything love a good romantic comedy. Member that movie "notting hill"?

Elly: Yes, "notting hill." What about "pretty woman," too? That's another one.

Ichael: Yes.


Kelly: Because who doesn't --

Michael: "sleepless in seattle."

Kelly: Everybody wants to be a hooker with a heart of gold. Richard gere discovers and makes a proper lady. "big.": And then big mistake! I will never forget that right. That's a great line, right?

Michael: Yeah. That was -- "pretty woman," probably like -- yeah.

Kelly: That's a great one.

Michael: "notting hill," though I like it though. Just a girl looking at a boy who wants to love me. Something like that.


Kelly: Wrong again.

Michael: Something like that. It's close enough. Know, nfl refs, they get around a lot. Now the nfl has come up with a test for the ss referees. Hey have to pass a fitness test.

Kelly: It was an umpire in baseball. Didn't one die of a heart attack or something

Michael: Yeah. I remember that.

Michael: But they say a referee runs between six and seven and a game.iles a

Kelly: Oh. So they need too be in better shape than that? You've got to make sure you're in shape to make it. Guy understand a runs a 99-yard touchdown? Pissed. they are so


I will stop at the 50-yard line and say he got it.

Elly: He's got it.

Michael: Good enough. And then half the time, the referees outrun the players.

Kelly: Yeah. They do.


Michael: And some of these referees are 60. So they're outrunning players so these guys usually are in great shape. Now, they've got a fitness test. Our "superstar chefs farm-to-table challenge" is well underway. If you want to be a part of the challenge, take a food selfie of dish f and the finished from each week for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate to steaks.

Kelly: The best food selfie of the summer will win a trip to new york city to come see "live" in person and the superstar chef receives the most submission bragging rights and beautiful farm-to-table trophy.


Michael: Yeah. The trophy is -- it's floating in the atmosphere. We don't know where that trophy is in here. There it is, right there on tv. With this eck in week's superstar chef anita lo who is outside on the sidewalk right now. Welcome to the show.

>> Welcome.

Kelly: Hi! So what's your farm-to-table today, anita?

>> Well, it's actually not farm. Kinga grilled wild alaskan salmon with corn, which is from farm. Mushrooms.

Kelly: We look forward to seeing you to in a little bill. The recipe.ard to

Michael: I had you saying twice. Look forward to tasting it.


Kelly: Before we go to our trivia --

Michael: Hey, it's live tv. Happen.

Kelly: Can't beat those mid-morning naps. Want to point out this saturday, tomorrow, it's super saturday 17, everybody. Super saturday 17.

Michael: Yes.


Kelly: It is a big ovarian fundraiser out on long island. I, of course, hosted every year with my good friend, donna karan does all the back-breaking work all of this and gets all of designers to donate all of the merchandise.

Michael: And you go and buy all big clothes with the discount.

Kelly: It's the world's most glamorous and most extensive sale, if you will. 80% off and all of the profit goes to ovarian research fund. Awesome. His is


And you've been doing this for a long time, yeah.

Kelly: I judge -- I judge how been hosting it by how joaquin just because the first time I hosted it, he was a newborn. Time.een a long anyway, if you can't get to long qvc is is year, broadcasting the event from 2:00 to 4:00 eastern time. , you can get great deals and ll the profit goes to o.c.r. You definitely need tickets if you're going to shop there and for to ocr tickets if you happen to be in the area. Nyway, I just want to put that out there. It's a great thing.

Michael: Great job out there. Thank you. It's guilty-free shopping. Guilty-free.


Michael: Well, it's time to this party up because it's time for our "summer sizzle travel trivia."


Michael: Get it, thomas.

Kelly: Boy, I love that. Hat was our at-home trivia dancer thomas murphy from union city, new jersey. I love that.



Doing the sprinkler.

Elly: Where has he been all my life? Incredible. By the way, thomas has markable view from his terrace. That is beautiful.

Gelman: That may be just the top of his building. What? So it's incredible.

Michael: Well, thomas can invite us over for a cocktail or something. Got all the dances, too.

Kelly: Yes. He really does.

Michael: Ok. To barbara ay hello from california. Barbara.

Caller: Good morning to both of you. Good morning. My : Look at your selfie, goodness. You look like miss america.


