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Thursday, July 24th, 2014

>> It's "live with kelly and michael." Today from the new thriller, "lucy," morgan freeman. And academy award-winning actress marry mira sorvino, plus performing his big hit, "life of the party," shawn mendes. All next on "live."

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>> Now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan.


Kelly: Hello.

Michael: Whooo!

Kelly: Hi. Hello. It's thursday, july 24, 2014. People just rolled out of the club and into our studio.

Michael: Yep.

Kelly: This is a young group, and I think it's because of a certain guest we have. A lot of fans outside of shawn mendes who didn't get in today.


Michael: Yes.

Kelly: I see y'all. Now, I'm not trying to guilt anybody but I feel like some of you grown men --


Should probably give up your seat to those young, screaming girls who are fans of shawn mendes. Anyone? No. No volunteers. He's like anything,ly do annoying get out of here!

Michael: Please, let me out of this building! It's so bad this man, his wife is pointing like he'll leave. You're literally trying to get your husband out of here. It's all good, but yes, shawn mendes is here. Got that, what, "life of the party"?

Kelly: Yes. The girls are going crazy outside.

Michael: Grooving. So how are you doing?

Kelly: Good. How are you?

Michael: Dandy.

Kelly: I'm a little out of sorts. I wore this dress into work. I always wear like regular clothes into work and I ran out of time backstage and we were not keeping our eye on the clock and gossipping and all of a sudden they were, like 30 seconds to air. So I'm in a half-dirty, totally-wrinkled, semi-sweaty dress.

Michael: When you said you wore that into work, I was, like, that's a great-looking dress. If I came out here in what I wore to work, people would say, that's michael? I look nothing --

Kelly: You look almost like a large child. Like you always have your shorts and like your polo shirt like you look like you're going to school. All you need is a backpack.

Michael: I do have a back pam pack now.

Kelly: You got rid of your purse?

Michael: It's not a purse. It's a murse.

Kelly: It was a louis vuitton murse. I have a purse too I don't call it a brief case.

Michael: Purses have the short handles. This has a strap.

Lly: It comes off and he can utilize the short handle if he needs to --

Michael: Gelman has the short handle.

Kelly: I like it. It's very masculine. It goes with your shorts. I'm going to get you a -- like one of those tags that the kids wear on the first day of school that says what room you're in.

Michael: I do need it, because I forget where I'm at half the time. This is surprising me. The game of golf is declining along ma lynn yals.

Kelly: No kidding. Because it's becoming more and more -- it's a younger sport. Because kids are getting more into it?

Michael: No. They are getting away from it.

Kelly: Oh, they are not doing it? Oh, I'm sorry.

Michael: And that's sort of depressing to me, because I played yesterday, which was a bad decision, actually. Because, first of all, my game was horrible. And secondly, it was hot. Have you ever been doing something with your friends and then you're sitting there looking at who is going to quit first, and you're hoping somebody says it's really hot out here? Oh, yes. Let's go in and have a drink. We were all trying to be tougher than the other.

Elly: I was doing that with my in-laws yesterday drinking and sitting around. I was, like, I am wondering when somebody is going to say, it's so hot, let's go inside.

Michael: It was hot?

Kelly: When your legs start to sweat, it's time to go in. When your legs are sweating from sitting down? It's time to go in.

Michael: And I thought I was in shape.

Kelly: So to be clear less kids are playing golf? I thought more kids were golfing.

Michael: I think when tiger woods was hot and the u.s. Tour was the hot tour and the u.s. Tennis players were the hot tennis players it gets more kids excited into doing those sports so but right now we don't have it and my son michael who is here, I realize I have to get him into golf.

Kelly: He is not golfing?

Michael: No. And it's a waste.

Kelly: I just saw ted mcginley and his son is so into golf. He is a really good golfer, and he just started and never had a golf lesson and just place I guess he has what you call a gift.

Michael: And for parents it's a great way to interact with your kids and spend like five or six hours. Maybe that's why it's declining in popularity, I don't want to spend five or six hours with my kids! Come on, man.

