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Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and michael." Today, from the film "a walk among the tombstones," liam neeson. And star of the new series "madam secretary," tea leoni. Plus, the winner of "america's got talent" matt franko. All next on "live."

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Announcer: Now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!

[Cheers and applause]

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Michael: That will wake you up.

Kelly: Yes, it will, thursday, september 18, 2014. Come people started the weekend already in the audience, I'm just going to say.

[Cheers and applause]

I'm just going to say the whole front row over here started the weekend, I'm going to say yesterday?


Michael: They haven't stopped since yesterday.

Kelly: Yesterday was the beginning of the weekend.

Michael: Coming straight from the club. So how you doing?

Kelly: I'm good, how are you?

Michael: What you been up to?

Kelly: Oh you know, same old stuff. Track meets. Track meet yesterday. Very exciting.

Michael: How did he who must not be named do?

Kelly: He finished very strong. He was I think four seconds off his personal record.

Michael: Wow.

Kelly: Here's what I've noticed the difference is. He finished this year, he crossed the finish line he was breathing through his nose still, which you know you're in really good condition when you've got a sprint and you're breathing through your nose.

Michael: I'm going to be out of shape because I'm breathing through my mouth the whole show.

Kelly: I'm going to tell you I saw a couple of kids cross the finish line and -- that's like two ways you finish.

Michael: He's running like that early in the season.

Kelly: I admire those kids because it's a team start but it's so individual, and you're so in your own head. And the canadian dwees have taken over the field. I think a little earlier this year than typical, and so as the kids are running, they are dodging geese and as the geese are taking flight to avoid the children, they're leaving they're mark, if you will. It's a legal s storm, if you will. You know what I'm saying by s storm?

Michael: I'd be tip toeing around all that stuff. It's long distance, not a sprint.

Kelly: But it is a sprint because it's a real race.

Michael: You can't have music or anything.

Kelly: No, no, no. But that would actually probably help them, if they couldn't hear themselves struggling so much to breathe.

Michael: I need music, I need something in my head. I just can't run, I need motivation.

Kelly: I think that's what's such a deterrent for the new york city city marathon, they say you can't run with music. But I think as long as you're not running professionally and not running to win the prize, I think you can run to music.

Michael: Most people train with music. To me, that would kill my whole mojo.

Kelly: I need to feel like I am jennifer lopez.

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: I need to feel --

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: I love you papi, you know what I mean?


Or I can't get through.

Michael: Why do you let me put stuff in my mouth?

Kelly: I time it. I wait.

Michael: No, you getting me. But I agree with you. Yesterday, I screened the denzel movie, the new "equalizer."

Kelly: How is it?

Michael: It was good. I don't know how many people remember the show back in the day.

Kelly: I do, of course. Oh my god, this audience is so young. They're like -- there used to be three channels!


My kids were like, were you poor? There were only three channels!

Michael: For everybody. But denzel is great. He's here next week by the way.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Excuse me, excuse me, we said next week.

Michael: Not today. Next wednesday by the way if you want to get back in line.

Kelly: The line starts today.

Michael: The line starts today. But he's awesome.

Kelly: Oh, he's the best act or. He is the premier actor of our generation.

Michael: He's a bad man in this.

Kelly: I love bad denzel. Bad denzel is my favorite denzel.

Michael: But bad in a good way. Like "man on fire" type denzel. He made me want to walk down a dark alley and pray he rescued me, he was that bad. He's good. So I did that. Hen I went to see, finally I made it, to see billy joel last night at the garden.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Isn't he amazing?

Michael: Amazing. He was amazing. And the great thing about it, that I love and for all the artists out there, to me this is very important. When you have your fans, who pay, they come to watch you play and they're such big fans of your music. But when you in between engage them and have a conversation, make each person feel important. Just the way he engaged the crowd made you go billy joel is just like me.

Kelly: He is.

Michael: He was awesome.

Kelly: When you hear those songs that he's written, and he is the most, just the most beautiful lyrics. But he gave an interview to howard stern that I listened to on sirius, and I was mesmerized by his writing process. He told howard that he writes his music for other artists in his head. So, "big shot" he wrote with mick jagger in his head because he had witnessed a night at elaines one night with mick jagger and he wrote this song. So when you hear the way he performs the song and sings the song, he actually almost sounds like mick jagger.