Caller: Thank you.

Michael: But you know what, there's one lucky mr. America you're getting married this fall.

Ller: Yes, we're certainly very excited.

Michael: Congratulations.

Kelly: That's great.


I understand that you have plans this weekend, big plans? Cancun, here we come!

Kelly: All right! That sounds like fun. See if we can win you a honeymoon trip. How about that?

Caller: Thank you.


-- Dn't


Kelly: Here you go. The galley bay resort in antiqua. Sounds like a honeymoon. Seven days and six nights in a ottage with a private plunge pool. You know what that means! Nude swimming!


All inclusive roundtrip airfare courtesy of hot wire. At $7,900.e valued good luck, barbara.

Michael: There are so many jokes that. I'm going to leave them alone. Here we go. Talked his week, we with jennifer morrison. What did jennifer say her arents do for a living?

Caller: Teachers!

Michael: There you go.

Announcer: Congratulations. Sevend a guest will enjoy days and six nights at the galley bay resort antiqua. His all inclusive property features 98 guest rooms set scarningse white sand beaches and lush tropical gardens. Restaurant,open air live entertainment, complimentary water sports and more. Your prize is valued at $7,900. Tely


Oh, my gosh. Somebody's got a honeymoon with it.

Caller: Oh, thank you! All nude all the time!

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Lly: Barbara, now you get to make the help of a lucky member of our studio audience who will appliance package from cuisinart. Please pick a number between one 209.

Caller: 15.

Michael: There we go.


Ongratulations, barbara. Congratulations, ma'am. Everybody, stay right there. When we come back, kelsey grammer is here with us. As

Announcer: Still ahead on "live" from the reality series, "rising stars," kesha. "superstar chefs farm-to-table challenge" with a ecipe from anita lo. Coming up next, kelsey grammer.


Lly: He's the star of stage, screen, and television. Please welcome award-winning tor and good friend of our show, kelsey grammer!

[Cheers and applause]

>> Hello. How are you? Hello. Good to see you. Hey! Hello. Hi. How are you? Hello. I. Hi. How are you? Good to see you. Hi, michael. Good to see you. To see you. You.: So nice to see you're very springy. This is the only clean shirt I had in the closet.

Kelly: I understand you spend london.your spring in

>> Yeah, we're shooting a movie, that an english comedy might transfer well over here. We'll see how it goes. Comedies english different than american comedies? Well, they have funny accents. They all speak like this.

Kelly: Do you have a good english accent? Bad.'s not

Kelly: Can we hear yours if

>> There was a tailor that made the film and he came over to los angeles and he said how was your british accent? Said it's ok. And he was prompting me to speak sort of a strange british accent or london accent that. Efused to do and he got very snotty about it but we've become friends about but let me see if I can come up with a line. What happens in a film? The bank.d breaking and I play a very, very posh sort of a important bank per who has lost his way, so to speak.

Michael: That's how I sound when it too.

Kelly: Michael strahan also does britishdible, very posh accent.

>> Go.

Kelly: Go.

Ichael: Well, last trick to me doing it because colin firth came on and he showed me how to it.

>> You do it with a stutter.

Michael: No.

Kelly: Yeah. You got to roll around.



Michael: Would you like a pot of tea? It? As did I do all right?



Kelly: It's so crazy, kelsey, I hoff riginew how ridiculous it is. It never fails. Roll on the ground, you sound british.

Michael: And your wife, kate, is too. Ngland

>> Yes.

Michael: Did she get a chance to catch up with her family? Time. The her dad is a footballer. And now, coaches for the bristol overs. He used to be on bristol city for a long time and played all ver the world, actually. Played in turkey, and hong kong. He just missed that big payday that they're doing today in soccer. But he's a terrific guy. Family e a lot of the and visit them quite a bit.

Kelly: How is little faith? She's fantastic.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh! Are you kidding? Eyes!l: Look at those

Kelly: She's gorgeous.

>> She takes after her mom. Gosh. Oh, my

>> There's upstate new york. We were just about too go out on hike on a drizzly day.