Kelly: But the kids probably also don't want to spend five or six hours with their parents either.

Michael: But I think it's the great equalizer because I think it's the only chance my son has -- to beat me at a sport. And morgan freeman is out here. He is a big golfer too.

Kelly: Yes?

Michael: He is a good golfer.

Kelly: Have you golfed with him?

Michael: I met him at a clinton golf thing and I haven't golfed with him yet because I would be intimidated.

Kelly: Because he is the voice of god?

Michael: Yes. If he says michael, you have to miss that putt. What do I do? It's the voice of god.

Kelly: I'm not a good golfer. I don't even really understand golf at all.

Michael: What would be your key sport if you had one sport --

Kelly: Cage fighting!


Michael: Ha ha!

Kelly: You would have to kill me to get me to quit to get me to tap out I would have to actually be dead. I'm not kidding. That I have kind of determination. It's a horrible trait. But it's also very good.

Michael: I'm scared of you now.

Kelly: Now you're scared of me?

Michael: Good thing you're not my size.

Kelly: I would only use my powers for good not evil. Either cage fighting or gymnastics.

Michael: I could see that.

Kelly: I'm flexible.


Michael: Take that as you may, america.

Kelly: Hey, I'm very upset about something.

Michael: What happened?

Kelly: There's so many things I'm upset about. I was a young adult in the 1990's. When all the rage was tweezing your eyebrows off completely. Ok? The thinner your eye bows were, the closer to god. And eyebrows, big, thick, bushy eyebrows are back in fashion.

Michael: Really?

Kelly: And some of us tweezed them off, and they really don't seem to want to come back. So this is the look at the new fashionable brow. They have all sorts of things now that you can paint on, put on. Extensional on. Crayola crayon, on. My daughter said to me, when can I tweeze my eyebrows? And I said to her, never. Never. I will have to be off the earth for me to allow you to tweeze your eyebrows.

>> Because if you overtweeze your eyebrows they never come back then you look at somebody who always looks excited you mad? I can't tell.


Kelly: Or if you don't have sem triin your life or the person who doesn't have the ability to recognize or see sem tri, you can look very clock work orange. One eyebrow is over here and one is over here.

Michael: You look like the rock when you don't know what he is cooking.

Kelly: So young, young ladies out there. Look at me now. Hear me now. You may not tweeze your eyebrows. You will thank me in 25 years. Here's your public service announcement. And moms, you're welcome.


Although there is a place down -- down the street from me called brow house that I am dying to check out. They say that -- I saw it on the website. Theta too your eyebrows on but not in a crazy way, but in a realistic-looking way. They say it looks realistic. I don't know. I don't know. But I am willing --

>> You know what happens with tattoos? You put something on your bicep here then it ends up here. Where might it end up? That's the strangest person I've ever seen.


Kelly: Listen, as a public service, I'm going to investigate and I will let you all know what I find out, because I have become obsessed with eyebrows.

Michael: You have nice eyebrows.

Kelly: These are penciled in. I darken them because they are so fair but I let them completely grow back. I stopped tweezing them 15 years ago. This is 15 years of growth and attention and love and muwa.

Michael: Looks good. I get a lot of people wondering if I get my eyebrows done.

Kelly: What?

Michael: They wanter if I get them waxed. I'm not a waxer. You so dirty. You're such a dirty audience here. Let's move on to the next thing.

Kelly: I had my eyebrows waxed once one and half was waxed off and I was, like, that's so cool. It's like a rapper. No. That's like an accident.

Michael: Tiff most extraordinary story and it brought me to tears. There's an 8-year-old boy named noah aldridge and has a 6-year-old brother lucas who is confined to a wheelchair and didn't want his brother to miss out on his triathlon so he pulled and pushed his little brother the entire way through swimming, biking and running.

Kelly: Exceptional.

Michael: Look at the determination. Look at this.