Michael: Yes.

Kelly: So it's a very fascinating interview. If you get a chance, I don't know how you -- if you can look up that sirius interview with howard stern, it is fascinating. It really is. It's a good listen.

Michael: He was on it last night. He was really, really good, man. He was grooving, I was singing and belting out tunes.

Kelly: You know every song too. You think you don't know any of them, you know every song.

Michael: I saw young, old, everybody. I think I saw chaz palm teri sitting down in the audience too. He didn't think I saw him, but I think it was you chaz, now that I called you out. I hope you weren't supposed to be there now that I said that.


Kelly: Yeah, you shouldn't just name who you saw.

Michael: That wasn't chaz. You know, they think all black people look alike! Hey! What him?

Kelly: No, it's true.

Michael: My eye's are playing tricks on me. But it was really, really, really incredible. It's amazing somebody can be at the garden once a month and sell it out every time. So much so I think the early show, they didn't have people behind the stage. And now they opened up all the seats, the piano spins, and he's up playing the guitar sometimes. He's down on the piano. I mean, just amazing, amazing concert.

Kelly: I've seen him in concert, I don't know how many times, but every time it was an experience that I walked away and said that was the best show I ever saw. Ok no, that was the best show I ever said. No, no, that was the best show I ever saw. Every time he gives you that experience.

Michael: I've got to download some music so, you know, I'm in a new york state of mind.

[Cheers and applause]

I was going to belt it out. I'm in a new york state of mind! Yeah! Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Who sings --

Michael: We had a few cocktails, he's great singing karaoke, boy.

Kelly: And once in a while you can see him out, you know out and about in real life and he's so normal, he's so normal.

Michael: Yeah.

Kelly: He'll say hi kelly, it's bill. I'm like billy joel. But he always says hi kelly, it's bill. Like we're old friends. And we are, in my mind. But I didn't know he felt that way too.


Michael: But you can tell with his interaction with the audience that he's a nice, normal man. Nice, normal. Something that isn't normal, something that's kind of unusual, you know that united kingdom may lose one third of its territory because there's a vote today to see if scotland is going to break away from the united kingdom.

Kelly: Unbelievable.

Michael: You hear about that?

Kelly: I heard about it last week.

Michael: They said that movie brave heart by mel gibson got them all fired up. Freedom!

Kelly: Finally. Finally.

Michael: They've been part of e union with england for 307 years. Since world war ii. But they're voting for their independence today, and if they do vote to separate, then they're going to lose one third of the, the u.k. Will. And 8% of its citizens.

Kelly: Wow, wow.

Michael: I've been to scotland too. Beautiful.

Kelly: You've golfed.

Michael: I golfed. And had some haggis. I sound like sean connery! I got it! Haggis! Welcome to the rock!

Kelly: First of all, my leg is totally wet from you saying haggis.


Michael: I thought it was for another reason if you know what I'm saying!


Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Is the ceiling leaking? No, he just said haggis twice.

Michael: I'm going to do it that way.

Kelly: No, it's still coming this way!

Michael: That wasn't a good --

Kelly: No, that was not a good. That didn't sound scottish at all. Sounds like you're saying hog.

Michael: They don't say that.

Kelly: We should call, can we call somebody and get a ruling.

Michael: Know any scottish people here?

Gelman: Talk show hosts.

Kelly: Let's call alan cumming. He'll know what to do.

Michael: My experts are spot on.

Kelly: Everybody that works here just looked to each other and leaped into not moving.


Michael: We're not calling anybody.

Kelly: That was like me telling the kids who's going to put the dishes in the dishwasher and they all get up and walk away.


Michael: So what do you think. You think they'll separate?

>> I don't know, I don't know enough politically in the u.k. Where that leads.

Michael: Imagine the infrastructure, everything is tied in.

Kelly: It would be like us losing new jersey. What would we do without the garden state? How dare you clap for that!

Michael: What are y'all clapping for? Yeah, get us out of this country! New jersey!