Michael: What's her personality? An interesting kid. She's a very nice kid. Ou meet your children as they're born and you figure them out slowly and they start to present their own quickly. Stics pretty she seems like a very nice person. She's very generous and very ind. She's very tough. When she makes up her mind about she sticks to it. We ran london and visited the atural history museum and they have this great exhibit, the t-rex exhibit. People go nds of every week. But they let us in a little early. We were just standing there alone with this t-rex which is 20 feet tall and growls and you and does all kinds of weird threatening things. And at first, she was like ooh. Then after a while, she went rrrhhhhh!


Michael: Love it.

Kelly: Good for her.

Michael: I love it.


That's a great story. We got to take a quick break. When we come back, we're going more with kelsey grammer. So don't go anywhere.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live" from "rising stars," kesha. We're back with kelsey grammer. This is like a legal comedy --

> Hopefully.

Kelly: And legal odd couple, if you will. It's called "partners" and it's martin lawrence and myself acting together -- well, the audience laughed just at that.

>> Well it's very funny. Pairing.od and we're good together. We're completely different styles and somehow, it took us a little while to kind of find the sweet spot in it but there are in it. Ny stuff I directed a couple of them. And it's -- you know, you hate praising it but I think we got something that's pretty special. Because ll, you know you've been in more hits than any other -- well, I've done some --


Culturaland it's about differences in between two lawyers who just -- you're forced to work together? Right. Well, there's the whole ebony and ivory thing.


But we honestly don't play up much to that. It's about they have different about how to approach the law. And martin's kind of a do-gooder no money. King that's the problem. And I'm a shark and a scheister some money. And that draws us together because I'm in ill repute with legal system in chicago -- it's set in chicago. Of being given some pro bono cases by a judge as part of a punishment, martin I meet. And I help him with a divorce his own.-- and we decided to become partners.

Kelly: Did you draw from any of team to do al research on is?

>> Well, actually, I have had a for a secondhand research long time.


I'm as expert as any guy out there.

Kelly: You're practically a at this point.

>> Pretty much, having financed the entire industry in california for several years.


Michael: Well, we're going to take a look at a clip and let's at kelsey grammer and "partners."

>> I suppose as partners, there will be cases that I will take won't and I will have to acquiesce. That there are some cases that you want to take and I won't and that's just too with you.

>> That reminds me of an wife.ement I made with my she want advocate and I didn't and so we compromised and got a cat.


>> Now that's a partnership.



Make : Well, everybody fx. You catch "partners" on incredibly funny show. Kelsey grammer, everybody.


Kelly: We'll be right back.

Announcer: Monday on "live" from the newntai t

Kelly: Hey on monday, from the new film, "guardians of the galaxy," zoe saldana will be here. And we'll get entertaining and fashion tips sensation bethany mota.

Kelly: She's a chart-topping can be seenion that as a judge on the reality show, "rising stars." Lease welcome kesha!

[Cheers and applause]

♪ Hi! Ou look beautiful!

>> Hi.

Kelly: How are you?

Michael: Good to see you. You too. see

Kelly: You look super cool.

>> Thanks.

Kelly: I love your blue hair. Thank you.

Kelly: That's amazing.

>> I'm in the process of beginning through the entire color. With my hair

Kelly: I like it. You were lavender before.

Michael: You just pick a color it?go through

>> Yeah. Me and my friends, we put on a record and we go weird with the color. It's hard to maintain. I find it washes out so fast. Then you just switch colors.

Kelly: That's smart. You recently dropped the dollar name.rom your

>> I did. It's still a tattoo on my hand.

Kelly: How some? Take it away?

>> I kind of just outgrew it. That's the best way I can explain it. An artist, you have to keep evolving and I just evolved in a different direction. So funny, I was sitting here with my magic rker and my cue card and I decided that I was going to take dollar sign with my ame. What? Are you kidding me?


>> That's a ballsy move. Don't care.ou

>> No. You can have it. I'm done with it.

Kelly: That's it. You're throwing away money. Throw it away too, sister.

Kelly: We just have to change logos.

Michael: Your mom is a song writer and you moved from youfornia to nashville when were 4.

>> Yeah.

Michael: Did you perform in nashville when you were a kid?

>> Yeah. Shows to like no one. There would be no one there. Nd I would just be living on the stage, but then I've moved out to l.a. And then things bit. up a little

Michael: A little bit.

Kelly: You're an incredible songwriter.

>> Thank you.