I mean, wow! Wow! What an exceptional kid. What an exceptional bond. The parents said they are not surprised, because they are in accept areible. -- insprabble. To bat that age and say I don't want my brother or store miss out on what I do. So that's amazing.

Kelly: Guess what? I bet having his brother there made it easier for him to finish that triathlon, not harder. So because if you have the spirit of your brother that is so inspirational that he inspires you to be his legs and arms, that -- I bet if you asked him, he would say that.

Michael: Such an incredible story.

Kelly: Love those boys. Good boys.


Michael: And one more quick thing. There was a tree that was planted in l.a. In honor of former beatle rocker george harrison but the tree has been killed by beetles.

Kelly: The irony of that.

Michael: The irony of that.

Kelly: It's absolute -- it's an outrage.

Michael: The the beatles george harrison tree got killed by beetles. So they are going to plant a new one.

Kelly: Did they say what type of beetles?

Michael: The bark beetle.

Kelly: The dreaded bark beetle. Tearing up the tree and barking at the same time. I guess it's time.

Michael: Already?

Kelly: It seems so fast. I know the girls want to get to our show.


Michael: Yeah, they do. All right. Let's get this party popping. It's time for summer sizzle travel trivia! ♪


Michael: Wow.

Kelly: Incredible. That's natalie shirley from roselle park, new jersey.

Michael: You're a breakdancer?

>> Yes. I've been doing that since I was younger.

Kelly: Incredible.

>> Thank you.

Michael: Yes. That was really good. Let's say hello to margaret from row donnedo beach, california.

Caller: Good morning.

Michael: How are you?

Caller: Awesome.

Michael: Great. You sound awesome.

Elly: How is row donnedo beach remember? I always wanted to go there go e bugs bunny wanted to there but took a left turn at albuquerque?

Michael: Where are you from?

Caller: England.

Michael: Jolly day, mate.

Kelly: Let me translate that for you, he said, jolly day, mate.

Michael: You have an anniversary coming up soon.

Caller: 38 years.

Michael: 38 years? Ahh. Congratulations.

Kelly: I'm sorry. I have to know what accent are you doing?

Michael: I felt like I was on a box of lucky charms. I'm sorry.

Kelly: We're going to spin the wheel and see who you're playing for because this wheel is magically delicious.


Here's a great prize. The la playya beach club and resort. We'll get you out of the sunny skies of california and into the sunny skies of florida. It includes breakfast and lunch daily and round trip airfare courtesy of hot we're and you have 20 seconds and one guess, margaret. Good luck.

Michael: On yesterday's show we talked with hank azaria. For what television series did we say hank has provided many of the voices for over 20 years?

Caller: The simpsons.

>> Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoyal eight days and seven nights at la playya beach. Ocean front breakfast and dining for the ultimate beachfront get away. Your price is valued at $7,700.


Kelly: Hey margaret, congratulations.

Caller: Thank you, guys. Now you get to help make the day of a lucky audience member who will receive a $500 gift certificate from bed bath and beyond.


Kelly: Please pick a number between one and 217.

Caller: 38.

[Applause]llch right.

Congratulations margaret and congratulations ma'am. Everybody stay right there. The voice of god is here next. Morgan freeman!



Michael: Hello, kelly. Ood morning. Sweet young lady made these.

Kelly: Tomorrow from the new series "partners" kelsey grammer is here.

Michael: And ke$ha is here.

Kelly: And we will continue our chef challenge with chef anytimea and the food selfie winner, this is mary evans from georgia. And this was the avocado wrap shrimp salad. So cool.


Michael: That was really good, by the way.

Kelly: Yes. So yummy. Ok. Now. He is one of the most recognizable and beautiful speaking voices on the entire planet. Just ask him. Sometimes he plays god. Please welcome the academy award-winner, morgan freeman!


Michael: How are you doing?

>> How are you?


Kelly: Hi.

Michael: I want to get right to it. I've been trying these voices. Trying to develop this thing. Your voice is so unique. I need some help. What's the secret?


>> Michael, stop it.


Actually, there is no secret. Actually. There is no secret.