Kelly: Potatoes, corn, blueberries, think about it. We'd be lost without the great arden state!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: You wouldn't have any giants or jets.

Kelly: Right, where would they play?

Michael: They move with new jersey. Just a shame to think about it.

Kelly: There's bad news, bad n't even think the honeymoon is over but jenny mccarthy has already lost her wedding ring. What? They were staying at a hotel and I guess they somehow remove the ring, put it on the room service table, came down after turn down service and the ring was gone.

Michael: So they put it on their room service like wheel cart and they wheeled it off?

Kelly: I guess.

Michael: Wow. That's the wrong place to put it.


Kelly: Yeah, to me, anything on there, anything on there means you want that taken away, right? Michid you ever lose ring. No. No, as much as I've tried.


No, I always take my ring off a lot when I put my lotion on. And then sometimes I forget to put it back on but I'm such a creature of habit I always take it off in the same spot, the lotion goes on the skin in the same spot, then I put the lotion back in the basket and I go back into the dirt hole. Just kidding. "silence of the lambs" reference. Some of you will get these jokes later.


Michael: Well the fact that you know you hear about stuff like this happening to her, hopefully when you're doing it to make you more conscious. Lot of people take it off when they go to a public bathroom to wash their hands, then they leave it in the bathroom.

Kelly: Hopefully somebody will find it and turn it in too.

Michael: Oh that ring's gone.


Kelly: Have you ever lost --

Michael: Have I ever lost a wedding ring? Yeah, I've lost two of them.


Kelly: I didn't mean in divorce. I mean lost them while you were married.

[Cheers and applause]

I wouldn't say those were lost as much as they were taken.


Michael: I don't know if so much taken as voluntary given. I'm a beaten man on this show! And, also, this is a great due. gerard depp

Kelly: Oh gerard. Why are you laughing?

Kelly: I got this to block.

Michael: You know what, I quit.


Kelly: That didn't take long.

Michael: Well he's 65 years old and he's talking about his drinking.

Kelly: Oh.

Michael: And he says that he consumed up to 14 bottles of wine a day.

Kelly: Oh, gelman, I would think that's too much.

Michael: This is the kicker, this is the kicker. He goes, incredibly he never gets totally drunk.

Kelly: Not totally.

Michael: There was an airplane incident, remember that?

Kelly: Yes, that's right, that's right.

Michael: Alleged he he was trying to use the bathroom at his seat.

Kelly: Right, right.

Michael: I guess he wasn't drunk. He just couldn't find the bathroom.

Kelly: Did you ever see anderson cooper did a ridiculous, did you ever see it? You guys after the show, googled anderson cooper ridiculous gerard, he gets the giggles and he cannot he can't get ahold of himself. Reporting this story about gerard doing a wee wee.


It is the funniest thing I ever have seen on television.

Michael: He said he starts at

10:00 a.m. When he pops the champagne or red wine.

Kelly: Those two go hand in hand.

Michael: And in 43 and a half minutes that man will pick up a bottle. He said he can't drink like a normal person, I can absorb 12 to 14 bottles a day. He doesn't even share he's saying.

Kelly: I like that he said he can absorb. He's super absorb yant. He's like the bounty paper towels of the wine world.

Michael: I wonder what his breath smells like.

Kelly: Imagine.

Michael: No, I don't really wonder what it smells like.

Kelly: Breaking news everybody, gelman has just handed us a news briefing he wants us to let you know that that can't be good for you.


You don't say gelman. Now listen, you're our resident wino, how many kegs a day or barrels would you say you consume?

>> Maybe two glasses.

Kelly: Two glasses

Gelman: Maybe. On a good day. Maybe not.

Michael: Maybe more, maybe less.

Kelly: Now listen, I know you hit the bottle hard last night. How many bottles did you slurp down.

Gelman: I had one beer last night.

Michael: So you drink 10 glasses a week, how many bottles is that equivilent to?

Gelman: One and a half, two.

Michael: You know you finished that second bottle. That's like leaving the milk in the carton. So two bottles a week.

Gelman: Well not me personally, yeah.

Michael: I love how you're deflecting. It's a high pressure job, love your wine.