Lly: Are you somebody that dreams about your songs?

>> I do. I do dream about my songs. How did you know? Just took a guess. Maybe I'm psychic. Maybe you'll write me into a lyric.


>> I might. Yeah. I will come up with song ideas or inriving down the road my dreams, I'll be reading a magazine, all sorts of ways. Sock was ll, what your big break?

>> -- Song was your big break? Song called "white round" by flo rida. It.ver got credited for I did it for fun. And then it became this huge ong.

Michael: ♪ right round like a record right round ♪

>> Yeah, sing it. Driving and I was like this old crappy car and I turn up the speakers so loud it then I startednd crying.

Kelly: Were you telling everybody that's me? Rd? On this reco

>> I was trying to chain call my mom and my boyfriend at the time and anyone that cared that was listening.

They: That's so exciting to first time you created your own voice on the radio. I spent my whole life and I dropped out of school and it's my dream and then finally to hear your voice on the radio. Because I get excited when I hear your voice on the radio.

>> Thanks! Love you.

Michael: Your brother produced your reality show. Your with how were you able to work so well with your family? Really close. Like my brother is here. He's backstage.

Kelly: Do you ever get into ights?

>> No. He's pretty mellow. I'm the crazy one. You have to on't be crazy to be a performer?

>> Yeah. I think it works well. Like I just was writing a song about how I'm like in love and steps out in line and then I'm going to learn to shoot him.

Kelly: Oh, my god. So it's a love ballad.

>> Yeah.


Kelly: What kind of insect would be?

>> I want to be a praying mantis too! Next I am so in that song.


God. If I've I don't know ever been so uncomfortable in an interview in my life. I feel threatened. Yes! It was great.

Kelly: I feel like I want to ask you to marry me afterwards. Is that ok? Into that. Same-sex marriage. I'm into it.

Kelly: Good.

Michael: We want to congratulate on your mtv video music "timber."nation for you are collaborating with pitbull. Oh, I heard you have a dance routine.

Kelly: I'll show you during the ommercial break.

Michael: Come on, kel!

Kelly: No. We'll do it on the way out. On l find out on the latest kesha's latest project provides gratification with -- via an app, right?

>> Yes. Find and we're going to out more about "rising stars" with kesha when we come back.


On "live," uesday james franco.


Kelly: We're back with kesha, hit competition singing competition show, "rising stars."

>> Yes. Unique, the lly is whole concept of it is unique. It's very different.

>> It is. It's genius because it's instantically gratifying. Like you get an app and you someone sing for you and you either vote yes or no. Rising and this bar it has to hit 70%. And so you're sitting there on with bated breath just waiting. There are people with 69% and rise and it's just a really intense show. But then she got saved because west coast can save.

Kelly: Oh, nice.

Ichael: And josh groban hosts, which I love. Brad paisley, ludacris.

>> Yeah.

Chael: How is it to be the only woman on that panel?

>> Oh, I love it. I think I scare sthem a little. Oh, I have no doubt of that.


>> It's really fun. Hung out. Like we go to ludacris's house and watch the show. Ludacris's house like?

>> The has a very fancy table.

Kelly: He does? Robot table. Yeah, I don't know. You have to like press buttons and it moves around. Table?on the

>> Yeah.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

>> That's great, right?

>> I love your life. Love it. Now, do you think you'll collaborate with any of these guys? Down.efinitely am like I think we should all do a song together and just see what that sounds like. Amazing. T would be

>> That would be the weirdest song ever.

Michael: But do you find that hard to be honest because dream?e somebody who

>> Yeah, so on the show, I'm yes -- that always votes not always but I don't want to be a dream crusher because I these kids are sitting behind this giant wall itting in front of millions of people, no pressure. I just usually give them the give t of a doubt and I them a little bit of hope even though they kind of suck -- nervous.ey're probably

>> And if they kind of suck, I just want to be like you're not that sucky.


Kelly: Who's the dream crusher?

>> That would be lose cris. Ludacris. He would not be offended by that dreams. Kes to crush


Kelly: Does he say like you totally suck. Don't listen to kesha?

>> Well, at one point, he was like what did he say? Anythingdn't have sang at all to this poor person. And I was like I'm sorry. Said not me k he once, too.