Michael: That's all you got for me?

>> I wake up in the morning, and here it is.

Kelly: Let me ask you a question. Has anybody like siry or the apple company come to you and ask you to replace the voice of their product so on the gpsgps you would be the voice guiding me home rather than the woman saying, left turn, now.

>> Good idea. Now that you've put it out there.

Kelly: We can make things happen here. Not for outsides but for other people.

>> If I did it, it would be like, prepare to turn left.

Michael: I would turn left even if the street wasn't there.

>> Left, stupid. Left.

Kelly: I would like that. Turn right now, dumby.

Michael: I told you left, and I'm tired of recalculating.

Kelly: Don't be a fool.

>> That's not going to work. That's not going to work.


Michael: You did life in mississippi. How is life in mississippi for you?

>> Easy. I live with a very, very, very small town. There if e 2,600 in you count out three-legged dogs.

Kelly: Wow.

>> Yes. A really small town.

Kelly: So what do you do? How do you spend your time there?

>> I just received two weeks ago, 26 hives of bees. So I'm very busy.

Kelly: Are you bee keeping?

>> Yes.

Michael: Got the hat and everything?

>> I've not ever used it with my bees.

Kelly: Your bees would never sting you, would they?

>> Well, they have not yet. Because right now I am not trying to harvest honey or anything. I'm just feeding them. Because if you just get them, they are kind of traumatized and they don't know where the food is and they have to locate the forest so it's up to you to feed them so I think they understand, hey, don't bother this guy. He's got sugar water on him.

Kelly: Just when I thought I couldn't love this guy anymore, you brought bees into my life.

Michael: You want a beehive, don't you?

Kelly: Yes.

>> There's a concerted effort to bring bees back on our planet. They are like the canary in the coal mine. We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think of the growth of the planet. The vegeation.

Kelly: You're right.

>> I have so many flowering things. I don't have a garden. She takes care of the bees and loves to figure out, ok. What would they like to have so we have acres and acres of clover and will be planting stuff like lavender.

Kelly: They love lavender.

>> I've got maybe 140 magnolia trees. Big blossoms.

Michael: I need to get to mississippi. I'm wasting my time here in new york city. We've got to take a quick break. When we come back we're going to pick his brain about his new movie with scarlett johansson. That y, I'm not even sure mankind is ready for it. We're so driven by power and profit. Even -- given man's nature it might bring us only instability and chaos.


Kelly: Snip from the film "lucy." The most interesting movie. Explain to everybody sort of the premise what you can.

>> Scarlet plays a lady who is really physically coerced into being a mule. And they have this new drug, and I forget the name of it, ch 4 or something like that. And this is a drug that I'm told their create early in pregnant nancy or late in the pregnant nancy, just one short burst of it and the brain comes alive. Something like that. Well, she gets a mighty dose of it, because she got a whole pack of it implanted in her. And as a result of this, she starts getting more and more use of her brain power. And she eventually calls me. I play a professor of neurology. To sort of -- I guess she is looking for something to hold on to. What do I do with this? And she comes to my lab in paris -- not my lab but a lab I'm connected with in paris, and the whole thing plays out. But she has to get from taiwan to paris.

Michael: And that's not an easy thing to do. For her.

Kelly: Because she has got too much brain in there.

Michael: But you two shot your scene together in the course of two days.

>> Yes.

Michael: Easy to work with? Great to work with?

>> Great to work with. Well, scarlet. She is just a doll! Only bad thing happened, michael. She introduced me to her boyfriend. That will do it. Big, giant guy. And I said did you really have to do that?


>> But we had a great time. We were working with -- ever met luc besson?

Kelly: No.

>> This guy is --

Kelly: You loved him?

>> Yes. I loved him by his movies, then and jetpicture with bob called "unleashed" and I went to his farm in branson and spent a couple days. Just a great guy. Has the incredible sense of humor, and his mind. He wrote and directed -- I don't know how many of you saw "the fifth element." "the professional." He's got this --

Kelly: He is a real artist.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: And so are you, by the way.