Kelly: Most people have no idea how much they drink because if you go to a restaurant and you have a glass of wine and you take two sips and the waiter comes over and refills the glass, then that's one glass, right? And then you take two more sips, and he refills it and that's one glass. So you come home and you can't get your key in the door and you're at the wrong door and you go, I only had one glass.

Michael: And a lot of times when you're already drinking so much you don't even know you're drunk, I'm not drunk, I'm just feeling nice right now. I'm feeling nice but I'm not drunk.

Kelly: That's right.

Michael: We got a big show, gelman's pointing us to kick this thing off and it's time for time to smile travel trivia!

[Cheers and applause]

♪ Cheers and applause]

Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Well listen, that was kara from nashville, tennessee. Cheers and applause]

I didn't depth to see you dance because these monsters on the upper deck were throwing balls at our heads.

Michael: They were trying to take us out. I caught you, you were excellent by the way.

[Cheers and applause]

D let's say hello to crystal from bethany, oklahoma.

Caller: Good morning.

Kelly: Good morning.

Michael: Go ahead. No, I was going to ask what are you up to this weekend?

Caller: We are going to go to the state fair and there's a rodeo and we're going to see charlie daniels band.

Kelly: Oh, shut up! You are living my fantasy weekend!

Caller: Really?

Kelly: Yes! Are you kidding? I love a state fair! I love a fried oreo. I love a funnel cake.

Caller: Any fair food. Any fair food will do.

Kelly: Are you going to go on any rides?

Caller: No, probably not.

Michael: Do you have any kids?

Caller: Yes, our baby is 11, and she will probably want to ride rides.

Michael: So you'll put her on the ride and say I'll see you when it gets over.

Caller: Right. The midway is brutal.

Kelly: We're going to spin the wheel and see what you're playing for, ok?

Caller: Thank you.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hey, the resort in antigua, in a cottage with a private plunge pool. Oh! A private plunge pool. You know what that means, all nude all the time!


I'm assuming that's what that means. All inexclusive, courtesy of hotwire valued at $7900. You have 20 seconds and one guess. Good luck.

Michael: Here we go. On yesterday's show we cooked with chef eric. For what vegetable did we learn the difference between a mail and a female?

Caller: Eggplant.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Crage, you and a guest will enjoy seven days, six nights in antigua. This property includes 98 best rooms, set amid white sand beaches and lush tropical gardens. Enjoy free romantic open air restaurants, live entertainment, complimently water sports and much more. Your prize is valued at $7900.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hey, congratulations.

Caller: Thank you so much.

Kelly: Now you get to help make the day of a member of our studio audience who will receive a $500 gift certificate from bed, bath and --

Michael: Beyond.

Kelly: So please pick a number between 1-235.

Caller: 27.

Michael: My man. There we go.

[Cheers and applause]

Congratulations, congratulations, sir! Everybody stay right there, when we come back, the man himself, liam neeson will be here!

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a performance by the winner of america's got talent. From the new show, "madam secretary," tea leoni, coming up next, liam neeson.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Tomorrow from the new film "this is where I leave you" tina fey will be here.

Michael: And from skeleton twins, luke wilson will be here.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Very exciting. Our firs guest is an oscar nominated actor known for his memorable performances in "schindler's list," "taken" and "taken 2." Please welcome back our good friend liam neeson!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Very handsome.

Kelly: Yes, somebody in the ront row definitely.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Look at these people up here. Bigger studio.

Kelly: I like to call you the reluck about the sex symbol because you get a lot of attention from the women and the men.

>> I pay them all.

Kelly: You deflect the attention a little bit.

>> Do I?

Michael: That quiet steely eye.

>> Just a good actor.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Yes, yes.

Michael: I am such a big fan, you've done so many amazing movies, but it seems like you can do everything. Has there ever been something in a role that you said yes to but you hadn't done it?