Michael: Tell us about the udden death round of the competition that starts after this sunday. Duels, is sunday is which is really -- duals which duels which is going to be really fun. And the sunday after that, it's sudden death. Called? Hat it's

Michael: Yeah.

> So dramatic.

Kelly: Somebody will die.

>> They want ratings.

Michael: I love it.


>> So seven people, it'll be narrowed down to seven people and the west coast saves one more. The end of next sunday, there will be one more left. Vote? Do you get to

>> Oh, I vote and my vote counts for 7%.'s

>> But it's really fun. Interactive to vote with your family.

Michael: I watch it and when I go up, it's er like hit the bar.


The name of the show is called sundays at " on

9:00 p.m. On abc. Everybody, kesha.


Hey, coming up next, chef anita lo is here. So stick around. Gosh.

Announcer: Monday on "live," youtube sensation bethany mota.


Michael: In 2001, she was named one of the 10 best new chefs in america. She has since appeared on-iron -- children chef america, all-stars." She is here. Anita lo. Grill is very interesting.

Michael: Heat setting. We working at are with today? Salmon, right?

>> Yeah, I have some wild salmon.king

Kelly: How do you know the wild or the farm-raised? Is it the color? Is it? The color on wild ranges. Timese flavor is just 100 better.

Michael: Oh, really?

>> Yeah. Can ils in the farm salmon be a little coloring. It stays with you a look time. Better and more healthier.

Kelly: It's gorgeous. Love these hen of the wood mushrooms?

>> Yes.

Kelly: What did you call them? Maytakie.

Michael: Let's get started. First -- I cut one of -- caught one of these last year.

Kelly: Oh, my god! Exciting.

>> Put a little oil on it to help keep it not -- moist.just keep it

>> Yeah, keep it moist and make sure it doesn't stick. Rub that over. Salt. : A little

>> A little salt.

Kelly: Great.

>> Making an extra one for you. -- oh, like when you you look it salty?

Michael: That looked like a for me.hicker piece

>> Yeah.

Michael: Account for my manliness.

>> A little pepper.

Kelly: Beautiful.

>> Both sides.

Kelly: Oh, look at the skin. So pretty.

Michael: Gorgeous.

>> Sorry. All right. Salt and little pepper on that side too.

>> Yeah. Make it even.

Michael: You're very cool how ou did that. I like how you do that pepper like that. About getting even seasoning.

Kelly: Then you "never say die" eat at my house.


Come on. I'm happy to come over.

Michael: And you put it on the grill. How long? Depends on your grill. But you want to get nice and rown and crispy.

Kelly: But still pink on the inside?

>> Yeah. If you like it more well done, that's fine. So skin side down first.

Kelly: Ok.

Michael: Skin side down first.

>> Presentation side down.

Michael: Ok.

>> And then I'm going to close this just to make sure that it gets hotter.

Kelly: Perfect.

Michael: And let's make some orn and mushroom ragu. Extra going to make an one for you. Some extra to cut me corn.

Michael: I can just can it here, right? You could, but --

Michael: I thought I was looking real cool about how I was going o do that.


>> Very good.

Michael: I know it's not ideal looking but it's getting the job done. Doing a really great job. You're hired.

Michael: Thank you, anita. You can chop those into bite-size pieces. You can also break them apart.

Elly: So chop up these mushrooms and then what?

>> Ok so let me get some oil into this pan.

Kelly: Ok.

>> And you want the pan hot.

Kelly: Hot, hot, hot. There we go. I hear it sizzling.

>> That's enough.

Michael: That's enough. We're going to season the salt and pepper.

Kelly: Watch this.


Was that? Did I do ok?

>> Oh.

Kelly: We want to make you proud, anita.

> Thank you. You guys are hired.

Kelly: Thank you.

>> So we're going to get a

Kelly: Mmm. That's the key to being a chef. At action right there, separates the chefs from us.

Michael: I've done it and it caused me to clean up the wall.


So when do we add the corn? So anxious because I cut some corn down here. I can't wait. Good job. A really

Michael: Thank you.

>> We can get it in a second. Get the mushrooms a little browner. D it gives that good caramelized flavor. Ok. Et's add the corn.

Kelly: Oh, beautiful, michael.

Michael: Thank you. That was really hard work. Whoo!