>> Bless your heart.


Michael: The movie is "lucy." Opening in theaters nationwide tomorrow. Get there early. Get your tickets. Morgan freeman, everybody.


Kelly: Coming up, mira sorvino is here. Stick around. Giw

Michael: The talented and aclaimed actress who continues to impress us with her eclectic tv and film roles, please welcome academy award-winner mira sorvino.



Kelly: Hi.

Michael: Hello, beautiful.

>> Hi.

>> This beautiful earring.

Kelly: Any jewelry that falls off of you, I get to keep. It's a house rule. So if you could just put that right there. Do you even know where the back is?

Michael: There it goes.

>> Thank you.

Michael: Thank you, my man.

Kelly: Amazing.

Michael: Now, you're a jersey girl, and you're a harvard grad.

Kelly: You say that as though --

Michael: No. Because I have all my -- friends they are, like, I went to harvard but it's cool to me that you speak fluent mandarin and chinese.

>> Thank you.

Michael: But you were a teacher and taught james taylor?

>> The singer ben taylor when he as a singer, carly simon and james taylor's son. I would go to their house and teach him chinese.

Kelly: Which is funny. Can you imagine? This is your tutor showing up? Mira sorvino?

>> But I was just a waitress wannabe actress at the time.

Kelly: But you looked like yourself.

>> I guess so.

Michael: Now, your father is a veteran actor, paul sorvino. What's the greatest piece of advice he gave to you?

>> To thine own self be true. You have to look in the mirror and own every part of yourself. Everything you do you have to have been following your heart. You can't do things that betray your morality or beliefs or passion and it's a really great code for any walk of life. No matter what you do, if you do that you label to face yourself and be proud of what you do. So I think it's great advice.

Michael: Great advice. I like that.


Kelly: You have that new series on. Right? "intruders."

>> It's coming on august 3rd. Bbc america.

Kelly: They put out great programs.

>> It's a great, great network and they are really behind us and it's a really spooky supernatural thriller with this great mystery. Sort of shades like the way they shoot it it's like horror but it's fascinating. It's about immortality basically and a certain group of people, sort of like the 1% who have learned how the control living forever, and the rest of the population is sort of at their mercy in a way. With its john zimm and we have robert forster guest starring on it and I have such a great character. It has such a range of behavior and I'm very spoilerish in it so I can't talk too much about it.

Kelly: We're going to talk more with you about that and "falling skies" when we come back.

Kelly: Friday is finally here.

>> Next "live."

>> It's friday. Kelsey grammer if "partners." Ke$ha and the fabulous friday cookout.

>> Get what we need?

>> Whoo! We crushed that thing like a cheap beer can!


Michael: That is mira sorvino in "falling skies." The show is in its fourth season and you joined the cast with a recurring role, but who is your character?

>> My character is sarah. She's been hold up in an abandoned house and used to be a stone case designer and now living like in the wild west and it gives her a sense of freedom. She is like a wild card. Very gutsy and sort of crazy but really fun to play. I really enjoyed it.

Kelly: You always choose -- like she is a cell phone case designer and now in a shed.

>> With a shotgun and lots of pills. It's got like a medicine cabinet that she sort of pulls from and b3 for various as you will

Michael: Do you do your own stunts?

>> Well. Yes, nothing really truly dangerous where it requires a stunt woman.

Kelly: So when you shoot, because I think the big thing is when you shoot the gun you're supposed to keep your eyes open but at least myself when I used to shoot a gun on the soap I would shoot like this and they would say, no. You have to keep your eyes open.

>> I don't know. They never told me that.

Kelly: So you must be able to do it.

>> It used to be that every gun had this super loud ear-damaging boom even then you had to wear ear protection but now they are going this small gun and they add the explosion later.

Michael: Makes me feel like I went to harvard. The show is "falling skies." Airs sunday nights on tnt at

10:00 p.m. Mira sorvino, everybody.