>> Oh yeah, 1980, a wonderful director called john borman made calibur." "ex he wanted to cast it as much in ireland as possible. We were all in theater at the time, and we met with john and we all knew what was required to get into the room to meet him was that you had to be able to ride a horse. So, I couldn't ride a horse. None of the actors could ride horses but of course you went in and lied. Of course I can ride, I'm irish, come on I can ride! So when the day came we got these parts, and we had to demonstrate our riding ability and we're in suits of armor, so you're like that for a start. And they're puller ponies. These are like the royals royces of pone horses. The mid evil saddles, you're wedged into these things, so the horse master smacks the horse on the rear to get it to kanter and then gallop. It looked as if because we're wedged into the saddles we're moving like man and beast are one. But inside we're like this.

Kelly: It's terrifying.

>> Terrifying.

Kelly: Being up on a horse, I think is the scariest thing.

>> The visor is down, you couldn't see anything.

Kelly: Well it all worked out ok, so that's good.

>> It worked out ok.

Michael: Before acting you had a passion for boxing. Which I love boxing as well. We actually have a picture from the old saints boxing club when you were 9-year-old.

>> Yeah, spot the white kid.


Michael: Why did you give up boxing?

>> It started to hurt.


That age, that photograph, I was 11. I started when I was 9. I think I had my last amateur fight when I was 17. And I was starting to get big. It started to hurt. You had to train more and I couldn't afford the time.

Kelly: I bet. Do you have a favorite boxer?

>> Muhammad ali. Kelly. Oh yeah.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Have you met him?

>> I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times. You know, I still have a photograph I cut out from the belfast telegraph when he defeated sonny liston in 1963, 1964. Ken at the apex of the ring, muhammad ali, 21 years of age and he's like a depreek god, he's standing like this with the knee bent and the two arms are up like that. It's like he's a god. I still have that. It's yellowed but it's my favorite boxing photograph.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: That is so good. Listen, we have to take a commercial break, we're going to talk to liam about "a walk among the tombstones."

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from the new series "madam secretary," tea leoni. Also a performance by the winner of "america's got talent."

Michael: We want to talk about your movie "a walk among the tombstones," which I watched last night and I loved it. I was scared. Scared a little bit but I felt better because you were there. You play matt scutter --

Kelly: You're an ex nypd cop. The cops in new york must love sort of having you --

>> I love them. I'm in that park every day always chatting to two or three of them. They're great guys. My guy's an ex nypd guy.

Michael: You're on the border, good and bad.

>> Something terrible happened to him on the force, and he dept out but he's a reluctant private invest gator. Very unlicensed. And he treads a line that's maybe in the bad camp more than the good camp, you know.

Michael: You're hired but a drug dealer to find the guys what killed his wife.

>> Reluctantly.

Michael: Yeah. You actually are in the movie with mark con swailsoes.

>> Very good actor.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Now here's what I want to know, what's he like to work with?


> He's, what that's michael?


Mark is -- mark, how can I find the word. No, he's an awfully, really, really good actor. You know the thing with me with good actors the litmus paper test is if I believe the word that come out of their mouths, that's it. If you believe it then they're good actors. Mark is a wonderful actor.

Kelly: Well, he loved working with you too.

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: This is an intense movie. Intense movie, I tell you, you have to stay in shape, you're in great shape, but do you do all your own action?

>> No, no, I don't michael. I don't do my own stunts. I have a great guy called mark, we've done 15 films together. He's a stunt coordinator, my stand-in. I do my own fighting, I like doing that.

Michael: In this scene, you're startled by a man with a knife who hasen intent on killing you. Let's watch out you handle this, liam neeson in "a walk among the tombstones."

[Cheers and applause]

>> The cops a different address didn't you. That's why they never put you across the street from layla.

>> This is my mother's building. I live in sunset park but I'm not allowed to keep any birds there, even though there's room on the roof.

>> Your mom home right now? Maybe we can sit down and talk, have a cup of coffee.

>> I can't let you leave here. He'll kill me if I do.

>> Who's they jones?

>> The other two.

>> So what, you're going to stab me now with that big knife?

>> It's going to bother me too, for a long time, I know it will.

>> How much is it going to bother you if I take that knife away and stick it in your neck.

>> Could you legally do that?

>> Yeah, I really could. But I'd rather not. Cheers and applause]

>> That wonderful actor, icelandic, dary he is. Fantastic.