I'm going to add some chicken stock. You can also use clam juice. No kidding?

>> Yeah.

Kelly: Which do you prefer? Depends. If you're highlighting the mushroom, maybe the chicken stock. You're highlighting -- if you nt it to be more fish -- you know, for fish centric, it will be clams. Depends on what you have. This be the easiest. Ever had a ou clamata?

>> Yeah. It's delicious. I've never heard of it.

Kelly: It's like clam juice.

>> Is it canadian?

Kelly: Well, I don't know. To me, it's canadian.

Michael: Now, what else goes into this? Need put a little bit more corn.t and pepper for the

Kelly: You salt and I will do the pepper. Ow's that?

Michael: Your style is impeccable.

>> The jump is very important. And add the butter.

Kelly: I'm so glad about these studies that are coming up where butter is like ur friend. We're going to finish up this recipe and taste it when we return. Around. You're not going to want to miss this.


Announcer: If you want to try recipes and enter for a chance to see "live" in new york, just go to our website more details. T


Back.l: We're

Kelly: We're back what anita lo who is making this delicious with this on beautiful corn mushroom ragu, incredible. I'm dying to taste it.

Michael: What about these last ingredients here? To add it. Ng

Michael: All of it?

>> Yep. Cheese are chives. Nd tarragon, if you like tarragon. I like tarragon.

Michael: Well, you like it, like t.

Kelly: Who doesn't like it?

>> A lot of people think anise flavor is not great. But I love it with the fish flavor.

Michael: What about the lemon? Spritz at the to end.

Michael: I can't wait to spritz. Here we go. Let's plate. E juices and the butter make the clam sauce.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. It's everything. Could people at home smell this here. It smells so good.

Michael: Scratch and sniff tv.

Kelly: We need to invent that. Invent an app for that.

Michael: And the salmon looks great, by the way. And you have made other dishes here as well.

>> Yes.

Kelly: You have a salmon tarik black. Tare. Collar. Is is salmon

Michael: Salmon collar?

>> I like to use the whole animal. When.l: Tell me

>> Good.

Kelly: Look at those hands. For hands are made squeezing a lemon.

Michael: Yes, they are.

Kelly: Thank you, anita. Here, you take this one.

Michael: Thank you. All right. Go to our website for a copy of shown today and don't forget to make this rilled salmon. Send us a food selfie to be prize, for some great everybody. Anita's cookbook "cooking without borders" is available now.

Kelly: This is delicious. You make this recipe. This is crazy good.


Michael: Hey, welcome to the "inbox," everybody.

Kelly: Let's look at some selfies. Ere's one from marlen at stonehenge. That's incredible.

Chael: And here is deanna on instagram. The vatican papal audience. Ice.

Kelly: Janet mire on twitter. For our family to new york city. Loved it! Yeah!

Ichael: That's nice.


Carisa on twitter. Econd honeymoon cozumel to belize. Vacation selfie. That's nice.

Elly: And don curtain on twitter says -- let's see. Which is it? Asetec? Fancy? En't you I've never been there. Maybe I should go. We got and here is -- nola on twitter. She's in sicily, italy. Ooh. Nice.

Michael: All right.

Kelly: Nice.


Michael: Very nice. Want to go to you will of these places right now.

Ichael: You know the big thing now is people take selfie on the creen and take it something on the background to say we actually went.

Kelly: We do that too. You're the ael, originalnator of that.

Kelly: On monday, zoe saldana is here.

Michael: Yes.


And also, youtube star bethany mota is here as well. Then, see you everybody.

>>> Happy birthday.

>> Happy, happiest birthday.

>> It's ellen's birthday blowout with zac efron, celebrity surprises.

>> They want to know if they can get tickets to 12 days.

>> And gifts for everyone.

>> Would you like to go on a trip?

>> I would.

>> I'm not saying where it is.

>> I don't care.

>> Plus, ellen's biggest give away ever.

>> It's going to be mind blowing.

>> Ellen's

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you. Have a seat. That's so nice of you. Back at you. Welcome to my birthday show.

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you. I was born. Have a seat, everybody. We're here about an hour. My actual birthday was sunday, but we're going to celebrate it today because. Because I can do what I want. It's my show. We may celebrate it again in a month. I wanted to do it today with zac efron because I l

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