Kelly: Hey, shawn mendes is here, ladies. Stick around. Esa

Kelly: See those girls outside crying? And you three are sitting right here. Shawn mendes went from buying -- from vine famous to the number one hit on itunes, his birthday is next month. 17. His national tv show debut, here's shawn mendes with "life of the party."


I love it when you just don't care sing like you nobody's there so when it gets hot don't be afraid we don't care what them people say love it when you don't say no love it when you do what you want because you just said so let them all go home we don't care what them people say and we don't have o be ordinary we don't have the time to be sorry be the life of the party I'm telling you to take your shot in life it's scary and hearts are going to break we don't have the time to be sorey so baby be the life of the party together we can just let go like there's no one else here that we know we don't care what them people say ♪ ♪ and we don't have to be ordinary because we don't have the time to be sorry be the life of the party 'm telling you to it might be scary and hearts are going to break we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party here's no standing in your way come out tonight we don't care what them people say no we don't care what them people say don't have to be ordinary make your best mistakes because we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party I'm telling you to take your shot it might be scary and hearts are going to break because we don't have the time to be sorry baby be the life of the party ♪ ♪


Michael: Well done, my man.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: I got to tell you. You really are a superstar. We've seen a lot -- everybody here, and I've never seen such a stir as you've caused outside of our studio today.

>> Thank you.

Michael: The girls bum rushed the barricade.

>> They are an army.

Michael: Yes. Seven-seconde on a vine video, right?

>> 6.5.

Kelly: Didn't mean to add that half a second. And you became a sensation.

>> I overnight had 10,000 likes and I kept posting them and from there it was like a snowball spiral effect to where I am now.

Michael: You would do a cover of even ed sheern who is such a fan. He flew you out.

>> I say how many 15-year-olds can say their idol flew them out the have dinner with them?

Kelly: One.

>> Yes. Me.

Michael: Did ed give you advice?

>> Yes. But the one that stuck was he was telling me, obviously stay humble but make sure I separate my work with my friends and always be close to the friends I have and my family because it keeps you grounded and humble.

Kelly: And you're going on tour with austin mahone, right?

>> Yes. We leave tomorrow.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh!

Michael: And I heard you have another bigger mount pain?

>> The ep coming out on the 28th.

Kelly: Yes. The shawn mendes ep drops july 28th. Make sure you go get it. Boy, you are super talented.

>> Thank you.

Michael: Stay right there. We'll be right back. Aime

Kelly: Hey, there's another big announcement by the way you are going to be the featured artist on radio disney's popular "next big thing" channel.

>> Yes.

Kelly: Now, there's a lot of girls outside that didn't get a chance to come inside and hear you perform. Let's go say hi to your fans outside, ok?

Michael: Hey, tomorrow's show, kelsey grammer, ke$ha and chef aanytimea. -- chef anita.

Kelly: Go get em, big guy.

[Girls screaming]

Ichael: Oh, my gosh! How are y'all doing? Want to take a picture?

>> Can you take this picture?

>> Yes.

>> I love you.

>> I love you too.

Kelly: Oh, my god this is exciting. Shawn is outside meeting his fans that didn't get a chance to get inside, and we have never seen anything like this. See you tomorrow, everybody.

Michael: Bye.

>>> It's a pizza party. With the delivery guy from the oscars.

>> I assume we'll be splitting the profits 50/50. I'm kidding, I'm going to take 70%.

>> Plus, cirque du soleil's michael jackson's one. And comedian wanda sykes. Plus, some new moves.

>> Some people start to dance slowly.

>> I jump right in. Do one big move. Everyb3

>> Celebrating 11 seasons, here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Ellen: Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Thank you. It's nice of you. I appreciate it. You are an attractive group of people that I've noticed and nice as well. Good combo. Have a seat, everybody. Wonderful. Tgif, everybody. Tgif.

[Cheers and applause]

Thank god it's february. It's march? Even better. Even better. So there's a video going around on-line. You have probably seen it and if you haven't, you probably heard about it. If you haven't heard about it, there is nothing I can do for you. You need to waste more time

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