Michael: You just gave me another line to add to my lines that I'm going to repeat all over the place. That is liam neeson, "a walk among the tombstones" in theaters everywhere this friday, september 19! Make sure you check it out everybody. Liam neeson!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hey, coming up next, tea leoni's doin will you help us find a new house for you and your brother? ♪ ♪ ♪ woooooah. ♪

Just looking for a house. You're looking for a place for your life to happen. Zillow.

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: The new cbs drama "madam secretary" marks her return to series tv after 16 years. Which is way too long. We need her back.

Kelly: Way too long.

Michael: Please welcome tea leoni!

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

> That was cool! Oh, I like that!

Kelly: That was so cool!

>> Thank you.

Kelly: You were very efficient, by the way. That was an efficient rundown the line.

Michael: You extended it. You went way past, I like it.

>> See you guys later.

Kelly: We love having you living and working in new york.

>> I love living and working in new york.

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: How is it though raising two kids here in the city.

>> I mean, you know, it was a little bit of a hard sell, you know. We're going to go from malibu to new york city!


You know, that was a little rough.

Kelly: But you grew up here.

>> I did. So for me it's home and my parents are here. And my brother and sister-in-law just moved back yesterday. So I'm thrilled actually.

Kelly: That's amazing.

Michael: I know kids say the darn december thing but your 12-year-old son miller had a quote that was in the newspaper yesterday. What was that.

Kelly: He's giving interviews to the press.

>> He is. He's taking calls, the mayor miller. Just because going back to work I've sort of been spotty, I've done film. You get to go in for two or three months then you're done for a while. But this is very different and I had to sort of prep them and make sure they were ready. My 12-year-old, I thought he was really going to be the hard sell and I tell him it's going to be different, I'm not going to be home so much but I love you and I'll still burn things when I cook when I can. And miller's like mom, mom, it's ok. I was getting kind of sick of you.


I was like, I think we're ready!

Kelly: That's right. And your daughter's 15.

>> Yes.

Kelly: Now, I have a driver in my house, a teenaged driver. There is nothing as dreadful --

>> Terrifying, yeah.

Kelly: And as horrible as that. Does your daughter want to start drying.

>> She's already driving. We do the back roads and parking lots and stuff because I'm a total motor head, I love cars.

Kelly: You do?

>> Oh god, yeah. Yes.


Michael: I love that because I'm a car fanatic.

>> So, my thing, my kids need -- I want them to be good dryers.

Michael: Is she going to drive in the city?

>> When she's 40.


Kelly: Nobody should drive in the city before they're 40.

>> It's like packman, it's ridiculous.

Michael: When we come back, tea will talk more about her new show, "madam secretary."

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Monday on "live," from the series "the black list" james spader.

Announcer: It's funny friday.

>> What are you doing?

Announcer: Next "live," with tina fey.

Michael: I'm great with accents.

>> British. South african, that's the hardest I thought.

Michael: Why don't we stop playing this guy.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Back with tea leoni, star of "madam secretary." Brand-new series, very excited for you. You play a former c.I.a. Analyst.

>> Yes. Kind of rides the horseback wards into being secretary of the state.

Kelly: How does that happen?

>> Well the other guy dies.

Kelly: Oh!

>> But, I think you know, if it had been sort of a seated secretary of state I don't think they would have picked me and I wouldn't have picked it. The fact is she's there, she's not a lifetime politician, she's going to do it a little differently, she's going to mess up, she's going to have it -- I like her. I never say that by the way. So, I'm excited.

Kelly: I am too. Because whenever I see the promos for the show I go I'm watching that show. That's my cup of tea.

Michael: It's also great because she's a mother of three kids too. To be able to balance all that stuff.

>> It's funny, I definitely am getting that life and art can be very closely related you know with the long hours, except I don't wear high heels. And that woman, I got to tell you, I don't know how they do it. I don't know how anybody does it, which is why I'm in these.

Kelly: Those are my favorite.

>> Some people have comfort food, I have comfort shoes.

Kelly: You're smart.

>> You know in coming home and trying to keep up with kids, it's a lot. It's a lot.

Kelly: Yeah, it sure is.

Michael: Let's take a look at a scene. In this scene, you and your husband played by tim daly, you're discussing with him on his feelings moving to washington and you taking on such a high pressured job.

> You're really happy with georgetown?

>> I love georgetown. It's like being a beatle.

>> So we're fine?

>> We're fine.

>> Totally fine?

>> Totally fine.

>> We used to have sex more often.

>> We had sex this weekend.

>> But we used to have week night sex.

>> Stop overthinking things.

>> Is it my masculine energy, I've got too much of it. Some men are turned off by womens of position in power.

>> I totally love women in power positions. I am completely attracted to your masculine energy.


Tell me what to say.


Cheers and applause]

Kelly: It's "madam secretary," it premieres sunday on cbs, right after "60 minutes." Make sure to check out tea leoni in "madam secretary"!

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Stay right there, when we come back, winner matt franco will be here to perform some tricks.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live" from the new film" the skeleton twins" luke wilson.

>> America has voted. The winner of the $1 million and the star of the headline show in las vegas is -- matt franco! Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Week after week he dazzled the judges with his quick hands and his magical style. Please welcome season nine "america's got talent" winner, magician matt franco. Cheers and applause]

Michael: Congratulations, man.

Kelly: I think america got it right. First of all I'm obsessed with you and your magic and I'm obsessed with your grandma.

>> Thanks, it's great to be here. Thing for having me.

Michael: Every week on the show you have to deliver something different, some thing new. I got equalizer, I don't miss nothing.

>> You ready for it? Ok, pat me down.

Kelly: My god, I didn't know that was an option.

>> We're starting with you, pick out any you won't, any card you want michael. Stand back a little so they can see it. You don't have to take that one. I'm just messing with you, I'm sorry. It's a sickness.

Michael: You're looking at the cards!

>> I'm going to go right back here. Hand it to me face down. No way I can know it, no special marks on the back of it. Ok if I see it, I've seen this trick before. Kelly sign the card, really big so there's no way we can duplicate that card. Perfect. Watch closely, here's kelly's card. We're going to bury it about halfway down. Could you push that in. Now when he does that it really is gone from the top but if I snap it actually comes back.

Kelly: How did you do that? How did he do it?

>> I want you to do it. I want you to do it. Lift up about half the deck. Try to get about half. Knew put her is in now you snap. Check it out, no way.

Kelly: How! How! How!

[Cheers and applause]

>> Hold on, some people say I don't put it in the middle so I'm going to leave it sticking out so you can see the name on there. Is that your signature. Could you push it wall the into the fan, so I can't even get to it. Now go ahead and snap. Check it out michael, michael look all the way up, michael, michael.


Kelly: It was in his mouth.

Michael: So much for the old eagle eye!

>> I love that delayed reaction. Don't worry.

Michael: They're going to take my drivers license away.

>> We might have set a world record on that. But wait a minute, see, the card travels fast, if you notice when we started this there's been this box here on the table. Have you seen that. Want to show you look, inside folding up the whole time, not once but twice there's a card.

Kelly: Stop. I don't --

>> Look. I want you to unfold that card

Kelly: Stop it!

>> There it is.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: You are like a sorcerer!

>> Thanks kelly.

Kelly: You are a sorcerer! He went to hogwarts!

Michael: You know what -- ok, I'm going to ask you a question, I can't take this anymore. But how excited are you about doing your show in vegas because that's awesome?

>> I'm so excited. We've got september 26 and 27, going to be at planet hollywood, las vegas, we're doing to headline the american comic show. So excited.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: You also win a million dollars.

>> Apparently that's true. It hasn't sunk in yet.

Kelly: Are you going to turn it into five million dollars.

>> One can only hope, right?

[Cheers and applause]

Michael: Congratulations. Check out matt performing at the planet hollywood resort and casino on september 26 and 27. Go to our website for more information. Caring for a loved one at home can take a toll emotionally, physically and financially. The center for independent living may be able to help with assistance and support. Call 570-344-7211. We can be independent when we do it togetheru

>>If you're a person with a disability, the center for independent living may be able to help with home modifications, transportation services and more. Call us at 570-344-7211. We can be independent when we do it together!

Kelly: Final word on the pronunciatio

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